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This list includes various numbers of unwanted calls such as scammers, extortionists or telemarketers:

Number Reason
011 882 16 2277 6352 High Fee Hang Up Scam
011 882 16 2277 6355 High Fee Hang Up Scam
011 882 16 2277 8318 High Fee Hang Up Scam
11 12 58 963258 Microsoft Technical Support Scammer
(201) 991-8699 Microsoft Technical Support Scammer
(202) 381-9029 IRS Scammer
(202) 381-9031 IRS Scammer
(202) 381-9038 IRS Scammer
(202) 381-9409 IRS Scammer
(202) 381-9413 IRS Scammer
(202) 381-9417 IRS Scammer
(202) 381-9419 IRS Scammer
(202) 381-9420 IRS Scammer
(202) 539-1538 IRS Scammer
(202) 836-9542 IRS Scammer
(206) 708-2849 IRS Scammer
(206) 777-1088 Microsoft Technical Support Scammer
(210) 714-3091 Collections Scammer
(212) 789-8523 Microsoft Technical Support Scammer
(217) 875-0042 Microsoft Technical Support Scammer
(248) 234-4006 Collections Scammer
(250) 785-1671 Microsoft Technical Support Scammer
(310) 356-9110 Microsoft Technical Support Scammer
(315) 667-5432 Computer Technical Support Scammer
(317) 960-1538 Debt/Collections Scammer
(331) 684-8780 Collections Scammer
(336) 515-2704 Microsoft Technical Support Scammer
(347) 305-7158 Billing Scammer
(385) 213-0278 Debt Scammer
(385) 213-0308 Debt Scammer
(385) 213-0339 Debt Scammer
(385) 316-1001 Charitable Organization Scammer
(385) 442-2679 Automobile Insurance/Warranty Scammer
(407) 250-3002 Computer Technical Support Scammer
(418) 877-8954 Apple Technical Support Scammer
(435) 339-6320 Extended Warranty Scammer
(435) 477-7310 Automobile Warranty Scammer
(435) 554-7724 Unknown
(435) 602-8291 Automobile Warranty Scammer
(439) 210-9139 Unknown
(440) 638-5676 Collections Scammer
(469) 210-9139 Unknown
(480) 405-0561 Social Security Scammer
(505) 975-9565 Text Scammer
(507) 372-5883 Computer Technical Support Scammer
(510) 256-0383 Charitable Organization Scammer
(510) 478-5214 Computer Technical Support Scammer
(512) 265-9576 Unknown
(512) 265-9590 Debt Scammer
(512) 265-9592 Collections/Debt/IRS Scammer
(512) 323-4218 Collections/Debt/IRS Scammer
(512) 532-8633 Collections Scammer
(512) 681-1599 Debt Scammer
(512) 906-3892 IRS Scammer
(520) 290-3741 Microsoft Technical Support Scammer
(585) 861-6359 Collections/Debt/IRS Scammer
(607) 304-4460 Debt/Collections Scammer
(608) 371-6666 Call Blocker Bypass
(617) 825-0674  Microsoft Technical Support Scammer
(623) 295-2427 Automated Survey System
(630) 318-4762 Microsoft Technical Support Scammer
(646) 968-9796 Automated Survey System
(660) 292-3643 Amazon Account Theft Scammer
(702) 583-5515 Microsoft Technical Support Scammer
(703) 214-4958 Amazon Account Theft Scammer
(707) 962-4224 Charitable Organization Scammer
(708) 389-0773 Computer Technical Support Scammer
(716) 301-0244 Internet Activity Legal Threat Scammer
(757) 658-1858 Text Scammer
(786) 629-9092 Microsoft Technical Support Scammer
(800) 228-4275 Apple Technical Support Scammer
(800) 253-2322 Debt Scammer
(800) 592-1160 Bank Scammer
(801) 210-9464 Social Security Scammer
(801) 223-0538 Social Security Scammer
(801) 247-9752 Social Security Scammer
(801) 262-2046 High-Scare Illegal Activity Scammer
(801) 262-4670 Apple Technical Support Scammer:
(801) 262-4718 Vacation Scammer
(801) 262-8399 Amazon Account/Identity Theft Scammer
(801) 266-1970 Social Security Scammer
(801) 276-0873 Health Insurance Scammer
(801) 284-1293 High-Scare Illegal Activity Scammer:
(801) 284-6919 Social Security Scammer
(801) 326-0548 Charitable Organization Scammer
(801) 330-5039 Microsoft Technical Support Scammer
(801) 335-9001 Text Scammer
(801) 349-1144 Charitable Organization Scammer
(801) 399-8118 Automobile Warranty Scammer
(801) 830-6569 Microsoft Technical Support Scammer
(801) 895-2790 Student Loan Forgiveness Scammer
(801) 972-1109 Debt Scammer
(804) 207-9503 Charitable Organization Scammer
(805) 233-6727 Refund Scammer
(831) 218-9096 Subscription Scammer
(843) 555-0170 Bill Discount Scammer
(844) 362-9238 Unknown
(844) 441-7400 Computer Technical Support Scammer
(844) 467-8693 Microsoft Technical Support Scammer
(844) 602-9053 Amazon Account Theft Scammer
(844) 705-4613 Debt Scammer
(844) 890-9215 Debt/IRS Scammer
(844) 890-9217 Debt/IRS Scammer
(845) 802-0203 Microsoft Technical Support Scammer
(855) 596-5686 IRS Scammer
(855) 596-5687 Unknown
(860) 918-0417 Microsoft Technical Support Scammer
(866) 236-7597 Social Security Scammer
(866) 394-4503 Dept/Collections Scammer
(866) 490-5501 Survey Scammer
(866) 580-4780 Microsoft Technical Support Scammer
(866) 677-2706 Collections Scammer
(877) 476-7538 Health Insurance Scammer
(877) 719-0723 Debt/IRS Scammer
(877) 815-3791 Unknown
(888) 224-1877 Microsoft Technical Support Scammer
(888) 521-1920 Amazon Account/Identity Theft Scammer
(888) 570-5970 Social Security Scammer
(888) 597-1366 Amazon Account/Identity Theft Scammer
(888) 829-3726 Charitable Organization Scammer
(888) 879-1451 Social Security Scammer
(916) 526-6409 Debt Scammer
(972) 666-7492 Computer Technical Support Scammer
(989) 777-1568 Microsoft Technical Support Scammer


