Additional restrictions have been added to WonderGamer.net to help prevent further abuse of it by negating loading of content outside of the page itself.  This is because many of those attacks are using anonymizers to hide what pages they are looking at, nullifying the referral data, so we've decide to put a block on loading of information outside of the webpages itself (backgrounds, images, videos & other assets the site uses).  Anybody hiding referral traffic will now only have the text load, nothing else on those pages.  Additionally this is going to result in anything other than the pages themselves no longer allowing direct access to them (they will only load correct if loaded from the pages they are on or link from themselves).

Additional non-standard file types for website were also restricted from being accessed directly & also now require to be loaded from the site itself (they won't load if anonymizers are being used).

For further details of why we've had to take this route, see the marquee at the top of the home page regarding these attacks.


WonderGamer.net is currently under attack from a number of users (we estimate over 20, although it's probably much higher) from the Steam Community that has continued every day since October 28th.  So far, Steam community management has made it clear through their inaction to step in on the matter & take action against those responsible that they are ignoring reports against said hostile actions.

By November 3rd, we made a decision that we needed to start taking action against these attacks on the site itself (which is resulting in attempted doxing of individuals that have reviews on this site, theft of information for use of publishing that content to other sites, the spreading of misinformation targeting WonderGamer.net & it's staff, continued harassment against targeted individuals that have accounts on Steam & in some cases, hacking attempts to compromise the security of WonderGamer.net) by issuing a mass of IP bans to stop (or at least slow down) the misuse of the site for the purpose of sowing anarchy & misinformation against the site & it's staff.  These IP bans are expected to be removed in the future once the attacks & said harassment on Steam stops, however due to the escalation of the matter over the last 6 straight days, they are unlikely to be lifted for 2 or 3 years (and when that countdown starts will be dependent on when the attacks & harassment stops).

Of course when a new IP ban is placed, internet trolls with any technical knowledge just find another VPN/proxy to continue where they left off; many of them have a large database of new VPNs/proxies they can quickly switch to, so it barely makes a dent in the time wasted trying to keep accessing the site once they realize they have been banned again when they can quickly switch to a new masked IP to continue their illegal actions.

For legitimate users of the site, we are regretfully going to have to warn that any use of the site until this matter is resolved could result in your IP address also being banned from it, so we have to recommend that viewers of the site without nefarious intentions limit their use to avoid getting included in those IP bans (no more than a couple pages a day).  We will provide another update when the coast seems clear of those attacks, but we don't expect to have a break from it for at least another month or longer (the IP bans have at least slowed down the targeted attacks on Steam itself, however this hasn't limited the traffic on the site from their users).

Also as stated in the FAQs, we do not believe that people should be able to mask their IPs through VPNs/proxies, so when tracing the IPs & finding out that they are in fact using confirmed IP-dodging servers, those IPs are unlikely to be removed from the ban list when we do decide to remove the temporary bans put in place as a result of this ongoing attack from those users.


We realized on this day that Bing had done a full wipe of WonderGamer.net from their search engines, including the blog for our head administrator.  Because of this reason, we will be closing our analytics account with Bing & start stripping their code from our site, as well as start blocking noticed traffic from the site under the terms of being unreliable (as we have already done with Google, the exception being that Google still has some of our site showing in their results, if only minimal compared to what is actually on the site); while it's unexpected that there will be any traffic from Bing with them doing a full wipe from their search engines on WonderGamer.net, we will still be blocking traffic from them that could be originating from cached pages on other sites & updating our 403 page with details regarding the block being put in place.  To give an example of what brought this to our attention, you can find out by doing the following to search terms:

Given that Yahoo is owned by Bing, we decided to test our search terms here as well & found the same results, so Yahoo has also been blocked from accessing this website for the same reasons.  Again, the same search terms are being given as an example on Yahoo:

The same apparently goes with DuckDuckGo (no direct links as we haven't seen a way to directly link to search results yet).

Note that in both of these cases, the restrictions put in place follow the same route as with Google & our staff will not be putting any payment information on these sites or any other sites they may be partners with them while they allow the manipulation of attacks on this site for hiding the truth in our reviews from being findable over the more popular search engines.

Outside of the new blocks on search engines that were apparently necessary, we decided to remove some previous blocks from search engines that were previously blocked (without any public notification about it).  Traffic from those search engines are now allowed to access the site again (without hitting the 403 page first) & we'll start searching for another analytical service that is more reliable than the better known ones.

There are various expectations of how this happened, most expected to be retaliation & targeted cover-up to boycotts published as a result of their actions.  The latest boycott ended up being against Epic Games, which makes that boycott highly unlikely to ever being ended, including the expectation that we might remove the restrictions against games developed using their engine in a few years, which for the time being now has that restriction locked (meaning it won't be ending while the boycott remains in place) while this site continues to be restricted from being listed on search engines as a result of aggressive manipulation of legal & reporting of sites that are allowing it to happen & be successful in their cover-up tactics.  Outside of Epic Games, Bandai/Namco is another high-level gaming company that is expected to be a high possibility for being responsible in it's negation from search engines.

As it's expected any recommended search engines are likely going to be the next targets for purges of our site from their databases, we will not be publicly recommending any more search engines, only continuing to list search engines that are no longer accepted to access this site anymore as a result of their actions.

Of course there will be a new post about this on our head admin's blog as well (specific to their Twitch/YouTube channels, but expected that it will be noted there also), while we already know it's going to be restricted from being listed in those search engines, it will at least allow followers of his Twitch & YouTube channel (those that follow the blog anyways) to be aware of the aggressive cover-up attacks from companies that have succeeded in their efforts to hide the truth against their companies.

