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We purchased some IDE to SATA adapters from eBay seller (going to use that term lightly) amazingprice18 on 1/13/2019, they got here pretty early for being an overseas order, however that's where the positives end.

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First off, notice the statements on the page that state "Seller does not accept/offer refunds/returns".  This is a method that dishonest sellers often use thinking it will get them out of having to provide refunds or have to deal with returns by stating it up front, but this does not include defects & they are still forced to provide refunds on defective products.

3 out of 7 of these adapters were defective, so we ended up having to file a claim for a refund on the defects on 2/8/2019.  The seller got back to us on the 11th with the following message:

It seems they were under the impression that negative feedback had already been left, which wasn't the case at the time.  The following reply was given to them to clear up the confusion that no feedback had been left yet, so there was no negative feedback to reverse, however what type of feedback they would receive was dependent on how they dealt with the refund (or chose not to):

No feedback has been left as of yet. Whether the feedback is positive or negative when it is left is dependent on whether we have issues getting the refund on the defects. If we have no problems getting the refund, you get positive feedback. If the refund needs to be issued by eBay or if we get the runaround, it will be negative feedback.

We got a refund issued shortly before midnight that same day, at which point the following feedback was left:

Some sellers don't understand the importance of when feedback that shows an issue was resolved can have higher standing than the a sale with no problems, it shows the seller is capable of correcting an issue to keep their customers happy.  In any case, we got the refund, but what was expected to happen was proven when I decided to test whether a block had been put in place the following day; this is a simple test, just attempt to add something from their profile to your cart or buy it now (this won't work with bids unless you actually submit a bid to an item):

I knew we were going to have problems with this seller as soon as I received a reply from them after the return was filed, I could tell from the way it was worded, specifically because he was already disputing negative feedback that hadn't actually be left yet (this is one of the reasons why I hold onto all emails & invoices, should they ever be needed in the future in cases like this).  As you can see from the 2 screenshots above, he did exactly what I thought he was going to do (I hadn't checked to see if he had blocked us before the comment was left, it's something I should have checked, because I wouldn't have left feedback at all (or gave him a neutral rating on the feedback rather than a positive one) had I noticed a block before the feedback had been left.

Considering feedback can't be changed after it's been left, it was clear I had to get another form of publication out to warn would-be customers of this individual from potentially getting ripped off as some of his previous customers have stated in the negative feedback on his profile.  You apparently won't get anywhere on refunds if you attempt to deal with the problem yourself & you'll be immediately blocked if you file a claim against him to get eBay involved in taking care of dishonest business tactics (although would you want to purchase from him again if he tried to pull a fast on you anyways), best to save yourself the trouble & avoid purchasing from him entirely.

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