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Twitch user Ring_of_Favor (now FAVORXIV after his 4th name change) apparently has an unusually high opinion about himself, enough so that he's quick to jump to conclusions & quickly ban people from his channel for any given reason, whether it be an actual reason, a twisted reason (twisted from what actually happened, rather than what actually happened) or any given reason (or lack thereof) at all.

I probably haven't looked at his channel in 2 or 3 months, maybe only visiting it once or twice, today (6/2/2017) I found I was apparently permabanned from his chat & at the time I didn't know the reason for it, expecting it was the joke (all caps) I attempted to make about him fighting the wolves in this part of the game.  I tried whispering him only to find that I couldn't, I was expecting it to be a privacy setting, however after noticing one of my friends (made through a friend I made while playing Evolve on Steam, later carried over to Twitch) was a moderator in the stream, I asked him to contact RoF for me & that he should adjust his auto-filter rules.  This was when I found that the reason for the ban wasn't what I had thought it was, as RoF quickly shot off after reading the message I asked fromfan to relay to him:

This is the short (lower quality) version, the long version (including time while I was trying to get a message through & discussing the matter with fromfan) can be downloaded/viewed from here; 424 MBs

What makes the matter rather disgusting is that he states not to message HIS mods anymore, as if he's their boss or is paying them to mod his channel.  The fact of the matter here is that I met fromfan as a moderator on gameskooled's channel & ironically I only viewed RoF's channel because it was being hosted through gameskooled's channel (an unfortunate turn of events where friends are lead to hot-headed individuals that rusults in enemies).  Taking the irony even further, it was THIS SAME BATTLE that I was attempting to give him some tips on!  Even more ironic was I think I had a follow on him at one time (if only to allow whispers from him; if I didn't, it was a consideration that I hadn't followed through on), as well as I was considering putting him on my auto-host list; after today, I can guarantee neither of these will be happening & he will be IMMEDIATELY banned from my channel if I see him in there (if I had the option to ban him prior to him joining a stream, I would do so).  Taking this a step further, he has no right to tell me who not to contact, especially if they are one that (at least at one point) is(/was) considered a friend (whether that's still the case or not is really up to fromfan); the only thing I will give RoF is that I won't be contacting those individuals as a moderator of his channel & that's specifically because I won't be going to his channel anymore (I'm actually going to block his channel on my network so nobody connected to it can either).

The full chat around the time that I was trying to make a comment in his chat, whispering fromfan about it & around the time I left to start collecting evidence about the matter are detailed in this screenshot (pieced together from 5 consecutive screenshots, including blocked messages due to ban & whispers), specific comments done by me or directed at me highlighted in a surrounding red box:

In any case, his reason for "not liking me" was weak at best (based on twisted information), seeing as his mental analysis of verbal help was being a "backseat gamer"; now he has a reason to REALLY not like me & these are my suggestions to people who choose to watch his streams:

The reason for the ban at this point is really irrelevant, as is who placed the ban, given the direct statement from RoF in the video says it all as to why he believes it happened.  He obviously looks for reasons to ban people, possibly he's had a lot of trolls/attacks on his channel (not that I can blame him, I've had the same problems, which is why I had to lock up permissions on my channel), so it don't look like it matters what you say in his chat, anything has the potential to get you banned from his channel & this page was published for the purpose of making the facts known about it.  If he wants to have hatred towards me for whatever reason, let's give him a legitimate reason to have it by pointing out his mentality.

UPDATE:  After this page was published I sent a link to both fromfan & gameskooled.  I don't believe I ever had fromfan following my channel, so I can't determine whether there was any retaliation there (I would hope not, but currently I still don't have his opinion on the matter either), but I do know that after I sent the message to gameskooled, his follow was promptly removed.  There's some confusion about gameskooled's channel given the fact that multiple people stream on it & I'm currently waiting to see if it was Cpt. Cron that removed the follow through his responses on Steam before I decide I need to cut ties...  gameskooled is still on my Twitch friend list, so currently it's still in question who actually removed the follow.  In any case, I have removed the auto-host of gameskooled's channel until it can be discussed further & I'm going to avoid talking on his channel until I can determine that it is actually him streaming to discuss the matter (otherwise I'll try to get his opinion on it over Steam; I'm pretty certain that is not a shared account, or at least I hope it isn't).  I still have the follow on his channel with email notifications when he streams, just in case I add his channel back to my auto-host list should the matter be discussed & deescalated.  If I see him disappear from my friend list (either Steam or Twitch), I think I'm going to have all the proof I need to determine that I need to cut ties.  It's expected the unfollow was done to stop whispers from my account, so currently the blocks are falling into place, how they fall is going to determine where I take this matter next...

UPDATE:  Before I even got a chance to push the last update, I found that gameskooled had disappeared from my friend list on Twitch, where it was only pointed out that the friend was still there over Steam, so this gives a good indication that it was likely Cpt. Cron that removed both the follow & friend (and likely the auto-host).  I've given him the option to contact me either over Steam or Twitch messages if he wants to discuss it (pointing out that whispers are restricted to those I follow, messages are not).  I'm expecting he is going to disappear from my Steam friends list as well...  As I said to him over Steam, I don't blame him or anybody I have met through him for what happened with RoF (with the exception of RoF, of course), but I did hope they would have been more open-minded about it; from where I can see it going, I think it's pretty obvious things are not going to be getting better from this point forward, so it's time to cut ties unless he chooses to try & contact me, work thing out, then perhaps I'll reverse the steps I have taken in response to the steps that I have witnessed on Twitch.

