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I really can't say I would recommend this game. The biggest issue I take with the game is the fact that the majority of the equipment you can purchase in the game (guns, cars, etc.) are time-based/temporary if you purchase with in-game currency. If you want to keep the weapon for good, you have to purchase it with real money (which defeats the purpose of this game being F2P).

To make matters worse, I would run into griefers/hackers every day & decided the game just wasn't worth it after a short amount of time playing it. I came back to it a few times trying to look past the obviously flaws, but just didn't keep my interest & I decided I was done with it.

If you don't mind micro-transactions, griefers & hackers, then this game may be acceptable to you, but I for one don't have a place for it in my gaming library anymore...

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