Surgeon Simulator 2013
PC/Steam Review

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Probably one of the worst games I've played on a game level; there is no tutorial from what I can see, you actually have to know what you're doing in an actual procedure or learn through trial & error by "killing" a few patients first. The point of this review is unless you are actually in the medical field & have training in surgeries, you're not going to know what the hell you're doing.

The menu is also horrid. The menus remind me of what is in Destiny, although at a much (shall I say) clumsier level, which brings up my next point: Moving the hands around & with these odd controls makes me feel like a retard or perhaps somebody blind that is literally just trying to navigate their way around without sight. What you get in this game is what looks like somebody extremely clumsy knocking things over by accident (somebody who shouldn't be even attempting this kind of thing), where surgeons are supposed to have steady hands like a rock.

So to some this up, unless you have actual experience as a surgeon, you probably aren't going to enjoy this game (perhaps not even if).

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