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This review was originally published to the Macey's page on Google Maps, however noticed on 11/15/2021 to have been removed from being publicly visible on their site, which appears to have happened when I complained about the bad service on 11/2/2021 where our orders on their hand-served ice cream got screwed up.  This only became apparent after I noticed that the recent Pizza Hut review was hidden from the public, at which point I decided to start looking at my other reviews to see if any others had been hidden from the public, at which point I started transferring those reviews over here in addition to the Pizza Hut review.

Macey's is one of the few places I can still find Stewart's Orange & Cream soda and IBC Cream Soda (although they are out of stock fairly often). They also have some very good fresh donuts, I will typically come home with an assorted dozen if I don't have too many snacks at home already.

Only real gripe I have is I couldn't get their mobile app to work correctly, so even though I do have an online account with them, I am unable to use it...

UPDATE:  Additionally, I don't have much positive to say about their in-store served ice cream (next to the in-store Starbucks). On 11/2/2021, my mother and I went in to get some as we were leaving (before checking my groceries out) & both of our orders were screwed up:

I'll stick to Baskin Robins or Handel's from now on if I want a waffle cone; the ice cream may be good quality at Macey's, but clearly the service is not if you are attempting to get anything other than a cake cone, cup or a certain flavor that you can't tell visually what you are getting (before you start eating it).

UPDATE:  On 11/15/2021, I realized this review had been hidden from public viewing on Google Maps & made it a priority to get it republished here ASAP.  Additionally, this shows that Macey's retaliates against negative reviews, which should be taken into account before considering shopping at Macey's; it has with me after I realized this as being the case & I expect I will be taking my shopping elsewhere, only coming here if it's a hard to find item that I can't find anywhere else.

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