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It has already been stated that the South 67 Condos will gag you through legal threats (via Property Management Systems Inc., the company responsible for the management of these condos) & I always wondered why I couldn't find other negative reviews about the condos (I doubt they would be able to get all individuals to back down from those threats, seeing as reviews are freedom of speech & any case taken to court would be thrown out if proof what was stated in those reviews could be proven, one of the reasons I have over a terabyte of data on my computer & backups regarding various situations such as this), it seems the answer to that is that online reviews of the company that they don't like & they know they can not win get hit with de-indexing orders (likely through legal threats/orders being sent to the search engines) to have those reviews de-indexed from search engines.  Since the republication of the original review early 2017, the number of indexed pages have taken a SEVERE drop as a result of actions taken by the management of these condos; for statistics, I am going to refer to the graph on my Google Webmaster account:

This is supposed to be an interactive graph, showing a number & date as you mouse over it, something I don't have the ability to publish, so I will be including a chart of each week to show index changes per week (where a change has happened):

Date Indexed
12/25/16 327
01/01/17 326
01/08/17 309
01/15/17 25
01/22/17 22
01/29/17 20
02/19/17 19
04/02/17 18
04/30/17 17
05/07/17 14
06/04/17 9
06/11/17 5
07/02/17 8
07/09/17 13
07/16/17 14
08/27/17 13
10/15/17 12
11/05/17 11
11/19/17 4
11/26/17 5
12/24/17 306
12/31/17 297
01/07/18 267

I don't know just how accurate these results are, it does seem there is a larger number in the search engines when I do indexing checks, but this is one of the reasons why I started working on a sitemap, this will also include details about what pages are indexed & what aren't.  While I don't expect these condos are the only one conducting these cyber attacks (it is highly possible that big name companies are also doing this in retaliation to negative reviews, such as 2K, Blizzard, Electronic Arts & Namco/Bandai), it shows just how destructive it can be to web reputation & making a website nearly nonexistent due to the opinions of companies with high opinions about themselves that feel your right of freedom of speech (such as reviews) can be taken away through threats & cyber attacks.  Before I get down to what this actually causes, I'm going to note it's not just negative reviews that are getting hit on this site, a number of the MOD download pages & game patch pages have also been de-indexed (most, actually), so it appears to be an attempt of full site de-indexing.

These attacks result in 2 different things:

You may have noticed in the charts above, there were times that the indexed pages rose, this would be around the time I was making re-indexing updates, which for the most part may have gotten them temporarily re-indexed, but that success of those attempt was short-lived, as they got de-indexed again shortly after being re-indexed.

The destructive nature of these attacks shows why some sites never succeed & result in an inevitable shutdown, which is why I expect this follow-up review (in response to the original one being de-indexed due to these attacks) will also be quickly removed & the result of that will be leaving a negative review on the PMS BBB page (because the South 67 Condos HOA unfortunately don't have their own BBB page, something I did request the BBB to have created, but they stated to go through he management page instead), which I am fully expecting retaliation to should it get that far, likely in the form of a lawsuit, one I intend on fighting with a countersuit using the backed up evidence that I have (including the voice logs of the calls received by property manager Charles Blackwood; of course should that case be lost, what happens after that will likely be all over the news with their name on it).

In cases where you expect information will be pulled from search engines due to cyber attacks such as this, I am going to suggest uncensored search engines such as DuckDuckGo (over more well-known search engines, such as Bing, Google & Yahoo) to find what you expect companies do not want you to see (normally in the form of negative reviews).

UPDATE:  As expected, this follow-up review was de-indexed in under 24 hours (more like under 6 hours).  Now it's time to start writing reviews on other sites, the BBB review will likely be censored, so I expect I will be publishing another uncensored review to this site short after it hits the public (that will likely happen regardless of whether it's censored or not).  I think it might be time I write a review regarding de-indexing on search engines as well.

