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Twitch user iBreezyy (now Breezops after his 1st name change) apparently considers himself to be a professional Fortnite (Battle Royale mode) player, which his skill in Fortnite appears to actually be him aimbotting, confirmed later down the line as I started digging into his past, finding a number of his (and his friend) Steam accounts that had VAC bans & his friends opening admiting to it (or at least knowing that they are using hacks) during his streams.

On 2/19/2018, I had the misfortune of being thrown into a mission (Save the World mode) with this individual (at this time unaware he was a social media streamer, later finding out he had both a Twitch & YouTube account), where he (his display name at the time being Aluuurt) & another guy named Bellion. started acting oddly during the match, chasing me around asking for weapons & started griefing when I chose not to give him any:

The way he responded to not giving him weapons was what I was expecting was going to happen when he started following me around (same situation as others who have griefed in this manner in the past), which is specifically why I wouldn't give him one; normally I don't mind giving away weapons to players that are actually being helpful in the mission, however the following me around told me something was off & the response to not giving him one only proved that my assessment of the situation was correct.  The video above was used in a report against his account to Epic Games, however what happened to his access to the Save the World function is undetermined (I know he still has access to the Battle Royale mode), given Epic Games' track record with unanswered support tickets, probably nothing...  This video was originally Highlighted on Twitch, however due to a bug that caused the Highlight to expire when the original Past Broadcast did (along with another griefer video, that user with the name of Dr. Jew), I ended up having to upload the local backup from my PC to YouTube to replace the one that became collateral damage to that bug (unfortunately I have been unable to locate the local backup for the one of Dr. Jew, which leads me to believe I may not have kept one).

It wasn't until I was going through my block list that I realized that Epic Games apparently allows you to change your display name in the game (around the time that the Highlights expired on Twitch), where I made it a point to copy my block list to an extra tab in my Fortnite progress spreadsheet to keep track of name changes.  The original display name of this griefer (when I became a victim of it) was Aluuurt, however tracking name changes (when I first started listing those names), I found that Aluuurt had changed his name to BreezyyHD (which apparently is the display name to his YouTube channel, but I didn't know that at the time; there was 2 names that had changed including this one when I realized Epic Games allowed name changes on their platform).  Not long after the name was changed again to Twitch iBreezyy, which is when I realized the individual had a Twitch channel.  I didn't do much with the new information until later, just kept adding notes about name changes & updating the title of the video of the original griefing.

On 3/19/2018, retaliation to the video being published (even it had been removed from Twitch because of the bug, they weren't aware at this point that it had been moved to YouTube) had apparently been happening for some time against my channel (further details about this later), but it didn't become apparent to me that anything was happening until this attack happened in my Twitch channel via chat:

EDIT:  Descriptions & titles are now hidden on Twitch & videos on my Twitch channel are scheduled to go subscriber-only if not restored before then, the description for this video can be found here.  In preparation for the subscriber-only restriction on archived videos on my Twitch channel, references to Twitch versions are being removed (with the exception of when a video was exported from Twitch, Twitch having the higher quality version) & being replaced with the YouTube versions.

Videos always become lower quality than what you could record yourself, so to make the logs of that easier to read, I originally retyped the entire list of comments to a DOC on Google Drive, but later determined why I would even need to do that when I could simply take a screenshot of my Twitch chat IRC logs (which I installed an IRC client for the purpose of constant Twitch chat connectivity on 1/17/2018 under the advice of another Twitch streamer that I was following at the time):

This attack resulted in 5 different accounts being banned from my channel (nightmareeCS, whysosaltyxxx (since deleted/banned), hunterwj1, wondergameristrash & Xxwheelz01xx) & 3 different reports being filed to Epic Games (including an additional report being filed against the original griefer, now with the Epic Games display name of Twitch iBreezyy).  It was also this attack that showed me I gave NightmareeCS too much credit in the original griefer video (originally stating I had nothing against him as I didn't see him an active part of the griefing, only finding out after this attack that I was dead wrong on that assumption), which one of the others that got reported to Epic Games after this attack (along with a manual block over the Epic Games platform, not knowing if his name would be the same, but apparently it was Bellion. had unsurprisingly changed his name already & I was unable to block him through a manual block as I didn't know his new display name).

On 3/24/2018, another attack on my channel was attempted via chat, but they were stalled in being able to do it because I had enabled Follower-only chat after the attack on 3/19/2018.  It was obvious they were going to attempt to do it because there were 3 follows when they joined according to my email follower notifications:

Since closed/banned

Apparently they figured they could wait out the time to attack the channel (even if actual viewers were present), however when I noticed the viewer count on my Twitch Dashboard, checked my viewer list in IRC & saw what was coming, I quickly raised the minimum follow time to 24 hours; all 3 accounts had unfollowed when I did this, however thybreeze did eventually re-follow (which I didn't get a new notification on I would expect due to being within the same 24-hour period, this account currently expected to be an alt account for iBreezyy).

