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Dauntless is a cooperative hack & slash (with perhaps one weapon exception) game that takes place in a semi-MMO environment with other players.  The game has several different modes that gives some variety to what you will be doing in the game, however regardless of how many modes are in the game, players will find that the game is EXTREMELY repetitive, having to repeatedly kill the same behemoths to craft armor, weapons & other gear necessary to be successful.


Cons:  (anything in green is affected my multiplayer functionality)

Review last updated 2/12/2022

Aside from the game itself, I found that their official Discord server is extremely toxic, most of the regulars having a nature that tends to chase of new people to the server pretty quickly with passive-aggressive taunts that tends to get past the moderators' detection; I left the server 2 or 3 times in a matter of days after joining due to this toxicity on the server, only joining to either verify or report an expected bug at the time.  The last time I joined the server, I mostly stayed quiet & didn't attempt to be an active part of it to avoid the toxicity of the regulars on the server, every time I did try to be active, getting some snarky response from them that really only pushed me back to being silent because I got tired of getting everything I said flipped to being something else other than where the comment was originally directed at.

On 10/23/2021, I ended up snapping (after talking to 2 of their moderators over DMs on 3 different occasions) & blurted out the reality of the nature of the Discord, about it's toxicity & pretty well stating that it was not worth trying to be active on it or provide suggestions, because almost everything I said on the server was responded to with some smartass retort.  When I found that even the moderators couldn't see this & they were crying that I was breaking the rules of the server (not even addressing most of what the regulars said), I decided that the server was no longer worth my time & as I stated in a final statement to one of their moderators over DM, I would stick to listing known bugs publicly on my review of the game.  I left the server for the last time after I made that statement...  After leaving the server, I also set up filters with my bot on Twitch so that the server could not be mentioned in chat to prevent anybody giving a link to that server.

As stated before, I originally joined the official Discord for the purpose of confirmed expected bugs & reporting them (usually with video evidence, which is the reason why I have a Dauntless Technical Difficulties playlist), decided after that final fiasco on their server that it would be better if I started this list here:

Known Bugs:

Specifics on bugged Bounties, Challenges & Quests:

Bug list last updated 3/31/2022

The game has also had a number of discontinued functions that more or less got replaced with other functions after those systems were reworked, but some of those functions were never replaced & as a result, it left a gap for functions that players become accustomed to, but taking from them (as far as I can tell, with no reimbursement for what they had in their inventory when the function was stripped from the game).

Discontinued function list last updated 2/9/2022

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