UPDATE:  For the time being, we've decided to remove the block on Google, seeing as they are at least showing some results (which is better than what Bing, Yahoo & DuckDuckGo is doing), but ultimately I expect we will be blocking Google once again in the future (whether that will be sooner or later is still to be determined).  Note that this does not mean that Google has been re-added to the traffic whitelist (which protects hotlinking to data such as images, archives or on-site videos), this is only a removal of people getting a 403 page when clicking on a link from Google.


New boycott published against Epic Games in response to their change regarding V-Bucks, which locked that currency to the BR mode & it's shop, ripping off players that stuck to the StW mode & were saving that currency for use on Loot Llamas.


New review published on HDHomeRun antenna-to-LAN tuners, this extensive rewrite being in response to a rejected review submitted to Amazon, knowing we still needed to get the workaround published for those that were complaining about the tuners inability to be used during an internet outage in their own Amazon reviews, even if Amazon won't allow the workaround to the issue to be in a review submitted on their site.


It became clear that a number of our reviews that had been submitted to Google Maps have since started getting hidden from public viewing, only noticing this today, as we were expecting retaliation from Pizza Hut in response to a dispute filed with our bank against undelivered items, only later finding out that other reviews submitted in the past had also been hidden from public viewing.  In response to these hidden reviews on their system, it became a priority to get these republished ASAP, so a few new reviews being published (at least new to WonderGamer.net, how long the reviews were hidden on Google Maps is still unknown...).

New reviews published for:

Update 11/23/2021

New review published for the PC/Epic Games of Dauntless.

Update 8/7/2020

We recently became aware of a misclassification being made by the Norton Safe Web browser extension that is classifying most of the site with the Caution flag; we've run into this in the past & was able to get it corrected, but things appear to be a bit different this time around...  Note that there is nothing on the site that is malicious, however we review some sensitive subjects & it's expected this is why Norton is acting on hairtrigger instincts to flag sites as being malicious (let's face it, Norton has a reputation for false positives).  We've attempted to appeal this slander, but as of yet have been unsuccessful to even file an appeal due to repeated Internal Server Error. Please try again in some time. errors every time an appeal is filed.  For this reason we are now informing our viewers of the misclassification & that we are attempting to get it resolved, but with little success due to technical issues on their site.

Note that some of us that administer the site still use Norton & this is how we became aware of the slanderous claim currently being made by Norton; this current situation might actually push the rest of us that use it to another security suite if we have to take that route.

Typoes corrected 8/2/2021

Update 7/7/2020

We recently noticed that the changes on the Twitch website resulted in embedded videos getting broken on this site, we will be working to get these fixed ASAP.  If we find we can't get them fixed, we may resort to standalone links to the videos on Twitch, they may be embedded from YouTube instead or just uploaded to here for download and/or streaming from the site itself.

UPDATE:  After a number of attempts to fix this, it became clear we would not be able to fix embedding of videos from Twitch, this appears to be broken (possibly intentionally) on their side.  With Twitch being the only remaining channel to be embedded into the Live! page (gaming broadcasts from media sharing services), we regretfully determined that it was time to retire this page, while still technically on the site (just in case embedding happens to get fixed again in the future), we have removed it from standard navigation & it will no longer be accessible without a direct URL.

Additionally, the other pages that had embedded Twitch videos on them will be having a number of changes to them to provide alternatives to the broken embedding from Twitch, while leaving the original links to the videos on Twitch still on the page (even if embedding will no longer be provided to Twitch itself):

Additionally, we may end up publishing a new review of Twitch regarding discontinued functions, likely a comparative review to provide alternative media sharing sites that still provide those functions & to save the trouble of searching them out for Twitch streamers who have already gotten shafted by these changes.

Update 2/29/2020

With new reviews currently being written to be published, we've been looking at the statistics for Google Webmaster Tools & have tallied (based on charts between Google & Bing's Webmaster Tools) that Google is negating search results for over 96% of the site.  Because of this reason, it's been determined that it's time to start blocking traffic from Google, meaning all traffic from a Google source will start receiving 403 errors once this is put in place.  This change is expected to start taking affect within the next week, the 403 page will be updated to include traffic from Google as being a reason you may be hitting that page.

Update 4/5/2019

New review added to eBay Blacklists for eBay seller flowersbud / flowersblossoms / whitelight2016 / qpamzyti-0.

Update 3/9/2019

We were hit with a bitcoin extortion attempt on 1/18/2019, needless to say we aren't going to be pressured by internet terrorists, the attempt was promptly sent to the Internet Crimes Division of the FBI through their online complaint form.  So if we're making this matter public now, why did we wait so long to make it public in the first place?  Let's just say we wanted to give the FBI time to track down these cyber criminals before tipping them off their extortion attempt had been forwarded to the Federal Bureau of Investigation to bring this pond scum to justice.  For anybody else who thinks they are going to gain from extortion attempts directed at us, take this as a warning we don't care what information you are claiming to have, you will be reported to the appropriate authorities & those reports will be updated to a higher severity in any case that said information is released to the public.

UPDATE:  About 2 weeks after the last update, we received yet another bitcoin extortion attempt.  As should have been expected, this attempt was also sent to the Internet Crimes Division of the FBI.  At this point we have set up filters to auto-delete these emails, seeing as we don't have any functions on the site where money is paid to it, there is no reason we should be getting emails claiming any form of currency is necessary.  This means we won't be filing any more reports on these matters, however we won't be seeing them anymore either (unless they somehow slip past our filters).