UPDATE:  Shortly after getting removed from gameskool's friend & follow list (and following in tow by removing my follow on his channel as well as from my auto-host list), I noticed that Ring_of_Favor was sitting in my viewer list on my channel while I was adding some comments to my Feed post about this situation, got my chance to ban him when I spotted him in it:

Obviously RoF has been informed about what has been said about him & this only works in my favor because now he knows how disgusted I am with his quick assumption of "backseat gaming" & the ban that I got out of it, only finding out about it somewhere around 3 months later (if I'm estimating the last time I went to his channel correctly).

Things are still in the air with gameskooled, I'm expecting to see him disappear from my Steam friends list, but am still keeping that shred of hope that he'll discuss it until I see him disappear from my Steam friends...I won't pursue the matter beyond that point afterwards, but will still log abuse & ban/report for it if needed...

UPDATE:  As I was going through access logs, I found that there was a new domain accessing the site, noticing it had something to do with Twitter.  I blocked the domain that that referral traffic was coming from, people trying to access any page on this site from Twitter will now get a ban message based on referrer.  Furthermore I found where the links were getting posted from & it's not just one, there's a number of them.  I knew that one must've been coming from RoF's twitter & I was right:

So he's not taking it seriously at all, he's actually having fun with it.  Well with any luck, he's going to see a decline in followers, subscribers & donations from this review of the situation, it's already in the search engines.  The ideal outcome would be he gets booted from the Twitch donation program, but that's wishful thinking & HIGHLY unlikely...

When you get down to it however, RoF is his own worst enemy.  If he's this quick to ban people, he's cutting out on his donations & I would expect with the promptness it's happened with me, he's likely banned some of his donators as well.  As it continues, it will be his own actions that is going to continue lowering donations received & even without this page here, I'm certain word will get around of others banned, which again is going to cut into his donations from friends of those who were banned that may have still been donating, cutting off close-relationship donations as well.

Now let's get into the comments on that post:

This pretty well told me all I needed to know about what was going on with gameskooled, I promptly removed him from my Steam friend list & blocked him after adding this entry to this page.

From this point forward, it just gets worse & worse, showing no regret in their actions, getting more people involved in the taunting (people that I originally thought were friends, but their attitudes show otherwise) & shows just who these people are.  I think it's pretty obvious to say that each one who made a jesting comment on this twitter post will be immediately banned from my channel when I see them.  At this point I'm considering removing the Free Games list from my channel, at least for some time...if I decide to bring it back at all...

UPDATE:  On 6/3/2017, I realized that RoF actually got what he wanted, because apparently all his half-wit friends decided to follow his poor example, therefore I won't be contacting them anymore because they've all followed the same pattern, showing they're just as bad as he is.  At this point I'm considering whether I need to write additional pages on each individual I can verify that has gone in on this (so far that only includes gameskooled, however I know there's others), this should be pretty simple by going to their channels & attempting to say something (even if it's offline), checking to see if I get a message stating that I'm banned (I'll use this as a secondary measure beyond my own ban list to determine if there's a reason I don't know about that would negate their eligibility for special events on my channel).  Raffles are expected to be held on my channel if I ever start getting donations that reach over $100 in a month (after fees; raffle prizes are supposed to be a value of up to half the donation), but so far the only donations I have gotten appear to be bogus (or done through Twitch, where I currently don't have access to that system, although the format of what looked like custom emotes made it look more like they were trying to scam their way into a raffle), so there hasn't been a raffle since I set up the system early 2017.

UPDATE:  Digging into this a bit further, I found that gameskooled was not on the same page of decency that I thought he was & this alleviated any regret I had in cutting ties as quickly as I did, the only regret was that I didn't do it sooner (as in, a few to several months ago, maybe not even bothering with him beyond the first time we played & streamed Evolve together).  As if the post above wasn't enough, I found in the beginning of his late night video that he & his lowlife buddies were having a good laugh out of the situation.  In any case, the details were enough that I felt keeping them on this page was not going to be adequate, I created a blacklist page for him as well where further details will be given regarding the matter, including a recording from early in his stream this morning & screenshots of the chat from that video where the caustic joking about this situation made it clear that this wasn't a group of individuals I wanted to be involved with anyways...

UPDATE:  Went back to my computer today to continue working on my website, decided to check channels I expected were going to be throwing mockery about the situation, RoF's channel was the first one & just started shortly after I got to my computer, taunting started from gameskooled shortly after he started the actual stream & the follow-up probably wouldn't have happened if not for it:

This video is fairly small, but not streamable, click here to download; 100 MBs

I started this one fairly early to show his intro basically to prove a point of high opinion of himself, it quickly ended after starting & he started a "story time" segment which is used to fully make a mockery of the issue at hand.  He got smart on this one however, he disabled Broadcast archiving before he started it, so I missed the first part of it, but stuck around to continue recording the entirety of this stream (minus the missed beginning) despite him noticing I was in the channel when he started it:

This video should be streamable, click here to view/download; 925 MBs

There was an edit this morning that I hadn't pushed when this video was recorded, so obviously he's not going to address those concerns if they are edited in later.

So let's go over each point that needs to be addressed in this video, either to clear up or acknowledge what has been said by RoF, one point at a time:
NOTE:  Do not read through this section without watching the video above, these responses can be confusing without knowing what RoF said in his stream

While I was working on this page, I went to check my status on my Twitch channel, come to realize that I accidentally streamed a small portion of the story time video to my own channel (hitting the stream button instead of the record button in OBS).  When I realized this, I promptly removed it (which isn't saying much, it sat there for around 7 hours before I noticed it).

UPDATE:  Attempted to make some comments on some existing Feed entries on my channel around 3 AM on 6/4/2017, found that I was getting an error every time I attempted to make a comment.  The same thing happened when I attempted to post a new Feed entry.  That error was as follows:

There was a problem updating your feed. Please try again.

