On 9/8/2017, I ran into user Fckin_Goon in Fortnite, who was throwing up walls in the match I was in to grief the game, not just me, but ultimately the rest of the users in that match (towards the end of the match, during the base defense) as well:

In the end, I gave up on trying to be helpful in this match as it was a waste of ammo & weapon durability to continue fighting when all I was hitting was walls of a fucking moron that joined the match with only the purpose of griefing & seeing as he wasn't actually being helpful in the match, that meant only the remaining 2 were left to fend for themselves.  Of course I used the trick I had learned to manually add the moron to my Epic Games blocklist.

You may have noticed that he stated something about my "1 viewer", which apparently happened to be him, as when I exited the game to highlight the video on Twitch of the griefing (and process the video from my computer to be uploaded to YouTube, which was also expected to be used in a report to Epic Games), he was sitting in my channel user the Twitch username of Its_goon_baby.  It became obvious that this little douchebag had followed me through my Twitch channel into the game to grief me (as well as others at the end of the game, the others more being collateral damaged, as it was directed at me), where I prompted used the Highlight on my Twitch channel to report the little fucker to Twitch.

After I had let the video process on YouTube (which took several hours, seeing as I had to also process an edit after it was uploaded to YouTube), I used that video to also make a report against the user for the griefing in the game itself.

While I was waiting for the video to process on YouTube, I started a thread on the Epic Games Fortnite forums about this situation, using the Twitch Highlight as proof of the situation (meant to be a form of report, however it was taken more as a form of nameshaming.  The first response was more of a sarcastic response, however I did not see it so much as trolling, so I'm not going to count that one in the list of trolling/abusive responses.  The 2nd & 3rd responses were abusive as far as I'm concerned.  Post #15 was easily the most abusive in the thread & considering what was stated was the same bullshit that Fckin_Goon was stating in the game, it was expected at this time that Blizzard0230 was the main of Fckin_Goon.  One thing I did not check prior to this allegation however was his profile, which showed that the account was created on 9/13/2017, so this was likely yet another followup account to whatever his main account was...  Eventually an Epic Games representative did respond to the thread by locking it in post #17.

On 9/14/2017, I ended up banning another Twitch account from my channel's chat, its_goon_time_lol.  This ban came within an hour of getting the email notification of another follow on my channel (same situation as the first account, when he started griefing me in Fortnite (both account followed & both were reported to Twitch).  One other thing I noticed was that a new user was sitting in my channel named Blliizzard0230, with a similar username to the verbally abusive response in the Epic Games thread (which is expected to be yet another troll account by Fckin_Goon).  When I realized this was just another troll account, I also banned this Twitch account in my channel & will definitely also be blocking them in the game (next time I run it, although I expect they may have already used my trick against me, so the block may be on their side, which hopefully is two-way & not one-sided, otherwise Epic Games is going to be getting a TON of reports headed there way with a TON more videos being published on the toxic nature of this human filth).

Backtracking a bit, I noticed a few days ago that I had a couple of new friend invites on my primary PSN account (through the Android PSN app), which at the time I expected were probably spam accounts (seeing as they can't message my primary account unless they are on my friend list):

Both friend invites were using standard invite messages & had no game activity (nor games on their accounts), so I just rejected the requests.  Both of these were sent the same day.

I decided to check my secondary account after that, found I had one message sent to that account simply stating "Hey" from firemarcelle.  Again, this account had no game activity & no games registered to the account, furthermore the account pulls up as private on PSN, so it's expected it's a troll/retaliatory account created for the purpose of contact, not for gaming (similar to my secondary account).  While it's undetermined whether these accounts are related to the attacks of what is expected to be a Goon Squad attack (I think Nekojin may have hit the nail right on the head on this one), it is likely given the timeframes of the contacts:

I think it is more likely to be retaliation from Mezigoto, in retaliation to this article being published after his false ban (however this is still undetermined).  In any case it doesn't look like these attacks are going to be stopping any time soon, so I may end up needing to contact law enforcement again to have yet another subpoena issued due to Internet Stalking/Harassment (as was the case with PSN user EPICMINECRAFT25).

