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On 7/21/2021, I received an email from Patreon stating that they were deleting my creator page (this came minutes after receiving an email about a forced payout, which at first had me believing that my account had been compromised, which I found odd as it's authenticator protected, so I was about to log into Patreon to see what was going on), claiming a violation of ToS for not providing my own creator content:

Certain details have been censored in this screenshot

While this email states a deletion of creator page, this actually deactivated the account I had on Patreon in it's entirety, I could no longer log in, only respond to this email if I wanted to dispute/appeal the decision.  Of course the page had already been deleted without giving any time to even respond to the erroneous claims, so it was unlikely that any reversal on the account termination would happen, regardless of what was said to them in a reply to the email:

Regardless, I did attempt to contact them over this newly created support ticket when they sent me the email notice of termination (even if it wasn't stated that way, the email making the actual action taking unclear until you attempted to log in):

Certain details have been censored in this screenshot

While I can somewhat understand that I probably wouldn't get a response to this type of reply to their termination email, I did decide to wait for a reply to see if they were going to reverse the decision, however rather than going back to streaming on Twitch (which was my original intentions that morning when I woke up, getting sidetracked by this whole Patreon victimization situation & not streaming for a few days after that while I got details together for the publications here if not reversed, as well as wasting some time writing some reversible reviews while waiting for reply, "reversible" meaning that I had the ability to delete them if they did reverse the decision of termination).

While waiting for a reply, I started going through other sites that allow reviewing of sites, apps & platforms such as this.  Google Play ended up being a review of their app (which actually was something I had attempted to use in the past, but not functional enough to really continuing using when I first tried it); I allowed the download of the app again only to gain access to be able to review the app, stopping the download before it could fully download:

Of course by allowing the download, Google Play allows the developer of the app (in this case, Patreon) to acquire information about you not only from your Google account, but also your phone.  This seems a necessary negative that the Google Play platform allows if it meant getting Patreon's attention on their incorrect actions, as well as to warn others about their victimization of creators before they attempted to download the app, also giving Patreon their information through the same terms that Google Play allows.  Of course I knew the review was likely to get deleted anyways (as has been many cases in the past on reviews I have attempted to submit on Google Play, almost a definite reaction to negative reviews every time it happens on the Samsung Galaxy store), so I make a habit of keeping backups (text versions for resubmission to those apps if removed & screenshot versions for republishing to this site if it gets removed too many times).

The second place I decided to toss a review (while still waiting for a response on the email) was on GoogleMaps.  This was an interesting development when I looked at their business listing, the majority of reviews on the company (if you can call it that with this type of unbusinesslike conduct) were primarily 1-star complaints, I just added to the amount of 1-star reviews against them:

Again, it was expected this review would eventually be removed, which has happened before in rare cases on Google Maps (usually on businesses that are no longer operational), needless to say I kept backups in case they needed republication.

The next site I attempted to leave a review on was Norton, however I found that I had already left a review on this site in 2020 when the creator that had screwed me & many others before (note this was mentioned in the first paragraph of the email reply to them, there is also an article about this scam artist on this site, however it is in the adult section of the site & in the form of a review of that game that was...emphasis on "was"...being developed).  This review I chose not to change & left it as is as it also disclosed information about other illegal activities that were apparently being funded over the Patreon platform (which begs the question why they are going after small creators like myself that actually need the income, rather than those actually trying to get funding for criminal behavior on other external sites).

There was also a review written to the Better Business Bureau, however these tend to take a while to show up (I believe the BBB giving the companies you are writing reviews about time to review & respond to submitted reviews), so I took the time to publish the BBB review to this site before working on this review (knowing this one would take several hours to complete as I needed to compile the information in images for publication), which is the next review in a series of reviews on Patreon (the Next navigation button at the bottom of this page is that review).

