Retaliation to negative reviews

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After the creator-victimization of 7/21/2021, I tossed around a few reviews on various sites, one of those being their business on Google Maps.  On 11/15/2021 (after dealing with a review move on my latest review of Pizza Hut, where I was already expecting retaliation on this one) I decided to go through other reviews on my profile to see if any others had been hidden from public viewing on Google Maps.  By comparing through a logged in standard window & a private browser window with Firefox, I was able to confirm that 3 reviews in total had been negated from public viewing as a result of retaliation to negative reviews on their system, by misusing the report function to have them unviewable to the public (not something that you can determine by looking at reviews published while logged into your own account, you either have to be in another account or in a private window to determine that the review is not viewable to the public).

The review on Google Maps on Patreon was the last of 3 to be transferred over to this site, however considering the review was already on here, I instead wrote a new review to show retaliation to negative review through manipulation of report functions on free sites/services (such as Google, which is interesting because they haven't attempted to hit the video about the creator victimization yet, seeing as YouTube is also under Google & it wouldn't be the first time I've had a company target a video on my YouTube channel).

Clearly Patreon employees have a god complex, feeling they can not only do as they will with little to no reason & cut off anybody & everybody they please, then cover up what happened when those that they screwed over go public about their actions.  This shows that anybody who even considers having an account on their site, needs to consider the fact that if they do get screwed over by Patreon's overbearing god-complex, their voices probably won't be heard when they attempt to make the truth heard (at least not on free services that allow manipulation of their report functions; on the other hand, you have your own website, the only thing they can attempt is getting the page(s) deindexed from search engines).

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