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eBay seller flowersbud has listings for a number of replacements parts (and other full items for gaming systems), however apparently has a bad history when it comes to shipping them out, as well as with the quality of the items he sells.  We ordered a replacement screen for a PSP on 2/27/2019 & the item was immediately marked as being shipped:

I unfortunately didn't notice on the tracking number until 4/5/2019 that while the tracking information had been received, the seller never bothered to actually give the item to the carrier:

Once I realized this, I decided I needed to file for a refund, however based on the negative feedback left by other buyers, it was pretty clear this seller has a history of doing this & purposely stiffing customers when they call him out for it, so I bypassed trying to speak to the seller about this & spoke to an eBay representative directly over their phone support system.  During this conversation with the representative, he agreed that it appeared the item was never shipped & stated that they would contact the seller for me, but they still needed to give the seller time to resolve the issue on his own.  At this point it's been stated that I don't want the item anymore as it won't be received before the feedback period (60 days from the order date) had expired, so a refund is the only option.  I voiced the concern about where it showed in the negative feedback on their profile that he has a history of doing this & apparently dodging around having to provide refunds, it was stated that if he hasn't refunded the money on his own after 3 business days, that it will be forcibly removed from his account (it's not longer a matter of getting the item shipped, he needed to refund the money paid for non-shipment).

UPDATE:  I received a response from the seller at 6:46 AM the next day, however before I get into the details of what he said, let's first get to the point of the return.  Remember I said I didn't want to deal with the seller at this point & if the item hadn't been shipped, I just wanted a refund to get it over with, it appears the eBay representative opened the return with the correct reason, but not the correct objective:

Sure, if I got the item, there wouldn't be a need for a return, however based on the tracking information provided when the seller marked the item as shipped, it's not likely going to get here before the cutoff period on feedback or the refund request filed with eBay, so I'd sooner just get the refund & get it over with so we can order from another seller that might actually ship what we ordered.  Note that some of the negative feedback on the the users feedback page actually stated that they attempted to cancel the order directly after ordering due to ordering the wrong thing, the seller has blatantly ignored the request of the buyer & shipped the item after receiving that request to cancel it.  I also noticed a lot of negative comments regarding refund dodging, broken items & unshipped items, which I discussed with the eBay representative, so they are already aware of the circumstances & the fact that the shipping information already showed that the item was never shipped, so if this seller attempts to ship the item now, that's only going to solidify the negative feedback on his profile & further show why this poor-excuse of a seller shouldn't on be on eBay AT ALL.

As for the response that I got from the seller, he's giving indication that it was shipped, despite the fact that the tracking information that was already discussed with the eBay representative shows that it wasn't:

I honestly was sickened by the response & apparent attempt at refund-dodging, knowing well enough that if I wanted for another one to be shipped, I would be outside of the period of time that I could get a refund & it's highly likely it would not get here anyways (even if a new one were to be shipped, which honestly probably wouldn't actually happen anyways).  I told the seller bluntly what was already discussed with an eBay representative & that I'd sooner just have it refunded so I can move on from this horrible experience that he's trying to drag on for what appears to be a theft attempt right under eBay's noses (as if being over their system wasn't bad enough):

It's expected at this point that he's going to shut down & be even harder to work with (not that I expected there would be any chance of that in the first place when you consider the negative feedback from others), I will provide another update once I know who they are going to handle (more likely retaliate) to the response to their claim that the item likely hasn't even been sent & that it's already been discussed with an eBay representative directly (over the phone).

UPDATE:  The next day at 7:48 PM, I received a response from the seller stating that he would be willing to refund the purchase, however requested I didn't leave him negative feedback:

Note that the reply didn't show correctly in the resolution center on the opened ticket, so this screenshot was taken from the email instead

Obviously I was still pissed that the seller never shipped the item & was trying to pull a fast one over on me stating that the item was shipped, then tries to persuade me not to leave negative feedback after wasting over a month of my time to get an item that was never shipped, I was FULLY intending on leaving negative feedback & ended up calling eBay support once again.  eBay support said that he couldn't put a stipulation of no negative feedback on getting back the purchase of the item & it would be forced if he didn't refund the money himself, so I left it at that.  It did seem that the call to eBay caused the ticket to closer sooner than later however, seeing as the refund was pushed through quicker than expected, although from the PayPal details, it was actually refunded by the seller itself & not forced by eBay, although the reason was changed to a lesser reason before it was finally closed (stating that the wrong shipping information was supplied to eBay).