While I was writing these reviews, I was also making posts to their Facebook page, originally found at https://www.facebook.com/patreon:

The screenshot of these replies above show everything up to the last post that gave a link to the video response to the account termination (too tired to remember to make another backup of the posts before going to bed).  The video response to Patreon's actions was as follows:

By morning on 7/22/2021, I found that Patreon had retaliated to the comments on their Facebook page by not only deleting those comments, but also blocking my account from being able to make any additional comments to the page or leaving any reactions:

This also prevented me from being able to see the remaining comments on the post that my comments that had deleted from, however I was able to verify remaining undeleted comments by going through a Firefox private browser window (notice the count as opposed to the last screenshot, this means 2 other comments were deleted from other users on top of the 4 from myself):

While I thought I would have to create another Facebook testing account to verify that the disabling of these options on their Facebook page was only affecting my account, it become clear that my original assumption of it being a block was correct, as I watch the reaction count & other comments be made to new posts on their page, where that option still remained unavailable on my account.

I later sent another email to Patreon giving notice of intent as their lack of response to the email reply & the actions on Facebook made it clear they were not going to be willing to even consider the facts that were provided in the first reply to their email, as well as it was clear no retraction of their injustice would be happening:

7/22/2021 ended up being another day where streaming to Twitch was again put on hold to deal with this victimization by Patreon's staff.  Most of the day I was busy with household chores (cleaning & washing) & outdoor yard work, however I contemplated while working whether there might be a parent company for Patreon.  When I got a break from indoor chores (waiting for enough shade before going out to mow to avoid heat stroke in 100+ F outdoor temps), I did some searches online & while not finding a parent company for Patreon, I was able to find a name of the CEO of them, a Jack Conte.  Looking into this further, I found out he was also a creator on YouTube, as well as having accounts on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.  Originally I debated whether I wanted to contact him over his YouTube or Facebook accounts, giving the irony of what had happened over HIS platform (intending on naming Patreon in particular) & whether he was going to stand for it; that self-debate was quickly put to rest, deciding to block him on both YouTube & Facebook instead (no blocks were make over Twitter or Instagram as I don't mess with these platforms, however those blocks would have definitely been place if I did) for allowing this injustice to happen.

Many businesses use tools to keep track of search engine results that may mention their businesses, business-oriented individual have also been know to use these tactics to keep track of search engine results that may mention their name.  It was expected that when this page was published & if it mentioned him by name, he would eventually become aware of it when this page got indexed in search engines.  Even if there was not any search engine monitors set up by himself, I already knew he had a YouTube channel, which comes with Google Analytics, so it was expected that at the very least (if he checks where traffic is coming from to his channel), that he would at least become aware of this callout through his YouTube channel.  By the time he became aware of the publications regarding this situation, he would be forced to get involved in this situation personally.  Of course where it goes from there could be either negative or positive; regardless of which way it goes, it's still additional content to be published if they attempt to retaliate to this publication (regardless of how they choose to do it; there have already been many publications in regards to attacks on my YouTube channel & this has involved even big name gaming companies such as Bandai/Namco Games, which so far it seems they have chosen to back off, rather than risk more publications against their company & gathered statements from other gamers that have received the same targeted retaliation to negative reviews).

The decision to block Jack Conte came out of a new standard I had set for myself when Patreon wrongfully terminated my account, that standard being that I would no longer support Patreon itself or anybody who even had an account on Patreon (regardless of whether it was a creator account or not).  Jack Conte had a link to his Patreon page on his YouTube channel, so this was the first thing that made it clear I had no intentions on viewing any of his videos (as he probably would gain ad revenue from the views) and would be utilizing YouTube's "Not interested" & "Don't recommend channel" functions to help prevent accidentally loading one of those videos & triggering ad revenue towards the channel.  The blocks were only additional steps due to him being the CEO & not expecting that an attempt to contact him regarding this matter would do any good, if anything, probably just result in retaliation against my own YouTube channel (of course that would just be another article for publication if it did, but still probably better to avoid it if I don't have anything worth publishing in a video; the video response to the account termination is likely to get hit with a claim anyways, so I'm just going to have an article partially written in case a new one needs to be published against Patreon and/or YouTube in the future).

