August 23, 2018 Censorship Violation

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On 8/23/2018, I woke up to another censorship violation in response to one of my videos on YouTube, this time targeting the video you will see here (currently removed from YouTube, has been re-uploaded from backups here):

UPDATE:  This video is no longer publicly viewable as all Destiny videos on the channel were set to private after the 4/8/2024 attack.


Ran into a number of teabagging faggots in this match, 2 on the opposing team & one on my own:

JosefBartruff & ixeman where the morons on the opposing team, JosefBartruff in particular must have teabagging on his mind 24/7 because he was doing it every time I saw him; I counted 3 times, so he was reported 3 times along with the block (ixeman was only reported once with a block after the match when I realized he was doing it also after going through the video).

As I was watching this video to highlight the match & verify it's contents, I noticed one on my team named OhNoMyEyes & while it's possible he might have been doing it in response to the other morons doing this, he was doing it regardless & was reported & blocked along with the rest of them (I don't take sides on this matter, the action gets a block regardless of the side they are on).

All usernames are PSN.

The message when I logged in was as follows:

The appeal was filed giving the following reason, however due to character limitation, I had to put the actual reason in a DOC on my Google Drive & provide a link to it in the appeal reason:

The video itself was uploaded to show a disgraceful act referred to by gamers themselves as teabagging (a common porno term, one that just disgusts me & one of the reasons I take such an issue with its action in video games). The video itself shows the action (crouching multiple times over the enemy after killing them), so there is no defamation on that point, as the proof is in the video itself; it was published to point out the mindset of individuals that felt this type of action was acceptable, so the public would be aware of who they were.

The only point I can think of here that could have been considered as defamatory would have been the use of the word "faggot" in the title, which was a display of anger towards the disgusting nature of the action, not discrimination against sexuality, so it's likely one of the individuals in this video has reported it for the purpose of penalizing the owner of the account for making their actions public (I have no problem with removing that word from the title, but this violation is only another example of the benefit of abusing the report system).

I am already aware of a group of people that have been doing this on Twitch through iBreezyy's channel, this has been an ongoing issue since the griefing incident in Fortnite on 2/19/2018 (by iBreezyy, under the name of Bellion, later changed to where I was aware he had a Twitch account & was able to pinpoint the individual responsible for the griefing situation, later finding out about the slanderous attacks he was organizing against my Twitch channel through his own) was published on Twitch (later falling victim to a bug that caused the video to expire when the past broadcast it was highlighted from also did, this wasn't the only video to get hit by this bug) & a report was filed against his channel using his own past broadcasts as evidence of the organization of these attacks in that video (I have re-recorded this portion of that video as evidence of the organized attacks & have a backup copy, this is also where I realized he had found my YouTube channel & started making false reports against my own, the video shows him filing a report for child abuse on the video of him griefing, followed by another from the friend he was talking to over VOIP during that stream...I donít know how many other reports were filed from that stream alone, but I expect there has been a constant stream of reports being filed against my channels & this violation is the result of it), leading to a temporary ban of his account.

I will also note that a police report has already been filed against Twitch user iBreezyy/YouTube user BreezeGaming69 regarding DDoS attacks, that police report is under case #[censored], filed with Officer [censored] (badge #[censored]) with the Unified Police Dept. of [censored]. Furthermore I am building a lawsuit against him for slander, using the organized attacks through his Twitch channel to attack mine (the reason for collecting the evidence, this violation only proves to be an additional detail in that lawsuit).

After filing the appeal, I went to my status page to see what had been disabled, apparently not as severe as the original attack from Namco/Bandai (longer videos hasn't been disabled), but you'll note that Live Streaming has been disabled.  Live Streaming being disabled really isn't a problem, I haven't done a stream to YouTube (at least not a public gaming one, there has been some privately embedded ones before on non-profit, activist streams fighting for non-smoker's rights however) since the second attack from Namco/Bandai, all streaming has been done on Twitch & I could just as easily create an account on DailyMotion to get around having to do non-gaming streams on a service that continues to prove they are more trouble than they are worth when it comes to public sharing of videos or live videos (note that even unlisted videos have been hit before, like the one by Fox Broadcasting, which actually was one of the non-profit, activist videos for non-smokers rights).

The last thing I checked was the status of the video itself in my Video Manager, which showed as you can see here:

I don't expect the appeal will do anything, the term may not have been used in the form of discrimination of sexuality, but it was used as an anger-driven insult, so the video probably won't be reinstated, but it's been re-uploaded regardless.  As with previous attacks on the channel, additional videos will not be uploaded to my channel until after the 3 month strike period has expired (that's not to say I won't still be processing them for when the period is over, or simply uploading them to another site while I'm waiting), unless the appeal is accepted (which is unlikely, given I had to write the appeal to Google Docs, they may not even bother looking at the external link provided), at which point videos will start being uploaded again as normal.  I further decided that I also won't be accepting any new comments on my channel (unless the user has already been whitelisted), so people can be waiting up to 3 months (possibly longer if I get hit with another strike on older videos, this one was from 2014, flagged 4 years after it's publication) to have their comments go public due to the individual that chose to file a report to hide the truth & YouTube choosing to accept it without checking to see if there was any facts to what the video already had proof of.

UPDATE: On 8/27/2018, I received a response to to the appeal & they did in fact reverse the decision to delete the video (technically speaking, it was only set to private, only I could see it):

Interestingly enough, they stated that it needed to be age-restricted & they changed this for me; the irony in this is that it was already age-restricted to begin with, since the day it was uploaded due to the description & I almost always put this at the bottom of the description when it's determined that restriction needs to be there (this has been the case since this video was uploaded in 2014).

So what did this attack actually succeed in doing?  Well let's back this up for one second & look at the specific detail that was decided in the decision of the appeal:

They stated that the video needed to be age restricted, which it already was, so essentially all this did that they had control of was put a temporary restriction on my account for 4 days that wouldn't allow me to do any live videos on YouTube (the last time I even did a stream on YouTube was back on 3/29/2016, which was a non-profit activist stream for non-smokers rights, only viewable from a blog that was detailing indoor, secondhand pollution at a specific location in Utah & showing the health problems they were causing in the stream itself, which is currently used as a log of that problem & apparently is going to be used in a lawsuit against the Management/HOA for people who still live there, I moved from there specifically because of the indoor smoking, drug use & aggressive disability discrimination).

So what happened that I had control over?  Most of this is already in the Discussion tab of my channel, but I'll go over them again here:

An additional point is as was stated in the reason given when I appealed the strike was that it was expected an individual on both Twitch & YouTube (who has been attacking any profile of mine he can find since the publication of his griefing on 2/19/2018) is that this serves as another point when I sue the little bastard for slander & damages caused by it (which because he is not old enough to be considered an adult, his parents will be responsible for paying for his actions when they receive the notice they are due in court).

One other change I am making since the reversal of the strike, is I will be replacing the re-uploaded video above with an embedded version from YouTube (the one that was originally restricted while the strike was in effect).  I probably won't be leaving the backup on the site itself, but I haven't determined to delete it just yet (this will likely be done later, but I expect sooner than later rather than letting it sit there forever).

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