Rule of thumb when it comes to scams is any demand for money is a red flag, any limited time to pay is a red flag & any threat to release information they may claim to have is a red flag.  The biggest red flag is when it's stated that bitcoin is the only payment method, not reputable company is going to require that you pay with bitcoin (much less a Government agency).  Bitcoin is the preferred method for scammers to receive funds from victims, because it's virtually untraceable.  Any extortion attempts on the internet should be reported through an internet crimes complaint with the FBI at IC3.gov, don't let cyber crimes draw you in to being one of their victims.

In the future, we may start writing articles on various cyber crimes to watch out for & how to avoid them, as well as how to report them when you receive them.  These articles are going to require some changes on the site however, the current structure won't allow for such a system, it may have to be written on a sub-section of the site (as a few others already have been). 

Update 2/13/2019

New review added to eBay Blacklists for eBay seller amazingprice18.

Update 8/2/2018

You may have noticed that a number of the webcounters are currently down (okay, all of them are down), this appears to have been caused by a server failure with the host of those counters.  In a statement from the webmaster of that site:

My old server finally became unusable, so I'm moved everything to a more up-to-date virtual cloud server. Not everything works as it used to, like the gallery, but it's high time I updated everything. So this site will be getting a makeover (after I do so for a few other sites I host). Web Counters are running again, but will be getting a new user interface in time as well, maybe finally using some of the untapped features from the last technology upgrade.

We are currently waiting for this to be resolved, it might be possible we'll need to edit every single counter on the site to get the images to work properly, it is currently uncertain whether the counter is retaining old page view counts or continuing to increase with new views, I am currently watching the situation to see when I start working to get the counters working again (if anything needs to be done on my side).

Update 4/29/2018

A few things to go over during this update:

We are still attempting to resolve the situation regarding indexing on Google...  At this point we have branched out to submitting results also to Bing (and likely other search engines in the future), which apparently also includes Yahoo.  Until we can determine why over half of the site is getting marked as duplicate pages, we are going to have a hard time getting this matter resolved, Google doesn't really give a lot of details to help determine what is causing it...

Indexing results will later be moved from the public sitemap to an external spreadsheet (we will still provide a link for public viewing, of course), this will be easier & quicker to update rather than doing full site pushes just to update indexing results on a single page & hopefully will help somewhat with the de-indexing issue...

Click here for update archives

Update 3/6/2018

It appears that search engines have officially dropped the home page from being the top result when doing a search for site:wondergamer.net, so I'm spending extended time to try & get this problem corrected.  While I am still working on this update, the following will be true when completed:

I will be looking at getting a sitemap up later that the crawlers will be able to read.  As the de-indexing issue continues to be a problem, expect more delays on the content that should be getting on the site, as apposed to continuous updates of technical issues that are out of my control to fix...

Update 1/31/2018

Seeing as the de-indexing issue still is presenting itself to be a problem, it could be some time before I start getting gaming database information on the site...  For now I've decided if anything, I need to get the sitemap on the site (even if it's far from completed), if only to gain exposure on the de-indexing problems with search engines (currently these checks are only being done on Google, but due to a bot-check that assumes you must be a bot after a number of searches, it could take weeks to fully check the site for indexing issues).  A link to the sitemap can be found at the bottom of the home page (which isn't much of a sitemap currently, over 80% of the site is still missing from it), which so far it's main purpose is to detail pages that are currently found not to be in search engines (this will be built on as I have time to do index checks).

Update 12/20/2017

I've gotten a bit behind on site updates, so let's see if I can't get these all in one update rather than making 4 different updates on one day:

Update 12/16/2017

In response to an issue of MASS search engine de-indexing of pages on this site (expected to be a cyber attack by those that are trying to hide information published on this site, either because their actions were publicly disclosed, negative reviews or public boycotts), I decided it's time to get a sitemap up.  You might be asking why a sitemap would be relevant to pages getting de-indexed?  What it comes down to is I've been spending the last few weeks fighting this problem, quietly making updates to get those pages re-indexed, which might work for a short time, but they eventually disappear from search engines again (the Location review of the South 67 Condos disappearing from search engines in under a day at times).  I don't see much reason in continuing to fight the de-indexing at this point, I will just work on getting new reviews up regarding the cyber attacks to get them de-indexed if it continues to happen.

Back to the site index, there is going to be 2 purposes in publishing this:

If you want to get right down to it, this is a list to both make navigating the site easier from a single page & to call out the search engines for de-indexing pages without a good reason (likely the reason for it is complaints filed to search engines to have the pages de-indexed as those individuals/companies don't like what is published, trying to hide the facts even when the evidence is in the review itself...something the search engines apparently are not taking into account when they decide to de-index a page, but I will note it's not just reviews/boycotts that are getting hit, MOD download & patch pages are also getting hit).

Currently the list is on the site, but not linked off of any page in particular, I don't intend on providing a link until I've at least gotten every page listed that should be viewable to the public (in one way or another).  There will be a number of pages (as well as other downloadable content, such as videos or archives) that will not be listed in this list, but it's likely the hidden content will be listed elsewhere on the site (likely on the pages they are published on).  When a link is provided, it will show at the bottom of the home page just under the counter (and News Archives link).

Update 10/3/2017

Today I start putting in the changes to this site that I originally wanted my site to be, that will be adding game information.  I'm going to start with some older game enhancers, later I'll continue with cheat codes, tips, bestiaries, walkthroughs, etc.  The new section can be found using the Games button at the top of most pages, it will be built on as I have time to work on those pages.

