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Twitch user iBreezyy apparently considers himself to be a professional Fortnite (Battle Royale mode) player & takes pride in his skill (hardly professional with the way he acts, but I won't deny he has skill when it comes to Battle Royale mode, Save the World mode would be another matter), but his skill has apparently made him ignorant, making him think that the rules of the platforms he chooses to stream or share media on do not apply to him & that he can manipulate/misuse the report functions on those platforms without any penalty for his actions.

On 2/19/2018, I had the misfortune of being thrown into a mission (Save the World mode) with this individual (at this time unaware he was a social media streamer, later finding out he had both a Twitch & YouTube account), where he (his display name at the time being Aluuurt) & another guy named Bellion. started acting oddly during the match, chasing me around asking for weapons & started griefing when I chose not to give him any:

The way he responded to not giving him weapons was what I was expecting was going to happen when he started following me around (same situation as others who have griefed in this manner in the past), which is specifically why I wouldn't give him one; normally I don't mind giving away weapons to players that are actually being helpful in the mission, however the following me around told me something was off & the response to not giving him one only proved that my assessment of the situation was correct.  The video above was used in a report against his account to Epic Games, however what happened to his access to the Save the World function is undetermined (I know he still has access to the Battle Royale mode), given Epic Games' track record with unanswered support tickets, probably nothing...  This video was originally Highlighted on Twitch, however due to a bug that caused the Highlight to expire when the original Past Broadcast did (along with another griefer video, that user with the name of Dr. Jew), I ended up having to upload the local backup from my PC to YouTube to replace the one that became collateral damage to that bug (unfortunately I have been unable to locate the local backup for the one of Dr. Jew, which leads me to believe I may not have kept one).

It wasn't until I was going through my block list that I realized that Epic Games apparently allows you to change your display name in the game (around the time that the Highlights expired on Twitch), where I made it a point to copy my block list to an extra tab in my Fortnite progress spreadsheet to keep track of name changes.  The original display name of this griefer (when I became a victim of it) was Aluuurt, however tracking name changes (when I first started listing those names), I found that Aluuurt had changed his name to BreezyyHD (which apparently is the display name to his YouTube channel, but I didn't know that at the time; there was 2 names that had changed including this one when I realized Epic Games allowed name changes on their platform).  Not long after the name was changed again to Twitch iBreezyy, which is when I realized the individual had a Twitch channel.  I didn't do much with the new information until later, just kept adding notes about name changes & updating the title of the video of the original griefing.

On 3/19/2018, retaliation to the video being published (even it had been removed from Twitch because of the bug, they weren't aware at this point that it had been moved to YouTube) had apparently been happening for some time against my channel (further details about this later), but it didn't become apparent to me that anything was happening until this attack happened in my Twitch channel via chat:

Videos always become lower quality than what you could record yourself, so to make the logs of that easier to read, I originally retyped the entire list of comments to a DOC on Google Drive, but later determined why I would even need to do that when I could simply take a screenshot of my Twitch chat IRC logs (which I installed an IRC client for the purpose of constant Twitch chat connectivity on 1/17/2018 under the advice of another Twitch streamer that I was following at the time):

This attack resulted in 5 different accounts being banned from my channel (nightmareeCS, whysosaltyxxx, hunterwj1, wondergameristrash & Xxwheelz01xx) & 3 different reports being filed to Epic Games (including an additional report being filed against the original griefer, now with the Epic Games display name of Twitch iBreezyy).  It was also this attack that showed me I gave NightmareeCS too much credit in the original griefer video (originally stating I had nothing against him as I didn't see him an active part of the griefing, only finding out after this attack that I was dead wrong on that assumption), which one of the others that got reported to Epic Games after this attack (along with a manual block over the Epic Games platform, not knowing if his name would be the same, but apparently it was Bellion. had unsurprisingly changed his name already & I was unable to block him through a manual block as I didn't know his new display name).

