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Update 2/23/2017

New boycott started on 2K, this comes in response to their assumption that the matter is resolved after the BBB complaint against them had closed.  The problem was not resolved when the BBB complaint was closed & it was stated in their support ticket after I made another reply to it about the situation not being resolved that the ticket had already been closed, so it's time to get this boycott public & running.  Should the problem with Evolve ever be resolved, I may end the boycott, but until then, no further purchases out of my own wallet will be going towards any 2K product or franchise.

Update 2/5/2017


Directly after the republication of the site review (mentioned in the last update), started displaying the effects of what appeared to be a DDoS attack, which was first noticed when I attempted to push a reparative update.  These attacks do not only effect my site, but also others on the same server (over 200 last I checked).  I quickly contacted my host to make them aware of it so they could put counter-measures into effect, then placed the following note on IsItDownRightNow to let my normal viewers know the situation:

I am aware the site is currently running slow, I have already contacted my host reporting a possible DDoS attack. Issue started happening directly after republishing the site review, 2K is expected to be responsible for the attack.

After that I started doing a continuous ping test to so I could verify when it was stable enough to push the reparative update, including this news alert written while it was down during the attack.

Update 1/31/2017

New review written on regarding Support Avoidance & Forum Bans.  This review written after a connection issue in Evolve that has lasted a few months already...

Also expect a MASSIVE increase in raw access logs going up to support the IP ban list, as there has been over 20 IPs (or ranges) I have had to ban this month & this was just from periodic checking when I did small updates.  My host has changed the way these are reported from IP addresses to host names, so the format for that page has changed & I'm now having to rely on hostname bans when I can not determine an IP from the hostname.  Unfortunately a hostname ban is going to be exempt from ban appeals, as I won't be able to unban an individual from being wrongfully banned if I can't even find their IP address in the ban list due to being a hostname ban (one that I couldn't determine IP address from the hostname) instead.

EDIT:  Due to the open BBB complaint against 2K, publication of those raw access logs & further IP bans from them in the month of January will be postponed until the BBB complaint is closed as it is higher priority.

Update 1/22/2017

A new review has been written regarding false revenue reports on

Update 1/16/2017

New review added on Pokemon Shuffle, I should have one up on Pokemon GO soon as well.  At this point I'm working on getting all my reviews transferred over to this site (when I have spare time) so they'll all be in one place.

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