Update 9/6/2017

All reviews of adult-oriented content has been moved off of the main site to a sub-section of WonderGamer.net.  There will be no link to this section on the main site itself, but it can still be found in search engines (starting with Google, eventually on others).  Considering I am working towards creating various game walkthroughs, stat sheets, cheat code databases & so on for various games, I want the main part of the site to be family-friendly (at least as much as it can be with the toxic nature of situations that caused a number of these reviews to be written & published), so removing the adult-content reviews from the main site was a means to protect younger individuals from viewing that content.  Eventually I may add links to mods or patches that will allow uncensored content or nude textures to the adult sub-section of the site, however I have a number of other things I need to get out of the way before listing those will become a priority.  One other thing to state is that my host won't allow adult-content to be hosted on their servers (my site), so any adult-oriented mods/patches will need to be hosted off of a third-party site.

Update 7/6/2017

New review added for Destiny.  This is also what lead up to the boycott currently running against Bungie.

I have a few more game reviews I'm intending on getting published, just need to find the time to write them...

Update 6/24/2017

I have put a restriction in place that is going to break all downloads of archive (ZIP & RAR) files on this site unless accessed from pages on the site itself.  This was done to break hotlinking of those files from sites that were discrediting this site for hosting mirrors for those files.  What this means is that all external site hotlinks will no longer work, typing the URL directly into your browser will no longer work, going directly to the download from a browser favorite/bookmark will no longer work & linking to the download through an anonymizer service will no longer work; there is the possibility that if you are using a service or plugin that discards referrals, this would also effect your ability to download them.  To download an archive file, go to the download page itself.  All previously whitelisted direct-download hotlinks have been removed.

NOTE:  Avoid trying to download archive files through an HTTPS connection for the time being, I haven't managed to get this to work under the new restriction yet...

Fixed the Battlefield v1.50 patch download again...  My host keeps deleting the file from the server, so for the time being it's being linked off of another site; I may attempt providing a mirror for the patch again in the future by breaking the patch up into smaller parts if the external mirrors for the patch are no longer available...

Update 5/3/2017

As of 5/2/2017, I have started expanding the amount of search engines that I'm submitting pages on my site to, this comes in response to the fact that Google apparently is unwilling to index certain pages on my site.  I originally attempted Yahoo, but when the URL crawl submittal page was timing out, I decided to move on to Bing.  While I didn't like Bing in the beginning, it seems I have thus far had no problems with getting my site indexed in their search engine (verifying that some of the pages that Google won't index, Bing has without problems), so I've added the site verification meta tags to my site to make things easier in getting my site indexed by them, as well as I have adjusted the referral whitelist so visitors from Bing search results won't have a problem with 403 referral errors making them think they've been banned (at least with certain referral-restricted content, archives such as RARs & ZIPs are still restricted from hotlinking unless I have manually added those sites as an acceptable referral source for those file types).  I am now putting down Bing as a secondary search engine for personal use, possibly even making it my primary in the near future if I find the results on Bing are more accurate (and less censored) than Google.

5/6/2017 EDIT:  Scratch that...  Looks like after I made this statement, Bing is also censoring the same pages that Google is.  I will be closing my Bing webmaster account at this point, deleting Bing favorites/bookmarks in my browser & later be pulling the verification meta tags from the site, as well as revoking Bing from the hotlink whitelist.  Thank you VERY much Bing for wasting several hours of my life adding the webmaster verification code to every page on my site, only to find you're going to do the same thing Google is (the reason why I opened an account with Bing in the first place).

Update 3/17/2017

Due to NUMEROUS attacks on my reviews on Steam, I am making a rush effort to move all reviews from Steam to here to get them away from Steam's easily-abused review system.  All reviews will be done on this site from now on, I won't bother putting them on Steam anymore & I expect Steam will continue to lose further users writing legitimate reviews, to the point that Steam's review system is just going to become a distasteful nightmarish memory when all that's left are one-liner troll-trash reviews that don't have anything to do with the games themselves.

Reviews added thus far to WonderGamer.net:

Update 3/13/2017

New review added for Pokemon GO.

Update 3/9/2017

New review added on Steam review attacks, expected to be caused by 2K in retaliation to the current boycott against them.  Seems they'd sooner deal with the hassle of attacking former-customers & getting further information published about their misconduct as a professional company rather than fixing the issue with Evolve & getting it over with...  Were they to fix the problem with Evolve, I would end the boycott & remove the boycott page against them (including each individual review against their games with boycott information), but the 2 reviews that are currently up (1 site review & 1 company review), those are there to stay (with more to come later if it continues), but they can still be updated with information stating the issue ended up getting resolved...if it ever comes to that, but their lack of initiative to fix the issue, retaliation to the situation & poor rate of satisfaction on BBB complaints would only indicate that that probably won't ever happen...

Update 3/8/2017

Update 3/2/2017

Due to the change in raw access logs by my host from IP addresses to hostnames, raw access logs will no longer be getting updated or published publicly; what is there already will stay there, but there won't be any new additions to them when related to the site.  Raw access logs will still be possible on DDoS attacks (via modem logs) & account theft attempts (via email notification), however.

Over a period of 2 months, I have added well over 300 new entries to the Hacker ban list, a good number of them being in the ranges, so you could potentially be looking at millions of IPs getting banned.  Hacking attempts have gotten particularly bad on this site over the past 2 months, but that in no way means I'm going to give up on blocking them from this site; this unfortunately means that a good number of people that may not deserve being banned are getting banned regardless, this is where the appeal system needs to be used.  A fairly large edition to the Hacking IP blacklist is the hostname ban list; as with all IPs listed on that list, all hostnames have also been banned from this site.