I wasn't able to order a new part until after I had finished with a funeral (family that had passed away recently), however afterwards I figured I would have the money back in my account seeing as the issue was supposedly resolved & attempted to order another one.  The problem here is what was available on eBay for this particular item, where the lowest priced purchase of this item was still this same seller, we went to the next lowest one sold by whitelight2016, where I noticed the negative comments on that seller gave a good indication that this was probably the same seller as flowersbud.  We took a chance & decided to place the order, then I checked the Paypal transaction to see if my suspicions were correct & sure enough, it's the SAME SELLER as before when you compare the transaction information between the refund & the new purchase:

Not only was this a purchase from an individual I didn't want to deal with anymore, the price of this purchase was OVER DOUBLE the price of the one that he didn't even ship on the first order...  At this point my blood was boiling & I quickly attempted to cancel the order without even contacting the individual that was helping me to find the replacement screen, got a notice stating that the seller has 3 days to respond to the cancellation request before I can get eBay to step in on it.  The problem with this is there are negative comments on BOTH profiles that stated people making purchases would attempt to cancel a purchase with this seller, only to have the seller quickly mark the item as shipped so he wouldn't have to cancel it.

The more I thought about this, the madder I got & I decided to call eBay once again.  I explained the situation, pointing out that problem I recently had with the seller under the account of flowersbud, then the fact that I attempted to order from another seller the same item, noticing the negative feedback on their profile & expected it might be the same person, then confirming through PayPal after the purchase was in fact the same person on another account & to make matters worse, the purchase was more money than the one he never shipped on the other account.  The representative stated that while I couldn't push the cancellation to happen any quicker, I could report the seller.  I also questioned whether filing a claim through through PayPal was an option, which she said it was, but only after the seller had made a decision (of course I pointed out that the item was not marked as shipped before I attempted to cancel it, however the negative feedback on both accounts would show he'll still attempt to get around that), even going as far as stating I was considering disputing the charge with my bank (of course I'm still waiting for the refund from the previous purchase that he never shipped, so I probably wouldn't even get the refund if the card number is frozen before the return is processed through my bank).  At this point I just have to wait & see where it goes, the deal with the gasoline that just got thrown on the bonfire from what started on the first account this guy tried to screw us with once the damage is already done...

UPDATE:  As was to be expected from the negative feedback on both profiles, this poor-excuse of a seller ignored the cancellation request & marked it as shipped anyways.  When you look at the time frames between the call to eBay support & the times on the emails I received, you can see he had over 3 hours (3.5 if you consider I waited almost a half-hour before I called eBay about this) of time to cancel the order before he marked it as shipped:

You'll also notice in this email from eBay that the shipping address (what I didn't censor) has no state in it, so even if it is actually shipped, it may not get here regardless.  We were provided with another shipping number, which currently is throwing the "Temporarily query no tracking information" when attempting to track it on track.winit.com.cn, so I can't currently determine whether this is an accurate tracking number or not, so I'll have to watch it to see what information pops up & report it to eBay in a week if it doesn't update (I'm intending on calling both eBay & PayPal about this on as soon as possible to complain about this regardless).

Because the seller decided to completely ignore the request to cancel the order on his second account, I decided it was time to get the negative feedback on that account, using the order link from the original email back on 2/27/2019 (just one of the reasons I hold onto all emails & invoices, just in case something like this happens):

UPDATE:  The next day I contacted eBay again to report both of the seller's accounts, finding out earlier that we actually ordered an item from another one of his accounts on 2/28/2019 (this account has the username of flowersblossoms; note we didn't have any problems with this order, which is rare when we order this item, but I did point it out to eBay regardless, however did mention that this account didn't have an issue with that order on 2/28/2019, only that it was the same account based on the information listed in PayPal); apparently it's possible to order from this guy without problems, but if you run into problems, you're going to have a hell of a problem with trying to get your money back under his own decision, it usually has to be forced.  I also pointed out that this article had been published & that I'm continuing to update it as necessary until the matter is resolved.  eBay stated that they would take my reports & look into all accounts that were linked to determine if the seller needed to be penalized (they used the word "restricted") for not following the seller ToS, however I won't have any knowledge of what they decide to do unless his accounts end up disappearing on eBay (I'll only be checking his accounts while I'm waiting for this situation to be resolved, I won't bother with it beyond that point unless I come back to this page & find I need to make some corrections, or if I run into another problem with the same seller in the future, which is highly probable when you consider he has numerous seller accounts on eBay already).  One other thing that I almost forgot to mention was the new tracking number, which I pointed out is currently throwing the error previously mentioned giving indication that it could be bogus or possibly just not in the tracking system yet.  The representative kept stating "interesting" each time I brought up another detail, the only time he didn't say this was when I pointed out that the seller had attempted to get me to not leave negative feedback on the first order where he didn't even ship the item (then lied to me saying it was still on it's way), where he stated "Really?", more a statement of surprise or disbelief, although all that information is in the message system, I'm pretty certain it will be easy to find out if he did say it to me (I haven't deleted the message yet) & whether he's said it to anybody else that had issues with him (there were a number of negative comments on his profile about buyers that attempted to contact him & he never replied to them, there's a good chance eBay is going to find a lot of messages complaining about items not received & refunds not issued).