Blliizzard0230 was still sitting in my channel 10 hours+ after I placed the ban on its_goon_time_lol (7 hours of that being while I was sleeping, including he was banned from the channel at least an hour before this page was published, yet he never left the channel).

UPDATE:  Shortly after I started my first stream of the day on 9/15/2017 (where Blliizzard0230 was still sitting in the channel when it started, despite already being banned) I got an email notification stating that Blizzturd had given a follow to the channel.  As if the name on it's own wasn't enough to prove his intentions, that along with the previous username was enough to prove who he was, this username also got immediately banned & seeing as there was a follow involved, this username was also reported to Twitch (this makes one reported for harassment & 2 for ban evasion; the 3rd one never was reported because I could never verify a follow, although I expect he did as the follower count went up despite not showing in the list, which is a bug I noticed not too long ago).  I'm expecting more usernames to be created, banned & reported, I'm curious to see when these usernames start getting banned (or whether it gets extreme enough that I need to get law enforcement involved).

UPDATE:  On 9/18/2017, I noticed yet another follow on my account, which was pretty obvious it had to be from this lowlife because of the username.  The username was ur_fat_ugly_and_lonely, making the purpose of the account pretty obvious, where I immediately banned him from my channel again when I noticed the follow notification in my email.  This time when I reported the account to Twitch, I pointed out that I had to get a subpoena issued against a PSN user that was making death threats over whisper towards the end of 2016, then made an update to my feed & started writing the update to this page.  By the time I went back to his channel to make notes on it, the account had already been banned:

Of course I've seen banned like these get reversed before, we'll see what happens this time.  At this point Twitch is aware I am considering filing for another subpoena for this lowlife's arrest; currently the only thing I have him on is Internet Stalking, however sooner or later he might find the hole I (purposely) left open, then Twitch might end up contacting law enforcement for an arrest of the individual themselves.

UPDATE:  Got another account pulling the same bullshit as the last account, trying to insult through username (seeing as he hasn't been able to figure out how to do it directly or discreetly yet).  Again he was immediately banned & reported to Twitch, although I see this account hasn't been banned on Twitch yet (which is odd, when the last account got banned immediately after the report was filed & is still banned, I would assume a search team of legal action from the report files would be what triggered a possible automatic ban)...

One other thing to point out was when I was placing this ban, the original account that these problems started through (Its_goon_baby) was spotted sitting in my channel:

UPDATE:  2 more accounts ended up getting banned within hours of the 2nd account today (call_the_police_about & your_hurt_feelings_LOL).  Again the usernames make the purpose of their creation obvious & again both account were banned, with a report on each account to Twitch regarding the harassment.  At this point I've decided it's a waste of time to include details about what started this entire situation, I've just stated to refer the last X reports (X being the number of reports I've made about this same individual) for further details & also to point out the level of harassment & obvious aggressive nature regarding the attacks over multiple accounts by giving a number of accounts in total that it has continued to happen over.

UPDATE:  Directly after the last 2 accounts got banned from my channel, I got 2 more accounts following channel with usernames stop_wasting_police_time & because_your_butthurt, it becoming plainly obvious that the last 2 attacks were using multiple accounts to create sentences.  Once again both accounts were both banned from my channel & reported to Twitch.

While I may have miscounted before (thinking this was the 10th account to continue this harassment), I realized that I had actually miscounted & it was 9 as I was filling out a Harassment & Internet Stalking complaint with the Internet Crimes division of the FBI at (decided it was time to get law enforcement involved if Twitch couldn't get the attacks to stop).  I currently have a PDF backup of the report made, however I haven't received the case number for the case opened with the complaint yet, so any further reports made to Twitch will simply need to state that a complaint was filled with them until I get that email notification that the complaint was opened.  In this complaint, I stated the following:

One other thing to note when I was banning the last 2 Twitch accounts from chat on my channel was that I noticed another account sitting in my channel, however I'm going to leave that username unnamed for the time being as it's not currently confirmed that he is a part of these attacks, however the username does seem suspicious, not to mention it's yet another new account on Twitch, which I think points out a high probability that the account could be connected to this entire festering situation (I have a screenshot of the username sitting in the channel, so I can still publish that later if it is proven to be connected with the harassment).