I've gotten the error before, but normally it's not this persistent.

I'm pretty certain I know what's going on here, this is a coordinated attack by RoF, his friends & his viewers utilizing the report function & I actually have proof of some of those individuals (including RoF himself) doing it from the last video that was published on this page.  I'm going to need to go over that video again & determine whether I need to add additional names to the list of culprits responsible for the suspension of the Free Games list, because now I'm also suspending raffles until the Feed is fixed.  Seeing as the Feed on my channel is currently broken, I abandoned my attempt to make a post that work on the site was done & I should be able to stream during daytime hours today, instead making a new section on my channel & moving it to the 3rd position detailing the current situation.  In that section, it states the following:

Feed broken/frozen

It appears my feed is currently broken/frozen (getting an error on every attempted post or comment), expected to be in response to harassment reports (retaliation to the blacklist pages on my personal site) from Ring_of_Favor & his friends, which would constitute as a legitimate attack on my channel utilizing the report function & it appears Twitch is allowing it. For this reason, if I ever decide to bring back the Free Games list to this channel, the Feed is going to need to be fixed first, otherwise don't expect the list to ever be coming back to Twitch (the only public listing of these giveaways I had). Because this is an attack, I am also suspending raffles even if the minimum in donations is reached to hold one.

I was about to go to bed after creating that new section on my channel, but decided I might as well get this logged on this site as well so people searching for his name rather than mine would still find the information regarding it.  The odd thing was that when I opened my editing software, I was getting an access violation.  The last thing I can think of that I did that was uncommon was going to his Twitter page on Firefox rather than Internet Explorer, so I'm wondering if he might have malware on there.  These errors aren't uncommon on my system after it's been running for an extended amount of time however, particularly with older software, so I decided my computer was due for a reboot, but I ran a quick virus scan first to make sure no malware was running in the background.

I checked the Feed on my channel again after the reboot, it was still broken, so I decided rather than going to sleep, I needed to get this update pushed before I hit the sack (whether I'll be able to sleep or not, that's another matter).  I will go through that story time video again when I wake up & determine whether anybody else needs to be added to the list of individuals responsible for the suspension of raffles & the Free Games list.

UPDATE:  Going through the video again, I added 4 new names to the list of people responsible for the suspension of the Free Games list & I now know fromfan's stance on the situation (not one that really surprises me, I kind of expected as much, but until now I was giving him the benefit of a doubt).  Furthermore the statement from RoF in the last video published on this page was incorrect, you can not ban people by clicking on their names (not in other people's chat, not from their profiles, only from your own chat or if you are a moderator of that chat, but the ban only effects the chat you placed the ban in if it was a ban as a moderator, it won't transfer to your own channel), however the answer on how to ban people through a command in your own chat surprisingly came from FrostAsylum (ironically on that same list), so I used the information he so graciously provided (why he provided it, I can't be certain) to place bans on the rest of the individuals that are now listed for being responsible for that list being suspended (this also includes the suspension of raffles, but not specifically stated in the Free Games section on my channel).  There were a few others in that video that I chose not to include them in the list, either because the directive of their comments/insults couldn't be determined (not that I don't have a good idea on who they were directing it at) or because they didn't particularly say anything that I felt any action was needed.

One viewer in that video was stating he wanted a free game (which I'm sure he was mocking me, but I'll give him the benefit of the doubt, even though I expect that's a mistake) & he was one of the people that I chose not to list (more asking questions than throwing insults); as far as I'm concerned, he's welcome to be in my channel when I'm streaming provided he doesn't bring up the matter or get abusive while watching.  Unlike those who have made it a point to make a mockery of the situation during streams in their own channel, I am not going to respond to it during my streams & am going to try & keep it out of the channel; I will warn people if they are trying to bring up the issue that I don't want to take the same route others have regarding this matter, they will be timed out if they don't heed the warning, eventually leading to a ban if they don't ever get the point, followed by reports of harassment if the situation gets bad enough in my own channel.  As for reporting RoF on Twitch (something he jested about in his stream), I don't really have a basis for it under the guidelines of Twitch policy, so it probably won't be happening unless he abuses the fact I am leaving messages open (although he might already be blocked from sending messages if the ban on my channel carries over to that system).  As for when the Free Games list comes back, that really determines on when this whole situation dies down & my channel is functioning correctly; the Feed when combined with the Free Games list was used for notifications (at least I assume notifications were given when new Feed posts were made, this is something I'm going to need to test on my secondary/test account...if I can remember the username & password, I've only used it once) so people wouldn't have to check back every day to find out when new games were added to the list (a method I used when I disabled the Feed for some time, deciding it was more trouble for the people checking it than it was worth).

I am considering enabling follower-only chat to avoid abuse, something I didn't want to do because I don't want people to feel obligated into following just to be a part of the stream, but if what I expect is going to happen while I'm streaming becomes a reality, I will likely enable it with a minimum time-requirement (raising it as needed) until I determine it's no longer needed anymore.  The other option is I enable auto-mod mode, which I REALLY don't want to do, because my rules on chat are different than what most people would use; I allow swearing to some degree, but not if entirely extensive & definitely not if being used in an abusive nature.  Also my banned words list is more a list of sites (for the most part, I allow links, however that may change if abused) I don't want to be mentioned in the chat due to ownership of those sites by companies currently being boycotted, however I might start throwing some additional words in there if needed.  What is common about my channel is I don't allow harassment, spamming, racism or discrimination of any kind, sometimes giving a warning first depending on severity.