After I got done with the call to eBay, I also made a call to PayPal to see if something could be done about this seller jumping around on multiple seller accounts, using the same PayPal account & trying to balance negative feedback over multiple accounts to avoid penalization.  At first I didn't know if PayPal would allow a dispute to be opened or not, but after telling them the same details (including the details about this page that had been published regarding the matter) I had told eBay when I filed the complaints against both of his accounts (those that have had issues with the PSP replacement screen), they apparently opened a dispute against the most recent charge & are now attempting to get the seller to refund it (one of the key factors was that the tracking number currently isn't registering, however it is still possible it hasn't registered in the system yet, although it's also possible it could be bogus).  One way or another, I'll be getting that money back, however should I get the item after it's been refunded (by force if necessary), I'll have to deal with getting him the money back should that happen.  Should the item actual get here after the refund is issued on this latest transaction, I discussed the matter with PayPal about I don't believe I should have to pay the full amount of the second purchase, but rather the amount of the original purchase (the one that never got shipped, that we waited over a month for before noticing the tracking number never even updated to say the carrier had received the item), the PayPal representative agreed with me that I shouldn't have to pay the inflated amount of the second order.

One other thing to point out is if you click on an order in PayPal, you'll get English details regarding what you'll end up seeing on your credit card statement.  The irony of this is the detail of PAYPAL *SHANGHAIZHU has been in my credit card statements NUMEROUS times over the last few years, which indicated that he must have had multiple accounts in the past that we didn't even notice this on, I stated to both eBay & PayPal that he must have at least 7 different accounts that we've ordered from (which I know is extremely low, just taking a rough estimate of accounts that I can actually remember ordering from got me that detail on my credit card statement) & I know at least a few caused this same problem when it came to trying to get refunds (one of the most recent the seller actually tried to short us on one of the adapters ordered when he had to provide a refund on a previous order, then about two-thirds of the order were defects on top of the attempted shortage; they only got negative feedback on the one they attempted to short us, not the defects because there was a delay in testing them).

UPDATE:  On 4/13/2019, I decided to have another look at the tracking number & found that it was now registering in the tracking system for that carrier, however there was an oddity on this that gave further evidence that this seller probably didn't even intend on sending it (at least not until PayPal got on his case regarding the claim filed against them):

Note that the tracking number I was provided over eBay (what the seller entered when they marked it as shipped) is what shows in the Order NO.(Sub-order) column, not the Tracking NO. column.  The second thing to notice is the actual date that the item got shipped (4/11/2019).  Now let's look at the emails I got from PayPal after opening the claim against him on this second order:

It appears that the seller wasn't even intending on shipping the item & gave a false tracking number when he marked it as shipped, only shipping the item after he got contacted by PayPal regarding this claim against him.  The reality of it is it looks like he's attempting to dodge PayPal's attempt to refund the money through the claim against him, the same way he attempted to dodge having to cancel the order when I determined it was the same damn seller as the last individual that never actually shipped the item (we're now over 2 months wasted in trying to get this item because this deviate is attempting to dance around both eBay's & PayPal's acceptable use policy).  Note that I haven't actually said anything to the seller as to why I was attempting to cancel the order in the first place (he's probably not aware of the fact that I know that both accounts are his), but based on negative feedback on both of those accounts (which is what originally gave indication of the expectation that it could be the same seller, only verified by the PayPal transaction information after it went through), ignoring cancellation requests & just shipping the item anyways is apparently a common thing with this lowlife...

One other thing to look at is the actual claim that is still pending with PayPal:

You'll notice that this claim has been sitting here unanswered by the seller since the 10th (it's now the 14th), probably expecting that if he ignores the situation, it will be ruled in his favor & it will just go away (I've already been assured by both eBay & PayPal this isn't the case & they are currently conducting an investigation on any account he may own).  Either he doesn't intend on answering the claim (and the money will be refunded due to non-response) or he decided to get the tracking information to register on the carrier site before he decided to contact them back on it (the only way he was going to get it to register would have been to add the bogus tracking number he gave us as a sub-order to an actual tracking number & actually ship it).

Either way you look at it, there's some shady dealings going on here & this seller shouldn't be able to continue selling on eBay if this is the avoidance tactics he uses to get his way (it seems that from the negative feedback on both of the seller's profiles, most of these people that submitted them didn't know how to file claims or chose to believe his claims regarding items that were...or weren't...shipped, which effectively puts them outside the range of time that a claim can be filed if they wait too long); I'm not one of those that is uninformed on how to deal with sellers like this however & have had to do it many times in the past (as well as on Amazon), not to mention I have a sister that works in the anti-fraud department of eBay (even without my sister's input, I still knew how to deal with dishonest and/or abusive sellers before even speaking to her about it the first time; she doesn't really like talking about these situations anyways, she just urges me to go through the proper procedure), so I always come out on top when something like this is pulled.