On 3/24/2018, another attack on my channel was attempted via chat, but they were stalled in being able to do it because I had enabled Follower-only chat after the attack on 3/19/2018.  It was obvious they were going to attempt to do it because there were 3 follows when they joined according to my email follower notifications:

Apparently they figured they could wait out the time to attack the channel (even if actual viewers were present), however when I noticed the viewer count on my Twitch Dashboard, checked my viewer list in IRC & saw what was coming, I quickly raised the minimum follow time to 24 hours; all 3 accounts had unfollowed when I did this, however thybreeze did eventually re-follow (which I didn't get a new notification on I would expect due to being within the same 24-hour period, this account currently expected to be an alt account for iBreezyy).

I noticed iBreezyy had entered my channel through my IRC logs after the attack on 3/24/2018, at which point I decided it was time start investigating the matter to see how far it had gone, I didn't have to go far.  On iBreezyy's channel, he had a past broadcast of a stream aired on 3/22/2018, which was where I learned just how far it had gone:

373 MB download, should stream in most browsers, right-click & save if you want a local copy (video only) or to view multiple times without having to re-download:

This video was a re-recording of approximately the last 17 minutes of his stream, showing there was mass-slander & numerous false reports filed against my Twitch channel (as well as my YouTube channel when they found the original griefing video had been uploaded to YouTube after getting removed from Twitch), which apparently is what instigated another attempt to attack my Twitch channel (via chat) on 3/24/2018.  Up until now, no reports had been filed against iBreezyy's Twitch account, however this gave me evidence to do so, so a report was made to Twitch using his own video against him under the claim of slander & abuse of the report function, which I don't think it would have done anything on it's own based on the parent reason selected when filing the report.  As I was going through the video & dissecting the comments made in this last portion of his stream (while writing the description above, which was originally meant to be a description for the video when uploaded to YouTube, however I later determined that uploading the video to YouTube would have only given iBreezyy a reason to report my channel that might have actually succeeded, so I deleted the upload & decided to host here instead), one point stood out & that was the ludicrous reasoning of reporting the original griefing video under the claim of child abuse because he was a child when it happened.  At this point I started going through Twitch policy & found a detail that would have likely warranted some action against his account, but it required sending a new report with a different parent reason.  The following report was sent to Twitch on the second report on 3/27/2018:

There is a number of reasons why I am reporting this account today, the matter starting back on 2/19/2018 when he chose to grief in a Fortnite mission I was in (https://youtu.be/mcFJSAZtGUI).  I only found out about his channel after the 3rd name change on his account (seems Epic Games allows you to see names changes from your block list).

On 3/19/2018, my Twitch channel got hit with an attack via chat where I ended up having to ban 5 different accounts, which is also when I enabled Follower-only chat to help mitigate attack such as you will see at https://www.twitch.tv/videos/240727033

On 3/24/2018, I saw them entering the channel for another attack, however the Follower-only chat function stalled them from being able to do it & I increased the minimum of that function to 1-day when I realized what was coming.  This was later discussed with a friend (who happened to join around the time they did) about mid-way through my stream located at https://www.twitch.tv/videos/242237338 (Past Broadcast, so this video will expire) & I posted a new blog entry about it when I had finished my stream, which can be found at https://twitch-wondergamer.blogspot.com/2018/03/another-attack-attempt-but-foiled.html.  This attempt was foiled due to that function, but it was attempted & there were a few follows placed in an attempt to do it (details about this are on the blog), I increased the minimum to 30 minutes after ending my stream to deter the likelihood they would attempt it again (it will continue increasing as they continue to try attacking the channel.

Unfortunately I found out today while watching one of his videos that he's been attacking my channel regularly by misusing the report function & as of 3/22/2018 (when his stream was running, which is also where I got evidence of this from) he's also doing the same on my YouTube channel (I would expect also my Epic Games account or any other account he know I have).  Until now I had no evidence to support a report against him, now I do however, so I am using this evidence to make the report & hope something will come of it.  This discussion is done in the last 17 minutes of his Past Broadcast found at https://www.twitch.tv/videos/241771155, I have re-recorded this portion of the video to be used as evidence regarding the organized harassment & attacks on my channel, as well as misuse of the report function & slander, it will be used in a later article on my personal site if the abuse & manipulation of code of conduct to be used in their favor continues to be an issue.  Slander has also apparently become an issue (which this video verifies), I'm expecting I may need to get the police involved if it goes much further...