RoF made it a point to mock the comment about making pages on each individual regarding this matter, however what wasn't stated is that only individuals I have had personal negative experiences with & have proof of those experiences will be getting a page published on them.  A page with defamatory information holds no merit without proof, therefore I have to get proof of those situations before a page can even be considered publishing.  I won't be using the video above as a form of proof against those making comments, this video was solely to point out the attitude of RoF & to point out further facts about what he is trying to say is otherwise.  This would be the main reason why I embed additional space into my stream for a chat panel (with the exception of console games, where it's embedded directly into the video itself without additional space, at least until I can get OBS working with my Elgato Game Capture HD), this is to show chat from those individuals even if they get banned, which usually wipes their comments in Twitch's video/chat playback & even though I wipe videos of games from boycotted companies (not to mention videos that get muted by Twitch), I do still have video archiving enabled only for the fact that I may need to make a highlight of a section of the video on completion of the stream, either to point out harassment or other dishonest/repugnant activity during my streams (this is the only reason why I currently have videos of Destiny, Dragon Ball XenoVerse, Evolve, XCOM 2 & Borderlands 2 still on there) or if there is some point in the video that is particularly noteworthy (highlightworthy?).

Things are going to be a bit different from now on when I'm viewing random streams.  Usually I will manually host a stream I am watching if the game is not from a company in the boycott list, but I'm going to need to start checking my status in their chat before I host their channel (whether I am banned or not, as I expect RoF has attempted to spread his influence on the matter to get everybody to do the same).  Furthermore I'm going to need to start avoiding channels that I am aware have a vendetta against me due to RoF's influence, this might be easier by blocking their channels through my router using a keyword block so those channels won't load on my network.  So far I haven't blocked RoF's channel as I said I would, but I'm certain it will happen sooner or later, currently just attempting to determine whether I need to continue collecting evidence against him for use in court or as an appeal with Twitch (or review of Twitch if he & his friends do manage to get my channel permanently penalized, I have already had to do this with YouTube after they allowed the second attack from Namco/Bandai to sit & stagnate for 3 months).

UPDATE:  One thing I realized tonight while I was talking to a friend over Facebook about this situation was that this organized attack by RoF & his friends, followers & viewers is basically the same thing I was accused of (even more so because they are organizing abuse of the report function, something I haven't utilized against him yet because I have no basis under Twitch policy to make a report against him yet; I expect it won't be long before I have a legitimate reason to use it against him, however it will be his actions that give me that reason), it's a witch hunt.  There is minimal proof regarding this in the story time segment I recorded from his live broadcast as evidence, furthermore he states that he is not turning it into a witch hunt, but getting his viewers to report my channel really states it's nothing but & if what they had stated to me is correct about that term & Twitch, he is in violation of it at this point & could have his account banned or penalized if it continues for abuse of report function (in this case, I probably won't even need to make a report; Twitch will see the pattern & take action themselves).

UPDATE:  During this discussion with my friend on Facebook, he spent time reading this article & said he wanted to check RoF's channel out, where I know he did because he said it was offline.  As he was going over some of the responses I made to the story time segment, he made the assumption that RoF had wished cancer on me; I explained that wasn't the case, why the response was made & told him he needs to watch the video to really understand the responses to the video, warning him of the size of that video as I know he's on a limited monthly bandwidth. This was when I realized the download sizes on those videos would effect any visitor on this site viewing them & determined as a courtesy to those people, I needed to make a few changes so people were aware of how much bandwidth they would be using up by attempting to view/download them (this will be carried over to other pages later as well, mainly patch & MOD download pages; I also added a note at the top of the list of responses that they shouldn't be reading them without first viewing the video).  Some of the comments my friend stated to me over Facebook made me think he was going to go over there & harass RoF, I told him not to, where he confirmed he wasn't serious when he said it; I don't need the reputation of sending my friends to his channel to cause trouble as RoF has done by getting his friends, followers & viewers to ban me from their channels & abuse the report function on his request.  Yes I do have a section on my channel that puts blame on him & his buddies for getting the Free Games list suspended (I've decided it's going to be at least a month from the last obvious attack before I make that list public again, resetting the timer every time a new attack happens; in the mean time, the list of giveaways that don't go public because of the suspension will build until it goes live again), but I'm not specifically telling people reading that list to go harass him, it would be on their own doing if they did.

I streamed some KickBeat for this friend after that (something I've been trying to show him for years, knowing he's a HUGE music fanatic) seeing as he reinstalled the Twitch app for the first time in over a few years after reading this article & wanting to check out RoF's channel (also said something about he wanted to check out his Twitter), he's a pretty talkative individual (much more than myself) & was apparently typing the lyrics of songs in my stream while it was live.  I did confirm his suspicions that it was distracting when I said I was having a bad run tonight, but I wasn't going to ban him over it (I further joked that I knew some channels that would, not giving any names, but I'm certain he knew what the comment meant reading this article not long before starting that stream).

One comment I did not respond to from RoF's story time segment was the "change the world" mockery he made (on the first pass I did, but didn't on the second after losing all responses after a 5-hour typing spree; I literally didn't eat anything all day until I had retyped the majority of the responses again, about 8 hours after waking up because I was working primarily on this page & trying to get an update pushed for it).  What he needs to realize about this situation is people who publish pages like this are not trying to "change the world", they are simply trying to get the truth out.  What I will say is that a lot of pages like this will hold back information & their purpose is to ruin the reputation of the individual, site or product disclosed in those reviews; my site does not hold back information, however I'm not going to deny that the purpose of the reviews on this site are to effect the popularity of those sites, products and individuals (whether that change be positive or negative).  This particular friend I have known for years, made in the Happy Penguin community (more like a cult if you ask me; you may notice a lot of their threads linked off of this site are dead, this is because their forums went private after I started writing reviews about them.  I would believe it to be the same situation why the Namco/Bandai public forums got shut down, as I was linking some off my reviews to a thread of mine on their forums; luckily I had a PDF backup to replace those links with when the forums got shut down) & also left that same community when he realized the situation I had gone through with them, only because I was one of the few that would go down to an unlocked channel on the HP TeamSpeak & spend time with him.  Articles like this can make a difference, it won't change the world, but that's not their purpose anyways.  A good number of people were writing reviews about eBay sellers before I did, this is why I started searching the web before buying from questionable sellers myself (unfortunately I don't have that leisure with persistent buyers using me as a middleman, but I do have a blacklist of eBay sellers who have tried to dodge eBay refund policy before on orders I've made in the past & I state I will not purchase from those on that list regardless of how persistent the buyer may be when they want me to order from those sellers), so if people really want to know outside opinions of individuals like RoF, they can usually find them through search engines if they spend the time to look for it.

