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As of 3/5/2017, I have gotten nearly daily attacks targeting all my reviews on my Steam profile, the first time was obviously done by 2K given it only hit the 2K reviews, however later it started attacking all reviews on my profile.  It was obvious it was the same individual doing it each time, going directly through my account to attack those reviews, as both positive & negative reviews alike got the same treatment, even when the game was no longer on Steam, so the only way to find those reviews was through my profile.  It's undetermined whether additional attacks beyond the one on 3/5/2017 were done by 2K themselves, but the 3rd once made it pretty obvious that it was likely they also as the attacks stopped after the 3rd page (last page that had 2K game reviews on them); it's expected the attacks stopped after that page given they may have noticed the notes I am appending to reviews I am not reversing ratings on (those with helpful votes on them) after those attacks, stating the drop in rating based on such attacks (not to mention each 2K game review is also getting a new entry added every single day the attacks happen).  So far the following game reviews were effected with each attack each day the attack happened (this list will continue to be updated as they continue to happen):

After the 4th attack targeting ALL reviews on my profile (most reviews having collateral damage of up to 4 unhelpful votes on them from those attacks), I decided it was time to move my reviews to another system that couldn't easily be manipulated by trolls & angry game developers.

Last updated 3/16/2017

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