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Fortnite V-Bucks BR lock boycott

This boycott was started after a change in Fortnite that locked V-Bucks to the BR (Battle Royale) mode & store.  Unfortunately in my case (and I expect many other players that only played StW), I lost over 37,100 V-Bucks to the BR mode & the 4 to 5 years of my life that I spent collecting them for use in StW (Save the World) mode.  Additionally, this change removed micro-transaction functions from StW, which included purchasing of Loot Llamas (now using X-Ray tickets, which are gained through completing V-Buck missions & dailies in StW), as well as the de-slotting of items in your Collection Book (which now cost flux, which has to be purchased from the event shop using gold, gold you get from completing missions in StW).

A support ticket was created with Epic Games in an attempt to get the V-Bucks back in the mode they were collected for, requesting a conversion of 37,000 V-Bucks for X-Ray tickets, a request they rejected twice.  At the end of the support ticket, I made it clear that they had lost a customer for their platform, I could not continue to support a game or company that had stolen 4 to 5 years of my life from me in a single patch (collection of V-Bucks being the primary reason I continued playing the game after Twitch dailies were broken early in the first year of StW playability) & I would be unwilling to continue supporting other channels (on Twitch or YouTube) that continued to stream or support games exclusive to their platform (at least while they were streaming them).

This boycott includes 7 major points:

This boycott may end if changes are made that allow us to gain back usage of our V-Bucks in the StW mode (even if that means an option to purchase X-Ray tickets with V-Bucks), but in the meantime, I personally will not be having anything to do with Epic Games, any other channels that focus primarily on their content or any other games that were developed using their engine.

Updated 4/7/2022

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