A Game of Dwarves
PC/Steam Review

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While the game is extremely fun, it appears to be extremely buggy as well. Bugs aside, the game claimed to be completely randomized. The truth of the matter is that the maps are only semi-randomized. Maps are predefined, but clusters of blocks which most can be dug through are randomized.

As far as the bugs are concerned, I have run into 2 that bother me. The first being that pausing the game, actually isn't a full pause; the game will actually progress even when paused, but at a much, much slower rate. The second would be a bug where buildable objects will drop below an item that has been moved just for the purpose of repositioning it (even when paused), right into the same place of the item you just repositioned, making the block where the item dropped from no longer buildable on that wall; this has been enough to make me have to keep restarting the game.

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