I noticed iBreezyy had entered my channel through my IRC logs after the attack on 3/24/2018, at which point I decided it was time start investigating the matter to see how far it had gone, I didn't have to go far.  On iBreezyy's channel, he had a past broadcast of a stream aired on 3/22/2018, which was where I learned just how far it had gone:

373 MB download, should stream in most browsers, right-click & save if you want a local copy (video only) or to view multiple times without having to re-download:

This video was a re-recording of approximately the last 17 minutes of his stream, showing there was mass-slander & numerous false reports filed against my Twitch channel (as well as my YouTube channel when they found the original griefing video had been uploaded to YouTube after getting removed from Twitch), which apparently is what instigated another attempt to attack my Twitch channel (via chat) on 3/24/2018.  Up until now, no reports had been filed against iBreezyy's Twitch account, however this gave me evidence to do so, so a report was made to Twitch using his own video against him under the claim of slander & abuse of the report function, which I don't think it would have done anything on it's own based on the parent reason selected when filing the report.  As I was going through the video & dissecting the comments made in this last portion of his stream (while writing the description above, which was originally meant to be a description for the video when uploaded to YouTube, however I later determined that uploading the video to YouTube would have only given iBreezyy a reason to report my channel that might have actually succeeded, so I deleted the upload & decided to host here instead), one point stood out & that was the ludicrous reasoning of reporting the original griefing video under the claim of child abuse because he was a child when it happened.  At this point I started going through Twitch policy & found a detail that would have likely warranted some action against his account, but it required sending a new report with a different parent reason.  The following report was sent to Twitch on the second report on 3/27/2018:

There is a number of reasons why I am reporting this account today, the matter starting back on 2/19/2018 when he chose to grief in a Fortnite mission I was in (https://youtu.be/mcFJSAZtGUI).  I only found out about his channel after the 3rd name change on his account (seems Epic Games allows you to see names changes from your block list).

On 3/19/2018, my Twitch channel got hit with an attack via chat where I ended up having to ban 5 different accounts, which is also when I enabled Follower-only chat to help mitigate attacks such as you will see at https://www.twitch.tv/videos/240727033

On 3/24/2018, I saw them entering the channel for another attack, however the Follower-only chat function stalled them from being able to do it & I increased the minimum of that function to 1-day when I realized what was coming.  This was later discussed with a friend (who happened to join around the time they did) about mid-way through my stream located at https://www.twitch.tv/videos/242237338 (Past Broadcast, so this video will expire) & I posted a new blog entry about it when I had finished my stream, which can be found at https://twitch-wondergamer.blogspot.com/2018/03/another-attack-attempt-but-foiled.html.  This attempt was foiled due to that function, but it was attempted & there were a few follows placed in an attempt to do it (details about this are on the blog), I increased the minimum to 30 minutes after ending my stream to deter the likelihood they would attempt it again (it will continue increasing as they continue to try attacking the channel.

Unfortunately I found out today while watching one of his videos that he's been attacking my channel regularly by misusing the report function & as of 3/22/2018 (when his stream was running, which is also where I got evidence of this from) he's also doing the same on my YouTube channel (I would expect also my Epic Games account or any other account he know I have).  Until now I had no evidence to support a report against him, now I do however, so I am using this evidence to make the report & hope something will come of it.  This discussion is done in the last 17 minutes of his Past Broadcast found at [since been deleted, see 373 MB video above for this 17 minute portion], I have re-recorded this portion of the video to be used as evidence regarding the organized harassment & attacks on my channel, as well as misuse of the report function & slander, it will be used in a later article on my personal site if the abuse & manipulation of code of conduct to be used in their favor continues to be an issue.  Slander has also apparently become an issue (which this video verifies), I'm expecting I may need to get the police involved if it goes much further...

A report would have been filed against his channel on YouTube also, however YouTube does not give the option to provide supporting evidence or even so much as a comment, they are just predefined reasons, so I figured a report wouldn't do any good there, I decided to instead post something about it on the Discussions tab of my channel (more than likely he will report that also, then they will start looking into the issue & his report will end up backfiring on him, much like his stream on 3/22/2018 did).

While I wasn't expecting Twitch to do anything about it (as is usually the case, but I have had success in getting things done when attacks are particularly persistent, particularly when I have to start filing police reports & supplying Twitch with case numbers, names of the officers I report it to & the district of police it was reported to, as was the case with PSN user EPICMINECRAFT25), it did apparently hit him with a 24-hour suspension (likely for violation of community guidelines, however I originally thought it was an age violation without supervision).  His account was unbanned on 3/29/2018, approximately 24-hours from when I noticed he was banned:

Notice the URL in the address bar

When he gained back access to his channel, I kept digging into the matter as I could tell from my IRC logs that they were still reporting my channel any chance they got (even when his account was still banned, continuing even after he was unbanned), found that the people that followed my channel on 3/24/2018 for the follow-up attack were indeed links to iBreezyy in one way or another.  Xxwheelz01xx was already banned from my channel after the attack on Twitch on 3/19/2018, however thybreeze was confirmed to be following my channel, iBreezyy's channel & Ninja's channel (a channel that was mentioned in their slander scam on iBreezyy's stream on 3/22/2018 in an attempt to get them to attack my channel by recruiting more lackeys, as they had already done in his own stream & proven in the video re-recorded from his channel) & banned, DeedsGames was banned from my channel for confirming this link from the top donator's list on iBreezyy's channel.  My friend I gained from watching my Fortnite streams (and my first donation ever via Patreon) told me not to worry about it because Ninja has a strong stance against bullying (at least this is what I'm told, but from I've seen similar rules on the channels of Ring_of_Favor & Mezigoto, they both turned out to be douchebags, it wouldn't be surprising to say I was skeptical that Fortnite PvP players might still stand together, even if Ninja could see the reasoning why I have gone to so much trouble to make this matter public & continue to update it as it continued to happen), not that I really am worrying about it anyways, they are going to need evidence to be able to pass a ban on those reports, the only possibility of passing a claim of stalking would be my collection of evidence to report them & have it ready should a lawsuit go into play, which is still pushing the stalking accusation & probably won't happen when iBreezyy has already been proven to be the instigator.  It's also worth mentioning that even though a number of these accounts are banned from my channel, they are still following; the purpose of this seems to be so they can continue getting email notifications of when my stream is running to file reports against it (not that this seems to matter, my IRC logs have indicated they are doing it even when I am no streaming, they may think they'll have a better chance if they do it while I'm streaming however).