UPDATE:  Seems I missed a name when I was listing them here, there was nobody_cares_about_you_, which is obviously another troll account (apparently my count of 10 was correct).  I realized this after getting another email notification (just before I was about to go to bed) of yet another troll follow from this lowlife piece of shit, this one with the username of wasting_police_time_sad (the 7th account today).  Of course the ban was made on my channel & of course there was another report to Twitch about it, however rather than reporting for chat evasion (as I have done over roughly the last 8 accounts), I filed this report under harassment & included a link to a PDF printout of the Internet Stalking complaint I filed with the Internet Crimes division of the FBI just yesterday via  I did notice he had unfollowed with the first account (Its_goon_baby), yet there are still 7 troll accounts following my channel:

We shall see at this point if the mention of the Internet Crimes complaint makes any difference in Twitch's attitude towards putting a stop to this lowlifes trolling; if not, I may file a complaint with the local police as well, which will back up the situation should I need to need to contact another district of law enforcement to take care of the matter (Twitch definitely started doing something about the situation with EPICMINECRAFT25 when I provided them with a case number, officer's name & district of police local to where I live).

UPDATE:  When I woke up on 9/19/2017, I was already expecting there to be another troll account following my channel, I was right & it appears he's getting more personal with his username insults.  This time it was account you_are_mentally_ill_, the irony of this one is that only a mentally issue piece of shit would be as persistent as they have been in trolling a single channel, showing they have no life to do nothing but.

Yesterday I decided it was time to create an index of all accounts that this lowlife has created in order to troll my Twitch channel, I did this by pulling the remaining follow emails from my trash & am now storing them to list exact times follows were done on my channel to prove how persistent this waste-of-life's trolling attempts have become, the index can be found at the end of this article.

At this point I have to believe this moron is one of those Steam trolls that knows how to manipulate users into over-reporting, causing threads to be locked & users to get banned for being a victim to trolling & harassment.  I have already filed 11 reports against this individual alone, I have to believe at this point Twitch is probably ignoring the reports (which is why I made it an issue to make it a legal matter through hopefully subpoena & arrest...hopefully); I would hope Twitch isn't as superficial as to ban victims of abuse, but I do expect they are probably ignoring reports from my account at this point, however they should start taking the matter seriously once they get hit with a subpoena for all accounts involved in these attacks (or at least the first 9), although I think where a subpoena is really going to matter is against the Epic Games account where the griefing came from, seeing as there should be billing information on that account (unless it was an activation key, however the primary account that granted that key could still be penalized if it's tied in with the primary account), which will give the details for the police to show up at the door of the deranged individual that apparently has no life to continue trolling/harassing people through obvious (no attempt to even hide it) verbal mind games.

UPDATE:  The last account he had got banned fairly quickly after I reported it, that didn't have any chance in deterring his toxic attitude however, as he created & followed with 5 new ones before the email notifications came through on my phone:

You can see the message he sent based on the usernames, the first was over the first 3, followed by another which was flat out mockery, then another for good measure (if you can call anything this moron is doing "good").  It goes without saying that I banned & reported them in quick succession when I saw the literal pile of follows (ironically this fills the first 12 slots on my followers page, which is something I keep pointing out in the reports); at this point I have a template that only requires minor changes, save as a DOC so I can quickly report every account he makes, until he likely gets arrested or gets a legal threat from Twitch if he doesn't knock it off (the latter being highly unlikely, but I do expect they might contact his ISP & file a complaint against him, this is what I would be doing if I knew what his IP address was, although I might actually have it already when you consider I could just go through my access logs & even if the ISP wouldn't listen to the matter, I could do as I have done before by writing a negative review about his ISP if they chose to ignore the matter).  New accounts this time around were talking talking_sh1t_on_the_net, isnt_a_crime_you_moron, its_free_speech_lmao, thanks_for_the_lols_btw & Its_the_internet.  3 out of 5 of these accounts ended up getting banned (by Twitch) before I got this update got pushed.

