The King of Fighters XIII
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Game apparently won't run from larger drives (apparently you get a message when you start it up that says the save was corrupt even if it's your first time running it, then goes to a loading screen after you tell it to overwrite the save where it never gets beyond that point), which effectively places this game in my defective games list. SNK claims that if placed on a smaller drive (such as a USB or camera card), that it should run properly (this doesn't count as proper from my viewpoint however & is unacceptable that I can't run it from a normal 4 TB SATA HDD; external drives are going to have a slower transfer rate & won't likely be sufficient for running games from if it's loading data while in game unless you enjoy stuttering in your game & that's not a good thing in an action game). At this point I am boycotting any further SNK purchases until they fix the issue.

EDIT: So I found a fix to the issue where the game would not run from a drive larger than 2 TBs & the simple fix as apposed to doing a legit repartition of your drive is to create a virtual drive under 2 TBs to install the game to. The downside to this method is you need to manually mount the drive every time you start your computer (I haven't found a way to make it auto-mount on startup yet) before starting up Steam, otherwise you'll need to restart Steam after mounting the virtual drive before Steam can find it. Considering I haven't actually played it yet, my opinion towards the game is currently neutral (however I'm leaving the review as I wouldn't recommend it because of the problem that requires a makeshift resolution like I have just stated where it should just work regardless of the drive size); I will update it later when I've had time to actually play it...

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