Before I get into further IRC logs showing the potential for how many reports are getting made on my account daily, I'm first going to point out what happened when the report was filed against the original griefing video on YouTube.  It's already proven in the video from his stream that they reported it (under ludicrous reasoning, it should also be noted that there was additional false-reports against my Twitch channel claiming I was a stalker, something they can't really back up, so the reports are never going to pass, especially when it's already been proven they are the ones that are provoking the situation), but the additional detail I found out was both individuals talking in this video had downvoted the video:

While this wasn't surprising (and in all honesty to be expected), the downvotes really don't matter because the rating on the videos can't be seen.  Due the amount of attacks I have had on my YouTube account, I had to lock it down to mitigate attacks on it, then meant forcing moderation on all comments & disabling viewing of video ratings (if you can't disable voting, you just disable viewing of the rating).  They also stated in their stream that they were going to leave a comment on the video, however I noticed no comment was left, probably because they realized that moderation was on & it wouldn't see the light of day.

As for the IRC logs & knowing that they are continuing to file the false reports, this is proven through screenshots I am taking from my IRC logs every single day since I realized what this lowlife was pulling (while I'm not uploading every single one of them, I am still taking screenshot of those logs every day & holding onto them should I need to take the matter to court, meaning taking his parents to court, seeing as parents are responsible for their children's actions when a lawsuit on their actions comes up), these logs can currently be found here.

Currently I am checking the channels & followers/following lists of everybody who joins the channel for potential links to iBreezyy's channel by going over every visitor to my channel when I go over my IRC logs.  The links have been few & far between, however I have noticed that a number of those visiting my channel do have Ninja on their following list, which gives a good possibility that they may have spread their slander in Ninja's channel already (of course it could also be they are just checking out other players playing the game while their favorite channels are not running, this is probably something I could verify to see if his channel is running when they visit my channel, possibly even monitoring his chat via IRC if I have to go that far, but I expect his chat is going to scroll so fast that it won't be possible to even keeps one stream worth in my IRC history for that channel, it's probably not worth the trouble to throw my username in there).

On 4/1/2018, iBreezyy had another stream (his first one since being banned on 3/27/2018, only going to see what was going on as a result of him & his gang coming to my channel during my stream, I'm certain only to throw more bogus reports on my channel.  The irony of this is that while iBreezyy got penalized for violation of Twitch ToS just 3 days prior, they allowed him into the partnership program, which doesn't bode well for the reputation of Twitch...

As I was typing this up & linking profiles, I noticed something while I was on nightmareeCS's channel, that was that he's stating he's 17.  Technically speaking he could be hit by the same penalization iBreezyy got hit with under the same terms because he's still in that age range where parent/legal guardian supervision is required, where I'm certain he wouldn't be acting like this if he was being supervised like he should be, however the problem is I have minimal evidence against him (only from the attack on 3/19/2018 & a report was already filed on that date, however I hadn't stated anything about age, so it might still be a possibility); as of yet I haven't filed a report against nightmareeCS's Twitch account, but I expect sooner or later he'll slip up & I'll plenty of evidence to get a strike on his account as well.

UPDATE:  I later ended up locating this bugger's Steam account & put a number of blocks on accounts from his friends list, the key factor was these accounts (some of them alts to iBreezyy himself) verified my suspicions of accounts currently following my Twitch channel by custom username.  Another thing to point out is a number of these accounts that can be tied in with other accounts is the fact that he (as well as a number of his friends) are also VAC banned, over multiple accounts from the looks of it, as they started making accounts for only one game (the game they were hacking in, being Counter-Strike: Global Offensive), knowing that they would be banned again & not wanting their entire Steam libraries getting banned again (meaning there's likely additional accounts on Steam that I haven't found yet).  Pointing out the VAC bans, I have noticed what appeared to be snapping (locking on his enemies when he shoots, even if he didn't have his crosshairs on the enemy before he shot) in his Fortnite streams, which at the time gave me indication that he might be hacking, but I didn't have enough proof at the time to make an reports, I needed further evidence; the discovery of these accounts on Steam only gave further reason to believe that he likely was hacking (still not enough evidence to report his profile to Twitch or Epic Games however, that may change in the future).  Ironically, the profile that lead me to his profiles was one of his donators, which had a racist name change in his name change history, this was reported to Steam for racism:


Other accounts were mainly related to (from what can be verified) iBreezyy himself & his partner in crime nightmareeCS.  It wasn't until I went through a number of friends lists linking to others & yet others beyond that that I found out that iBreezyy & his friends were (and probably still are) VERY AGGRESSIVE Counter-Strike: Global Offensive hackers, having VAC bans over multiple accounts:

The last name he had on Steam (BroTimeLoganR) points out this was the account he used during his stream on 4/16/2018
Account details have since been changed, but Steam user ID hyperlinks will still go to the account regardless

The display name of the other individual that was present during the griefing in Fortnite on 2/19/2018, notice the similar naming structure in the custom URL