UPDATE:  I spoke with my mailman when he came by on 4/16/2019 & asked him if it was possible to have an item returned to the sender as soon as it entered the US (as opposed to having to wait by the mailbox every day to have it returned when it got here).  I went into further detail on why this odd request is being made (at least I would consider it as odd if I were in his shoes):

The mailman stated that he couldn't tell me what to do in this case, but did state that I should attempt to get a hold of a central office & explain the situation there.  When he was looking for a piece of paper, to write down the tracking number, I didn't actually have the tracking number on me, so I stated I would put a sticky on the inside of the mailbox so he would have that information available to bring forth to the front office to have it rejected & sent back to the seller, he stated that I should leave up the flag if that's the case (however I know from experience that they may not even bother with checking the mailbox even if I have the flag up; I purchased a new mailbox when I moved here, first being to keep my mail dry over what we got with the house when I originally move here, the second was to have a flag so they would stop to take mail when I had mail that needed to be sent, the mail can still sit in the mailbox for days with the flag is up because it doesn't really get paid attention to & one of their managers stated that it wasn't an obligation for them to take the mail even if the flag was up after at least a couple complaints about this); considering I already spoke to him about the situation, there's a good chance that he will look at it because he's already aware of the situation at hand & that it's already been elevated into a dispute/claim with PayPal (I didn't actually mention to him that this activity is currently being investigated over all of the seller's eBay & PayPal accounts, but he'll be aware of it when I put a paper with a link to this page in my mailbox, as well as the tracking details for the package that the seller ignored not once, but twice to cancel it, the second being the claim filed against him with PayPal).

Additionally, the mailman apologized not only for not knowing the answer to my question regarding the matter (on whether it can be rejected before it actually gets to my home or on the secondary possibility, that I wasn't required to return it because the seller ignored the request to cancel & sent an item that we were within the timeframe to still cancel & sent anyways), as well as the expectation that I would likely have a problem getting a hold of somebody should I attempt to contact a central office.  I told him not to worry about the fact that he didn't have an answer as to whether it could be rejected as soon as it entered the US, I didn't really expect he would know that because he's delivering the mail rather than being in a disputes office.  I did however mention that I have had problems with contacting USPS offices in the past & it was already expected that I would have that issue should I attempt it, I already expected that would be the case before I even spoke to him. 

UPDATE:  The mailman did in fact pick it up the next day, only getting a chance to talk to him about it yesterday (4/23/2019), mainly him stating that he gave it to his "handler" (seems it may have been misplaced), but he mentioned the thing in the lid of my mailbox (provided it actually gets read that is, sometimes the mail carriers don't open the front door of the mailbox entirely & it gets missed).  I did mention there was another overseas package that was supposed to be coming that should be delivered (stated that it will probably be another name however), but the ones that need to be returned should they get to my mailbox have the tracking numbers listed in that thing taped on the front lid of the mailbox.

Before I get into what was said in those documents, let's first get into the status of the claim on PayPal.  The status stayed as seen above for the entirety of the period that PayPal gave the seller to respond to it & as was to be expected, the seller never did respond...  I called PayPal again on the 20th asking what the status on the case was, they stated that the seller had one more day to response, then it would be updated the next day, so I have to wait for the status to update.  On the 21st, the status did update on the claim, however it's been sitting at this status for 3 full days now:

It's now the 24th & the status hasn't changed yet, it looks like another call to PayPal may be in order...  Additionally, I'm considering opening a claim with eBay as well, which is going to end up informing that seller that I'm aware that both of these accounts are the same person when I link the evidence of the entirety of this situation in that claim, as well as I'm considering going through my entire PayPal transaction information to get the rest of his eBay usernames as well while I'm still waiting.  Ultimately, I will reverse the charge with my bank if necessary (this was discussed with them back when I was still waiting for the original refund), they stated that they would reverse the charge if necessary (at least they didn't jump the gun on it this time).  From what I've heard, eBay & PayPal typically will close your account for violation of ToS when you reverse a charge through your bank, not that that is going to matter much seeing as I don't intend on making another purchase on eBay or through the PayPal system until this situation is resolved, ultimately closing both accounts on my own if this turns into a matter of revictimization should the matter be found in this poor-excuse of a seller's favor...

Going back to what was provided to the USPS mail carrier on the 17th, I'm not going to disclose that information here.  First is the document that was printed & left in the mailbox, then the insert that I've taped to the inside of the lid in the mailbox (note that these are being restored from the backups on my PC of the documents before I printed them, not photos of the printed copies):

Letter to USPS workers

To USPS mailman, regarding what we discussed yesterday:

It was suggested by PayPal that I request the package with the tracking information on
the back of this page be returned to sender. Tracking number is likely to be one of the 2
provided, the Sub-order is expected to be the bogus number originally supplied over eBay
when marked as shipped, later linked with an actual number so it could be pulled up &
verified as being shipped after the claim through PayPal was opened.

There is already a claim opened with PayPal regarding this order & both eBay & PayPal
are investigating all accounts by this seller for violation of Terms of Service. I should be
getting my money back on this order by the 20th when the PayPal claim is closed (doesn't
look like the seller is going to be responding to the claim; he not only ignored my request
to cancel the order, but also ignored the claim with PayPal & shipped the item anyways).

Full details of what has happened & why you are being notified to return this package
rather than deliver can be found at
http://www.wondergamer.net/blacklists/ebay_flowersbud.htm along with all evidence
regarding the matter.
Alternatively, there will likely be a link to this article on the home page of
in the Latest Updates section (may have been moved to the update
archives if a new article is published).