UPDATE:  Backtracking a bit, I'm going to point out the suspected malware on his Twitter page.  On 6/4/2017, I decided I needed to do a system restore to before I went to his Twitter page due to some system slowing, particularly in Internet Explorer.

On 6/6/2017, not only was Internet Explorer slowing down again, but also Firefox & Steam.  Before I did anything, I started looking for a means to report his Twitter to Twitter themselves.  Considering I don't mess with Twitter (don't have an account), I decided to attempt to find an abuse email online & eventually found one, sending them an email of expected malware with further details about the slowdown (the reason why this update is late is because of the fact that I wanted to give them a chance to check into it before I went public with the details).  From what I can tell, I don't think Twitter checks that abuse email anymore, so they probably won't see it, so I took several other steps in attempting to protect others from expected malicious content on his Twitter page, however I'll get into that later.

The next step was a lengthy system restore again, however knowing that I wouldn't be able to restore back to before I accessed his Twitter through Internet Explorer, I decided I needed to take the alternative route of attempting to wipe expected infected programs.  For it to be affecting Steam, I had to assume it was also affecting Adobe Flash Player, so not only did I deal with wiping IE, but also AFP.  Given I didn't have the ability to log this on my computer while trying to fix it, I pulled out a pad of paper & pencil to log each step:

This entire process was started around 9:30 PM, it took over 6 hours to complete (around the time I went to bed after all these steps were completed, not including the steps below.  Currently my Internet Options has the Advanced tab showing as blank, so whatever has happened appears to have caused some irreparable damage (at least with the current installation of the OS).

When I woke around noon on 6/7/2017, I started working on the system again to make sure everything was in place.  I took a few other steps in reporting his Twitter page for possible malicious software (from my secondary/guest computer), first in Internet Explorer (which allowed for additional details), then from Firefox.  I also attempted to do it through the Norton Security Toolbar, however it hasn't been updated in ages & doesn't currently work properly, so I didn't mess with trying to get it to work for too long...  I also later found a site scanner that would allow you to scan specific pages on sites rather than the root (something that was stated in the email sent to Twitter, however at the time I sent that email & stated the scan I attempted on Twitter only hit the root of the site), it didn't find anything, so I assume if there was anything on his Twitter page, he must've removed it by this time.  It wasn't until I did a Stream of KickBeat over Steam that I started having problems again, apparently a 32-bit system module was causing my print spooler to continuously crash, the only thing I could do was literally shut down the computer to stop the repeating error messages.  I literally just shut it off rather than rebooting...  One thing I noticed at the time was that the computer didn't properly shut down, again I had to do a hard shut down of the computer...

When I woke up on 6/8/2017, it became obvious that the improper shutdown of my system had caused corruption of some configuration files, the one thing that held the biggest impact was the configuration files for Steam got wiped, meaning I had to log back in & reset the options again.  Logging back into Steam shouldn't be a big issue, but with the restrictions they added during the Christmas sale of 2015 (when they pressured everybody to start using the mobile authenticator & those who are not or can't use it get a 3-day holding period, later increased to 15 days), there is now a 7-day trade-block on trading on new systems (this system not technically a new system, but it's considered as one as the settings got wiped).  The cookies also got wiped in Internet Explorer, but at least the logins still seemed to be in tact in Firefox, so I believe I can continue trading there while the 7-day hold gets resolved in the Steam client.  It was then I realized that even Google has a system in reporting malicious sites, so I took a little time to locate the page to report his Twitter page.  Reporting it to Google was similar to reporting it in Internet Explorer, I was able to give further details.

When I did a late night stream on 6/9/2017 of Borderlands 2, I noticed that my modem was having unusually high latency.  My modem actually rebooted on it's own the first time (midstream), but the latency was still there, perhaps worse than before it auto-rebooted.  I had to end the stream again myself & do a manual recycle of my modem's power; the latency wasn't a problem after that.  I checked my email towards the end of 6/10/2017 to find that I had an individual that was actually watching the stream prior to the first reboot of the modem, seems he had followed, but when I checked the follow list after noticing it hadn't gone up, it seems the follow was removed shortly afterwards; I'm beginning to expect attacks on my channel through whispers deterring people from following the channel (and likely at others already following), which means I may have a reason to start filing reports through Twitch when I can verify my suspicions (this is one of the reasons I updated my chat rules shortly after this article was first published).

It wasn't until the night of 6/11/2017 that I realized a few things regarding his claims in his story time video:

The other thing I mentioned about Twitch making changes on their own side is this is what appears to be causing the problem when it comes to making changes on your own account.  It seems that whatever change they made, it's caused an issue with security tokens getting discarded on new sessions & this prevents you from being able to managed your stream, videos or feed.  I found you can get around this by logging out of Twitch & back in, refreshing the security token, but close the browser & reopen to Twitch, you're going to run into the same exact situation again.  Currently I haven't determined whether the reports RoF & his friends/followers are causing this, but that's still a very real possibility...  It might be worth opening a new Twitch account to see if the same thing is happening on the new account (seems I may have closed the other testing account I made), this would let me know if it's the reports (attacks) on my channel that is causing the security token issue, at which point I'll be able to determine whether the return of the Free Games list & raffles on my channel needs to be suspended indefinitely (until things are working proper again)...

