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Take Killing Floor, replace the zombies with dinosaurs, add vehicles & wide open areas & you have the potential to be one of the best games released in 2012. The game does however have some bugs, although the majority of them are not major. The worst ones I have seen is where you fall through the ground when getting out of a jeep or the game attempting to continue onto another round when you have technically finished the game. There is however an extreme clipping issue where dinosaurs can actually attack you through the wall of a bunker you may be in, although this is easy enough to dodge in most cases if you stay away from the wall, provided a T-Rex doesn't throw a bolder at you that somehow gets through the wall of the bunker due to the clipping issue. Another interesting bug is when the healing pad may inadvertently be healing the dinosaur, which isn't a big problem with Raptors, but is a huge problem when the T-Rex had his head stuck through the wall just above the pad.

The developers insist that Dino Horde is not a re-release of Dino Beatdown & is banning anybody who states it is on the Steam forums for the game, but let's be honest; the fact that it replaced the original game is proof enough that it is. What sets it apart from a straight re-release is the fact that it was improved on; further game modes/dinos were added, bugs were fixed, among other changes. I don't really care that it is a re-release, the people who previously owned the game got it for free (which is a $5 discount if you purchased Dino Beatdown). I still say it's a great game & a great value for the price even with the bugs.

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