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This game has some serious, game-breaking bugs, as well as some other bugs that will slow down your progress that need to be considered before buying this game:

The game can still be played (if you avoid the tutorial), but for the most part the game is a pit of bugs you have to watch out for, so saving often can help...provided you're not playing in Ironman mode...

I can not recommend this game, not so much because of the game itself, but because the 2K has forgotten who keeps them in business & avoids technical issues for various games in their catalog.  Full details of what lead up to the boycott against 2K can be found here, as well as the attacks on my Steam reviews, which caused them to get removed from Steam & relisted here.

I've heard it enough times to know what people are going to say; they're going to say this review states information about Evolve, it has nothing to do with the game I'm reviewing. The fact of the matter is it does still have relevance to ANY game 2K is publishing, particularly if an online multiplayer game:

3/7/2017 UPDATE

I later found a thread that stated you could sit on the main menu for a couple minutes before clicking PLAY & it would allow you to connect. I was skeptical, but try it & it seemed to work. On 3/7/2017, I was intending on Streaming the game to Twitch, but found that while I could at least connect to my profile, I couldn't connect to multiplayer servers; clicking on PLAY immediately threw the following error:

Where I had ended the boycott against 2K when I thought this workaround would allow me to play the game again, I've only started it again when I realized this doesn't actually fix the multiplayer issue...

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