A report would have been filed against his channel on YouTube also, however YouTube does not give the option to provide supporting evidence or even so much as a comment, they are just predefined reasons, so I figured a report wouldn't do any good there, I decided to instead post something about it on the Discussions tab of my channel (more than likely he will report that also, then they will start looking into the issue & his report will end up backfiring on him, much like his stream on 3/22/2018 did).

While I wasn't expecting Twitch to do anything about it (as is usually the case, but I have had success in getting things done when attacks are particularly persistent, particularly when I have to start filing police reports & supplying Twitch with case numbers, names of the officers I report it to & the district of police it was reported to, as was the case with PSN user EPICMINECRAFT25), it did apparently hit him with a 24-hour suspension (likely for violation of community guidelines, however I originally thought it was an age violation without supervision).  His account was unbanned on 3/29/2018, approximately 24-hours from when I noticed he was banned:

Notice the URL in the address bar

When he gained back access to his channel, I kept digging into the matter as I could tell from my IRC logs that they were still reporting my channel any chance they got (even when his account was still banned, continuing even after he was unbanned), found that the people that followed my channel on 3/24/2018 for the follow-up attack were indeed links to iBreezyy in one way or another.  Xxwheelz01xx was already banned from my channel after the attack on Twitch on 3/19/2018, however thybreeze was confirmed to be following my channel, iBreezyy's channel & Ninja's channel (a channel that was mentioned in their slander scam on iBreezyy's stream on 3/22/2018 in an attempt to get them to attack my channel by recruiting more lackeys, as they had already done in his own stream & proven in the video re-recorded from his channel) & banned, DeedsGames was banned from my channel for confirming this link from the top donator's list on iBreezyy's channel.  My friend I gained from watching my Fortnite streams (and my first donation ever via Patreon) told me not to worry about it because Ninja has a strong stance against bullying (at least this is what I'm told, but from I've seen similar rules on the channels of Ring_of_Favor & Mezigoto, they both turned out to be douchebags, it wouldn't be surprising to say I was skeptical that Fortnite PvP players might still stand together, even if Ninja could see the reasoning why I have gone to so much trouble to make this matter public & continue to update it as it continued to happen), not that I really am worrying about it anyways, they are going to need evidence to be able to pass a ban on those reports, the only possibility of passing a claim of stalking would be my collection of evidence to report them & have it ready should a lawsuit go into play, which is still pushing the stalking accusation & probably won't happen when iBreezyy has already been proven to be the instigator.  It's also worth mentioning that even though a number of these accounts are banned from my channel, they are still following; the purpose of this seems to be so they can continue getting email notifications of when my stream is running to file reports against it (not that this seems to matter, my IRC logs have indicated they are doing it even when I am no streaming, they may think they'll have a better chance if they do it while I'm streaming however).

Before I get into further IRC logs showing the potential for how many reports are getting made on my account daily, I'm first going to point out what happened when the report was filed against the original griefing video on YouTube.  It's already proven in the video from his stream that they reported it (under ludicrous reasoning, it should also be noted that there was additional false-reports against my Twitch channel claiming I was a stalker, something they can't really back up, so the reports are never going to pass, especially when it's already been proven they are the ones that are provoking the situation), but the additional detail I found out was both individuals talking in this video had downvoted the video:

While this wasn't surprising (and in all honesty to be expected), the downvotes really don't matter because the rating on the videos can't be seen.  Due the amount of attacks I have had on my YouTube account, I had to lock it down to mitigate attacks on it, then meant forcing moderation on all comments & disabling viewing of video ratings (if you can't disable voting, you just disable viewing of the rating).  They also stated in their stream that they were going to leave a comment on the video, however I noticed no comment was left, probably because they realized that moderation was on & it wouldn't see the light of day.

As for the IRC logs & knowing that they are continuing to file the false reports, this is proven through screenshots I am taking from my IRC logs every single day since I realized what this lowlife was pulling (while I'm not uploading every single one of them, I am still taking screenshot of those logs every day & holding onto them should I need to take the matter to court, meaning taking his parents to court, seeing as parents are responsible for their children's actions when a lawsuit on their actions comes up), these logs can currently be found here.