Update 2/28/2017

Due to abuse of hotlinking on ZIP files, I have already had to disable 2 previously whitelisted domains from accessing those files, including both Google & Facebook.  At this point I'm attempting to break hotlinking on that one file completely, meaning the only way it will be able to be downloaded will be from the page it's listed on on this site.  I'm certain those who are posting these links are already aware of what file I'm talking about, I'll soon be cutting off direct URL downloading as well if it continues.

Update 2/23/2017

New boycott started on 2K, this comes in response to their assumption that the matter is resolved after the BBB complaint against them had closed.  The problem was not resolved when the BBB complaint was closed & it was stated in their support ticket after I made another reply to it about the situation not being resolved that the ticket had already been closed, so it's time to get this boycott public & running.  Should the problem with Evolve ever be resolved, I may end the boycott, but until then, no further purchases out of my own wallet will be going towards any 2K product or franchise.

Update 2/5/2017


Directly after the republication of the 2K.com site review (mentioned in the last update), WonderGamer.net started displaying the effects of what appeared to be a DDoS attack, which was first noticed when I attempted to push a reparative update.  These attacks do not only effect my site, but also others on the same server (over 200 last I checked).  I quickly contacted my host to make them aware of it so they could put counter-measures into effect, then placed the following note on IsItDownRightNow to let my normal viewers know the situation:

I am aware the site is currently running slow, I have already contacted my host reporting a possible DDoS attack. Issue started happening directly after republishing the 2K.com site review, 2K is expected to be responsible for the attack.

After that I started doing a continuous ping test to WonderGamer.net so I could verify when it was stable enough to push the reparative update, including this news alert written while it was down during the attack.

Update 1/31/2017

New review written on 2K.com regarding Support Avoidance & Forum Bans.  This review written after a connection issue in Evolve that has lasted a few months already...

Also expect a MASSIVE increase in raw access logs going up to support the IP ban list, as there has been over 20 IPs (or ranges) I have had to ban this month & this was just from periodic checking when I did small updates.  My host has changed the way these are reported from IP addresses to host names, so the format for that page has changed & I'm now having to rely on hostname bans when I can not determine an IP from the hostname.  Unfortunately a hostname ban is going to be exempt from ban appeals, as I won't be able to unban an individual from being wrongfully banned if I can't even find their IP address in the ban list due to being a hostname ban (one that I couldn't determine IP address from the hostname) instead.

EDIT:  Due to the open BBB complaint against 2K, publication of those raw access logs & further IP bans from them in the month of January will be postponed until the BBB complaint is closed as it is higher priority.

Update 1/22/2017

A new review has been written regarding false revenue reports on HtmlsRank.com.

Update 1/16/2017

New review added on Pokemon Shuffle, I should have one up on Pokemon GO soon as well.  At this point I'm working on getting all my reviews transferred over to this site (when I have spare time) so they'll all be in one place.

Update 12/10/2016

I have added another user to the eBay users blacklist, turns out this was another eBay account by the same seller I had an issue with when I started the blacklist.  When it's verified that a user on the blacklist has multiple accounts, it will be pointed out what accounts have been verified as such at the bottom of the user page giving information as to what happened & why they're blacklisted.

Also I've noticed that somebody appears to be using Google URLs to make direct links to ZIP files on the site, expected to be the same situation as the last site that was discrediting my site for providing a mirror to those files.  While I really would have rather not had to do it, I've removed all Google domains that were previously on the hotlinking whitelist to battle this; I may re-enable those later if I can determine they are no longer using that method...

Update 11/22/2016

New review added on Securi.net.  The site appears it isn't that reliable when it comes to site detections of malware & apparently thinks this site has been hacked based on a single word found on the news update (currently found in archives) stating details about the review & boycott of Sanctuary RPG & Black Shell Games.  They were contacted about this over their Facebook page & failed to fix the problem in a timely manner, so now I'm going to make good on my statement that I would be publishing a review of their site if they didn't fix the issue.

Update 11/6/2016

It appears that somebody has started monitoring of this site using Uptime.com...  I for one have not put in this request, so unless it was my host that did it, it's been done without my permission & under misrepresentation as being the owner of the site (apparently the site doesn't use metadata verification); only the host of a site would have legal right to go over the webmaster's head.  If I find out it wasn't the host that did it, I'm intending on blocking referral traffic from this site in the near future.

I've reverted back to the standard template for text, seeing as it seems pretty obvious the person requesting a color-scheme change isn't going to get back to me on the rough draft that was on the home page for nearly a month.  If I do take another whack at color-scheme changes, I'm going to need to make sure whoever is requesting it is serious about it...

Update 10/26/2016

A new Twitch blacklist has been published, in response to a number of attacks/harassment from an angry deviant retaliating to being publicly named as a spammer on the Dragon Ball XenoVerse review & reported to Bandai/Namco for it. This is expected to be EPICMINECRAFT25, as he continued to harass over PSN messages after he was contacted once regarding the spamming & his comments over PSN aren't far off from the two accounts that prompted the publication of this list, so I expect he got at least a temp ban on his PSN account when I reported the harassment on his PSN messages, now he's retaliation to it over other networks. Were it just Bandai/Namco he had to deal with, I don't think he would have had anything to worry about as it seems Bandai/Namco is ignoring the spamming issue (or any other griefing issue in DBX), but he decided to push it to the point that I could report the matter to PSN as well, so his retaliation I expect granted a temp ban on his PSN account & perhaps a permanent ban on Twitch.

