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Bandai/Namco apparently does not believe in freedom of speech when it comes to reviews of their products & I personally have gotten hit with retaliation to my (mostly negative) Dragon Ball XenoVerse review not once, but twice through copyright complaints against my YouTube channel based on a link to the review I was putting in the description of the stream page; the second time there wasn't even an active stream on the channel.  The first time a complaint was issued, the violation was reversed after a YouTube appeal was filed, however the second appeal didn't have the luck that the first one did & I ended up having to go through the BBB in hopes of getting it reversed.  Up until 10/9/2016, the reason for those complaints was undetermined, but it became painfully obvious when I looked at my Live Streaming Event page on YouTube & noticed the video was flagged with a copyright complaint, where there wasn't actually any live stream going (meaning there was no video to begin with), so they filed the complaint on the link to the review alone & the email that was issued by YouTube about a deleted video was inaccurate.

It is for this reason I've decided that being a customer of Bandai/Namco is no longer worth the trouble & won't be purchasing from them anymore; my Dragon Ball XenoVerse friends on PSN have been trying to get me amped up to get the sequel, but I can say that won't be happening even on the PC at this point unless it's gifted to me or if Bandai/Namco provides me with a public apology (which I'm certain neither will happen).  Furthermore I'm getting the word out to the public so they are aware of this & can determine whether they also choose to continue being a customer of a spiteful company that will retaliate to negative reviews of their products through manipulation of legal technicalities.  While this may not effect the games I already own (with the exception of new DLC that I may not own for those games), no further products will be purchased from them using my own money & this boycott isn't focused on just video games, but anything with the Bandai/Namco logo on it or is a part of a Bandai/Namco franchise; the includes video games, toys, candy, drinks, videos, movies, any product that has a Namco/Bandai character on it even if it's not their product (such as promotional endorsements) & so on.

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