The display name is actually the name you will find on iBreezyy's YouTube channel;
the URL name is the first account I suspected of being a troll account created to attack my channel with (still following);
also notice the VAC ban
Account details have since been changed, but Steam user ID hyperlinks will still go to the account regardless

Apparently another account for iBreezyy, again notice the VAC ban

Again notice the VAC ban on record

I ran into this account on 6/30/2019
Account now has a VAC ban on it

Another account, this one I found after a stream on his channel on 4/14/2020
No VAC ban yet, pretty certain it will have one after reports filed the night I found it

This account belongs to nightmareeCS, proven one of the display names in his name change history;
also notice the VAC ban

Looks to be another account for nightmareeCS;
the name states the name of Nick, which is the name on nightmareeCS's Twitch channel;
this account points out another Twitch account that would show he's likely streaming on another channel, he was running a stream on 4/22/2018 while I was writing this update;
Milesp1 is not only following nightmareeCS, but also following Ninja
NOTE:  Ninja is not currently determined to be a part of these attacks, but his channel is one of the most popular PvP Fortnite channels on Twitch, so it's a linking factor
His friend list would show that he's in the same group of friends as many of the others in Twitch iBreezyy's friend list

An obvious duplicate to the above account, expected to be the account that got VAC banned before he created the above account;
this account has a VAC ban on it, the duplicate account above does not
Account details have since been changed, but Steam user ID hyperlinks will still go to the account regardless

Looks to be another account for nightmareeCS (now mrNightmarezz after a name change on Twitch), possibly his new main Steam account
Not that he has since created the Twitch account of 5nightmare, which appears to be his new main for moderating iBreezyy's channel
Added on 10/18/2018
Account details have since been changed, but Steam user ID hyperlinks will still go to the account regardless

Another account for nightmareeCS, looks like possibly his new main for his stream on his milesp1 Twitch account
Added on 10/18/2018
Account details have since been changed, but Steam user ID hyperlinks will still go to the account regardless

What appears to be yet another account for nightmareeCS, he didn't even bother to attempt to hide his Steam user ID behind a custom URL
This account appears to have been abandoned, but you can clearly one of his accounts is in the friends list
Added on 10/18/2018

Another account I recently located for nightmareeCS, again with a VAC ban
Added on 2/11/2020

This one apparently for DeedsGames, again notice the VAC ban

Steam account information last updated 4/14/2020

A few other things to point out regarding each of these accounts & their mentions in this article:

The ironic thing about this is that Twitch has a policy against cheating/hacking in games (Additional Gaming Content Guidelines > Cheating in Online Games section) & iBreezyy recently got his partnership status, which allows him to receive subscriptions & donations (bits) directly through Twitch itself, wouldn't it be a shame if he fully lost access to his account if they determine that he's a hacker & in violation of Twitch policy regarding hacking; he's already in violation when you consider he was at the age of 15 (since changed on his profile so his age can't be used against him anymore, not that it's really going to be needed with the continued harassment & the newly acquired information of HEAVY hacking in CS:GO) when he got reported on 03/24/2018, using his own stream against him (along with original griefing video & the video of the attack on my channel on 3/19/2018) to show there is no way he is being supervised by an adult while using Twitch (a stipulation that must be followed while using Twitch between the ages of 13 to 18), which was the reason he got a 24-hour suspension out of it (I was hoping it would have been permanent, I'm not entirely surprised it wasn't, it may take filing a complaint against his channel supplying a police report case number to have that done).  If I keep seeing them in my channel & the troll accounts do not get removed from my follow list, I'm expecting to take this to the next level, meaning supplying the evidence of hacking to Twitch against all accounts I'm aware of on Twitch (this includes accounts for all 3 individuals above that have VAC bans on their accounts), as well as reporting any further accounts to Steam that don't already have VAC bans on them.

UPDATE:  As was to be expected, a number of these accounts were set to private (which doesn't hide the fact that they have VAC bans; some even changed the avatars & profile information) after listing the information above (this is why I took backup screenshots, in preparation for what was to be expected & linked to them by Steam ID), the backed up information alleviates any question whether what I was stating was accurate (I might also mention that thybreeze unfollowed the following day, specifically because it was stated here that it was still following my Twitch account even after it had been banned, but then again I have around 5 accounts from this group still following my channel as well, so they obviously haven't backed off yet).  Name changes were also made to try & hide information in the screenshots, which is also public information if you know where to look, including the dates & times they were made, where nobody would make this many changes in this short of time unless they were trying to hide something:

Originally displayed as Nightmare2

As I was going through a few of the archived videos on Milesp1's channel, I was considering whether I had made a mistake in believing it to be a secondary (or primary) for nightmareeCS, the fact that it got set to private only verified my suspicions (considering a bunch of other accounts had followed in tow, the same day this article gaining about 5 views, then jumping 25 views the following day).  They are fully aware of this article & used the fact that I pointed out other accounts linked to the hacking activity to try & hide their actions, which only verified what I have stated in this article & am further proving through name changes to try & hide their actions.

