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Anybody who is into DOTA/League of Legends is going to pick up this game very quickly. On the positive side of the differences are going to be that there are many more maps & game modes than DOTA/LoL provide. Outside of the items/equipment you can purchase in the game, you can also purchase upgrades for your structures, towers & creeps. Skill trees are much more detailed & allow for more possibilities than the normal 4-skill loadout that DOTA/LoL offers. Another thing that is offered is the ability to rotate your map, which is something that hasn't been offered by DOTA/LoL, yet. There are also a couple single player modes which is something that DOTA was never able to do & LoL only allows in custom matches. On the negative side of the differences, playable characters are rather limited. If you'd like to try before you buy, there is a demo you can try out.

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