As I was working on this update, I also noticed that my editing software was having problems loading external content, causing an endless loading animation on my cursor.  I do not expect the problem is fully resolved yet & I do expect I may need to do a full system reinstallation as a result of whatever he had on his Twitter page at the time, so I would suggest people to NOT go to his Twitter for the safety of their own systems, otherwise you're looking to run into the same problems I'm currently having (possibly worse); for this reason I have removed the link to his Twitter page from this article to prevent people from going there directly from here (along with the reports to warn people when they attempt to visit it, this makes 4 steps, not including the email to Twitter).

UPDATE:  On 6/21/2017, it was determined that the token issue was in fact caused by the organized attacks from RoF, his friends & followers, so I updated the Feed on my channel (via comments) to point out that the return of the Free Games list & raffles will continue to be pushed back indefinitely until that token issue is no longer happening.  The frequency of the problem would show it's happening around the same time that I'm running streams, which means those individuals that are abusing the report function on my channel are doing it when they know I'm online.  What they don't know however (at least not until they read this update) is ever since I reported the matter with PSN user EPICMINECRAFT25, any report I have made fon Twitch has resulted in an immediate ban of those channels (I would expect because the last report I made included a case number, officer's name & district of police that the report was made to when I requested they subpoena PSN for the individuals personal information; it's very possible Twitch may have been subpoenaed as well), if only temporary until they go over the report; if I have to take the route of reporting his channel for organizing attacks on my channel by multiple Twitch users, I'm going to make sure it's done in the middle of one of his streams so he gets the picture when his channel goes down midstream.  To make this matter a bit more interesting, I noticed the edit date on the Community Guidelines & that date actually happened to be around the time I contacted with Twitch the police report details on EPICMINECRAFT25, so it seems their policy was updated specifically because I had to get the police/FBI involved & subpoenas issued.

One other thing I noticed as I was going through Twitch policy was the term of swatting other individuals.  I stayed up late late night researching this & finding out what the penalty for making a false report would be that ended up wasting money on resources that got the SWAT involved on that false report.  This is a very costly & cruel prank, it's not a joke like people think, it wasted millions of dollars a year in federal & tax-payer money every year.  From what I read online, it appears that people have received between 1 to 25 years of prison time regarding false SWAT pranks & if it were to ever come done to somebody attempting this on me, I guarantee I would make sure that person was penalized for their immense waste of SWATs time & money to act on a false report.  I fully expect this will happen to me one day, but I guarantee I wouldn't be held beyond the initial arrest, because there's nothing in my home that would warrant them holding me when they found the report was false & this is when I would be requesting them to go after the individual that filed the false report for a prison sentence.

One other thing I found about this swatting issue is that lawmakers are pushing for a maximum prison sentence of 20-years on false reports that get the SWAT involved & as stated before, there are plenty of situations where people who pulled this poor-excuse for a prank ended up at least spending some time in prison for it (the situation with a 15-year old getting issued 25 years for it seems to be false, but I've still read plenty of articles where people got up to 20 years).

As advice to those who think they are going to get swatted, my suggestion is you keep cool, let SWAT do what they need to, don't fight them & allow them to go through your house as needed.  If given the chance, explain that you're a Twitch streamer, show them your rig (which will probably still have the stream running if it ever happens), the SWAT is already fully aware of this problem because it happens NUMEROUS times every year & letting them know the truth will work to your advantage.  Also let them know of any individuals you think may have filed the report (given the page this is being stated on, I don't think I even need to say who I expect it would be, however trolls would actually use that to their advantage to throw off suspicion, but that's not to say they wouldn't be able to determine who is responsible for making the report).  As I said before, there's nothing in my house that would have them hold me beyond the initial arrest provided I didn't fight them & I have no criminal history, so I would likely be in & out the same night (possibly even being released before I left my house), then I would be inquiring about a penalty in prison time & monetary damages (I'm fully aware of what happens when SWAT searched a house, the outcome is never pretty) against the complainant.  Aside from what will be done through law enforcement & the courts if this should ever happen, I'll also be making it a point to write a new review about it on this site as well as contacting Twitch personally about it with another case number generated when the situation happens, pointing out that this was a SWAT-attack & under Twitch Community Guidelines, they will not only being serving prison time for their bad judgment, they will also be permanently banned from Twitch.

UPDATE:  I ended up reporting RoF's channel on 6/28/2017 after about a month of organized attacks against my channel (using the Authentication Token error as indication that they were still happening, I had never had that problem prior to 6/3/2017) for abuse of the report function, mentioning I had video proof of at least one other individual doing it (a moderator from his channel, during a mockery stream he called "story time") & expected there were others, as I'm still running into that problem daily (after doing streams; it happened without rest for weeks after this article was published on 6/3/2017).  Furthermore I added additional details to the User Blacklist section on my channel about this situation, naming RoF specifically in that section.  The Free Games section of my channel & raffles continue to keep getting pushed back pretty well every time I do a stream (not to mention the list of games where those giveaways were not listed due to these attacks continues to grow at least weekly) as the indication that I have that the attacks are still happening happens nearly EVERY time I attempt to make a change in my Feed, delete a video on my channel or make a change to the my channels current game, description or community (from the channel itself; still works from the Dashboard, despite getting an error after submitting changes), forcing me to have to relog to fix the problem.

