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What is WonderGamer.net?

WonderGamer.net is a non-profit website that currently does not have ads (have not found a service with ads that I would like to put on the site) & very little use of external plugins.  We currently do not have a means for visitors to leave comments, however it's something we've looked into.  WonderGamer.net provides the following:

More to come

I have been attempting to find a means to add an external feed of gaming news into the home page, so far I haven't found a reputable source to do it from.  Once I find one that allows a feed to other sites, we're going to look into getting that embedded on this page so there will be daily updates as apposed to limited updates due to limited time to work on the site.

In the future, I'm aiming to fill WonderGamer.net with gaming information such as gaming databases, tips & playthroughs, similar to sites such as GameFAQs.



New article published in response to a misinformation video published by CutCafe on YouTube that is slandering WonderGamer.net & it's owner.  This article is categorized as a YouTube review (for site navigation purposes) and was determined as a necessary step when YouTube refused to do anything in response to the report filed against the video.

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How do I navigate the website?

The site is meant to be in a similar fashion to folders on your computer.  The starting navigation structure can be found at the top of most pages, with additional quick navigation links at the bottom of each article (not so much article index pages).  Once you get to an index page, you will get a vertical list of pages to pick from, the quick links can be used to quickly switch between pages on the same level (as well as go back to the home page or up one level).

Does WonderGamer.net write all it's own articles?

Most articles on the site are written by the owner of WonderGamer.net, however sometimes we accept outside articles, provided enough backup information is provided to be considered legitimate information.  We wish for WonderGamer.net to be as accurate as possible, so we won't accept articles without sufficient backup information to what is being stated; photos/screenshots & videos can help in determining whether we will use outside articles being sent to us.

Does WonderGamer.net respond to the public?  How can I contact the staff of WonderGamer.net?

We do respond to the public when we have time, however depending on the type of contact that is being made, you may not get a response or might be blocked from contacting us again.  There is a contact link at the bottom of this page (designed to work with email clients, not so much webmail) if you ever wish to contact us about something on the site.

I've been banned from the site...  What did I do to get banned?  Can I be unbanned?

A lot of the time getting a ban message can be a false-positive, it might be you are attempting to access hotlink-protected content from a site that hasn't been added to our hotlink whitelists.  If it is a legitimate IP ban, then you're going to find you can't even access this page (those who get a ban message will see a 404 page with your IP address on it).

WonderGamer.net has had to be very aggressive with IP bans due to near daily hacking attempts on the site, this unfortunately means you might get unfairly banned due to being in an IP ban range based on hacking attempts from multiple IPs in that range.  In the event that you do find yourself banned, there will be instructions on the 404 page stating on how to appeal a ban.  You will need to include your IP address in the ban appeal so we can determine if you have attempted to hack the site or not (as well as to unban you).  Once a successful ban appeal has been made, we will adjust the ban ranges on our side to allow you access to the site again, however this can be a problem if you are on a dynamic IP address (you can check this at WhatIsMyIPAddress.com), seeing as dynamic IP addresses are prone to changing & you may find your new IP address after a change in the same (or another) ban range again.  If it is found that your IP address is in our raw access logs with hacking activity on them, you will not be unbanned under any circumstance!

Also note that a number of proxies have been banned from accessing the site prior to any hacking activity; we do not believe that people should be able to use a proxy/VPN to hide their identity to abuse (or otherwise commit illegal actions against) our site & reserve the right to file complaints against ISPs that are allowing that activity to happen.

Additionally we've had to block traffic from a number of more popular search engines due to negation of pages from their search engines (or complete wipes of our site), these search engines currently include the following:

The color scheme hurts my eyes, how can I change it?

We currently don't have a means to allow the public to change the color scheme.  We've addressed the concern before & came up with a rough draft on the home page to ask their opinion of it, those individuals never did get back to us on the rough draft, so it ended up getting reverted.  If somebody is serious in wanting a different color scheme, they need to make sure they are going to be available to get back to us on the changes, otherwise any changes made will be reverted due to non-response.  It is possible to change the color scheme yourself through many different browsers, this might be the easier way to do it rather than asking us to do it.

It's been suggested in the past that we should use sites such as Wordpress to host the site on, however we've had negative experiences on Wordpress in the past & chose not to take that route (we actually started on there, later moving to Blogspot, then eventually moved the site to our own domain).  We wanted our site to be indexed in search engines, however due to the nature of certain reviews, they would always get reported & the entire site would get removed from those search engines & unfindable if on free services that allowed abuse of the report function.  Renting a domain & host was the best method we could take to make sure the site was still findable by the public, however we do still have issues with certain pages continuously getting de-indexed from search engines for reasons they really never give details on (we may eventually start blocking traffic from certain search engines if this continues to be a problem)...

Another thing to point out is the most common hacking attempts on WonderGamer.net has been individuals attempting to access Wordpress admin login pages.  We found that using newer web protocols only left us open to a much higher risk of the site being compromised & the high likelihood our visitors would be exposed to malware from the culprits, so external plugins are kept at a minimum, only bringing in new ones when we don't really have the option to add a function ourselves & only after extensive research to make sure those services are safe & work to our standards.

I don't like an article you have published, take it down now!

You are always free to complain about an article if you don't like it, but that doesn't mean it will be taken down.  If the complaint would indicate that you are a representative/individual of the subject of an article, it is possible that your complaint will be added to the article or as a new article to back up the one that's being complained about, so take care on just how descriptive (or abusive) you choose to send your inquiries when contacting us.

What information does WonderGamer.net collect from it's users?  Will that information ever be sold to a 3rd party?

Technically speaking, no data is collected on users themselves, however site traffic & referral traffic is logged through analytical webmaster services & (no longer accurate after stripping both Google & Bing Analytics out of the site) through the internal raw access logs.  In cases where a YouTube/Twitch video may have been accessed, YouTube/Twitch will be the one collecting the information (regardless of whether it's a video that we have created or not, that information will be available to the owner of the video).  Information that we have access to will never be sold to a 3rd party & should never be made public.  The only exception to publication of any of this information will be when a user is attempting to compromise the security of WonderGamer.net (hacking the site), in which case the IP address and/or host address from where the attempted hack originated will be added to the Hacker IP blackist & access to the site will be banned from that address.  We are also obligated by law to provide information to law enforcement should we ever get subpoenaed for information on a visitor of WonderGamer.net.

Will there ever be a public comment function?

We have looked at this in the past & as of yet, have not found a system that we would like to use with WonderGamer.net.  Shoutbox was one of the services we attempted to contact about moderation capabilities, they never responded to the inquiry, so obviously we weren't going to use a service that didn't fit our guidelines in keeping spam & abuse off of the site.  When we find a service that fits the specifications we are looking for to add it to the site, that is when the ability to publicly leave a comment will become a reality, not just a research subject where we're searching for the ideal system.

Quality of this site has been tested in both Firefox & Internet Explorer on the Windows OS & may be best viewed in one of these 2 browsers.
This site has not been tested on smart phone or gaming console browsers & may not be optimized for viewing on those browsers.
Some pages will use additional plugins from external sites such as YouTube for embedded video players (embedded videos from Twitch currently broken).
View counters are typically located at the bottom of each page & will require port 9000 TCP to be able to see them,
the counters use URL keys & will not display if you are viewing through an external site.

By viewing this site, you agree not to attempt to compromise it's security,
any attempt to hack the site will result in IP bans (possibly on your entire ISP)
along with your IP/host address being publicly listed on the Hacker IP blackist.

The contact email has been disabled while the attacks from Steam continue