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I decided to start this boycott because my World of Warcraft account got banned after it was stolen. I was unaware of the fact that my account was stolen in the first place, but it got perma-banned because the thief was buying/selling/advertising gold sales on it.

When I contacted Blizzard about it, they agreed that it appeared that my account was compromised & unbanned the account. I did however have to complete an account recovery form to remove the temporary block from my account (after being unbanned). They would not accept my form for retrieval however as the account was not registered under my name.

The account was registered under my bosses name at the Millcreek Gamerzz while I was volunteering as a Computer Technician. I wanted to get into the game ASAP & wasn't able to go buy the game because it was a Sunday. He told me I could take over his old store account which never got used; all I had to do was pick up the subscription. I had since added BC & WotLK to the account.

After this ban, I've lost well over $500, if not closer to $1000. To make matters worse, it appears that they have put a block on my email address when I tried to contact them via email because of the reports I had sent them that I originally thought were phishing attempts, so I was not able to respond to their email they sent me.

I decided that Blizzard would not get another cent from me. My attempt to start a boycott against Blizzard on the Xfire main forums turned out to be a flamepit waiting to happen, so I decided to start a cult on this where I could control/remove the trolls that showed up.

This boycott was later moved to my personal site after Xfire bit the dust, an unfortunate turn of events after a management change that forced the site to become a tournament-platform only, killing off the community platform before they managed to get enough of the community users to convert to the tournament system.

So this is my boycott: I will never buy another thing from Blizzard again. I still have the games from before the boycott, but I will not spend another cent on their merchandise.

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