Update 10/25/2016

New website reviews added on BBB.org & CigaretteSmokeDetector.com.

I have also published new reviews for Bandai/Namco & Twitch, which are just the original reviews that were published to the BBB, however they got censored to hell & pretty much useless after the BBB published them, so this gives a means of those reviews still have some sort of meaning; this censoring on these reviews is what led up to the review being written on the BBB.

Update 10/18/2016

New review added for HomeDepot.com.

I am still waiting on a response from the individual that requested a theme change on the site because they stated the light text on dark background hurt their eyes, as I was asking their opinion on the rough draft applied to the home page before I made this change to the entire site. I'll wait perhaps a month after their last contact where they stated they would look at it after work (about a week ago), then I'll revert the template back to what it was before I changed it (at least I have a backup of it before the change was made, however I'll have to add new news entries to the backup after being restored.

Update 10/13/2016

eBay user blacklist is now live. I still have a couple more sellers to add to this list, however I've gotten details of one of the most deceiving sellers up & running for the time being. I will likely be starting one of these on Amazon users also, seeing a I ran into some dirty dealings on there as well that I still have some of those details on.

Update 10/12/2016

A user of this site chose to contact me about the color scheme, stating that the light text on dark background hurt their eyes. Seeing as this contact wasn't a scam, spam or written threats/attacks, I listened & am working on a new color scheme to make it easier to read. My site for the time being does not have customizable themes, which is something I'll look into in the future, but for now I'll target what was said by this user to see what I can do about their request. The first page will be the home page, which you are looking at now, where I am going to ask for the users opinion regarding the change. If acceptable, I'll start doing the same to every page on the site, however it will likely need to be done in multiple updates rather than a single one as I'll need to make this change to every informational section of each page.

Update 10/9/2016

At this point the situation regarding attacks on my YouTube channel has been determined as coming from Bandai/Namco in retaliation to the (mostly negative) review of Dragon Ball XenoVerse, so due to the problems they are causing me through abuse of the YouTube report function, I have made a number of updates to WonderGamer.net to address those attacks. This update includes updates to 3 different YouTube reviews, the review on Dragon Ball XenoVerse, a new review on Bandai/Namco & a new boycott against Bandai/Namco.

Update 10/5/2016

I have started copying over the PSN Griefer blacklists by PSN username, publishing a link to their PSN account details (game stats mostly) & screenshot/video proof of their griefing. It will take some time to complete this list as there are literally hundreds of scumbags I have run into over my short PS3 gaming history, so it will take quite some time before I can move onto the Steam Griefer blacklist (there is currently one related to forum activity with a few videos of gameplay griefing in it, however those few videos will be moved to the new blacklist once it's been publlished).

Update 10/3/2016

I've added a new section to IP Blacklists which also includes MAC addresses in addition to IP addresses of those attackers when I'm able to grab them (which is pretty simple through my home modem, however it's another matter on this site), aptly named as the DDoS Blacklist; the addition of MAC addresses makes it pretty simple to tell when they are using a proxy to change their IPs to try & throw people off & also makes it pretty obvious that that IP is a shared connection as WhatIsMyIPAddress sometimes lists.

I've also posted a new YouTube review regarding their flagging an inactive stream page, where the email of a video being deleted wasn't exactly accurate. As a result of this, all videos on my YouTube channel has been changed to unlisted & re-listed privately on Blogspot (which can only be accessed by request via Gmail account), which will hopefully minimize further expected abuse of the report function. The Wall of Shame videos will be moved to this site under individual pages under the Blacklists section, while Technical Difficulty videos will be appended to reviews of games relevant to those videos (a new review will be written for that game if needed; I need to transfer over my reviews from other sites anyways). The next step for the time being however will be to file a complaint against YouTube with the BBB.

Update 8/23/2016

On Feb. 15, 2015, I wrote a review on the game Sanctuary RPG: Black Edition on GOG, which was more of a review on the dishonest business practices of the developer, Black Shell Games. The review was quickly defaced by the GOG staff after a complaint from the developer regarding the bluntness of the review; I have been boycotting the company every since & decided it was time to move that review to this site in the form of a public boycott against the company. There will be a number of others going up of dishonest companies using similar tactics, however this was the first one I wanted to target & make sure the information got up pronto before I worried about any others pulling similar stunts.

Update 7/22/2016

A few more reviews have been added, 2 about cell phone emulators (Andyroid & Bluestacks) & one on the Steam gaming platform.  All these reviews can be found under Reviews > Websites.

Also added another missing navigation bar I missed previously at the top of one of the review index pages, that should be working as intended now.

Update 7/17/2016

Product reviews are now live.  This is a separate section from Video Game reviews, so those reviews will still have a dedicated page to game reviews.  Adding this page is going to require updates to a number of other review pages due to the added navigation tree, so the addition of these reviews will be done in two site updates to add the additional tree to pages in a two-tier+ hierarchy.

Update 6/27/2016

Due to the sheer amount of trolls infesting the Steam forums & one of the threads I attempted to make during the 2016 Summer Sale getting nothing but trolls infesting it, I decided it was time to publish a Steam Community Trolls blacklist.  This will be built as time goes on & currently I only have a small amount of the attacks I have gotten since I opened my Steam account, so currently what is on this list is limited...