Currently I am checking the channels & followers/following lists of everybody who joins the channel for potential links to iBreezyy's channel by going over every visitor to my channel when I go over my IRC logs.  The links have been few & far between, however I have noticed that a number of those visiting my channel do have Ninja on their following list, which gives a good possibility that they may have spread their slander in Ninja's channel already (of course it could also be they are just checking out other players playing the game while their favorite channels are not running, this is probably something I could verify to see if his channel is running when they visit my channel, possibly even monitoring his chat via IRC if I have to go that far, but I expect his chat is going to scroll so fast that it won't be possible to even keeps one stream worth in my IRC history for that channel, it's probably not worth the trouble to throw my username in there).

On 4/1/2018, iBreezyy had another stream (his first one since being banned on 3/27/2018, only going to see what was going on as a result of him & his gang coming to my channel during my stream, I'm certain only to throw more bogus reports on my channel.  The irony of this is that while iBreezyy got penalized for violation of Twitch ToS just 3 days prior, they allowed him into the partnership program, which doesn't bode well for the reputation of Twitch...

As I was typing this up & linking profiles, I noticed something while I was on nightmareeCS's channel, that was that he's stating he's 17.  Technically speaking he could be hit by the same penalization iBreezyy got hit with under the same terms because he's still in that age range where parent/legal guardian supervision is required, where I'm certain he wouldn't be acting like this if he was being supervised like he should be, however the problem is I have minimal evidence against him (only from the attack on 3/19/2018 & a report was already filed on that date, however I hadn't stated anything about age, so it might still be a possibility); as of yet I haven't filed a report against nightmareeCS's Twitch account, but I expect sooner or later he'll slip up & I'll plenty of evidence to get a strike on his account as well.

UPDATE:  I later ended up locating this bugger's Steam account & put a number of blocks on accounts from his friends list, the key factor was these accounts (some of them alts to iBreezyy himself) verified my suspicions of accounts currently following my Twitch channel by custom username.  Another thing to point out is a number of these accounts that can be tied in with other accounts is the fact that he (as well as a number of his friends) are also VAC banned, over multiple accounts from the looks of it, as they started making accounts for only one game (the game they were hacking in, being Counter-Strike: Global Offensive), knowing that they would be banned again & not wanting their entire Steam libraries getting banned again (meaning there's likely additional accounts on Steam that I haven't found yet).  Pointing out the VAC bans, I have noticed what appeared to be snapping (locking on his enemies when he shoots, even if he didn't have his crosshairs on the enemy before he shot) in his Fortnite streams, which at the time gave me indication that he might be hacking, but I didn't have enough proof at the time to make an reports, I needed further evidence; the discovery of these accounts on Steam only gave further reason to believe that he likely was hacking (still not enough evidence to report his profile to Twitch or Epic Games however, that may change in the future).  Ironically, the profile that lead me to his profiles was one of his donators, which had a racist name change in his name change history, this was reported to Steam for racism:


Other accounts were mainly related to (from what can be verified) iBreezyy himself & his partner in crime nightmareeCS.  It wasn't until I went through a number of friends lists linking to others & yet others beyond that that I found out that iBreezyy & his friends were (and probably still are) VERY AGGRESSIVE Counter-Strike: Global Offensive hackers, having VAC bans over multiple accounts:

The last name he had on Steam (BroTimeLoganR) points out this was the account he used during his stream on 4/16/2018

The display name he was using while griefing in Fortnite on 2/19/2018, notice the similar naming structure in the custom URL

The display name is actually the name you will find on iBreezyy's YouTube channel;
the URL name is the first account I suspected of being a troll account created to attack my channel with (still following);
also notice the VAC ban

Apparently another account for iBreezyy, again notice the VAC ban

Again notice the VAC ban on record

This account belongs to nightmareeCS, proven one of the display names in his name change history;
also notice the VAC ban

Looks to be another account for nightmareeCS;
the name states the name of Nick, which is the name on nightmareeCS's Twitch channel;
this account points out another Twitch account that would show he's likely streaming on another channel, he was running a stream on 4/22/2018 while I was writing this update;
Milesp1 is not only following nightmareeCS, but also following Ninja
NOTE:  Ninja is not currently determined to be a part of these attacks, but his channel is one of the most popular PvP Fortnite channels on Twitch, so it's a linking factor
His friend list would show that he's in the same group of friends as many of the others in Twitch iBreezyy's friend list