Unfortunately this same standard also affected other channels on YouTube that I was already supporting with subscriptions, views & likes, as well as being featured & having created playlists (favorite lists) of their content on my own channel (this is expected to be carried over to channels/streamers I am currently supporting on Twitch as well, however I have not taken the time to go over channels I am following to see if they have a Patreon page listed outside of those on my auto-host list yet; luckily none of the streamers on my auto-host list had a Patreon page listed yet, despite the fact that I used to be pretty optimistic about Patreon if you were a creator & used to recommend it, however I did state the potential dangers of supporting creators if you didn't know what kind of person they were first).  2 channels that were previously listed as featured channels on my own YouTube channel (those that I either knew had a Patron page because they had talked about it before or verified through their About page) were not only removed from this listing, they were also unsubscribed from, their "favorite lists" (playlists) were set to private & I went through recommendations a few times to continually hit the "Don't recommend channel" function until I no longer saw recommendations for those channels after refreshing the list of recommendations.  Additionally, 1 other channel I was subscribed to also had a Patreon page listed on their channel (this particular creator had made a number of complaints about demonetizations by YouTube due to the obvious age-targeted content that he was reviewing, a game mod channel), he also received the same steps to avoid supporting his channel with any possible income through ad revenue (minus the removal from Features Channels as I never placed him on there).  While I did what I could to make sure I wouldn't be supporting those channels with ad revenue as a result of accidental playing of their content, I did not block them as I did with Jack Conte, seeing as I intend on going back to supporting them in the future, but that will only be if Patreon ever pulls their heads out of their asses & looks at the facts, decides that they made a mistake & reverses their decision on the termination.

I was out for the most of the night with a buddy after having to cut my mowing the lawn short when a thunderstorm hit, mowing for as long as I could before the rain was coming down enough that I was worried it would ruin the lawnmower (a brand new lawnmower I purchased with part of the second COVID-stimulous check in 2021, about the only times I've been able to splurge a little, this being my first-ever new lawnmower, all that I had owned in the past always being a hand-me-down with some issue & some I could never get started to even start mowing the lawn), I didn't get back until after midnight.  Once I did get back, I chose not to sleep & instead start working on these publications into the morning on 7/23/2021 (at least the rain had cooled down the temps a bit, even allowing me to open my windows for a little while during the night, so the heat was a little more tolerable that it had been most of the last 2 months).  At the time of writing this sentence, the time was 6:21 AM & this review almost ready for publication.  Of course there was still a boycott against Patreon that was going to need to be published, so I was expecting to miss another day of streaming to Twitch & game dailies (alternating between Pokemon GO, Dauntless & Fortnite (Save the World, not Battle Royale) to be completed (totaling at least 3 days already wasted on this Patreon victimization situation).

UPDATE:  It was only after the block on the first found Facebook Patreon page (the one usually found when searching) that I realized there was another Patreon page on Facebook (possibly an auto-generated one that was claimed by Patreon later down the line).  It seems this one was abandoned in favor of creating one with more restrictive permissions (which their irresponsible actions with the block makes this blatantly clear that a more restrictive feedback system was a high priority for them if they were going to be on Facebook).  This page typically won't be found in searches for Patreon, but I found it when I attempted to tag them (which I expected would be blocked based on the block made only a day before), I realized after the post to my own wall (the reposting of the screenshot backup of the comments that were deleted on their other page) had be published that this was actually a different page (resulting in editing that post to show that the page where the block had been placed was instead the one that I linked at the bottom of that post in the edit).  While I didn't expect anybody would find this one (unless they clicked on the tag from somebody else's post, for those who are aware this is a way to get around the deletion of comments by pages or even to link blocked individuals if you know the direct URL to their pages), I left a review on that page:

Given Facebook does not allow links in reviews of business pages themselves, the links had to be provided in comments on the review

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