Update 6/6/2016

I've spent over a week going over 4 months of raw access backlogs, banning a combination of over 200 IPs addresses (including individual & ranges; default ranges cover 256 or 65536 single IP addresses, normally it's not the lower number) for bots & hackers attacking the site & listing those IPs on the associated blacklists on this site.  Because of the numerous ranges of IP bans I've added to the site, there's a good chance a number of people got banned that didn't deserve it, this is why there's an appeal system available.  The appeal system works as follows:

I've also completed a few more reviews on the site, those are now published.  Further plans for the site is to add game strategies, databases, cheat codes, move lists (fighting games mainly) & so on, however I haven't found the time to even start this yet...

Update 5/24/2016

I've revamped multi-reviews (pages that link from multiple review categories) so they have proper navigation links at the top of each page, as well as at the bottom; navigation links at the bottom of these pages will differ in the fact that there will be a separate Home link with additional Back/Next links per category for those that have more than one review in them (currently on YouTube reviews are relevant with this) & lacking an Up link.  Multi-reviews will no longer open in a new window/tab & instead function as most of the rest of the site does (with the exceptions aforementioned).  I've also added missing navigation links to any page that was over a two-tier navigation structure.  Added Home link at the bottom of the News Archive page, but lacks navigation links outside of the Home link due to being opened in a new window/tab (accessed by clicking on the counter at the bottom of the home page).

Added missing review links I forgot to add on Twitch.TV/YouTube review indexes in the last update.

A few reviews have been updated & completed; completion of reviews only pertain to WIP reviews (only one has been on this site so far) that I hadn't been able to find the documentation I was looking for to complete it.

A number of links/pictures that were linking to dead web addresses have been updated with archived results of those pages from Wayback Machine (those that I could find results for, anyways).

Update 5/18/2016

A review has been added about community media sites (such as YouTube & Twitch.tv) detailing discriminatory practices they claim are copyright infringement penalties to your channels should anything you upload have something in them they can flag without thinking about it.  This is also a stance against those practices, where I am hoping others will follow my steps against it & perhaps get those sites to change their ways & actually consider whether media in our videos requires the retribution they are imposing on us when perhaps that media should be in the video & they are out of line in penalizing us for it being in our videos regardless of whether it was intentionally put in the video or not.

A few other reviews have also had updates to them.

Update 5/8/2016

Review has been added for the PS3 version of Dragon Ball XenoVerse.  Due to an apparent lack of interest from Bandai/Namco to give people playing their game a way to ignore/report griefers in the game, the review is (usually) getting updated multiple times a day in the Spammer Rant section of the review, where spammers are getting listed by their PSN usernames with screenshot/video proof of their spamming & (in some cases) their replies to being notified their spam has been brought to the attention of the publishers.

Update 12/9/2015

Given the fact that WhatIsMyIPAddress appears to be blocking comments to their page via my IP address, I've decided it's time to start creating my own IP blacklists on hacking attempts on my personal site rather than relying on them to keep records of those attempts; I have also removed reference to them from my 403 page stating that records of attempted hacking attempts were being posted to that site when I noticed them in my logs.  This blacklist has been around for a very long time in the form of a ban list on this site; while only the FTP Password Generator attempts were publicly visible up until now, now I'm going to be publishing a list of other attempts that granted a ban from this site.  Raw access logs will be provided when I have them (I'll be adding these as I go back to pull them; the lists come first, then the logs), however I currently only have back to November of this year when I had to do a domain transfer to fix the privacy issue.

Update 12/4/2015

Getting a bit tired of Microsoft Technical Support scammers trying to scam me over my home phone, so decided it was time to start a Phone Blacklist so people are aware of not only the scam, but also numbers that I have received this scam from (at least the ones I have logged).  If you find your number listed on this blacklist & wish for it to be removed, make a request through the Contact link at the bottom of home page (removal requests will only be honored if it can been verified that the number has changed hands since I received a scam attempt from that number).

Update 12/2/2015

News Archives page has been added; only the 5 most recent updates will show on the home page now, older updates can be found by clicking on the counter at the bottom of the page.  Some important notices in the marquee above will link to the news archives page.

Update 11/25/2015

Steam blacklists were added today, along with some minor corrects/formatting changes on various pages.  There won't likely be another update tomorrow, so Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Update 11/12/2015

I noticed I had some downloads (patches & MODs) failing when I looked a the site access logs, so I attempted to get them fixed ASAP.  The problem actually wasn't the file itself, but rather the HTML character substitutions somehow got discarded.  Those downloads should be fixed now.  If you notice any files are failing when you attempt to download them from this site, feel free to contact me using the Contact link at the bottom of the home page.

EDIT:  Location reviews are also live now, more will be added over time.

Update 11/7/2015

New review added for RapidGator.net, don't get scammed by shady business tactics.  I have also updated the virus blacklist after getting attacked by a third-party site while visiting ConsoleToPCgame.com; the attack was blocked by Norton under the definition of "Web Attack: Facebook Fake Survey" from widgetmonetize.net.

I'm considering adding a game tips section to the site, which was the original intention back when I registered by original domain of WonderGamer.com (which was sold to a reseller when I was unable to pay the bills to keep the site up; I didn't intend on paying thousands of dollars to re-acquire what was originally mine).  Some of those tips once added to my site may refer to other sites, however this should help gamers in finding other sites that may have the helpful gaming information they are looking for.

One task I'm considering is creating a news archive that will move older updates from this page to an archive page, this should help in tidying up the home page so it's not one long list of updates.  I have plans to put some more interesting information on the home page, however all it's been used for at this point is navigation, news & a means for people to be able to contact us.

