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Originally submitted to https://www.bbb.org/us/ca/san-francisco/profile/internet-service/patreon-inc-1116-546225/customer-reviews, this page serves as a backup for the review, as well as a republishing for easy access or if the review ends up getting rejected over their service

This site is potential fraud through & through... The site itself is to help "creators" in gaining funding for their "creations", however many times those "creators" do not follow through on their end with their promises & those that they have taken money from end up getting stiffed. I for one have already fallen victim to this type of fraud & I've had money taken for which I did not get what was promised by the "creator". When it comes to "creators" developing software/games, special care should be taken to do extensive research before paying into any "project" they may be pitching, as it won't take much digging through search engines to find out of people have already gotten screwed by the so-called "creators" (or perhaps more accurate, scam artists) on this site.

Additionally, I've found that the honest "creators" that follow through on their promises are usually the ones to get screwed by Patreon themselves. Not only have I gotten ripped off by self-proclaimed game developers on Patreon, I also got screwed by Patreon themselves when they closed my creator account on 7/21/2021 (claiming violation of Terms of Service). Their statement was that I wasn't creating my own content & was benefiting from other's, which I can only assume means they were targeting the game giveaways that were being hosted for patrons on Patreon itself & not looking at the actual purpose for the creation of the page (funding for uploaded videos & livestreams on external sites).

In any case, both as a creator & a patron, I can not in any good faith state that Patreon is trustworthy & I would have to warn all who go to the site to be cautious in who you wish to support (even with the honest ones, as you never know which ones are honest until you've experienced whether they follow through or not, which is where doing your research online comes in handy). Additionally, if you attempt to get funding through Patreon as a creator, try not to become reliant on that funding; the funding I was getting was making my internet costs a bit more manageable & my living expenses more affordable (as those costs weren't coming out of my bill, food & med funds from disability benefits), but now it's looking like I'm going to have to make additional cuts, which isn't going to leave me with enough upload rate to even stream single player games anymore (much less the online multiplayer games I had to stop streaming in February of 2019 when I had to make cuts to internet & phone costs prior)...

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