UPDATE:  One other thing I noticed on 9/20/2017 was the date on the Fortnite: Code of Conduct, which was apparently published 2 days after the moderator locked the thread that I had started to report this situation (the first report anyways, the second was in the game itself through the Feedback option, with the URL to the video of the griefing), indicating that it was apparently written specifically because of this user & the retaliatory harassment that was done in that thread regarding making the trolling public.  Of course the report function was there prior to this (when you look at the link the moderator provided & comparing it to the post/lock date in my thread, however it seems it has been updated since then), but it appears the Code of Conduct hadn't been written until after the matter.  I expect this to HEAVILY abused when the game goes F2P (as if it weren't P2W already) in 2018; currently any trolling in the game will be limited to those who have paid into Early Access (which isn't a cheap purchase at a minimum of $40 for the standard edition).

UPDATE:  On 9/29/2017, I got another follow from his lowlife & the username told me where this conflict started, as the username indicated the same type of insult he was throwing around when he was called out for being racist on the original site.  The username was its_my_fav_little_autist, which told me who he was & where this started (as well as letting me know what city & state he lived in, as well as his ISP, based on the information I grabbed when I traced his IP address after mocking a review on this site).

This is one of the most toxic individuals anybody will ever meet.  He's not only racist, but also ignorant (based on his use of insults, which most of the time has to do with race, disability or other discriminatory references).  At the time, I attempted to report the matter to his ISP & they chose to ignore the matter, so I ended up writing this review on his ISP instead (while this review might actually gain them customers, I don't think the company will want this type of reputation, which was the purpose in bringing negative attention to the company if they weren't going to keep their customers in check).  At this point I decided rather than trying to get all details in on the reports to Twitch (due to character limitation), I would instead provide a link off of my Google Drive to give supporting information rather than trying to list all of it in the reports themselves.  While there wasn't an immediate ban (and I didn't really expect Twitch to go to an external site to look at the information), shortly after filing the Harassment report against this new account, I found that channel was also closed for violation of ToS.  The fact that it took a few minutes before the channel got banned has me believing that Twitch actually went through the full details in the supporting information.

Of course this individual was toxic in so many ways on the original site & I understand from one of the supporters in that thread (that was requesting the webmaster to do something about rancid racist fallout) that he had retaliated pretty badly when I gave his city, state & ISP in that thread (which was when the thread got deleted by the webmaster, likely after he retaliated to my making that information public, although I never saw that retaliation).  While I never gave his IP address, he continued to push the matter in that that thread & the vendetta started in that thread is what lead to it continuing over (so far) about 5 different networks, seeming he thinks he's making the most impact on my Twitch channel, so this is where he's continuing his attacks.  The 18th account he created to attack the channel was however what pointed out that it was this individual, so I again used that information to my advantage & this time I did give his IP address in the supporting information (which was originally only intended to be for Twitch's eyes through the reports made against him).  I knew he wouldn't stop at that, so I eventually decided to make that information public to those visiting my channel as well.  Seeing as the Twitch beta site currently is screwed up something terrible (which wouldn't be a problem if we weren't being forced to use it through redirects, but seeing as that's the case & channel customization options are pretty well defunct), I decided I would also provide a link here for the time being.

