Fieldrunners 2
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If I were going to sum up this game in one word, I would have to use the word "disappointing".

For starters, the slow tower bug that I reported in the original game is still around. I assumed that after the developers even confirmed the bug that it would at least be fixed in the sequel, which is not the case.

Secondly, the sequel plays more like a traditional Tower Defense & the game has veered away from the original path of allowing users to path/maze their towers. While there are still some maps that allow this, it appears the majority of the maps have turned towards traditional TD gameplay. The ability to maze your towers was what attracted to me to the original game, which has been hugely downsized in this version.

On the plus side, the issue with stuttering is no longer around in the sequel & many of our suggestions for the original game were heard & used in the sequel. The ability to choose your towers on each map (one of my suggestions) as well as the addition of single-use items has been an improvement over the original game, but the requirements to gain each tower are very steep & you'll be playing for an extremely long time before you can afford them. Not to mention if you're using a lot of items, you end up spending a lot of coins for those items & may never reach your goal of that new tower. The ability to gain free coins through Facebook & Twitter was a nice touch, but unfortunately not all of us can take advantage of these (I don't use Twitter & don't use Facebook much as it is).

While I can't say that my disappointment with the game will keep me from playing it, I can say that I don't enjoy the game as much as the original. Sure it's more interesting, but very time consuming & the lack of what got me interested in the original game (or at least the extreme downsize of it) just doesn't catch my fancy as much as the first game.

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