If you happen to get a ban message (404 error) when attempting to access the site, it's
possible the address may have been entered wrong, you might be hitting a stop in
hotlinking protection (based on the site you clicked on the link from) or you are in a
range of IPs I have had to ban for attempts to hack the site.

I will leave a note in the lid of mailbox as a reminder that packages with these tracking
numbers are to be returned to sender rather than left in the mailbox & leave it there for a
month to make sure this individual's effort to dance around eBay & PayPal policy are not
in his favor.

Mailbox insert

Packages with the
following tracking
numbers need to be
returned to sender:


In 3 more days, this seller will have officially wasted 3 months of our time trying to get this PSP repaired...  Those who do happen to find this review, I hope this will put things into perspective why purchasing overseas is perhaps not the smartest thing to do, however considering the guy attempting to repair the PSP told me to order it over seas, this is the loss I get for allowing him to manipulate how I order parts when necessary.  It's already been determined that the next order (that's provided I don't end up closing my eBay & PayPal accounts if this goes any further south than it already has) will NOT be from an overseas seller, it's probably the only way we'll be able to avoid hitting another one of this con man's seller accounts...

UPDATE:  Another call was made to PayPal on 4/24/2019 later in the day, this time to question why the status had sat as being reviewed for "4 days".  I repeated most of the details I had already stated with other representatives, additionally disclosing details about speaking with the United States Postal Servers about stating I wanted it returned to sender as soon as it entered the US & definitely didn't want to see it getting delivered to my house/mailbox, they decided to close the claim in my favor after about roughly 20 minutes (give or take 5 minutes) of rehashing the entirety of what has happened so far.  The call ended after almost 40 minutes (keep in mind that roughly 7 minutes was waiting on hold when I first called them) after getting en email confirmation that I would be getting refund due to the seller not responding:

PayPal claim final

PayPal claim history

I had to go out for a while, so I didn't get a chance to check my bank account or eBay account to see how things had changed, so I went back to my eBay history after I had gotten back several hours later & found that the item that PayPal had found in my favor & issued a refund had been moved to Unpaid items...  I've seen this happen before when refunds were issued on returned/defective items (although most cases they just disappear from my account history), but I wanted to make sure my account wasn't going to get flagged reversing the charge through a PayPal claim:

2 things to note in this screenshot, first is the See cancel details button.  This button is here because I originally attempted to cancel the order, however the seller (whitelight2016 this time) chose to ignore the cancellation request & mark it as shipped anyways (note that the tracking information shows it wasn't actually shipped until after I opened the claim with PayPal.  The second thing to notice the the fact that I have the URL to this page in the comments, which was done primarily for the convenience of eBay so they could use the evidence provided in this article when they conduct their investigation against this multi-account seller; this detail in particular was added before I even dialed eBay to discuss why this item had been moved to Unpaid items.

eBay explained to me that I could ignore the item seeing as it was already resolved with PayPal, which means it was also resolved with eBay, therefore nothing further was necessary.  I pointed out the comment I added to this item on my account & asked if she could see the comment, she stated that she could & I pointed out that I added that specifically so they could find the article rather than having to try & find it through search engines.  I went into further detail that I believe the seller has multiple accounts, expecting over 15, I personally remember about 7 that I had purchased from & that I would be listing all account I could find for this seller at the bottom of the article once I had located them in my PayPal transaction history.

On 4/25/2019, I spent some time going through my PayPal history to see if I could locate any other accounts outside of the 3 I purchased from in the last 3 months, I couldn't find any with those particular details, so I would expect the 7 accounts that I was thinking of may have just been multiple purchases from those accounts in the past.  I did however find one account that had very similar details, with only minor variations, this was the account of cbenken2012 (a purchase back on 10/21/2017).  When you look at the details on PayPal, there are only very minor differences & after looking at the negative feedback on that accounts profile page, I think there is a very high probability that is this also one his account:

Conclusion is while I can't specifically pin cbenken2012 as being another account of this same seller, perhaps eBay can use this information to determine if it is in fact another account of his.

At this point it's been determined that I will be leaving negative feedback on the account of whitelight2016 as well, however I'm first waiting to see the refund at least as pending in my bank account before I do (not to mention I don't intend on making any more purchases from eBay until I see that as at least pending in my bank).  Once everything appears to be squared off, I'll start making other purchases (we still need to get this PSP repaired by ordering another screen & battery, however the screen will be from a US seller this time to avoid hitting another one of this sellers accounts).  I do unfortunately expect that we will run into more of this sellers accounts & it will just be another account to add to our blacklist on sellers I won't be making any further purchases from.  Confirmed accounts to be of this sellers include:


List updated 4/29/2019

UPDATE:  The following negative feedback was left on whitelight2016's profile on 4/26/2019:

UPDATE:  On 4/29/2019, I notice a checkmark on the insert I left in the mailbox next to the second tracking number:

This was basically my mailman telling me that the package was received, rejected & sent back to the seller, so the seller can't turn around & say I got the item after getting the refund, I did everything necessary to make sure that he's be getting the item back after the claim & refund were processed (even before the refund was processed), this insert I took a photo of before removing it is evidence that it was returned rather than being delivered & officially rejected on my end for choosing to ignore the cancellation request.


