Orcs Must Die! 2 Review
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Orcs Must Die! makes it's return & has some new tricks up it's sleeve.  The hero from the first adventure has to team up with an old enemy for an uneasy truce to fight back the endless horde of enemies. 

The game now has co-op mode where the original lacked multiplayer of any kind. This yields some new pros & new cons. The plus side is that the game is much more fun being able to play with a friend, but that's about where the multiplayer perks end. OMD2 is designed mainly for two people to play at once & with the lack of a server browser, game lobby or matchmaking system of any kind, the only way to get people to join you is through friend invites. For somebody who has very few friends that actually play the game, it's unlikely that they'll be able to get somebody to game with & therefore be able to progress through the game.

The traps & weapons have been hugely overhauled with a good number of additional traps & weapons being added. Trinkets have also been added in the sequel making things more interesting. Equipment can still be gained by playing through the storyline, but a large number of your equipment must be purchased using skulls gained through the game. OMD2 also allows for a wider range of upgrades to your equipment, so you get a choice what bonuses you would like your traps, weapons & trinkets have & how powerful they are.

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