UPDATE:  On 6/29/2017, I received an email to my contact email address on this site, supposedly coming from RoF, however anybody who read this article & is following the notes on my channel could have sent it, so unless RoF sends me a message (the only contact system I have left unrestricted on Twitch; I don't believe the ban on my channel's chat will block that, I believe the message system uses it's own ban list), I can't really verify that he sent it.  In any case, this is what the message stated:


It has come to my attention that you believe I and viewers from my channel are "attacking" yours. I hope you understand this is not the case. If anyone has unfollowed or banned you as well it was not by my request. I have stuck to my word that after I read your post on my twitch channel (which was fair given the long message you wrote about me) that I would not and will not ever bring it up again. To this day it is a forgotten memory on my channel, and I have moved on from this. No one is under my saying to damage you or your channel. You may find this hard to believe but I am a genuinely nice person who never wishes harm on anyone. I like to make light of situations in hopes that any and all can find a way to move on and be okay with each other. All I was trying to do was get a laugh out of reading your "review". I know you understand that there are trolls and hurtful people out there, and many teens who are smart mouthed and rude in chat rooms. All I knew you as was a name in my channel who was "backseating" and it wasn't appreciated. I stand by my ban towards you, but man to man, I apologize that this has caused you such anguish. I never meant to hurt feelings, or stir the pot. For this I hope you accept my apology and we can move forward. I have and will never put any one up to hurting your channel nor would I do it myself. I do not know what is happening on your channel but hopefully twitch has a solution for you. I wish you nothing but the best in your future. 

Ring of Favor

Sent from my iPhone

If this is actually him that sent this, this definitely wasn't expected after his response during his stream on 6/2/2017 & during his "story time" stream on 6/3/2017; I'm still skeptical as to whether it was actually him that sent it.  There is the possibility that it might not be him organizing the attacks against my channel (although his story time mockery stream was enough to set things in motion), however the fact remains that the attacks started 6/3/2017 after his "story time" stream (FrostAsylum in particular stating that he had reported my channel during that stream, I would expect the first to have been by RoF himself) & continued non-stop for weeks after that date, where my channel continues to get hit with those attacks after nearly every stream I do (gauged by the error I keep getting when attempting to delete videos or edit/update the feed, fixed by relogging, but only repeats after doing a stream), so somebody from his channel is still abusing the report function, even if RoF isn't behind it himself.

Even if it were him that sent this message, would I be willing to let it go?  No I wouldn't!  This situation resulted in the loss of at least a few friends on Twitch & Steam & bans from numerous channels I hadn't even been to (which is why I'm now testing to see if I can chat in channels before giving them a host), so the damage has already been done, it's not something that can be reversed at this point.  The only thing that might get reversed is the suspension of the Free Games list & raffles if the attacks ever stop & I'm setting a deadline that if they don't stop before 9/2/2017, the Free Games list will be a thing of the past on my channel (at least publicly) & I'm going to be changing over to a different donation system that should be less prone to chargeback abuse (not that the Paypal donation system has really warranted any benefits yet, it's been sitting there dry since February, so there hasn't been any actual raffles held as of yet).

Right now the situation is really up in the air, I don't really see RoF sending this kind of email, but we'll see where it goes.  As for the errors I am still receiving, we'll see if those ever stop, as currently that's my only indication that the attacks are still happening.  Regardless of whether RoF is behind those attacks or not, the attacks started from his channel & they need to stop before this article is going to see an end in updates.  As for the return of the (public) Free Games list & raffles on my channel, that's also up in the air; I don't expect the attacks are going to stop, even if RoF were to tell his viewers to back off & in all honesty, I don't see him doing that (although if there's any truth to this email actually coming from him, I might be pleasantly shocked if he did, as this might show he may have some decency in him, but that's still to be proven & I still have my doubts based on what can be proven thus far via video).

UPDATE:  I received another email from him shortly after I did the last update, with another one shortly afterwards & what I read had me considering what my next step should be regarding the matter:


This is legitimately Ring of Favor. This email account is what I use for twitch, twitter, and instagram. If you would like some type of proof to ease your mind please let me know. I understand your hesitations and like I said before, I am truly a good hearted person and I don't want you worrying that your channel is being attacked. I would hate to have that feeling on my end, and really do not want you dealing with that. As said before I honestly do not believe that any of my viewers/mods are spamming a report on you, and I also never actually followed through with the report I said in the story time segment that I would. If it would put you at ease then I will gladly send a message to anyone asking them to stop if it is something they are doing. Hopefully twitch can tell you which names if any are doing this so it can be taken care of. Any help on my end in easing your worries, and getting to the root of your issue with twitch is always available.

As said before if you are hesitant and need proof that it is me don't hesitate to ask.

Best of luck,

Ring of Favor

Sent from my iPhone

For starters, I don't believe Twitch would give me usernames of those that are attacking the channel, as I'd believe they'd think I was going to retaliate against them; I've already made the report I intend on making, we'll just see where it goes from here & if the attacks ever stop...  I'm going to start relogging into Twitch before I start a stream from this point on to see if the issue continues after I end a stream (relogging should fix the issue during the same session, but if there's been another attack within the same session, I'm expecting the issues will present themselves again).  I considered responding to the email asking him to put something on his channel to prove it was him, however he sent another email directly afterwards pointing out something that I hadn't exactly taking note of until he mentioned it (noticed it, but didn't really click until he pointed it out in a second email):

I just realized I sent you this e-mail from my personal e-mail. Please do not share my name on your page. I am okay with the page being up, it is your right to have it up, but please do not share my personal information. Thank you!

And now you have proof it's me. Im sure if you search my name you'll see my Facebook or something.