One other thing to point out is the contact I got from supapimp2 (claiming to be a friend of iBreezyy & his gang of thugs, which I originally believed given his demeanor was that of a person try to make things right, not the same demeanor that iBreezyy & gang have been pulling for over 2 months), but the hiding of information over most of these accounts, has given me more reason to distrust it, although I'm still not grouping this account in the attacks that have happened in the past (or are still happening).  This discussion can be found here, I will also be providing an embedded version below, however it will be easier to read with verbal responses from the video on Twitch itself:

Note there is a private YouTube export of this video as well, which I may replace with the local backup as that might come out clearer
Embedded videos from Twitch are currently busted after API changes, this video can be viewed here

This discussion continued over chat on my channel as supapimp2 has more questions when I was ready to end my stream, the rest of the discussion (including what was said during the stream) will be provided via screenshot from my IRC (Twitch chat) logs:

You'll notice in this screenshots a number of accounts that had joined my channel prior to supapimp2 speaking, this includes CookieKelton & nightmareeCS.  nightmareeCS was banned from my channel after the attack on it (via chat) on 3/19/2018, to which he quickly re-entered with another account named wondergameristrash (how Twitch was able to determine this wasn't a troll account when I reported it is beyond me), CookieKelton was banned from my channel when I found he was a contributor to iBreezyy's channel; supapimp2 managed to get through & be able to speak on my channel because he followed & was patient to wait out the hour minimum to chat (not a function I like to use as I don't want to make people feel obligated to have to follow the channel to chat, I for one leave channels if I find it's follower-only chat when I attempt to chat & haven't made a decision whether I want to follow yet or not, but it was needed & continued to increase in time as the attacks continued, even if they were attempted attacks that failed like on 3/24/2018, it was at one time at a 24-hour minimum throughout this entire ordeal) & kept it cool while speaking, so I still don't consider supapimp2 a part of the attacks & he still hasn't been banned from my channel as of yet.  He requested that I remove the bans on iBreezyy & nightmareeCS, I told him I would consider it, but it wouldn't be until I had disabled follower-only chat on the 25th.

I received a few other follows to my channel during this time, some who were already banned, one which I considered another possible alt account to iBreezyy based on the name of the account (having the same name as his real first name), which so far hasn't been linked yet, but I'm pretty certain it's probably still his account (more on that later if the attack continue).  The other follows included DeedsGames (again) & CookieKelton (unfollowed after the discussion with supapimp2), both banned from my channel for being a contributor to iBreezyy's channel, in expectation of further retaliation due to organized attacks during his stream on 3/22/2018 (and expected others that I probably don't know about; I think iBreezyy got smart about keeping these details out of his streams so they couldn't be used against him, which is why I expect the stream he did on 4/23/2018 was deleted after the stream ended, but he needs to realize that his streams can still be recorded manually while the stream is being done, this is what I had to do when Ring_of_Favor was doing his mockery stream, which never did show up in his videos, but he knew I was there & kept going, I'm guessing not realizing that I re-recorded the original video as evidence through recording software, I didn't export it through standard Twitch functions as they are not provided to viewers, only the owners of those channels).  The other thing I noticed was in his stream on 4/17/2018, his friends were asking why one of them had changed their name to EA WhySoSalty; he wouldn't give the actual reason while the stream was still running, coming up with some tournament clan excuse, but this was done because iBreezyy has mainly been hitting my channel with the Twitch account whysosaltyxxx, he didn't say this while the stream was running because he didn't want to give more material to be used against his own channel (like what caused him to get the 24-hour ban after my second report against his account using his own video against him; that video has since been deleted, but it's backed up on this site to be used as evidence).

I debated whether I was going to unban the accounts that supapimp2 had requested to see if they could keep it clean in the channel for longer than it took to disable follower-only mode.  I had considered unbanning iBreezyy's main, however I knew I wouldn't unban an account that had attacked mine in the past, so unbanning nightmareeCS's account was out of the question.  However on my stream on 4/25/2018, I noticed that whysosaltyxxx had joined the chat (still banned from chat & not one I would be willing to unban as it was also used in the attack on 3/19/2018) while I was getting griefed in Fortnite by an individual named DieLmao (the name alone gave the impression of being a griefer), followed by the realization of them trying to hide information on their Steam accounts, I had decided it was unlikely they had changed, I wouldn't be unbanning any accounts that were confirmed to be linked to any individual that has attacked the channel in the past (those that got banned for being a contributor to iBreezyy's channel might still be an option in the future, but I need to see them disappear from my channel for at least a year before that's going to happen).

I am still checking accounts that come to my channel for links to a number of channels known to be a part of these attacks & banning them as I find those links, this is preparation for another attack (if they want to cry false-ban, I won't deny it, however even if it is a false-ban, there's still a reason behind it & it may be reversed sometime in the future...if things change, that is).  Any time I see accounts I know that are associated with iBreezyy's channel (or group of friends), I'll be banning further individuals from his contributor list (bits, donations & subscriptions).  I know the problem is not over yet because there are still a number of individuals from this group that are following my channel, those accounts include:

Until these accounts disappear from my list as followers, the countdown for the removal of bans on his contributors will not start & if I see any of the known individuals joining my channel within the timeframe that are expected to start further problems (or have already been a part of previous attacks), the timer restarts, not to mention I'll put some further bans in place on contributors to his channel.  Furthermore any time I see any account that has any association with his account in mine, the IRC logs regarding the matter continue to be updated.

UPDATE:  A small update, but even after the discussion with supapimp2 on 4/23/2018, statements like this shows they aren't going to change, this only sets the decision in stone that there will be no unbans on any known attack accounts that have been seen in my channel (verified by IRC logs):

I have another clip that was taken from a stream aired on his channel on 3/22/2018, where another individual joked about going to my channel to get me to boost my follow-only minimum back to 24-hours (which wasn't much of a joke, they attempted to attack the channel again on 3/24/2018) after noticing I had gone online (the explanation as to why a number of these accounts are still following my channel even through they are banned & unable to talk in my channel), I have misplaced that video, but I believe it's still on my PC somewhere, it will also be published when I find it.

