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The Better Business Bureau may be a good site to receive help on disputes with companies, but it's not the best site to write reviews on if you're intending on mentioning any other companies, sites or organizations in a review other than the one you're writing the review on.  In both my Bandai/Namco & Twitch reviews, they both got censored to hell & were pretty much useless after the BBB had their way with them & published a review with censored references that would just have readers of that review scratching their heads after reading it or not even bothering to finish reading it.  I did write a review about Voice Products, LLC (cigarettesmokedetector.com) some time ago that didn't get censored one bit, however there was no named references in this one, so I guess there was nothing to target that they felt needed to be filtered.  So when it comes to writing reviews on the BBB, be careful not to do comparative reviews to other companies or accidentally mentioning another company that they feel the need to censor your review, otherwise it will just become a waste of time submitting your customer review to the BBB & probably would have been better off being submitted elsewhere.

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