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Fortnite (Save the World mode) is a multiplayer fort defense game designed by Epic Games where players play cooperative with each other to take down zombie-like AI enemies in various types of missions, most of which have an objective you need to defend, which can either be full-frontal assault by your character or by using traps applied to your defensive structures.  There are currently 4 regions to go through & it takes a LONG time to get through the areas, running numerous missions before you can proceed.  Every player has a skill tree, which they can spend skill points by raising your Commander level (done by gaining Commander XP from running missions, provided the mission is gray on the map).  Aside from skill points, Commander level & Commander XP, there is also an advanced leveling system for Schematics (Weapons & Traps), Heroes, Survivors (your primarily method of raising your Homebase level) & Defenders (a special type of AI defender, mainly used when you are lacking a full team of actual players).  Weapons consist not only of various types of guns, but the game also contains a plethora of melee weapons for those who like to get up close & very personal.


Neutral: (positive or negative, depending on the viewpoint of the player)

Cons:  (anything in green is multiplayer related)

NOTE:  I know there are some details I am leaving out of this review, I will have to add them later when I remember what those details are...

Personal opinion

In my opinion, the game is fun (that is when I can get into a team, soloing missions is usually not fun, but now preferable in lower-level V-Buck missions as there are always leechers in these), but not really worth the $40 price tag...  The Twitch dailies offered early in it's development was one function that kept making sure I would play the game at least once a day (unless something came up that prevented me from doing so), but since those dailies broke, I've lost a good portion of the interest I once had in the game, which lowered the frequency I actually played the game from every day to every 1-3 days (when standard dailies filled up), unless there were V-Buck missions available.  Of course the Event Store got added to the game later, which breathed new life into the game & gave me some interest in playing it fairly normally, if only to farm event gold to purchase from the event store (just not as high a priority as it was when Twitch dailies were still around).  I still regret the purchase of the game due to it having microtransactions & P2W mechanics & don't really care about the PvP version (Battle Royale), not to mention the constant scamming in Global trade & the game getting near impossible to get a team together due to name-shaming circle-jerk blocking, I won't be surprised if I eventually drop this game & my experience of the game making it the last game I ever purchase from Epic Games...

UPDATE:  Unfortunately with the degradation of the game, lack of interest to add new content & most events now revolving around the Ventures mode (a BR-hybrid mode that doesn't allow you to craft weapons and focuses on gun-buying mechanics taken from BR, but still allows you to craft traps), I have lost the majority of my interest in continuing to play the game & the only thing that really gets me into it is functions that reward V-Bucks.  Of course with the lack of new content, I now have too many V-Bucks & nothing decent in the Llama Store to purchase, so even V-Buck rewards have lost their appeal to get me into the game & acquisition of them (even through dailies) are a lower priority on my daily schedule (sometimes fully avoiding the game because I either have higher interest in something else or just don't feel like messing with Fortnite even when V-Buck missions are available or I'm full on dailies).  My current standpoint is that the Save the World mode is not longer putting money into, seeing as BR is currently the development standpoint & it's only going to be a matter of time before StW gets killed off, so my recommendation is that if you don't already own StW, best to avoid it...

Review last updated 10/8/2021

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