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This is a review that was submitted to the Better Business Bureau, however it got HEAVILY censored once accepted & published, so to save the confusion & make sense out of the mess that the review become after published to the BBB website, I am republishing it here.  The highlighted words indicate censoring in the BBB review after it was censored & published on the BBB website:

This company is known for showing hostility towards users who write negative reviews on their games & ignoring requests of their customers. They are aware of my YouTube account & (mostly negative) review of Dragon Ball XenoVerse only because I posted links to the review & videos of excessive spammers on their forums, requesting something be done about the griefing problem on 4/10/2016, to which I still have not received any official response on it (only one response from a player who was supporting counter-measures be taken against the griefing).

Bandai/Namco has made it a point to attack my YouTube channel with copyright complaints in retaliation to the review; the first one was on 7/11/2016 for a standard gameplay stream (expected to be because of the link to the review in the description of the stream or the thumbnail, which was a Dragon Ball XenoVerse desktop; this ended the stream prematurely & limited my YouTube account to nearly being unusable for around 13 hours), the second on 9/23/2016 (no stream was active at the time, so there's no way it could have been targeted for an actual video, yet it still got issued a strike for a copyright violation). The appeal on the first incident reversed the violation & set it back to good standing, however the appeal on the second incident was unfortunately ignored by YouTube & even though a BBB complaint was filed against Google (owner of YouTube) to have the strike reversed (I wasn't concerned about streaming abilities being revoked, as I already decided I wouldn't be doing gameplay streaming to YouTube again after the first incident), Google used a loophole stating I needed to re-file the complaint under the correct email (using a Hotmail account rather than the email account associated with the YouTube account) to verify ownership of the, where I think they were aware that I wouldn't be able to open another BBB complaint against them for the same incident, so this was manipulation of the system to avoid having to do anything about it. None of this started happening on YouTube until after somebody joined the chat of the first stream I attempted, tried to build hype to get me to purchase Dragon Ball XenoVerse 2 & I responded to them I wasn't in any hurry to get the game if they couldn't fix the current problems in the original game; the stream ended up getting killed in the middle of that discussion. I have checked other YouTube channels & also searched the web looking for other incidents such as I have had to deal with, so far I haven't found anybody else having the same problems...

To further complicate things (before the YouTube incidents started happing), I was having problems with archived streams getting muted on Twitch due to the music in the opening movie of the game. I contacted Namco/Bandai requesting to obtain a legal documentation (if any) for right to share videos of Dragon Ball XenoVerse online to be presented to Twitch when appealing muted videos. The Support Rep. gave me an email to contact for their Legal Team, to which I never received a response to it. Shortly afterwards, Twitch streams of that game started getting hit with misdetections of other songs that weren't in the game; the misdetected music (using audio detection algorithms) in those videos were appealed on Twitch, but never actually processed to the point of being unmuted & I never received a response from Twitch on a decision. The muted videos on Twitch was what made me decide to try streaming to YouTube instead, which was a BIG mistake & only escalated the situation to overbearing abuse from YouTube that I can't get to stop even thought I'm no longer streaming the game (or any other game for that matter) to YouTube.

For this reason, I REFUSE to continue purchasing anything with the Namco/Bandai logo on it or anything that originated from a Namco/Bandai franchise (i.e. has a character they own copyrights to). They have lost a customer because of this & no more of my money will be going into their pocket. A PSN friend of mine that I made in DBX was talking to me about DBX2 over Twitch yesterday, my response was that I wouldn't be getting it due to the attacks on my YouTube channel (only way that would change would be if they publicly apologized for the attacks & made an effort to reverse the strike they caused) unless somebody gifted it to me (I've told 2 other friends I've made in DBX this, 1 stated that he felt like throwing away his copy of DBX2 afterwards); despite my reluctance to accept the offer, that 1 friend stated he was going to gift me a PS4 & a hard copy of DBX2 when he had the money (and this isn't even a family member, which only further added to why I didn't want to accept it, beside the fact I don't want to mess with the company anymore, don't expect I'll be getting the DLC since I won't purchase it myself while the boycott continues & PSN doesn't have the ability to gift unless through gift cards).

For a copy of the censored review after being published to the BBB, it can be found here:

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