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Destiny is a first-person shooter that very much follows the mechanics of the Borderlands franchise, however with a futuristic twist & instead of skills that last durations, most (not all) are one-time, super attacks of mass destruction with a third-person perspective during the duration of the attack.  You can expect randomly-generated loot of various weapon types & stats much like Borderlands, bike-like vehicles you would expect to see in something like Star Wars, as well as various raid bosses & strike missions.  While the game did have a lot of potential, Bungie quickly ran the game into the ground with lack of functionality, favoritism towards those who owned the newest DLC (while restrictions those who didn't), technical issues & allowing abuse to happen on their forums.

Regardless of how many requested support for it, the game never got proper keyboard/mouse support, people wanting to use this support having to shell out additional money for keyboard/mouse emulation devices, which didn't really work well due to the fairly low-turn rate in the game.  Furthermore any requests for such support on the Bungie forums would result in immediate accusations of cheating as well as various abuse from those apposed to the idea & Bungie never really did anything to stop the verbal abuse that those requesting that support would receive, so this only drove users off from the forums & eventually the game...  From my personal experience, it wasn't even worth requesting that support on their forums, as Bungie never actually addressed the requests for it, only allowing the toxic-nature of their users to take it's course against anybody requesting it...

Then there's the matter of the PvP functions, which easily turned into an ugly situation with full-of-themselves dipshits adding insult to injury by teabagging left & right, the ironic thing about this being that it seems Bungie actually encouraged this disgraceful act...  There were some situations where people would get verbally abusive using VOIP over the game to abuse their teammates (usually before ragequitting, I got one of these in particular on video) & discrimination against levels was all too common (usually leaving matches to leave individuals with lower levels or even lower scores to get decimated by a team of 3-on-1).  Further griefing sometimes even included joining a Crucible match & leaving the game idling while doing nothing in the match itself.  Another problem was some people were actually limiting their bandwidth during a match, which unfortunately caused lag that would give them an edge in avoiding attacks due to latency; a number of people did get banned for doing this, but those that got banned were few & far between & I would say barely made a dent in the problem...

In the matter of special events (like raids, strikes & cooperative arena matches) the same discrimination was there, even if the lower-level person still had the highest score (I was actually in one of these, where one individual was trying to boot me during the arena match for being one level lower than him & his buddy, where I actually had the highest score at the end of the run).  Furthermore these events were prone to griefing, where they would hang back & you were literally running it yourself, some individuals would actually join a strike or raid only to leave the game idling either until they timed-out & got force-booted or until the special event ended up crashing because it was taking too long.  I've seen videos on YouTube as well where somebody might pick up an objective item & never take the next step to move on in a mission, they were apparently only there to grief the party...

The game did at least honor the PSN block list, which wasn't saying much considering your block list was so limited, I ended up filling up my block list with players in this game is less than 3 days & was forced to cycle out users so I could add more...it really wasn't an ideal process...  The report function in the game was pretty much a joke, while some of the report options had their purpose, there was also neutral & positive reasons to report people, which as far as I'm concerned, only the negative ones were really needed & the others just mocked the purpose of reporting somebody...

The game was not cross-platform, meaning that PS3 players could not play with PS4 players & obviously PlayStation players couldn't play with XBOX players.  The worst of the matter was with the PS4 being the dominant system when the game came out, Bungie actually forced people to have a PSN+ account status to use most multiplayer functions in the game (the PS3 version did not), so you were better sticking with the PS3 version if you didn't want to have to pay for a PSN+ account (this meant a lower player-base, but cheaper in the long run).

Then there were technical issues, like bugged missions/events, warping enemies & disconnects/connection errors (perhaps the worst of the problems in the game, to the point that people were actually creating memes for this issue in particular).  I also read there was an issue with a number of false-bans, however my experience is most people don't get false-banned (although I'm not going to say it's impossible, I'm having a similar problem with Evolve), so I have to expect the majority of those complaints were false, however I do expect there's the possibility that some of those people were legitimately false-banned (especially if you consider what Bungie allows to happen in the game & their forums alike).

DLC used a P2W function, where you were unable to use higher-stat equipment if you did not own that DLC.  Not to mention that this also restricted which areas of the game & events you could access, but I think that goes without saying; the worst of this was that the game wasn't even worth playing if you didn't own the latest DLC...  The game was apparently designed to keep people paying into it under penalty of falling behind those that were if you didn't, which was an unfair marketing tactic used by Bungie to weed off users that didn't feel like paying extra for the DLC.  I personally purchased the game 3 days after the beta ended (getting a free beta key from one of the gaming sites I was a part of, I believe getting a PS3 primarily for this game & The Guided Fate Paradox), pre-purchasing the Guardian Edition at $90, later purchasing a limited edition Arctic White Sony Gold Wireless headset at $100, an XIM4 (a keyboard/mouse support emulation device) at around $135 (including shipping) & another Logitech G700s gaming mouse at $100 to use with it (using an old HP keyboard rather than purchasing another); in the end, I regret even purchasing the game at all...  The fact that the requests for proper keyboard/mouse support were completely ignored by Bungie (and emulated support didn't really cut it) & they allowed abuse to continue on their forums by the dominating playerbase (controller-happy players) against the minority (those that preferred keyboard/mouse controls) showed me that I wasn't going to sink anymore money into the game & the game was not worth playing anymore if I didn't have the latest DLC, so I removed the game from my PS3 the day after the The Taken King pre-patch (approximately 3 days before the DLC was supposed to be released) & hid the game from my PSN trophies list.  I have since been boycotting Bungie for completely ignoring requests for this support.  Now Destiny 2 is supposed to be released, even on PC & I don't intend on purchasing it because of what happened with the original game...

Around the time I stopped playing the game, I also heard a micro-transaction store was coming to Destiny.  I stopped playing the game before it was added, so I can't say for certain whether this was going to turn the game into a P2W cesspool (as if the fact it was P2W with the DLC wasn't bad enough), but what I was told was it was supposed to be cosmetic items such as emotes & such; guess I'll never know unless I get notified that they've added keyboard/mouse support for it, I won't be bothered with wasting hours on end reinstalling & patching the game again otherwise.

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