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RapidGator is a file sharing site that has some apparently shady business practices to get you to pay for a premium account.  The site has the standard slow download rate, captcha verifications, 1-file simultaneous download restriction, pre-download wait period & download wait period between that most file sharing sites have, however this one seems to have some shady tactics in forcing you to purchase a premium account to download larger files.

To give an idea of what I'm talking about, I attempted to download a 550 MB file twice, both times it failed.  The fail rate is so high on larger files over a free download that I have to assume this is actually intentional by the site administrators.  What's worse is there is no resume feature so you can pick up from where the download failed & you have to wait 2 hours to try again even if the download failed.  They probably assume that if you can't download the file through a free download, you're going to cave in & give them the payment they're looking for if they keep terminating your download.

My suggestion in this would be to avoid downloads from the site over 200 MBs, unless you already have a premium account.  Also I would suggest to people uploading to the site to consider using another site that isn't going to use shady tactics to con people into purchasing a premium account.  However some people that are using referral links on premium account pruchases might find this advantageous since they benefit from the purchases; however if you're using the shady tactics that RapidGator is using to your advantage, you're no better than the site administrators for using this trap in conning people into purchasing a premium account.

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