Amazon Account Theft Scammer: Caller (usually an automated system) tells you that there is suspicious or fraudulent activity on your account (sometimes giving you a specified item & amount, which they claim has been blocked or put on hold until they can verify the transaction), stating you need to call them to have your account restrictions removed.  They attempt to gain personal information from  you when you call their number to clear the restrictions on your account, which is then used so they can either access your account, make fraudulent charges to your card or steal your identity & use it for their own fraudulent activity in your name.
Apple Technical Support Scammer: Tells you that your accounts and/or devices are compromised, attempts to steal your identity or charge you for bogus support.
Automated Survey System: A recording on the other end of the line requesting answers to pre-recorded questions.
Automobile Insurance/Warranty Scammer: Automated system claiming your insurance or warranty has been cancelled or lapsed, attempting to steal or personal information from a victim.
Bank Scammer: Calls telling you something is wrong with your bank account, attempts to gather information to steal from your accounts & commit identity theft.
Bill Discount Scammer: States that they can help you lower your bills through some false statement to gain personal information (identity theft).
Billing Scammer: Calls to tell you you are going to be charged for a bill you don't owe, many times an automated system.
Call Blocker Bypass: These calls are spoofed to a system that originally blocked a previous call (sometimes immediately after the call is blocked).  The number may be legit, but the scammers will spoof their number to get around being blocked.  It's safe to block the number in most cases, the legitimate system won't usually call you, however many times it's used to report numbers that didn't get blocked otherwise, stick to reporting unblocked numbers through web interfaces.
Charitable Organization Scammer: States they're collecting money for a good cause, however they're really only collecting the money for themselves.
Collections Scammer: States that you owe money on an increasing debt, attempts to get you to pay them or give you information to lower your rate.
Computer Technical Support Scammer: Individual tells you your computer is transmitting viruses over the internet, requests your IP/MAC address so he can fix it.
Debt/IRS Scammer: Calls you claiming you owe money & threatens legal action to pressure you into paying him what he says you owe.
Extended Warranty Scammer: Automated call stating you have an extended warranty that is about to expire or be canceled, this scam targets collection of personal information for identity theft & can sometimes result in money being taken from the victim under the ruse of renewing the warranty.
Health Insurance Scammer: A scam that is based off of the mention of health insurance, they attempt to not only steal money from you, they'll also attempt to commit identity theft.
High Fee Hang Up Scam: This is a prank where somebody calls you from a line, only letting it ring enough that you hear it, but are unable to pick up before they hang up.  The kicker in this is that you are left holding the bill if you attempt to call them back & calling back these numbers can hit you for thousands of dollars...
High-Scare Illegal Activity Scammer: Similar to other scare-tactic scams, this scam uses very aggressive scare-tactics to persuade you into taking the bait out of pure terror (about as close as you can get to a terrorist without them actually having the ability to cause actual harm, provided you don't bite on this attempt).  These are the type of calls that would allow you to get legal enforcement involved, provided you could track the origin of the call (many scam attempts are spoofed numbers).
Internet Activity Legal Threat Scammer: Calls claiming you are doing something over the internet that you can be prosecuted over.
Microsoft Technical Support Scammer: Same as a Computer Technical Support Scammer, however they specifically state they are with Microsoft.
Refund Scammer: Tells you you have a large sum of money coming back in a refund, usually due to some form of mishap that caused a purchase or coverage to be canceled.
Social Security Scammer: Social Security scams are done to steal your identity & misuse the information they steal (opening bank accounts, taking out loans in your name, etc).  This particular scam has been using all forms of contact, including (but not limited to), email, phone calls, text & websites.  The individual or automated system contacting you may claim to be a Social Security representative or other form of law enforcement.
Student Loan Forgiveness Scammer: Automated system stating you may be eligible to be "forgiven on student loans".
Subscription Scammer: Automated call stating your card is going to be auto-billed for a subscription at an excessively high rate, you need to cancel with them to avoid the charges
Survey Scammer: Calls requesting that you participate in a survey, usually not asking you if you have time to even participate.
NOTE:  This is usually only determined when verified other scams have been coming from this number.
Text Scammer: Text scammers are those who contact you via text rather than calling you.
NOTE:  Usually this listing will be paired with another reason regarding the scam, if not a screenshot of the text.
Vacation Scammer: Calls offering a free vacation, they get your information & sell it on the dark web or use it themselves to open loans using the information you provided them.
Unknown: Details regarding this scam are unknown, however have been verified through online searches.

