Ghostship Aftermath
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The Ugly

UPDATE:  After the developer decided to respond to this negative review (previously on Steam), which was targeting mainly the Story mode (with a downvote of the review, no surprise there), he suggested that I give the Instant Action mode a try. I did & there are a few things to add in regards to this mode:

The Good (Instant Action)

The Bad (IA)

Final synopsis

The game may have potential, but at this time I can't really say it's worth spending money on until some of the major bugs are fixed. Every time I attempted to play the Story mode, I would always have to restart the game, to the point that I didn't even feel like playing the rest of the time while trying to gain cards for the game because you couldn't really get anywhere in the game with having to constantly restart it...

UPDATE:  After the developer contacted me on this review, I retested the game in IA mode & found that at least this mode was playable, although with it's own little quirks... I still can't say I recommend the game because the Story mode is in such poor shape (as well as various bugs in IA mode, but none that I could see were game-breaking), but at least there is a playable mode in the game that isn't going to make you feel like you're entirely wasting your time or your money if you've already purchased it.

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