UPDATE:  After getting into a verbal altercation with the individual that was having me order these parts to get the PSP repaired, we ordered some more parts & run into yet ANOTHER of this bastard's accounts, this one stated that the item was being shipped from the US.

I did point out that the profile for qpamzyti-0 stated it was in China, my buddy told me to put it through anyways & when I found it was the same seller as the last 2 accounts, I lost it & started swearing up a storm while still on the phone with him.  This friend begged me to let it go through anyways, seeing as the repair on this PSP has already had 3 months wasted because of this same lowlife seller playing games over multiple accounts & dancing around both eBay & PayPal Terms of Service, as well as trying to leverage negative feedback over multiple accounts.  While I agreed I would let it go through (him stating we could file another complaint due to the fact that we are paying extra to receive it quicker & it being falsely listed as a US listing), I did put in a request to cancel the order after the order was placed & I verified it was the same guy through the PayPal purchase information.

This is the history of this item on how much it cost per order (showing increases every time it was ordered from a new account):

Date Account Cost
2/27/2019 flowersbud $03.92
4/09/2019 whitelight2016 $10.09
4/29/2019 qpamzyti-0 $12.05

The expectation is that like his other accounts, he's probably going to ignore the request to cancel & mark it as sent anyways (unlikely to actually be sent, as was the case with the first attempt to purchase the item, as well as with the last account until after a PayPal claim was opened), so it probably won't matter either way, it will still be marked as shipped & he'll get yet another strike on the plethora of accounts for ignoring attempts to cancel orders (not to mention this one is fraudulently listed as a US purchase, he's in China).  Taking it a step further, his accounts are already being investigated for violation of ToS; imagine what's going to happen if he does it again while he's already under the radar of both eBay & PayPal (I'm sure PayPal has already gotten a ping on this purchase, going to the same buyer that recently opened a claim against him & informed them about all this multi-account scamming he's pulling).

Seeing as it's expected the seller is going to ignore the cancellation request again, I won't be supplying a screenshot of the times on the emails as of yet, but the timing of the emails are going to show that the cancellation attempt was put in 5 minutes after the order was placed.  What I will supply at this point was the contact I made to my buddy that is attempting to repair the PSP (not really possible when we keep running into lowlife scum like this overseas seller) over Facebook:

I decided to contact eBay again to see if I could get the ordered canceled through them rather than attempting to get the seller to do it.  They couldn't do it, but I went over all the details again about this order & all the other problems I've had with the same seller.  It's been stated before that if the seller ignores the cancellation request, that he'll get a strike on his account for doing so; this same thing was stated here.  The other thing I brought up when they stated something about violation of policy was the fact that this item was fraudulently listed as a US purchase, where it's not, the little bastard is located in China, so he's fully aware he's breaking ToS with this one, but that didn't stop him from doing it.  At the very least, I requested that the eBay representative make a note that it was likely the ignore the request to cancel as stated by the buyer when they called in, they said something to that degree, but didn't state that the note said anything about past orders, so we'll just have to see where it goes from here.  I've considered going off at the seller before he marks the item as shipped & pointing out that if he doesn't cancel the order, he WILL be getting negative feedback again (the fact that he's gotten negative feedback from me on both of these purchases over 2 different accounts already might be enough to get him to cancel it, he actually has a chance to cancel it here with the request open that he won't get penalized over it, however with the fraudulent listing of being a US purchase, that's enough to say that he's going to get penalized regardless), but I probably won't be doing that until I get to a 4th order (hopefully it don't get that far, but I have little hope that this PSP is ever going to fully repair with this little shit still pulling the same stunts).  They stated that by the forth day if the seller hadn't responded to the cancellation request (which I don't expect it to get that far, the seller will mark it as shipped, even if that's not the case), to contact them again & they will step in to issue a refund.  I explained that the guy that is attempting to repair the PSP begged me to let the order go through & that I would only be contacting eBay back if I saw that the shipping information hadn't updated after a week (meaning he probably didn't actually send it, but I wouldn't be surprised at this point if the seller doesn't even provide a shipping number, meaning we'll be waiting until the last day of the shipping period before we can file a claim).

UPDATE:  As was to be expected, this sorry sack of shit did exactly what was expected of him & ignored the cancellation request yet again, marking the item as shipped:

As stated before, the timestamps on the emails show that the order was placed at 5:11 PM, attempted to cancel at 5:16 PM (5 minutes later, after having a swearing fit that they same little fuck go yet another order & the price of the same item inflated yet again, this time over 4 times the original price), the order being marked as shipped at 2:37 PM on 4/30/2019:

Looking at the tracking information, you can see that the item was actually given to the carrier this time, however notice the times on the tracking updates:

Breaking this down step for step:

One thing to note about this is it appears the item actually was in the US when the order was placed, yet his profile stated that he's in China & the last 2 items ordered still came from China (one did anyways, the first one never got shipped).  This means that this individual must have somebody else in the US that is holding items & shipping them for him.