An obvious duplicate to the above account, expected to be the account that got VAC banned before he created the above account;
this account has a VAC ban on it, the duplicate account above does not

This one apparently for DeedsGames, again notice the VAC ban

A few other things to point out regarding each of these accounts & their mentions in this article:

The ironic thing about this is that Twitch has a policy against cheating/hacking in games (Additional Gaming Content Guidelines > Cheating in Online Games section) & iBreezyy recently got his partnership status, which allows him to receive subscriptions & donations (bits) directly through Twitch itself, wouldn't it be a shame if he fully lost access to his account if they determine that he's a hacker & in violation of Twitch policy regarding hacking; he's already in violation when you consider he was at the age of 15 (since changed on his profile so his age can't be used against him anymore, not that it's really going to be needed with the continued harassment & the newly acquired information of HEAVY hacking in CS:GO) when he got reported on 03/24/2018, using his own stream against him (along with original griefing video & the video of the attack on my channel on 3/19/2018) to show there is no way he is being supervised by an adult while using Twitch (a stipulation that must be followed while using Twitch between the ages of 13 to 18), which was the reason he got a 24-hour suspension out of it (I was hoping it would have been permanent, I'm not entirely surprised it wasn't, it may take filing a complaint against his channel supplying a police report case number to have that done).  If I keep seeing them in my channel & the troll accounts do not get removed from my follow list, I'm expecting to take this to the next level, meaning supplying the evidence of hacking to Twitch against all accounts I'm aware of on Twitch (this includes accounts for all 3 individuals above that have VAC bans on their accounts), as well as reporting any further accounts to Steam that don't already have VAC bans on them.

UPDATE:  As was to be expected, a number of these accounts were set to private (which doesn't hide the fact that they have VAC bans; some even changed the avatars & profile information) after listing the information above (this is why I took backup screenshots, in preparation for what was to be expected & linked to them by Steam ID), the backed up information alleviates any question whether what I was stating was accurate (I might also mention that thybreeze unfollowed the following day, specifically because it was stated here that it was still following my Twitch account even after it had been banned, but then again I have around 5 accounts from this group still following my channel as well, so they obviously haven't backed off yet).  Name changes were also made to try & hide information in the screenshots, which is also public information if you know where to look, including the dates & times they were made, where nobody would make this many changes in this short of time unless they were trying to hide something:

Originally displayed as Nightmare2

As I was going through a few of the archived videos on Milesp1's channel, I was considering whether I had made a mistake in believing it to be a secondary (or primary) for nightmareeCS, the fact that it got set to private only verified my suspicions (considering a bunch of other accounts had followed in tow, the same day this article gaining about 5 views, then jumping 25 views the following day).  They are fully aware of this article & used the fact that I pointed out other accounts linked to the hacking activity to try & hide their actions, which only verified what I have stated in this article & am further proving through name changes to try & hide their actions.

One other thing to point out is the contact I got from supapimp2 (claiming to be a friend of iBreezyy & his gang of thugs, which I originally believed given his demeanor was that of a person try to make things right, not the same demeanor that iBreezyy & gang have been pulling for over 2 months), but the hiding of information over most of these accounts, has given me more reason to distrust it, although I'm still not grouping this account in the attacks that have happened in the past (or are still happening).  This discussion can be found here, I will also be providing an embedded version below, however it will be easier to read with verbal responses from the video on Twitch itself:

Note there is a private YouTube export of this video as well, which I may replace with the local backup as that might come out clearer

This discussion continued over chat on my channel as supapimp2 has more questions when I was ready to end my stream, the rest of the discussion (including what was said during the stream) will be provided via screenshot from my IRC (Twitch chat) logs:

You'll notice in this screenshots a number of accounts that had joined my channel prior to supapimp2 speaking, this includes CookieKelton & nightmareeCS.  nightmareeCS was banned from my channel after the attack on it (via chat) on 3/19/2018, to which he quickly re-entered with another account named wondergameristrash (how Twitch was able to determine this wasn't a troll account when I reported it is beyond me), CookieKelton was banned from my channel when I found he was a contributor to iBreezyy's channel; supapimp2 managed to get through & be able to speak on my channel because he followed & was patient to wait out the hour minimum to chat (not a function I like to use as I don't want to make people feel obligated to have to follow the channel to chat, I for one leave channels if I find it's follower-only chat when I attempt to chat & haven't made a decision whether I want to follow yet or not, but it was needed & continued to increase in time as the attacks continued, even if they were attempted attacks that failed like on 3/24/2018, it was at one time at a 24-hour minimum throughout this entire ordeal) & kept it cool while speaking, so I still don't consider supapimp2 a part of the attacks & he still hasn't been banned from my channel as of yet.  He requested that I remove the bans on iBreezyy & nightmareeCS, I told him I would consider it, but it wouldn't be until I had disabled follower-only chat on the 25th.

I received a few other follows to my channel during this time, some who were already banned, one which I considered another possible alt account to iBreezyy based on the name of the account (having the same name as his real first name), which so far hasn't been linked yet, but I'm pretty certain it's probably still his account (more on that later if the attack continue).  The other follows included DeedsGames (again) & CookieKelton (unfollowed after the discussion with supapimp2), both banned from my channel for being a contributor to iBreezyy's channel, in expectation of further retaliation due to organized attacks during his stream on 3/22/2018 (and expected others that I probably don't know about; I think iBreezyy got smart about keeping these details out of his streams so they couldn't be used against him, which is why I expect the stream he did on 4/23/2018 was deleted after the stream ended, but he needs to realize that his streams can still be recorded manually while the stream is being done, this is what I had to do when Ring_of_Favor was doing his mockery stream, which never did show up in his videos, but he knew I was there & kept going, I'm guessing not realizing that I re-recorded the original video as evidence through recording software, I didn't export it through standard Twitch functions as they are not provided to viewers, only the owners of those channels).

I debated whether I was going to unban the accounts that supapimp2 had requested to see if they could keep it clean in the channel for longer than it took to disable follower-only mode.  I had considered unbanning iBreezyy's main, however I knew I wouldn't unban an account that had attacked mine in the past, so unbanning nightmareeCS's account was out of the question.  However on my stream on 4/25/2018, I noticed that whysosaltyxxx had joined the chat (still banned from chat & not one I would be willing to unban as it was also used in the attack on 3/19/2018) while I was getting griefed in Fortnite by an individual named DieLmao (the name alone gave the impression of being a griefer), followed by the realization of them trying to hide information on their Steam accounts, I had decided it was unlikely they had changed, I wouldn't be unbanning any accounts that were confirmed to be linked to any individual that has attacked the channel in the past (those that got banned for being a contributor to iBreezyy's channel might still be an option in the future, but I need to see them disappear from my channel for at least a year before that's going to happen).

I am still checking accounts that come to my channel for links to a number of channels known to be a part of these attacks & banning them as I find those links, this is preparation for another attack (if they want to cry false-ban, I won't deny it, however even if it is a false-ban, there's still a reason behind it & it may be reversed sometime in the future...if things change, that is).  Any time I see accounts I know that are associated with iBreezyy's channel (or group of friends), I'll be banning further individuals from his contributor list (bits, donations & subscriptions).  I know the problem is not over yet because there are still a number of individuals from this group that are following my channel, those accounts include:

Until these accounts disappear from my list as followers, the countdown for the removal of bans on his contributors will not start & if I see any of the known individuals joining my channel within the timeframe that are expected to start further problems (or have already been a part of previous attacks), the timer restarts, not to mention I'll put some further bans in place on contributors to his channel.

Last updated 4/26/2018

Currently verified alt Twitch accounts:

Primary Alts
DeedsGames deedsmike123
iBreezyy thybreeze
nightmareeCS Milesp1
Prophet68 CookieKelton

List last updated 4/24/2018

NOTE:  Currently I haven't verified Prophet68/CookieKelton to be a part of these attacks against my Twitch channel, but it wouldn't surprise me if he's still doing it & I just haven't verified one of the many accounts coming to my channel (for only a couple minutes at most) is one that he's using to file false reports against my channel.

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