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This list includes various IPs that were using bots/spiders to feed my site access logs with bogus referral traffic.  Banning them by IP was particularly problematic since they found ways around the IP bans themselves, so I had write a redirect to the 403 page using {REMOTE_ADDR}.  This bogus referral bot (located in  Europe, Ukraine, from ISP Kyivstar PJSC was able to get past the blocks because they were accessing the folders on the site rather than pages, so blocks through .htaccess did no good.  To get your blocks to work, you need to have an index.htm file in the folder; this will block auto-indexing & viewing of the folder, however it will make sure that you are blocking traffic from them since it's going to force load that page rather than the auto-index of what's in the folder.  While you're at it, why not make it a point to list details as to why those folders can no longer be viewed; folders on this site that have seen attacks from these bots have details about where they're coming from including their IP, ISP, Organization, Continent & Country, so people are aware of why they can no longer view those folders (not to mention the raw access logs here, which shows the actual activity from their bots by IP). - (005.248.*.*) - (037.115.*.*) - (046.118.*.*) - (046.119.*.*) - (046.185.*.*) - (112.005.*.*) - (134.249.*.*) - (176.008.*.*) - (178.137.*.*)

Last updated 8/3/2020

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