What is ironic about this is the follows he's making on my channel (even if they are troll accounts), doesn't hurt my channel, it actually helps it (even if I would rather they not be there).  What it comes down to is the the increased follower rating only give a false sense of my channel being more popular than it actually is, so it's not like he's really hurting my channel in any ways, all he's doing is boosting the follower rating (at this point, I could probably even apply for the donation system on Twitch...if I had any interest in doing so).  The other thing is all he's doing is building a much more toxic reputation for himself, which could get missed if people don't have the ability to publicize that information (free services can be attacks through report abuse, some will delete those articles, others will just de-index them so they can't be found in blog listings or search engines), I have the ability to publicize this information & not be censored.  One other mistake he made was that with the follow of that 18th troll account, he pointed out who he was, meaning I had further information to provide in an Internet Stalking/Harassment case to legal authorities because of it (which will make it easier to track him down).

One other thing I am going to point out was the nature of the original site where this vendetta started.  This site has illegal content on it (I won't state what that content is in this review, however I have another published that does give those details), which I have attempted to bring to the attention of the webmaster before, he chose to break direct URL viewing (rather than restricting referral traffic to only his own site) to hide that information from other sites, search engines or otherwise (currently only accessing the site through a registered account will allow you to see it).  Seeing as the webmaster chose to ignore the warnings & instead try to hide it, I eventually attempted to report the site for that content to the Internet Crimes Division of the FBI (unfortunately due to the nature of that content, it got routed to another organization & it seems they chose to ignore the report), as well as a number of search engines in an attempt to get the site de-indexed.  It wasn't until it became obvious the webmaster really didn't give a shit about his viewers that I decided to report the matter, this comes from the fact that he has a number of malvertisements on the site (which he tries to give the false element of being concerned by stating he's going to remove malicious advertisements, but I've gone through the source code on the site & have determined that the site itself is delivering the ads through a couple malvertisement delivery systems, which I attempted to report in his ad report thread & he quickly removed the post, showing he knows about it, but doesn't really care).  The last part of this is he's created a Patreon page to fund this site (which I've already stated has illegal content, but I expect over 99% of it to be stolen content as well), stating that donations to the site will have certain ads removed when certain donation tiers are met, yet I haven't actually seen this happen & what does this say about the character of the webmaster when he's already aware he's pushing malware to his viewers & hiding the fact that he's doing it?  The 2 domains in particular that I stated before actually attempt to install malvertisement hostname redirects on your computer, which many times overwrites Internet Explorer, running a number of background processes to make sure you can't clean/repair it & about the only way to get rid of it is a complete OS reinstallation (including format, you don't want to accidentally run it again after a new OS installation just to have to do it again).

Last updated 10/3/2017

Troll account/follower index

Reported? Still
Its_goon_baby 09/08/2017, ??:?? PM Yes No
its_goon_time_lol 09/14/2017, 05:17 PM Yes Yes
Blliizzard0230 N/A No N/A
Blizzturd 09/15/2017, 05:28 AM Yes No
ur_fat_ugly_and_lonely 09/18/2017, 12:20 AM Yes Banned
nobody_cares_about_you_ 09/18/2017, 05:13 PM Yes Yes
call_the_police_about 09/18/2017, 06:49 PM Yes Yes
your_hurt_feelings_LOL 09/18/2017, 06:50 PM Yes Yes
stop_wasting_police_time 09/18/2017, 07:24 PM Yes Yes
because_your_butthurt 09/18/2017, 07:24 PM Yes Yes
wasting_police_time_sad 09/18/2017, 11:17 PM Yes Yes
you_are_mentally_ill_ 09/19/2017, 05:55 AM Yes Banned
talking_sh1t_on_the_net 09/19/2017, 02:59 PM Yes Banned
isnt_a_crime_you_moron 09/19/2017, 03:00 PM Yes Banned
its_free_speech_lmao 09/19/2017, 03:06 PM Yes Yes
thanks_for_the_lols_btw 09/19/2017, 03:31 PM Yes Banned
Its_the_internet 09/19/2017, 04:24 PM Yes Yes
its_my_fav_little_autist 09/29/2017, 08:03 AM Yes Banned

NOTE:  If an account has a black background, it means the channel for that account has already been banned by Twitch for violation of ToS.

17 Twitch troll accounts total created to harass my channel as of 9/29/2017

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