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Update 01/31/2018

Seeing as the de-indexing issue still is presenting itself to be a problem, it could be some time before I start getting gaming database information on the site...  For now I've decided if anything, I need to get the sitemap on the site (even if it's far from completed), if only to gain exposure on the de-indexing problems with search engines (currently these checks are only being done on Google, but due to a bot-check that assumes you must be a bot after a number of searches, it could take weeks to fully check the site for indexing issues).  A link to the sitemap can be found at the bottom of the home page (which isn't much of a sitemap currently, over 80% of the site is still missing from it), which so far it's main purpose is to detail pages that are currently found not to be in search engines (this will be built on as I have time to do index checks).

Update 12/20/2017

I've gotten a bit behind on site updates, so let's see if I can't get these all in one update rather than making 4 different updates on one day:

Update 12/16/2017

In response to an issue of MASS search engine de-indexing of pages on this site (expected to be a cyber attack by those that are trying to hide information published on this site, either because their actions were publicly disclosed, negative reviews or public boycotts), I decided it's time to get a sitemap up.  You might be asking why a sitemap would be relevant to pages getting de-indexed?  What it comes down to is I've been spending the last few weeks fighting this problem, quietly making updates to get those pages re-indexed, which might work for a short time, but they eventually disappear from search engines again (the Location review of the South 67 Condos disappearing from search engines in under a day at times).  I don't see much reason in continuing to fight the de-indexing at this point, I will just work on getting new reviews up regarding the cyber attacks to get them de-indexed if it continues to happen.

Back to the site index, there is going to be 2 purposes in publishing this:

If you want to get right down to it, this is a list to both make navigating the site easier from a single page & to call out the search engines for de-indexing pages without a good reason (likely the reason for it is complaints filed to search engines to have the pages de-indexed as those individuals/companies don't like what is published, trying to hide the facts even when the evidence is in the review itself...something the search engines apparently are not taking into account when they decide to de-index a page, but I will note it's not just reviews/boycotts that are getting hit, MOD download & patch pages are also getting hit).

Currently the list is on the site, but not linked off of any page in particular, I don't intend on providing a link until I've at least gotten every page listed that should be viewable to the public (in one way or another).  There will be a number of pages (as well as other downloadable content, such as videos or archives) that will not be listed in this list, but it's likely the hidden content will be listed elsewhere on the site (likely on the pages they are published on).  When a link is provided, it will show at the bottom of the home page just under the counter (and News Archives link).

Update 10/3/2017

Today I start putting in the changes to this site that I originally wanted my site to be, that will be adding game information.  I'm going to start with some older game enhancers, later I'll continue with cheat codes, tips, bestiaries, walkthroughs, etc.  The new section can be found using the Games button at the top of most pages, it will be built on as I have time to work on those pages.

Update 9/6/2017

All reviews of adult-oriented content has been moved off of the main site to a sub-section of  There will be no link to this section on the main site itself, but it can still be found in search engines (starting with Google, eventually on others).  Considering I am working towards creating various game walkthroughs, stat sheets, cheat code databases & so on for various games, I want the main part of the site to be family-friendly (at least as much as it can be with the toxic nature of situations that caused a number of these reviews to be written & published), so removing the adult-content reviews from the main site was a means to protect younger individuals from viewing that content.  Eventually I may add links to mods or patches that will allow uncensored content or nude textures to the adult sub-section of the site, however I have a number of other things I need to get out of the way before listing those will become a priority.  One other thing to state is that my host won't allow adult-content to be hosted on their servers (my site), so any adult-oriented mods/patches will need to be hosted off of a third-party site.

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