Currently banned accounts (from my channel) in response to the "iBreezyy retaliation movement":

Breezops 03/18/2018

Banned after name change in Epic Games launcher according to block list, giving his Twitch username
Name was originally iBreezyy, later changed to Breezops

hunterwj1 03/20/2018 Banned after the attack on my channel on 3/19/2018
nightmareecs 03/20/2018 Banned after the attack on my channel on 3/19/2018
ohyeahmrkrabs20 03/20/2018 Banned after the attack on my channel on 3/19/2018
Name was originally whysosaltyxxx, later changed to ohyeahmrkrabs20
wondergameristrash 03/20/2018 Banned after the attack on my channel on 3/19/2018, also a troll account for nightmareeCS (now nightmareecs)
MrDeedops 03/28/2018 Banned for following my channel during the attempted attack on 3/24/2018, as well as being a follower/contributor to iBreezyy's channel
Name was originally DeedsGames, later changed to MrDeedops
thybreeze 03/28/2018 Banned after the attack on my channel on 3/19/2018, also an alt to iBreezyy
Account has since been banned/closed
Xxwheelz01xx 04/02/2018 Banned after the attack on my channel on 3/19/2018
JustAMexicann 04/16/2018 Banned for following my channel while being a follower/contributor to iBreezyy's channel
CookieKelton 04/22/2018 Banned for being a contributor/follower to iBreezyy's channel & later following my channel
Same racist individual from iBreezy's Steam friendlists
DanGotu 04/22/2018 Banned for being a contributor to iBreezyy's channel
aeonfeline 04/22/2018 Banned for being a contributor to iBreezyy's channel
Name was originally Growlithe2013, later changed to aeonfeline
Milesp1 04/22/2018 Appears to be the main for nightmareeCS (now nightmareecs)
Prophet68 04/22/2018 Banned for being a contributor/follower to iBreezyy's channel, also an alt for CookieKelton
Same racist individual from iBreezy's Steam friendlists
sanderscam 04/22/2018 Banned for being a contributor to iBreezyy's channel
tonyserewis 04/22/2018 Banned for being a contributor to iBreezyy's channel
DeedsMike123 04/23/2018 An alt to DeedsGames (now deedzops)
CheifChappa 05/09/2018 Banned for being a contributor to iBreezyy's channel
mygirl88 05/30/2018 Banned for being a contributor to iBreezyy's channel
lLatinl 07/02/2018 Banned for being a contributor to iBreezyy's channel
Name was originally , later changed to lLatinl)
0pink 07/02/2018 Banned for being a contributor to iBreezyy's channel
Later screenshoting a racist comment stated over iBreezyy's chat that penalized him in what he stated was "League"
JustAMexican 07/07/2018 Banned for being a contributor & playing regularly with iBreezyy & gang
mrbest14_YT 07/07/2018 Banned for being a contributor to iBreezyy's channel
Name was originally mrbest14_gaming, later changed to mrbest14_YT
RunQuickHide 07/10/2018 Banned for being a contributor to iBreezyy's channel
afgtornado 07/21/2018 Banned for being a contributor to iBreezyy's channel
Blissfulgamer 07/21/2018 Banned for being a contributor to iBreezyy's channel
5Nightmare 08/09/2018 An alt for nightmareeCS (now mrNightmarezz)
Tony 09/17/2018 Banned for being a contributor to iBreezyy's channel
ADubbed7 09/23/2018 Banned for being a contributor to iBreezyy's channel
Name was originally ADubbedYT, later changed to ADubbed7
aircool53 09/23/2018 Banned for doing a joint stream with iBreezyy
He later changed his Epic Games name after I placed a block on him, fake accounts were created to throw off character confirmation cross-referencing
StepBroCorey 09/23/2018 Banned for being a contributor to iBreezyy's channel
Username has been changed at least 2 times
Pham337 09/23/2018 An alt to DeedsGames (now deedzops)
Name was originally Mikeman337, now Pham337
sethbach 09/26/2018 Banned for being a contributor to iBreezyy's channel
Blankz 10/03/2018 Banned for being a contributor to iBreezyy's channel
nwnathan 10/03/2018 An alt to DeedsGames (now deedzops)
BalisongAssassin 10/05/2018 Banned for being a contributor to iBreezyy's channel
Later spotted in my channel, got blocked from points system as well
Name was originally BalisongNinjaWasTaken, later changed to BalisongAssassin
RobotGaufre 10/05/2018 Banned after being spotted in my channels IRC logs & determined to be a Follower of iBreezyy,
expecting iBreezyy sent him to my channel to file a false report
They also have a Steam profile that has been VAC banned
MCWafflebot 10/05/2018 Banned after spotting Wafflebotmc in my channel, traced through the secondary to this account & determined to be a Follower of iBreezyy
Wafflebotmc 10/05/2018 Banned after spotting them in my account, finding it was an alt to a Follower of iBreezyy's channel
ELM0D3LMO 10/18/2018 Banned for being a contributor to iBreezyy's channel
Account has since been closed or name changed