Update 10/29/2015

And we're back!  As you may have noticed, the site was down for a few days.  This was because of a privacy issue I needed to do a domain transfer to get corrected.  Unfortunately this meant the site was going down for a few days since I needed to completely rebuild the site.  The plus side is I made a backup of the site a day or two before the transfer started; once I regained FTP access, I started to restore the site.  The DNS records still needed to be updated to get the domain to point to the new servers, but at this point everything should be running fine.

Update 10/25/2015

I've started adding boycotts to WonderGamer.net, however I still have a lot of work to do to transfer over the boycotts I backed up from Xfire before the community platform was shut down.  I will be adding Shoutboxes (or at least some kind of user response system) to each boycott later on once I've figured out how I'm going to mitigate spambots & expected harassment on response forms.  I may even start adding response forms to other pages later on if I can find something that works well; further updates on that later if it does happen.

Update 10/4/2015

I have added a YouTube widget that will link to my live stream when I am broadcasting to it.  Currently live streams are rare done on YouTube, but it is used occasonally when Twitch is not accepting my stream (normally due to 500 errors) & I have to use another service.

Currently I am trying to find a way to embed my Steam broadcast into my site also, however haven't found an embed option anywhere...  In the mean time I have included a link on the Live Gameplay page, I will embed the stream once I have figured out how to.

Update 2/22/2015

Today we take a public stance against indoor smoking in shared residential buildings.  We at WonderGamer.net would like to request your help in putting a stop to this matter & for the rights of non-smokers everywhere.  Further details can be found at iPetitions:

Petition by iPetitions

If the link above doesn't take you to the petition, try this one:

Update 1/30/2015

Steam has apparently decided to classify my site as malicious; I only found this out when I attempted to link an image from my site to the Hyperdimension Neptunia forum on the following issue:  http://steamcommunity.com/app/282900/discussions/0/611696927919598404/

This is a fraudulent miscategorization & I intend to follow up on it with vALVE directly.  There are three possible reasons I can think of that they might be doing this:

I assure you there is no malicious content on my site & you can check this yourself through various site scanners; I will provide you with one myself that I learned about from checking my access logs that others have used on my site:  http://evuln.com/tools/malware-scanner/www.wondergamer.net

Due to Steam slandering my site, I will in turn be blocking all links from both the Steam store & communities; if Steam does end up unblocking the links after I contact them, you will be getting a message that you have been banned from the the site as I will be removing the hyperlink whitelisting for Steam.  To take this a step further, I am at this point ceasing all Steam trades & shutting down the Steam trades email address; trades will only be available to people within my friends list from this point on.  Whether I remove those blocks or not is going to be up to Steam; unfortunately the main users that are going to suffer from this are going to be the ones that were using my site as a mirror for the Borderlands Config Editor (this is where the majority of my traffic from the Steam website(s) have been coming from).

Update 6/3/2014

It has come to my attention that some people are discrediting my site for hosting files by using redirect services to make sure my site gets no recognition for the host of those files.  I have added a hotlinking block on ZIP files because this was happening through muchofiles.biz.  I have added a couple of whitelisted domains that have been linking to those downloads that have not discredited my site, some sites may still be effected.  If you would like to make a whitelist request, use the contact link at the bottom of this page & send an email with the subject HotLink Whitelist Request along with a link to the page where the link can be located so I can verify it's not a redirect.  If it is a redirect, an exception may be made if a note has been added who the hoster is.  Keep in mind that private links won't be accepted as I won't be able to verify them.

Still attempting to work out some kinks on the downloads.  Seems my host is causing some problems through an anti-DDoS method that keeps timing me out when uploading the files to the server & downloading them to verify they uploaded correctly.  Going to start uploading large files as parts to help avoid this problem in the future.

Update 5-26-2014

Noticed I was getting some 404 errors on some of the downloads, so I decided to get these fixed.  Also fixed the invalid links to the screenshots for the Call of Duty: United Offensive GUID blacklist, as well as external site links, navigation links, some of the forced size restrictions on some of the counters, updated a few lists & made sure mod downloads opened the download in a new window.

Soon to come:

I've also noticed a number of people trying to access guessed admin modules on the site.  Keep in mind that if I see these access attempts, you will be IP banned.  A good number of these have already been banned, I will likely be adding them to another Blacklist for public display later.

Update 8-8-2012

I decided to start adding game reviews to my site seeing as sites like GameSpot & Steam limit the amount of what can be said about a game due to character limitations, many times making me have to shorten my review.  This will allow me write my full reviews without having to shorten them just to make them fit on other sites.  I will likely be linking the partial reviews on those site to this site so nothing is left out.

Update 2-17-2012

A number of updates today.  I've added a number of patches that I had backed up so that people can download them from a high-speed server without having to settle for a low rate that many other sites may limit you to.  You will also find a few other patches for older games that may have you searching the web for hours otherwise.

I've also included MODs for a couple more games, so those are available now.

Update 12-20-2011

Been a while since I've done an update.  I've added two more sections to the site.  This includes a Downloads section & a section devoted to Xfire.

In the downloads section, you can find tools to aid you in gaming as well as hard to find MODs for various games (this will be added on to later).

In the Xfire section, I have included a live video section where people can see what I'm doing if I'm gaming at that time.  I have also included a modified sound pack that is basically the same as the classic sound pack, but I swapped the in-game message sound with the one in the current default pack (got tired of jumping a mile out of my seat whenever somebody messaged me while in game).  You can also find a link to the latest game update in the Xfire section if you are having problems downloading it through the messenger.  Instructions on how to install the latest game update can be found on the page where you download it from.