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As I already expected based on my Bandai/Namco BBB review, the BBB review on Twitch also got HEAVILY censored.  For this reason, it became apparent I needed to make a new page for the uncensored BBB review on my personal site.  This was the original review that was submitted to the BBB.  Aside from loss of formatting, censored words are highlighted in the original below:

So far my experience with Twitch has been "acceptable", however there's a number of factors (both positive & negative) that come into play that effect that statement. For the sake of verifying the plus sides of the cons, I'm going to start with the cons first:

- First off, it's annoying having your videos muted all the time, especially when the music it got muted for was a part of the game's soundtrack; I could understand this if it were being played on top/in the background of the game itself, but music from the game's soundtrack should be except from "censoring". Then there's the matter of audio detection heuristics that are used, that I have often times noticed misdetect music in games that aren't actually being played (this has happened to me quite a bit in Dragon Ball XenoVerse). From my experience, appeals on muted videos pretty well get ignored, so it's one thing that got me seeking other sites to broadcast to until I started getting slammed with penalties from YouTube & decided to go back to Twitch (with a few changes regarding broadcast archiving). Currently if I'm playing a game that I know is going to get muted due to the game's soundtrack, I just disable archiving of broadcasts with a note on my channel stating that's the case.
- The site lacks a number of features that better known community media sites like YouTube have, such as playlists, privacy settings (unlisted/private), discussions & comments on videos.
- Monitization on Twitch (from my understanding) requires you have a partner, which only happens with those that have very high channel view counts & followers. It takes a lot more to get your channel monitized on Twitch than it does on other sites like YouTube & DailyMotion.
- Embedded videos on other sites using the Twitch embedding code auto-start & so far I haven't found a way to change that... It's one of the things that prevent me from using them if I intend on listing multiple videos on a single page.

- First & foremost (at least from my personal experience), Twitch doesn't hit you with overbearing penalties like YouTube does, most of the time it's just muted videos. It's this reason that I prefer broadcasting gameplay to Twitch over any other community broadcasting network. The only downside to this is YouTube will occasionally make exceptions that won't mute the video, but that usually means forced monitization to those making copyright claims.
- Twitch for the most part is only for gaming-related material, so anything outside of it usually isn't permitted. 
- Twitch allows for very detailed channel pages, not restricted to only certain fields like YouTube does. Of course you can't really change the sizes/placement of fields used on your channel as these are auto-adjusted & moved around based on what is in those fields, so don't expect anything as elaborate as MySpace.
- While features on Twitch may be limited, they have been improving the websites:
= = Recently they added at least Feeds, which I suppose works as a form of discussions, but it's limited in functionality on comparison to sites like YouTube. Only gripe I have about this is the rather imposing size of feed fields, which likely has a lot of people choosing not to use it...
= = Originally the only way to save videos to the site was to Highlight them from a previous broadcast. Just recently, uploading was added & this may be the thing that gets me to move my game-related videos from YouTube to Twitch (especially with the abuse I've been getting from YouTube & not just the users, but also the staff themselves through various strikes & violations on bogus claims from trolls & game developers). Downsides to this is there's still no comment system on videos & Steam doesn't have Twitch video sharing yet, so I'll probably still need a YouTube channel to share videos on Steam unless I re-list videos on Twitch to an external site & link it over to my Steam profile.
= = Twitch added a whisper system sometime ago, that works not only as a PM system, but also has live notifications (over the previously used mail system). The mail system still has it's uses, but for the most part is somewhat ignored seeing as I haven't really seen any reliable notifications on the site for it. Whispers is something that YouTube hasn't implemented as far as I can see.
= = The Friends system was a breakthrough that really I had only seen done on Steam & this was implemented in a reverse order, as this only became relevant when Steam added broadcasting. Steam still don't have a Past Broadcasts system & videos still have to be shared off YouTube before they can be linked over to your Steam account, so without using third-party sites like YouTube, Steam is still lacking when it comes to broadcasting. The Friends system also allows an in-depth Follow function so you can tell which of your friends are online or broadcasting at any given time. The only downside to it is that it's hard to get to with the promotional/ad icons on the left-mounted menu bar, but you can still get to it by going to twitch.tv/friends manually (provided you're logged in).
= = Twitch is perhaps the only site I've seen that allows you to host a friend's stream on your own channel. This recently got expanded so you can set a list of friends' channels that it will auto-host (if you're not streaming) even if you're not online. Auto-hosting options are somewhat limited for the time being, but I expect it will be improved on given enough time...

The censored BBB version can be found here:

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