PC/Steam Review

This game was originally marketed as a paid game, but eventually went to F2P. Unfortunately shortly after the developers stated they were no longer working on the game (in their words, they had completed work on it), the game started having some SERIOUS connection problems.

For months it was impossible to log in on a first try & within the last few week it would literally take hours of continuous tries to even log into the game. After a few days of taking upwards of 6 hours to get logged in (literally not giving me any time to actually play it; only to get the Daily Sign In reward, then call it quits), I gave up on the game & stopped trying to get into it beyond the first try.

It was only recently I found out what the legacy version was that people were talking about on the forums. Unfortunately after I redownloaded the entire game again (before the F2P version took effect), I come to find out that all the DLC I had purchased for the game was not unlocked, so going back to the paid version after getting forced to the F2P version apparently meant you got the proverbial finger simply because you wanted a playable version...

On the suggestion of a users in the Steam forums, I created an account on the 2K forums & posted this thread, then opened a ticket with their support team on the 26th. I received a response from their support team the next day asking me to delete a couple of files in my game folder & restarting it to see if that would fix the issue, a step that was taken earlier on the suggestion of the same user that stated I should open a support ticket with them. After waiting a few days reply #5 was made on my thread, where I made a fairly quick response (due to having immediate email notifications enabled on the thread) & ended up losing access to the forums (the majority of the site can still be accessed, but the forums are currently timing out) before I could even finish correcting errors in post #6; it was verified after I made a comment on isitdownrightnow.com about the forums timing out that the site was in fact still up after being able to access them through an anonymous proxy (which gives the indication of a possible IP ban; the comment on isitdownrightnow.com was updated at that point, as well as the thread regarding the inability to connect issue on the Steam Evolve forums).

I have looked up the BBB business page for 2K & intend on calling them on Monday, we'll see where it goes from there. If there is still no resolution in the issue, I intend on filing a BBB complaint, followed by a public boycott & review of the company if they the BBB complaint don't yield any results (I'll be seeking reimbursement of the $96.94 that was paid into the game before it went F2P, unless they can fix the servers & I regain access to their forums). Currently I am already avoiding any further purchases from 2K & Turtle Rock Studios, that fact is just going to get a lot more public if they can't fix the problem & continue to ignore their customers...

2/1/2017 UPDATE

At this point the BBB has been contacted & to save some time on further updates to this review (unless 2K actually does something to get this matter resolved, which might set this review back to Recommended; I have little hope from that when I looked that the percentage of positive reviews & satisfied complaint outcomes on the BBB page for their business, however), further details here.

2/25/2017 UPDATE

The BBB complaint has been closed without a resolution, directly afterwards the support ticket being closed as being resolved (according to them), yet I still can't log into my profile in the game. At this point I am boycotting the company & no more of my money will be going towards their company, which is saying something because I was a big fan of the Borderlands & WWE series (before this happened anyways). Never again...

3/7/2017 UPDATE

I later found a thread that stated you could sit on the main menu for a couple minutes before clicking PLAY & it would allow you to connect. I was skeptical, but tried it & it seemed to work. On 3/7/2017, I was intending on Streaming the game to Twitch, but found that while I could at least connect to my profile, I couldn't connect to multiplayer servers; clicking on PLAY immediately threw the following error:

Where I had ended the boycott against 2K when I thought this workaround would allow me to play the game again, I've only started it again when I realized this doesn't actually fix the multiplayer issue...

The information above should be enough to paint a picture as to why you shouldn't get into Evolve or purchase from 2K, lest you risk getting ripped off as they have done with me & many others, however if that's not enough, then there's also the retaliation to negative reviews, which lead to me moving all reviews from my Steam profile to here; further information on this can be found here.