Saints Row: The Third
PC/Steam Review

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To start off, the game has one of the best character creators out there. The action in the game makes you feel like you're doing something insane & gets your adrenaline pumping just from doing these extreme stunts. That's where the high points end, however.

On the downside of the game, it has some of the worst camera angles in the gaming industry, making the game nearly unplayable in some cases. The game uses an offcenter 3rd-person view that cannot be changed, meaning looking around right corners is easy enough, but don't expect to be doing it around left corners; you actually have to stand in the hallway (many times in the line of fire), just to see what's going on.

Also, this is not a game for those who don't like spoofs. The storyline gets downright ridiculous at times & would turn off most people looking for a serious game.

Another thing is that the game is censored, so if you despise mosaic censoring (such as I do), this is really going to kill your experience (this is one of the reasons why I won't buy games from The Sims series on the consoles as the uncensor codes used by game enhancers were removed after the Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas issue that changed the rating to AO). If it weren't for the fact that there was an uncensor patch out there, I wouldn't have even bought this game.

And finally the game is a major DLC pit, so you may end up finding yourself shelling out a lot more money on the game if you care anything about DLCs.

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