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The Better Business Bureau is perhaps the leading organization out there when it comes to helping wronged customers, however people need to be aware that there are some people they apparently aren't willing to help & this results in a blacklist of their email addresses.  I would expect the reason why my Hotmail account ended up getting blacklisted would be I republished the highly censored reviews (uncensored & with highlights to show censoring on the BBB published version) for Twitch & Namco/Bandai, followed by another review of BBB.org themselves stating (and giving proof) as to why writing comparative reviews on the BBB website is not a good idea, because the result would always result in any comparative review getting highly censored & very unhelpful/unusable when nobody can understand what's being said due to the heavy censoring.

It is possible to create a new email account (or use a different one you already own) & submit reviews & complaints to the BBB using that email, it is one way around being blacklisted; I had to do this when I started the BBB complaint against 2K regarding the Evolve connection issue (this review didn't cause the block, but I would expect it probably caused my Gmail account to get blocked; I'll figure that out next time I attempt to submit a review/complaint from it, something I attempted when I realized I wasn't getting confirmation emails on the complaints/reviews I was submitting on my Hotmail account).  Using a different email might be an easy way to get around it for reviews, but it does have it's downsides when it comes to complaints.  For instance, when you file a complaint against a company, they apparently expect you to file the complaint using the email address that is registered to your account, otherwise they can (and will) use that as a loophole to avoid dealing with the issue, as was the case when I filed a complaint against Google when YouTube flagged my inactive stream page with a copyright complaint from Namco/Bandai (after a few changes of the reason over several months, the strike eventually got changed to defamatory information as an excuse to flag my account simply because there was a link to my review of the PS3 version of Dragon Ball XenoVerse they didn't agree with that had been sitting on the inactive stream page since the first attack 2 months prior).  If you share an email address that has been blacklisted by the BBB with a company/website that you have a registered account with their service using the same email address, this leaves a high probability that the company will see the opportunity to use the same loophole that Google did to avoid having to deal with your complaint against them.

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