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For email updates on when the channel is running, please follow using your Twitch account.  Chat is only available on the channel itself (through an account with verified email), however streams can be viewed here if chatting during a stream is not of interest.  The channel accepts donations; provided enough is donated in a month, a game giveaway will be done at the end of the month (see full rules here, Google account required to access).

Past broadcasts (for games that I am still allowing archiving of stream; see Muted Videos section on channel for further details), highlights & uploads can be found on the videos page.  Eventually I may stop uploading game videos to YouTube if linking from Twitch to Steam ever becomes an option.

Streaming to YouTube is no longer done with gameplay or publicly due to attacks on my channel from Namco/Bandai claiming false information in response to the link in the description of the broadcast page linking to the review of Dragon Ball XenoVerse, not once, but twice (the second time the stream wasn't even running & could only be reached via direct URL, which would constitute as Internet Stalking).

In some cases I broadcast to Steam.  Currently I have not found a way to embed my Steam stream into, so in the mean time all I can provide is an external link:

NOTE:  Steam streams are limited when it comes to acceptable browsers; for further details, read the FAQs on viewing streams on Steam outside of the Steam client.

Last Update: 3/8/2017