Wheels 10/19/2018 Banned for being the expected main for Xxwheelz01xx, who was a part of the 3/19/2018 attack on my channel,
determined after noticing the host of his channel on iBreezyy's
ItsRoYaLz 11/02/2018 Banned for being a contributor to iBreezyy's channel
Name was originally rick_royale, later changed to CoreyXix_
LaaFlama 11/05/2018 Banned for being a contributor to iBreezyy's channel
Name was originally laaflamablanca, later changed to LaaFlama
iRewqq 11/21/2018 Banned for being a contributor to iBreezyy's channel
Name was originally iRewqTV, later changed to iRewqq
GNKAugust 11/21/2018 Banned for being a contributor to iBreezyy's channel
Name was originally ClqcksYT, later changed to GNKAugust
paitricia 11/29/2018 Banned for being a contributor to iBreezyy's channel
Account has since been banned/closed
Account was banned, later replaced with an account that was originally banned under the name of PATRIClA on 7/1/2019, then replaced 
Crimson_Alpha07 12/03/2018 Banned for being a contributor to iBreezyy's channel
kairibae0 12/03/2018 Banned for being a contributor to iBreezyy's channel
Name was originally dmn_kenneth, later changed to kairibae0
itsurfriendh 12/03/2018 Banned for being a contributor to iBreezyy's channel
delmoh 01/01/2019 Banned for being a contributor to iBreezyy's channel
Username has been changed at least 2 times
YeagerrBomb 01/13/2019 Banned for being a contributor to iBreezyy's channel
ItsLigght 01/20/2019 Banned for being a contributor to iBreezyy's channel
Name was originally LightTheNight, later changed to ItsLigght
Mayops 02/08/2019 Banned for being a contributor to iBreezyy's channel
Banned on Epic Games on 3/12/2019
Stabzy2 02/13/2019 Banned for being a contributor to iBreezyy's channel
Also blocked on Epic Games on 2/27/2019
Name was originally Stabzy, later changed to Stabzy2
beauty_girl_14 02/13/2019 Banned for contributing to iBreezyy's channel by manually hosting it
Also blocked on Epic Games
soul_scrapy 02/13/2019 Contributor to iBreezyy's channel
Reban; was already in ban list, original name was changed, but could not be determine what the original name was.
Username has been changed at least 3 times.
JaySavageNotLive 02/13/2019 Incredibly racist individual based on statements made over iBreezyy's VOIP, blows up at anything & everything, likes to use the word "virgin" as an insult
Also blocked on Epic Games
vascar_wix_gns 02/13/2019 Banned for contributing to iBreezyy's channel by manually hosting it
Username has been changed at least 3 times
dana__michelle 02/13/2019 Banned for contributing to iBreezyy's channel by manually hosting it
Name was originally suburban_susan, later changed to dana__michelle
Flexen 02/13/2019 Banned for being a contributor to iBreezyy's channel
Also blocked on Epic Games
KhorviareYT 02/13/2019 Banned for being a contributor to iBreezyy's channel
Also blocked on Epic Games & YouTube
Name was originally inckarnage_yt, name has been changed at least 7 times (seems he regularly changes his name to avoid being linked to)
klutchshot 02/13/2019 Banned for contributing to iBreezyy's channel by manually hosting it
Account has since been banned/closed
Camanda 02/27/2019 Banned for doing a joint stream with iBreezyy
Also blocked on Epic Games; account seems to have been given away (or sold) after the block & ban
NightShadowz 02/27/2019 Banned for contributing to iBreezyy's channel with raids & hosting
kobo1133 02/27/2019 Banned for being a contributor to iBreezyy's channel
Name was originally kobodaone, later changed to kobo1133
Prophetz 03/12/2019 Banned for being a contributor to iBreezyy's channel, also an alt for CookieKelton
Same racist individual from iBreezy's Steam friendlists
Name was originally ImProphetz, later changed to ItsLigght
Lofgeezy 03/12/2019 Banned for contributing to iBreezyy's channel with raids & hosting
patchhhes 03/12/2019 Banned for being a contributor to iBreezyy's channel
SylasTheVirus 03/12/2019 Banned for being marked as a VIP on iBreezyy's channel
Arcborn 04/14/2019 Banned based on the original Epic Games account for Camanda after name change;
Epic Games account seems to have been given away (or sold) after the block & ban on Camanda,
ban was inherited from Camanda due to the transfer of her Epic Games account to another individual
TV_Inc_Karnage 04/15/2019 User abandoned his Twitch account of inckarnage_yt after the ban on Twitch & block on Epic Games,
new ban was placed on the new account after I noticed yet another Epic Games name change for iBreezyy
JaySavage 04/15/2019 JaySavageNotLive is apparently the account that is used when he is not streaming (or viewing somebody else's stream);
he needs to be banned as an individual, so his apparent primary also got banned from my channel
bumpaah 04/17/2019 Banned for contributing to iBreezyy's channel with raids & hosting


