Double Dragon: Neon
PC/Steam Review

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This game really brings me back to my childhood. First level is basically a recreation of the first level in the original Double Dragon. The original theme music has been remastered, even adding a guitar solo in it. You can customize your moves & even upgrade them if you find tapes to do it & mythril to upgrade those moves. The graphics are EXCELLENT in comparison to the old 8-bit graphics you used to have on old console systems, even better than the 16-bit graphics on SNES; they are cell-shaded however, which I was never a fan of, but I think they did well with them in this game. This is not the same game that you would have played during your childhood however, there is plenty of suggestive content that you may not what your children playing this game.

The game has been turned into a bit of a spoof if you consider the original developers had this game as a no nonsense beatdown:

There are a few things that just puts me off on the game & I can't really say I expect they'll be fixed:

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