UPDATE:  On 1/14/2018, I got word that the South 67 Condos management (Property Management Systems) had apparently contacted my father, for what seems to be in retaliation to the BBB review getting published to the PMS BBB page (which was stated to me was the correct method in writing a review or filing a complaint when I requested a BBB page be created for the South 67 Condos), something my father had apparently been attempting to keep from me, but the day before it seems my father slipped up & gave out a vague detail that took me about 18 hours to figure out where the comment came from (plus some online research to confirm my suspicions).  After the update to the PMS BBB review (repost of the same review submitted to the BBB, as I was expecting they might be able to deter the BBB from getting it published & it was expected to censored anyways) on this site was published, it was resubmitted to search engines & I verified that it was in search engines before I went to bed, but found in a matter of hours, the BBB review of PMS (or more accurately, the South 67 Condos) on this site had once again been de-indexed.  Originally I considered writing this update to that review, but decided I would instead write the review to a review that is still indexed by Google (not to mention this same subject is the reason why this review was written in the first place).  I am expecting further retaliation & more de-indexing of articles, reviews & logs regarding this matter, which has already been proven as using the search term site:wondergamer.net "south 67 condos" shows that what was well over 10 pages of results (after I resubmitted the online directory containing the DOC backups of posts made on Facebook around the time that this problem was happening) is currently down to a mere 4 pages (indexed pages has dropped from 306 to 267 in a matter of 2 weeks, see above chart for further details).

At this point I am going to publish an updated charge for the last year taken from Google Webmaster tools to show what has happened since the logging on this site was resubmitted to search engines & how it's continued to drop every week since that action was taken:

This rewritten chart will pick up with statistics from the previous chart above:

Date Indexed
12/24/17 306
12/31/17 297
01/07/18 267

One other thing I've noticed is that it appears PMS has taken down their Facebook page (still linked on their site, but I get this error if I attempt to access it, even with a different account than my standard one).  It's expected they figured I would give the company Facebook page a negative review, which actually was my intention (if only rating it at 1 star) when I attempted to access it while writing the update to this review (which technically should be on the BBB PMS review, however I'll add it later, as I expect I'm going to have to update it again in the future).  At first this was expected to be a block, however I got the same thing on a new testing account I created, which has be believing it's been either removed or just highly restricted (Facebook doesn't exactly make determining whether a page has been removed or you've just been restricted from viewing it easy, although it is possible when it comes individuals).

UPDATE:  Google introduced a new tracking system for indexed pages late January of 2018, when I looked at it, this actually gives indication of pages that are purposely not included in indexing results (many times with a reason, but a lot of times still keeps webmasters guessing).  One major thing I noticed was that the majority of pages that were purposely not indexed were related to the Facebook logging archives regarding the pollution problems at the South 67 Condos (done pretty well daily & are currently spread around the web in various places, both for public display regarding those problems & backups should they be needed in court).

The biggest change happened between 1/1/2018 & 1/2/2018, where valid pages were at 297 & excluded pages at 37, changing over to valid being 64 & excluded being 270:

The real kicker however is not the graph, but the actual links that are purposely not getting indexed.  At this point I am going to share the statistics from this panel publicly so people can get a live reading of pages that are falling into this category, which currently only shows that 1 out of 252 pages in this category is not related to the logging of these pollution problems.  Of course I don't think these statistics are completely accurate (some pages seem to be indexed that are stated they aren't & some aren't that state they are), but it's enough to show that this de-indexing is for the most part targeting the details regarding the indoor pollution problem at these condos & I can only see one reason why that would be, the South 67 Condos are doing what they can to make sure the information is not easily found in search engines.

UPDATE:  The search results regarding this matter became invalid sometime after the search results were shared publicly, likely because they realized the statistics were being used to show their actions to make the reviews regarding the corruption with these condos was being used again them.  Most of these pages have since been re-indexed (although in all reality, they never were a priority given the fact they are duplicated on an alternative blog, but the logs were here originally), further details about what is still de-indexed can be found on the public sitemap (still WIP).  I am going to have to point out that the BBB review currently is not indexed, these results have been updated on the public sitemap.

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