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Seeing as the last review regarding this cesspool of a residence got de-indexed in under 24 hours (in reality, I think it was less than 6) & it's become clear they are not going to allow any reviews to get up on them from this domain, I have submitted the following review the PMS BBB page (only hours after I realized the other page had been de-indexed; interestingly enough, it showed back up again the following day):

We purchased a unit in the South 67 Condos in 2013, expected we would be able to move from a health hazard situation where people were smoking inside in the last apartment we were renting. A purchase was made under the assumption that these were "true condos" (which would supposedly prevent indoor pollution from going from one unit to another), but later found out they were converts & was giving the option to back out of the purchase, the reason we didn't was because it was stated by management (PMS, managers for the South 67 Condos) that if indoor smoking was ever a problem, they would do what they could to get it stopped.

First few months, we had no problems. Once our next door neighbors moved out, we got some new ones that were apparently smokers. While PMS did help us in the beginning to get this resolved, I did find myself in a hostage situation (in my own unit) during the time this second in-door smoker was living there (apparently gaining the security code from them during this time).

3rd next door neighbors were not only indoor smokers, but drug users & had extensive criminal histories (I found myself in a few situations where the male had attempted to assault me for fighting for my right for clean air).

Eventually the management (PMS) decided they weren't going to help on the matter anymore, decided to cut off helping with the indoor pollution issue on the advice of the South 67 Condos HOA. At that point I had to deal with the problem myself, which only lead to hostility, avoidance & disability discrimination (based on the specific terms that was told to me by the manager) from (most) other neighbors in the building (there were still a couple units that were still friendly).

While I was trying to deal with the matter myself (because the management & HOA wouldn't even listen to anything I attempted to tell them or the organizations that I contacted about it & would not allow us to be a part of the HOA meeting later on), the Murray Police was called numerous times regarding the drug use in the neighboring unit by the 3rd renters there; eventually the Police stopped responding because they couldn't verify the reports being made (unfortunately those individuals knew how to avoid the police by not answering the door & pretending like they weren't home, leading to the belief by the Police that I was filing false reports).

When I did finally find a place to move out of this toxic environment, the unit was repainted, patched up & cleaned for the new owner, only to find that the drugs being used by the 3rd next door neighbors had seeped over into my unit (which is what kept me ill nearly every day for over 2 years) & this dropped the sale price of the unit $4300 ($3300 for meth decontamination & $1000 allowance for a new carpet).

Because the management wouldn't do anything about this issue while I was living there, I would find myself writing online reviews about this & the results was when the management heard of those reviews, they started making legal threats & threats to place a lien on the unit as a penalty for the negative attention. This resulted in the reviews getting pulled until I could find another place to move to in 2016, where the review was republished after that, but directly after being republished, I noticed indexed pages on my site had dropped from around 340 to 25 within a matter of a week. Currently indexed pages on my site sit at 5 pages (statistics provided by Google Webmaster Tools), which tells me the management for these condos are the culprits for this & the reason why the follow-up review I posted today got de-indexed in under 24 hours. It was at this time I decided I needed to get a review up on a site where what was being said would actually be heard.

I do NOT suggest being a part of ANY organization/company where PMS is the manager of it. From my experience, if you ever have a problem with them, your opinion will not be heard & you're more likely to get threatened with legal action (which I expect is going to happen when they find this review) than to actually get anything done, despite what your previous agreement may have been in the beginning...

I already know what their response to this review is going to be, they are going to attempt a lawsuit, which I'm going to be ready for; I doubt they will see what's coming if it gets that far, however I expect Charles probably has some idea based on the discussions (if you can call them that) we have had over the phone while I was still living there.