List last updated 11/21/2022

Supporting information notes:

Note that a lot of the links giving supporting information go to the site of 800notes.com, this was a site I started using when Whitepage.com started becoming undependable when such comments were removed from their pages.  It's become apparent that 800Notes aren't accepting our comments on their site anymore, so we've started branching out to finding other sites that have information on these numbers backing up the statements on this blacklist to link as that information rather than sites that aren't accepting our comments and/or are deleting them & leaving the public uninformed & vulnerable to attacks that have already been reported to their sites.

Section added 4/13/2019

Scam FYI:
Do not be fooled by scams/extortion attempts!  If you feel you are being scammed, hang up (or tell them off first if you feel like it; telling them you're going to call the police usually causes them to hang up), use *57 to use Call Tracing on the last received call, then call the police using a non-emergency number.


Debt/IRS Scammers

One IRS scammer that is particularly persistent is one that is going to show on your caller ID as GILA CORP with a 512 area code (notice list above).  Once you get on their list, they will call you every single day (at least they have with me since I got the first call) & blocking one number usually means they call back on another number in the same area code.  Your best bet to deal with these assholes is to use Call Tracing (see Scam FYI) on their calls every time they call & block each number until they run out of numbers; some providers will allow blocking of partial numbers (a form of wildcard entry), which may allow you to block all their numbers with one entry, but make sure you don't know anybody with a phone number in that range of numbers before you block it.
The scammer from phone number (844) 890-9215 used some very aggressive pressure tactics threatening lawsuits, prosecution & jail time, even stating he had my social security number.  This was one of the few cases where the police was called afterwards.  Almost a month after the last verbal assault, he started calling my number again, as indicated by my Comcast Missed Call log (which is where they go directly to when placed on Caller Rejection).  Despite the fact that he's getting a Caller Rejection recording when he attempts to call, he's still attempting to call almost every day only to get the same message, either not understanding he's been placed on Caller Rejection & won't be getting through, understands he's been blocked & thinks I'm going to remove it (which perhaps I will have to when I run out of slots, unless I purchase that 1000 number external Caller Rejection device) or he thinks it's a bug/joke & he will eventually get through.

The calls stopped for about a week, then I started getting calls from (844) 890-9217 with only a one digit difference from the last one.  Given the numerical value of the number is only +2 & the Caller ID still reads 800 Service, I expect it's the same scammer.  To verify this, I did a number of searches online & there was a number of sites stating it was a scammer, although details were vague as to what the scam was about.  Regardless, I added the number to my Caller Rejection list & decided I needed to list the number even if I didn't have the details of what scam he was pulling.

