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I decided to start this boycott because I got tired of Bungie ignoring every request I made on their forums, only to be harassed by the MANY trolls on their forums & Bungie choosing not to intervene regardless of how many harassment reports were made against them; for Bungie to see that happening & not get involved regardless of what their CoC states, I have to expect they condone those acts, especially when what's being suggested/stated is probably against their views (I guess I wouldn't know on that, I've never even received an official response to my threads; only trolls responding with remarks that would drive any sane person to the brink of insanity).

My main argument & suggestion about the first-person shooter Destiny was that if the game was not going to be released on PC, it should have proper keyboard/mouse support for PC gamers that actually went out & purchased the game on an console system (and in some cases, purchased a console system in order to play it; I have a friend that purchased both a PS4 & PS3 to be able to play this game with me) to be able to play it.  Bungie never responded to those requests, which only proved it wasn't even a matter of refusing to add this support, they wouldn't even acknowledge the request.  To make matters worse, every time one of those threads were posted, the trolls took advantage of the situation & used every chance they could to try & drive off users that suggested it.  Even if it was a minority request, they should have at least stopped the onslaught of harassment users got in making the request, yet I never saw Bungie once step in on such assaults & it only results in users leaving the forums never to be seen again because Bungie wasn't doing their job according to their CoC.

The forums themselves are poorly designed, not easy to navigate & an utter cesspool due to Bungie not enforcing their CoC letting trolls run rampant inflicting terror on decent users only driving them off from ever using the forums again.  The threads that I started that didn't regard proper keyboard/mouse support never did get responses, but those that did, if they got a response at all, turned into a troll-party with shit-flinging primates throwing their conceded opinions around, making you wonder if it was even worth requesting it in the first place.  Bungie should have stepped in & put a stop to these assaults, not let them continue even if they were just going to ignore the requests to begin with.  The lack of commitment to their customers to keep things civil on their forums & enforce their CoC is perhaps a larger scale problem than even the lack of proper keyboard/mouse support is because it effects everybody on the forums, not just those making requests that most console gamers are going to throw bigoted opinions most of the time saying you should stick to PC.

In any case I made a mistake in purchasing Destiny for the PS3 because I didn't want to wait for a PC version, got severely harassed by Bungie users for even requesting proper keyboard/mouse support, ignored by Bungie reps on those requests & any reports on forum users deciding to chastise people requesting that support disappears into a black void; I decided I'm done purchasing from Bungie.  I waited until shortly before The Taken King (expansion pack/DLC) was release when they did their pre-release patch a few days prior to it going live.  Still no proper keyboard/mouse support for the game, so I created a thread on the forums stating that I was no longer going to be purchasing from Bungie or playing Destiny anymore in response to their lack of commitment to even acknowledge the request, much less choose to refuse it being added.  The trolls were quick to jump no this thread, making it one HELL of a ride with no end in site.  Eventually I got tired of the harrassment & decided if Bungie is not going to enforce their CoC, then I might as well give the trolls some of their own medicine.  Of course as far as troll-logic is concerned, this only eggs them on & really isn't worth the effort put into attempting to teach them a lesson when they thrive on the attention.  When we got to about the 4th page of this never-ending assault (this was when the micro-transaction shop being added to Destiny was announced), I decided to remove the game from my PS3 as well as hiding achievements for Destiny on my PSN profile (I would rather not have that game on my profile with the treatment I got while being a customer).

In any case I'm done purchasing from Bungie.  Without proper keyboard/mouse support, I don't intend on putting anymore money into the Destiny franchise.  The fact that Bungie chose to ignore the request since the beta means I'm done purchasing from them also.  Also the fact that Bungie allowed human-filth to trollpile my threads doesn't help the issue either.  Destiny is dead to me & so is Bungie.  Whether this boycott sheds some light on the business-practices of the company or not, you be the judge & join me if you see the light.

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