He no longer has the ability to go after my father as he's no longer the owner of that unit, he'll have to come after me (I expect he already knows he can't get anything out of somebody who don't even make enough to pay their own bills), although I fully expect they might attempt to contact him to get him to persuade me to back off (as was the case when I had my last phone discussion with Charles), but I don't care what my father has to say about it either, I am not going to stop from getting the truth out (even if these reviews are not getting in the search engines, it will likely get on the news should it get as far as a lawsuit) & the more retaliation that happens, the more fuel I have to show just how low this company (and HOA) can go.  I have considered going as far as to hold a press conference regarding the matter, something that I didn't really have the knowledge of how to do back then & it might be too late now, but a lawsuit could still give me the opening to take it this route.

NOTE:  This review will be updated as necessary with what happens next; even if it doesn't get indexed by search engines, the information will still be out there & it can still be linked off of other sites.  I don't really care if I do get a summons for a lawsuit, I will scan the documentation & publish that here as well so people are fully aware of the retaliation from PMS & the South 67 Condos HOA when it comes to negative reviews.

UPDATE:  On 1/13/2018, I ended up going out with my parents (after doing some work on his new computer & ordering a modem for it, we were going back to his house to hook it back up & test the functionality of the modem; later we went to the store to explain what a wifi hotspot was, which would be a much better alternative to him continuing to use dial-up & having to come to my place to use my computer/internet to do what he can not over dial-up internet) & my father was apparently in a bad mood, although I didn't find that out until I was getting into the car with him.  He mentioned something about my site, which at the time didn't make any sense & I had to some degree a misunderstanding where it was going when he mentioned it.  For the remainder of the day, I still hadn't figured out why he even mentioned it, still believing the comment was related to something else.

Being severely behind on sleep (probably away for over 30 hours straight) & about to go to bed at about 4:30 AM (1/14/2018), I realized he was probably talking about the South 67 Condos.  The first thing I did was check indexing on articles/reviews regarding these condos & found that the number of articles that were indexed (mainly logs of the indoor smoking & drug use problem) had dropped from over 10 pages of indexed results on Google (after resubmitting the archives of the problem logging on this site), down to under a mere 4.  I honestly didn't care whether this logs were indexed or not, this was just my anger about the de-indexed reviews that lead ot be resubmitting the entire archived logs back into the search engine (where they had been previously removed as a result of legal threats before I had moved out, later re-uploaded after I had moved into my new residence), I was more concerned about the reviews themselves getting force-removed through search engine cyber attacks to get them removed.  The one review I found that had been de-indexed from search engines was this one, so I decided to check & see if the BBB had actually published it (previously believing it would never see the light of day on the BBB because I received not confirmation email from the BBB when it was submitted, leading to the review about BBB email blacklisting), found that it had actually been published to the PMS BBB page.

It seems they had contacted my father, probably with more legal threats or seeking monetary damages for my getting the facts out (apparently they believe they can sue for defamation when what's being stated is accurate if it can damage the reputation of their business & that freedom of speech in the form of public reviews still falls under that category).  While I can't prove this, it was obvious that my father didn't intend on saying anything to me about it, but some discussion of money (rent on another property) caused him to allow this detail to slip, it just took me a while to realize what that slip actually was referring to.

I decided to check one more thing before publishing this update & that was to see if he had attempted to contact me prior to contacting my father.  Both the personal phone number for the manager, as well as the business number has been on my Caller Rejection list since around the time I moved in 2016, but I should have a log of him attempting to call me in my Xfinity calls logs regardless if he did attempt to call me.  It doesn't appear they ever attempted to contact me, however I think they already knew that I wouldn't back down in my effort to get the truth out, so I don't expect they would have attempted to contact me, but it sounds like they may still be attempting to go after my father, as they stated many times over when the online reviews were brought to their attention during the constant conflict while living at the South 67 Condos...

It is possible I may end up hearing more about this later, which will result in another review getting published should that be the case, but currently all I have are bits & pieces of what's actually going on, I can currently say what has been said to my father regarding this matter because he's attempting to keep me from knowing about it & I would expect he knows that I would only publish that information as further details regarding the management this company does in response to negative reviews/publicity.

Last updated 1/14/2018

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