The situation regarding these calls have gotten bad enough that I decided to file a complaint again the most recent number (including details about the previous number) to the FCC, hoping that it will at least halt the calls to others, as this lowlife is already on my Caller Rejection list & the only indication I have that he's still calling are my Comcast Missed Call logs.

Much like the last 2 numbers listed here, (866) 490-5501 also had the caller ID of 800 Service when received on 2/16/2017 at 1:21 PM.  It's very possible this could be the same individual & return call logs from (844) 890-9217 would likely verify he was using this number to probe whether the line was active or not.

Again I received another call where the caller ID read 800 Service, this time from phone number (800) 864-7459 on 3/2/2017.  I didn't pick up on this call (regardless of being right next to the phone when it rang) as it's my experience that any time the caller ID reads 800 Service, it's going to be this same scammer.  Checking my call logs on Comcast, I found that he tried to call me 5 times at 11:40 AM on 2/28/2017 (displayed in take 2 below), which all got blocked by caller rejection; this call was likely another number to try & probe whether my number was actually active or not.

The phone calls from (844) 362-9238 appears to also be from this same individual, following the same sort of callback pattern that (844) 890-921# had.  This lowlife keeps changing his phone number trying to get past phone number blocks, but so far hasn't realized it's just going to be the same pattern every time I see 800 Service on the caller ID.

Got another call from phone number (888) 224-1877 on 4/26/2017, happened to be a recording, which started before my answering machine message had finished (I didn't answer the phone specifically because it stated 800 Service, where 99% of the time it's this kind of call).  This one provided the callback number of (844) 467-8693, which I'm intending on giving to the police so they can follow up on the situation (it's also been added to the list above), as well as a URL for the information I have found online about both numbers (linked above on each number).  First thing I did however was to use call tracing on it (3 times) using #57, next step will be to block them on my Xfinity caller rejection list once I've moved some of the less persistent numbers from that list to my phone (with a 60 number caller rejection list; the reason for keeping persistent numbers on the Xfinity list is it allows me to keep an accurate callback logs, as seen below); later I'll move all numbers that haven't been persistent in their attempts to scam me to my call blocker (1500 number blocklist), which I'm still waiting to be delivered.  After I've gotten the new numbers blocked I will contact the police & see if they will contact the number that was given in the message & put this fucker in his place!

I decided to call the police before the block was put in place & posting this update, seems they're saying there's no way to trace the number despite using call tracing (#57)...  I said to the officer that I knew it was a scam & didn't give the individual any information or money (something I'm already aware of, but one of these days I'm considering playing along with the scam & giving them the IP address for the FBI website, that should allow them to track down the bastard when he attempts to hack it).  I mentioned that I wanted to chew the guy out, but didn't want to get in trouble; the officer stated that he has done the same thing in the past, so seems you won't get in trouble with the police for chewing out or getting verbally aggressive with a scammer, so all gloves are off when it comes to an individual retaliating to a scammer.

Last updated 4/26/2017

A new scam that I've been getting calls on has been the Municipal Services Bureau scam.  My research online would state that it's not a scam, it's a collection agency like Gila Corp & they're bad at contacting the correct person, however others have stated that their official site looks fake & the wide range of numbers individuals are being contacted from & callback numbers given in these messages vary like rocks in a stream, so it's unlikely these calls where they leave you a recorded message are legit.  In my case, calls appears to always come from numbers starting with (385) 213-####, the caller ID reads Salt Lake Ci UT (will likely differ for other cities & states) & leaves a recorded message with a callback number of (844) 705-4613; while I was unable to find any complaints about individual numbers the calls had come from when I searched online, the callback number yielded more information on the matter with a variety of contact numbers & callback numbers.  When I realized w & got the entirety of the message on my answering machine, using the opportunity to record the message to an audio file to be published in this blacklist.  Calls continue to come in each day & am now putting my call blocking device to good use.

Last updated 6/24/2017

Pioneer Credit Recovery is a debt/collections scam that I've been getting hit with lately, while the caller number & area code will vary, the callback number in the messages they leave will always be (866) 394-4503.  The first time I received a call regarding this scam, it came from (607) 304-4460, the second from (317) 960-1538, both leaving a similar message on my answering message with only minor differences.