Sent from my iPhone

I figured I could grant his request of not giving out his real name, but I wanted to verify what he was saying first.  First thing I did was a search on Google for that name, a few pages came up (as he stated, Facebook was one of them, however the first result was LinkedIn).  First thing I noticed when I found his Facebook account was that there was no Add Friend button (not that I would add him anyways).  At first I was figuring he had blocked me on Facebook as well using the Facebook link on my Twitch channel, but then realized that if he had blocked me, I wouldn't have even seen his profile (this determined when I was about to put a reverse Facebook block on him, I'm one of the few people that know how to tell if somebody has you blocked & how you can block them even if you can't access their wall due to an active block; because he hadn't actually put a block on me yet, I didn't follow through with the block on him); he likely disabled incoming friend invites when he realized he had given me his real name & suggested I look it up on Facebook.

It made what he was saying more believable, however I wasn't entirely convinced, so I did one more search using his email address.  This search brought up a secondary Twitter account (not the one he uses on his Twitch account), with an avatar that at one point was the same one he was using on Facebook.  I had all the proof I needed at this point, I was certain it was him contacting me & I'm not intending on pushing the limitations of breaking the law (where he might have grounds for a lawsuit that he possibly could win) by giving out his real name, so I won't go there.

I'm honestly shocked that he's trying to make amends, but I consider this a good thing, it's a step in the right direction & might get it closer to the end of this conflict (although never fully resolved because it's gone beyond the point of no return).  As I said before, the damage is already done; I'm not going to be getting back those friends that I lost because of this situation (not sure I would want them back anyways, due to almost definite tension remaining even if I did attempt to friend them again) & there are still a number of channels out there that likely have blocks on my Twitch username as a result of all the talk about banning users through chat command prompts (which I guess I would have to blame FrostAsylum for pointing out how to do it if they didn't know how to do it, although I expect most who moderate channels already knew it; I didn't, so I more have to thank him for pointing out how to do it rather than chastise him for it, but I still have to blame him for at least one attack on my channel due to the report he stated he had made in RoF's story time segment).  I'm going to hope RoF will do his part to try & get his followers to stop attacking my channel, while he seems sincere in his words, I'm not going to hold my breath in expecting his followers are going to listen...

Right now I'm just trying to get my life back in order & move on with my life:

My life has been very busy the last few months, this only details what has been happening in the month of June & why streams on my channel have been VERY limited; the situation with RoF really only played a very small part in it, but has to some degree made me wary about watching other streamers streams & I'm now checking those channels to make sure I haven't been banned from chat before hosting a random channel...

UPDATE:  I later contacted him directly via email (given he's giving me a way to respond to him, where that's not an option on his channel due to the ban; although there's always the possibility that he's blocked my contact email on my site after accidentally sending the email through his real address, I'd think if he was trying to make amends, he wouldn't have blocked me from responding via email, but I probably still wouldn't believe it was him if he hadn't have done that), rather than pussyfooting around the conversation by doing it on the site.  My contact to him was as follows:

I hope you will make an effort to put a stop to the attacks, however without knowing who is doing it, I don't think you'll get very far.  I have a number of things that are currently taking up my time, I'm trying to move on with my life, but obviously I'm not ignoring what has or is currently happening.  I've done another update to the site given details on what is taking up my time if you really want to know & I won't be giving out your real name, so you don't have to worry about that.  I'm not ever going to agree with the statement of backseat gaming, it was a judgement call & one I still feel was in the wrong.  You don't have to unban me from your channel, but as long as that is the decided reason for ban, we won't ever be on the same page.  You don't need to respond to this email, just do what you have stated & see if you can put a stop to the attacks on my channel.  Currently the Free Games list is disabled on my channel (something you could have taken advantage of yourself, as it was public & unrestricted), but it's on its way to being fully removed (or at least no longer public) if these attacks don't stop before 9/2/2017 & I'm expecting those that were following my channel for the Free Games list are going to be retaliating against yours (if they aren't already) if it's fully removed because the attacks are still happening.

I did say I didn't need a response (in all honesty, I don't want a response; I just want to see that he's making an effort to get the attacks to stop), but I hope he's at least going to read it; if he doesn't look at the email sent, I expect he's going to see it here.  Obviously I have little hope in seeing the attacks stop, but that's why the issue has gone as far as it has.  It's time I move on with my life, the question is whether those affecting my channel are going to allow me to do so...

UPDATE:  On 7/21/2017, I made an update on my Twitch channel stating that I was going to start moving the donation & raffle system over to Patreon, as it appeared the attacks were not going to be stopping any time soon & this step was preparation to also move the Free Games list over there as well if the attacks didn't stop by 9/2/2017.  I had the Patron page started, but didn't actually get it published until the following day.  Once my Patron donation & subscription page was set up, I set to getting the Free Games list transferred over.

As of 7/22/2017, the Free Games is now available on my Patron page, even though the public list on my channel is still suspended.  This will give followers the ability to still get to the list if they are intending on subscribing to the channel (through Patreon).  A new announcement was made to my Twitch channel stating where the donations & raffle system was moved to, removing the extra step of having to request a donation link (as was the case with Paypal), as well as the rules were updated regarding donations & raffles.  The other part pointed out that there is still a slim chance the Free Games list could return publicly to the channel however that's a VERY slim chance, as it don't look like the attacks are going to be stopping any time soon & they started ever since the "story time" mockery stream done on RoF's channel on 6/2/2017.  At this point I don't expect the attacks to ever stop, so I'm already ready to pull the public Free Games list from the channel, currently it's only being left there as a note as to what games people are missing because of the attacks, which started from the mockery stream on his channel.  When the list does get removed, I'm going to have to remove the list from the worst attacks somewhere so they're visible, they will likely be getting moved here (including the list related to the attacks from PSN user EPICMINECRAFT25 on his page).

Last updated 7/22/2017
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