The item is still pending acceptance according to the tracking information, but shows that the item must have already been in the US for it to get to USPS so quickly, so while the statement of being shipped from the US may not have been incorrect, it's still accurate that the seller is overseas & based on PayPal transaction information, the same seller as the last to accounts that I ordered from.  Fact remains is I'm not going to accept the fact that we had to pay over 4 times more on this item & he's wasted over 3 months of our time trying to get the PSP repaired, so he's still going to get negative feedback on this account (along with his other 2) regardless (unless he'll accept refunding the difference, which I'm already certain he won't, so the feedback can stagnate on his profile for a year & this article can stay here until we're not longer alive to pay the fees to keep it up).

UPDATE:  As I was going over details regarding recent purchases, I found that the power adapter I have for the PSP that was apparently DoA (dead on arrival) apparently was sold through the account of flowersblossoms, not noticed until I got a battery so I could start charging it (from another seller of course) & too late to file a claim, so this seller has attempted to screw us over all 4 accounts, this one he actually succeeded in because the defect wasn't noticed until after the period for feedback had already expired.  He got his laugh on the PSP adapter, however I'm keeping close watch on the other purchases.

As of yet, the most recent purchase from the account of qpamzyti-0 is still sitting in the same status (now 5/2/2019) & hasn't updated on USPS yet, I will be filing a claim on the 7th if it still hasn't left California by that day.  The estimated delivery date given by eBay is May 2nd to May 10th, I'll be filing for a full return if not here by the 11th.

UPDATE:  The item ended up getting accepted by California USPS the day after I updated this page; I've run into this particular situation before with eBay sellers, where it can be stalled in the post office & it doesn't actually get shipped until you contact the seller, where they have to contact the post office to find out what the hold up is.  It's expected the seller in this case probably did something to make sure it didn't get past that point, while unproven, it seems like too much of a coincedence that it would be stalled for 3 days (not even over a weekend), then get shipped the very next day after a review of the bugger ended up getting updated...

The item was received on 5/6/2019 & as was to be expected (after attempting to install it), it was defective.  A claim for a refund was quickly opened within a half-hour of trying to get the new screen to work (even going as far as to putting the old cracked screen back into it to make sure the board didn't get fried while we were attempting to install the new screen), it was getting any power...

I got a response to the claim from the seller giving the same copy & paste bullshit I've received from oversees sellers in the past (this is at least the second time I've gotten a response on a refund claim & the wording makes it clear that the seller can barely speak English (probably using a translator), which puts in question why he has items listed as US purchases (it may have been in the US when I ordered it, it wouldn't have gotten here this fast if not, but receiving it on time doesn't mean anything if it's DOA):

Just seeing this conman claiming to be "responsible" makes me ill...  I'm considering not even responding to this reply, I think the seller could stand to get a taste of his own medicine by having the refund processed & not receiving a personal reply, but I don't know if not replying would hurt my chances in getting the refund, so at the very least, I would have to make another call to eBay to go over the details of the return (including going over the history of the other accounts regarding this same item once again).  At the very least, I needed to get this article update (once again) before I decided to make either contact, it's likely going to be needed as evidence regarding this overseas multi-account con artist, seeing as there is already an investigation open against all his linked accounts (expecting the seller doesn't realize that eBay can determine that at least to some degree; I expect there are others that are also this same poor-excuse of a seller, but as of yet, I've only been able to link these 4 through the PayPal transactions).  What I do know is if I do decide to respond to this poor-excuse of a seller, I'm not going to hold anything back & I'll put all the details out there, including this article & all the complaints that have already been filed to eBay and PayPal throughout this situation.

Back to the PSP we were attempting to repair, we've given up on going this route, seeing as every attempt we make to get this item results in it being yet ANOTHER one of this lowlife's accounts, with the same exact problems (doesn't ship item, ignores cancellation requests, sends defective items, gives us the runaround when we attempt to get a refund, inflating the price with each new purchase).  That PSP has now been discarded & it's been determined the only way we are going to get a working PSP out of this is to purchase another used PSP without a screen problem.  This runaround with this asshole has resulted in the loss of money on additional purchases that can't even be used anymore because that PSP has been trashed; these items include:

The reason why it was determined why repairing the PSP is no longer worth the effort is a number of factors:

Bottom line is we won't be ordering replacement parts for this PSP anymore (it's already been scrapped) & it's highly unlike this particular item will ever be ordered again (at least not on eBay).  Furthermore, this is likely going to cease all further overseas purchased because it's shown the listings can't be trusted (this was a US listing for an individual in China, something I noticed before, but the guy repairing the PSP decided to chance it, only getting the result I warned him that was probably going to happen if we did actually get it).  Taking it a step further, it's sellers like this that gives odds that most sellers I purchase from are going to have the same manipulative methods as I ran into here for over 2 months, meaning I'd sooner just close my eBay account & be done with it...  I haven't fully decided to close my eBay account just yet, about the only reason I kept it open was for purchases over Half.com (run by eBay), the eBay account itself has been used more as a middleman account for purchases for a friend (which results in articles like being written when things go south, he seems to have a knack for picking sellers that choose to abuse the Acceptable Use Policy as well), where I've become more of an Amazon buyer over the past few years.  I'm expecting I will be closing my eBay account within the next couple years (likely much sooner), I'm getting tired of the same old hassle of people that feel they can manipulate the ToS agreement that they agreed to when they opened an account account (not to mention MANY accounts like this lowlife), but even if I do, that doesn't mean these buyer beware articles are going to be disappearing any time soon...

UPDATE:  On 5/8/2019, I decided to reply to seller to see if I could get a refund without having to bother with sending the defective screen back, perhaps one of the bluntest responses I've made to any seller in my 2 decades of owning my eBay account & am expecting retaliation from the seller, however that's only going to further prove this individuals personality & I have no problem with reversing the charge with my bank if I need to take that route (I'm about done with eBay as it is, been considering closing my account for several years anyways).  Because eBay tends to merge replies in the resolution center, I am instead going to copy the statement from my word processor (typed into it for spell checking before copying it over to the reply field on eBay) so it preserves formatting (rather than giving a screenshot this time):

We just need a refund for the defect at this point & we won't be ordering this item again. It's been determined that after 69 wasted days (plus 2 more, 71 from Feb. 27th to now), 4 accounts, 1 no-ship, 2 cancellation attempts being ignored, 1 USPS rejection of the item being shipped, 2 defective items being received (all from eBay accounts that have your same PayPal transaction information), 3 claims being filed & probably around 20 calls to both eBay and PayPal between that time, that any additional attempts to get a working screen replacement would just result in another order from one of your accounts & further problems (all of this information has been documented online & provided to eBay via URL via comments on the last 2 orders of this screen on my eBay account as evidence of the matter, as well as mentioned to both eBay & PayPal numerous times in the calls that have been made within this time).

The PSP we were attempting to repair has been scrapped, the defective screen we received on May 6th can be returned if necessary, however our next purchase will be another local purchase of a used PSP that does not have a broken screen.

We're done playing games here, trying to repair this PSP is not going to eat up any more of our time, all 4 of the accounts determined to be yours have been blacklisted & we won't be making another purchase from them again (a very good chance I will be closing my eBay account in the near future as well & this has already been brought up with eBay and PayPal at least a few times over those calls; the loss of time put into this repair alone may not be worth keeping it open anymore).

Also I'm certain this isn't the first time you've used that excuse, I've heard the "this is the first time I've heard this" statement at least a couple times in the past from overseas sellers & the negative feedback on those 4 profiles would show I'm not the first to receive this type of treatment either. Do me a favor & block purchases from my account on ALL your seller accounts so I can no longer accidentally purchase from one of them again, seeing as cancellation requests do no good when you are the owner of them...

As stated before, I'm expecting retaliation, although to be completely honest, it's more likely the seller will completely ignore it until eBay forces the refund; that is if eBay doesn't decide to find the claim in his favor because of the bluntness of the reply, however as stated before, I'm perfectly fine with getting the money back through a reversal with my bank, having my eBay account terminated for going through my bank would just be the push I need to finally close my account & be done with them...

UPDATE:  Got a response from the seller & ironically, it's the SAME EXACT RESPONSE as with the account of flowersbud:

Well like before, I'm not willing to agree to those terms, meaning I'll need to make a call to eBay again (once again pointing out that the seller appears to be holding the "no negative feedback" clause over my head to get the refund, which got an interesting response from eBay last time I pointed that out, as well as when I pointed it out to PayPal on the second order.  I'll get the refund one way or another & once they see the reply that was made to the seller (as well as I'm going to point out that the response from the seller was the exact same one as left on the first purchase, the one that never got shipped), this is going to make for an interesting development on what's going to happen to his plethora of accounts currently open on eBay.  At this point I'll be waiting until the 10th, then giving eBay another call (seeing as this is the date that is currently stated on the open claim that I can request them to step in, however when you get right down to it, if I point out what has happened over the other 2 accounts & point out that there is a comment on the item already that they can get the evidence of this entire debacle, showing that the response on this return was worded exactly the same as with the first order, I may not have to wait that long, I could probably get it taken care of right now (provided their phone support is still open).

UPDATE:  I made another call to eBay on 5/10/2019 because the seller was still waiting for a response about not leaving negative feedback, stated that I wasn't willing to agree to those terms & that he would be getting negative feedback because this was the second time he's ignored cancellation attempts.  They stated they were going to elevate that claim & tell the seller he had 5 days to either issue a return label or a refund, the refund was issued the same day (roughly 8 hours later).

On 5/13/2019, I left the following feedback on the seller's profile showing my disgust with his manipulative & deceiving ways over multiple accounts:

Last updated 5/14/2019

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