On 10/19/2017, I received a call from the same group from phone number (585) 861-6359.  The message he left on my answering machine was extremely fuzzy & hard to make out what he was saying, but I could tell what organization he was claiming to be from at the beginning of the message, not much else.  Due to the inability to really make any sense out of the message (not that one should consider a scam & making sense), I decided not to attempt to re-record the message for publication.  In this case it sounded like an actual male individual, not a recording, so I expect they realize I am blocking the numbers they are calling me from & there's the possibility of them attempting to contact me through personal phones as an alternative to using official numbers, meaning they may not be able to automatic the messages through recordings..

Further numbers will be added to this list as I continue to receive them, along with recordings of the messages they leave behind.

Last updated 10/19/2017

Due to the fact I've pretty well stopped answering any calls that I don't recognize (particularly those from areas codes other than my own), scammer have started resorting to leaving automated messages on my answering machine.  The latest one happened on 11/26/2018 from (716) 301-0244, leaving the following message on my answering machine.  As always, I leave a comment on 800notes.com (former method used to be to Whitepages.com, but I found that they aren't that dependable when it comes to comments sticking around after being posted) to get the word out, re-recorded the message from my answering machine to a WMA file & am making it available to be downloaded/listened to though this post.
Another scam hit my number on 2/11/2019, this one coming from (831) 218-9096 claiming to be a subscription for Microsoft that was going to auto-charge my credit card for $299 if not canceled.  This is another scam they use to get your billing information so they can make unauthorized charges on your card.  The call was not answered due to not recognizing the number & the date on the caller ID (reading BEN LEMOND CA), while the message started immediately after my answering machine answered the called, the remainder of that message can be found here.
Scammers from the (202) area code are EXTREMELY persistent & EXTREMELY aggressive in their pressure tactics.  The first time I ran into this was in 2018 & the individual claimed (in addition to knowing my name & phone number) they also new my social security number when I called them out for scamming.  Calls from this area code are usually spoofed & tend to be IRS scams to quickly pressure an individual into agreeing to pay into this extortion attempt by threatening prison time if you don't comply with their demands.  The calls can easily be ignored, but the worst problem is regardless of how many numbers you attempt to block, they will always come back on another number & even worse is the timing of these calls, usually being around the time any normal person would be attempting to sleep.  I personally have been receiving calls from numbers in this area code & in this fashion every 2 or 3 days for over a year & I've considering a number of options to get the calls to stop, including disconnecting my phone while attempting to sleep or chewing them out so badly during their extortion attempts that they would be the one calling the police (although they would have to be a fool to do so given they are the ones attempting to commit a crime).

The first time this happened in particular, I did in fact report this to the police, however they stated that even call tracing (*57) doesn't do much good, so there wasn't any reason in doing it.  I discussed whether chewing them out over the phone would get me in trouble & they stated no it wouldn't, they've done it themselves, you are only defending your identity, so feel free to be as abusive as possible when highly aggressive extortion attempts come your way (just make sure that it is actually a scam before, not a legitimate collection attempt).

Call blocking devices can work well against these calls by blocking  the entire area code (just be wary of doing this when you may have family in Washington), however some services are not compatible with these hardware devices (I've purchased 2 & had to return both, appears they are not compatible with Xfinity Voice/VOIP).

On 4/1/2019, I decided to register my number with NoMoRobo to attempt to stop these calls; at this point it is unclear as to whether scamming attempts will in fact be blocked, but I intend on reporting every number that may get through the service & will remove it in the future if it's not doing any good (possibly even switching to a phone service that does allow systems that allow for wildcard blocking, such as blocking entire area codes or area codes + the first 3 digits of a number).

UPDATE:  Calls later started coming through other area codes after signing up through NoMoRobo, which could be told by timeframe of calling, no need to actually pick up on those calls (and as expected, no message left).

Last updates 4/15/2019

Special Notes last updated 4/2/2019

Scammer return caller logs

Scammers are very persistent, continuing to call you over & over again regardless of whether they've been placed on caller rejection or not.  After the situation with (844) 890-9215, I noticed he was still attempting to call every day despite being put on caller rejection & started logging his callbacks from this point on.  On 9/29/2016, I decided it was time to start doing this with other numbers that were attempting to call back also after they were placed on caller rejection or I had told them off previously before hanging up on them.  This list can be found below (for what I have records of), click on phone numbers to see a screenshot of the logs from my Comcast Voice logs:

Return Call logs last updated 3/4/2018

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