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The Epic Games launcher update on 10/28/2020 resulted in a number of PC users not being able to connect to servers after restarting the launcher.  Because of this & spending several hours trying to get back into my account, all attempts being in vain, I determined it was time to put the previously ended boycott against Epic Games back into effect, thus this publications being published as a result of the technical issues caused on their end (as for whether it's caused by the update or not, that's undetermined, but it was not a problem until after the launcher update.

A number of things were attempted to fix this:

In the case of the last 2, the launcher would restart & would be unable to connect to their servers to complete the installation (update) of the launcher.

I happened to have an extremely old version of the installation backed up on my computer, v7.16.0 (according to MSI name) originally downloaded on 10/17/2018 (expected to be downloaded around the last time I ran into an issue where I was unable to get into Fortnite because of the FortniteLauncher.exe executable crashing immediately after clicking on Launch).  After uninstalling the launcher I attempted to install with the newly downloaded installer from their site, I attempted to reinstall using the old installer from 2 years ago.  This installer was at least able to connect to servers to download 2 sets of updates, but when I attempted to log back in, it once again ran into the same problem with connection errors that I was having from the first attempt of logging back in today 7 hours prior to trying to troubleshoot the issue.

The boycott from before that was previously ended was still in our databases, so we started re-writing it for publication against this new issue which literally started happening 2 years (to the date) from the last issue (which was a problem when the Rat King assault rifle was in the event store, the inability to start Fortnite causing us that was having the issue to not be able to acquire it while it was in the store, but some of still being lucky enough to acquire it during the birthday event), we started re-writing the boycott publication before attempting the last step of reinstalling the launcher from a very old, backed up installer.  When it became clear that even this unorthodox step would not resolve the issue, we knew it was time to get another boycott started against Epic Games.

This boycott is a no-purchase boycott & includes the following restrictions:

As for whether you already own games on other platforms, in physical form or are still able to actually log into the Epic Games launcher on a PC, these are not included & not restricted from being played, as well as products previously purchased are not restricted from being used, but positive advertisement of Epic Games products will NOT be done, only details of the technical issues that prevents you from accessing your legally purchased products may be disclosed.

It is possible that this could be resolved at a later date through a new installer, but considering the Epic Games launcher as it is currently is unable to connect to their servers, it is unlikely to auto-update & will be required to be uninstalled & reinstalled, meaning you may need to entirely redownload all games that were previously downloaded also.  If the issue does get resolved in the future, the boycott could again be lifted, but as it is now, it's also been determined that some of us will be disabling auto-host functions on our Twitch channels & making sure that games exclusive to the Epic Games launcher, as well as Epic Games versions will NOT be getting supported, this includes manual hosts, subscriptions, cheers & additional follows will not be happening while this technical issues prevents people from being able to access what they have legally purchased.

UPDATE:  Later in the day, I decided it was time to get a video up to show the problem (the video was one of the main factors towards getting this type of problem fixed 2 years ago when acquisition of the Rat King Assault Rifle from the event store was of important, along with the fact I started streaming other games on my Twitch channel, being primarily a Fortnite channel for roughly 2.5 years after I started playing it).  Along with uploading the video to YouTube (keeping a backup in case Epic Games went after my channel for showing the problem in a video, which would make this boycott permanent, as it did with Bandai/Namco), I started dropping a link to the video with the same comment & using the Angry reaction to all their new posts (to keep track of what posts I had left a comment about this issue on) to hopefully make sure they would see it & hopefully start working on a fix after the video had been published the next day (of course I don't think this would have gotten anywhere if not for dropping a link to a video of the immediate FortniteLauncher.exe crash on the official Fortnite Discord some time ago, it doesn't seem that Epic Games actually monitors comments on their Facebook page).

It was only after I started dropping links to this video along with that comment that I started getting verifications of others that were having the same problem (which was expected, but unproven at the time):

List of verified others that are having this same problem will continued to be updated until resolved

Note that these screenshots have been edited to protect the identities of those that have verified they are having the same issue; only their avatars are unedited, but their names will only show the first character of each name.

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