Holmes Odor Eliminator Air Fitlers
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Works very well in eliminating odors for small to medium rooms, larger rooms (like basketball courts) they tend to have an issue with as the air purifiers themselves typically don't have the power to cover the entire room.

Normally I would give this a 5 star rating, but when ordered from the official Holmes website, packing is pretty poor; both times I've ordered from them (as apposed to on Amazon), they come in the original shrinkwrap on each filter, but do not include the retail boxes or inserts that gives details on other filters available, these are bundled in a single plastic bag, then tossed into a larger box with no packing material to keep them from moving around in the box or protect from getting jarred around during transport or should the package get dropped. The filters don't really have anything breakable on them, so it's unlikely they would be broken unless the package took a hard enough hit to break the hard plastic, but it did make me question whether the filters were even new (the first 2 I used from this order were fine, couldn't smell anything wrong from them, so it's fine for now, but Holmes could do a better packaging job with a smaller box, even if it didn't include any additional anti-jarring packaging material to protect from shipping damage).

This was a review that was originally submitted to the Holmes website, but unsurprisingly, they chose to "moderate" & dump so it wouldn't be published on their site, where I received the following email about it on May 25th, 2020:

The review was rejected publication on their site because I was scrutinizing their shipping methods & lack of the rest of what you would have gotten were they to be ordered from Amazon instead, so it was determined that publication would be done on my personal site instead, along with details of their rejection of the review on their own site.

Ordering these filters can be problematic, seeing as I own 3 devices (2 smaller air purifiers & 1 larger tower purifiers that requires 2 filters), where a limit of 3 filters are often times forced (between Amazon & the official Holmes website), which means I'd only be able to use 2 of those devices in a season if I was restricted to the 3 filters limitation.  Normally the limitation is on the official site rather than Amazon, which is why I usually order from Amazon rather than their site, but it was reversed on this order & there was a promotion on the official site, so I ordered from the official site this time around.

Unfortunately when I ordered these, they provided me with a tracking number that never updated, I had to open a support ticket with them stating that if I didn't see the order by the beginning of the next week, I would be filing a failure to deliver complaint with my bank & having the charge reverse.  I received the package 2 days after opening that support ticket & making that threat under a different tracking number that I only got through that support ticket in a response after I had already received it (this was an order of 8 of these filters).

Bottom line is it may not pay to own multiple Holmes Air Purifiers if you are limited on how many filters you can purchase in a given season (they are suppose to be replaced once per season, meaning 4 times a year, every 3 months; I had already been using old ones for upwards of 7 months).  Additionally, it's better to order from Amazon because they have to follow the quality standards put in place by Amazon & not sidestep them through their own guidelines, meaning your order will be more complete, shipped in a timely manner (most of the time) & less likely to get damaged in transit.  A final note is while Amazon does still have strict guidelines on reviews that can be published on their site, Holmes won't be able to sideline what reviews get rejected because it may say something negative about how an order was received.

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