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On 9/28/2016, I placed an order on the Home Depot website for a 20 in. x 20 in. x 1 in. Maximum Allergen and Odor Reduction FPR 7 Air Filter (4-Pack):

First thing I noticed was the UPS tracking number never updated after I received an email stating it was shipped:

I made a number of calls to not only the Home Depot website, but also UPS & the store it was supposed to be delivered to.  I was told at least once by UPS that it was shipped through another carrier & multiple times from the website support & local store that it was shipped.

The order was originally supposed to arrive at the store between Oct. 4 -7, but I never received notification that it arrived, so I contacted the local store on the 10th, the issue got escalated & it was determined that either the vendor forgot to ship it or never received the order (I got 2 different stories regarding this, not sure which one was accurate).  The individual at the store apologized & offered to re-order the item, making it a point to point out when the new order should be arriving at the store & whether that would be okay with me.  I agreed, the item was re-ordered on the 11th & I waited for an update on the matter.

I received another notice on the 11th that it had been shipped, where I noticed the new UPS tracking number was following the same pattern the old one was:

I started becoming increasingly agitated, called them every day for 3 days (every time I was assured that it was shipped & on it's way, but this was no different than the first time) until I decided it was just going to be another repeat of the situation before & said I wouldn't be calling them again until the 20th to cancel the order & get a refund (not to mention losing a customer) if it hadn't arrived at the store by then.  I checked the tracking number a couple more times since that last call.

On the 18th, I called them again as the person I had down that was supposed to be picking it up was at my house working on something.  I once again asked if the item had arrived at the store, the person I spoke to was looking at the tracking number apparently & determined it hadn't been shipped.  I told her to cancel the order & refund the money, I would be purchasing from elsewhere.  She stated that she had to transfer me to somebody who had a till in from of them, so after I got transferred, I told them the same thing, that if I didn't see it credited back to my bank account in a week, I would be reversing the charge through my bank & that I had already spoken to my bank about it today (10/18/2016).

I got the confirmation of cancellation email perhaps within an hour or two of that call.  At this point I will be watching my online bank activity to see if the credit gets issued.  Should the credit not be issued within that time, I will be contacting my bank to follow through with what we discussed earlier & having the charge reversed for failure to deliver; this review will be updated at that time if I have to go through my bank.

My suggestion to those who want to purchase this from the Home Depot website, save yourself the aggravation & purchase it elsewhere, as you won't get it ordering it from this site, especially if they are still using that same vender (one thing I mentioned when I was canceling the order is they should drop that vendor).

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