04/26/2019 Appears to be an account created for boosting of inckarnage_yt (later changed to CoachDoomYT)


04/26/2019 Appears to be an account created for boosting of inckarnage_yt (later changed to CoachDoomYT)
inckarnage_yt1 04/26/2019 Appears to be an account created for boosting of inckarnage_yt (later changed to CoachDoomYT)
inckarnage_yt2 04/26/2019 Appears to be an account created for boosting of inckarnage_yt (later changed to CoachDoomYT)
inckarnage_yt3 04/26/2019 Appears to be an account created for boosting of inckarnage_yt (later changed to CoachDoomYT)
inckarnage_yt4 04/26/2019 Appears to be an account created for boosting of inckarnage_yt (later changed to CoachDoomYT)
inckarnage_yt5 04/26/2019 Appears to be an account created for boosting of inckarnage_yt (later changed to CoachDoomYT)
inckarnage_yt6 04/26/2019 Appears to be an account created for boosting of inckarnage_yt (later changed to CoachDoomYT)
inckarnage_yt7 04/26/2019 Appears to be an account created for boosting of inckarnage_yt (later changed to CoachDoomYT)
inckarnage_yt8 04/26/2019 Appears to be an account created for boosting of inckarnage_yt (later changed to CoachDoomYT)
inckarnage_yt9 04/26/2019 Appears to be an account created for boosting of inckarnage_yt (later changed to CoachDoomYT)
inckarnage_yt10 04/26/2019 Appears to be an account created for boosting of inckarnage_yt (later changed to CoachDoomYT)
inckarnage_yt11 04/26/2019 Appears to be an account created for boosting of inckarnage_yt (later changed to CoachDoomYT)
inckarnage_yt12 04/26/2019 Appears to be an account created for boosting of inckarnage_yt (later changed to CoachDoomYT)
Account has since been banned/closed
inckarnage_yt13 04/26/2019 Appears to be an account created for boosting of inckarnage_yt (later changed to CoachDoomYT)
inckarnage_yt14 04/26/2019 Appears to be an account created for boosting of inckarnage_yt (later changed to CoachDoomYT)
inckarnage_yt15 04/26/2019 Appears to be an account created for boosting of inckarnage_yt (later changed to CoachDoomYT)
inckarnage_yt16 04/26/2019 Appears to be an account created for boosting of inckarnage_yt (later changed to CoachDoomYT)
inckarnage_yt17 04/26/2019 Appears to be an account created for boosting of inckarnage_yt (later changed to CoachDoomYT)
inckarnage_yt18 04/26/2019 Appears to be an account created for boosting of inckarnage_yt (later changed to CoachDoomYT)
inckarnage_yt19 04/26/2019 Appears to be an account created for boosting of inckarnage_yt (later changed to CoachDoomYT)
inckarnage_yt20 04/26/2019 Appears to be an account created for boosting of inckarnage_yt (later changed to CoachDoomYT)
Name of account/channel changed to Breezops between these bans
ivanorozco1234 07/01/2019 Banned for being a contributor to Breezops's channel
paitricia 07/01/2019 Banned for being a contributor to Breezops's channel
Name was originally PATRIClA, later changed to paitricia, replacing the closed/banned account that was originally banned from my channel on 11/29/2018
swingfn 07/05/2019 Banned for being a contributor to Breezops's channel
Account was banned, later unbanned
ayehannahh 08/03/2019 Banned for being marked as a VIP on Breezops's channel
Impactxo 09/22/2019 Banned for being marked as a VIP on Breezops's channel
Name was originally Impactloll, later changed to Impactxo
VirtuesGlitch 10/30/2019 Banned for being a contributor to Breezops's channel through gift subs
CitizenSnipes 10/30/2019 Banned for being a contributor to Breezops's channel through gift subs
changailey 10/30/2019 Banned for being a contributor to Breezops's channel
Name was originally inkdeh, later changed to changailey
Shoxxiie 11/04/2019 Banned for being marked as a VIP on Breezops's channel, later upgraded to a moderator
Name was originally XshoxxieX, later changed to Shoxxiie
hales 11/27/2019 Banned for being a contributor to Breezops's channel
Name was originally haymartt, later changed to hales
okzumii 11/27/2019 Banned for being a contributor & moderator on Breezops's channel
Name was originally SolrNL, later changed to okzumii
iceyicetv 11/29/2019 Banned for being marked as a VIP on Breezops's channel
llivingst0n 12/06/2019 Banned for being a contributor to Breezops's channel
Josh_Peavy 12/17/2019 Banned for being a contributor to Breezops's channel
oliviaxo 01/30/2020 Banned for being marked as a VIP on Breezops's channel
TheRealGerwin 02/17/2020 Banned for being a contributor to Breezops's channel
JebFN 02/17/2020 Banned for being a moderator on Breezops's channel
moistcreams 02/19/2020 Banned for being a contributor to Breezops's channel
Azgue 03/20/2020 Banned for being a contributor to Breezops's channel
LustfulProdigy 03/20/2020 Banned for being a contributor to Breezops's channel
Alouette 03/20/2020 Banned for being a contributor to Breezops's channel through raids
CoozFN 04/07/2020 Banned for being a moderator on Breezops's channel
Reban, original name lost
haleyahonen 04/16/2020 Banned for being marked as a VIP on Breezops's channel
legndslayer6969 04/16/2020 Banned for being marked as a VIP on Breezops's channel
Quixtics 04/16/2020 Banned for being marked as a VIP on Breezops's channel
Name was originally ItsMeZxai, later changed to Quixtics
ImGirlyTV 04/16/2020 Banned for being marked as a VIP on Breezops's channel
Terrible_ 04/30/2020 Banned for being a contributor to Breezops's channel through raids
RicQuit 05/06/2020 Banned for being a contributor to Breezops's channel through raids
Name was originally zRockett, later changed to RicQuit
lupe1x 05/07/2020 Banned for being a contributor to Breezops's channel
Name was originally fruitlupes_, later changed to lupe1x
hxoi 05/07/2020 Banned for being a contributor to Breezops's channel
lystens 05/07/2020 Banned for being a contributor to Breezops's channel
definitely_not_sage 06/07/2020 Appears to be yet another alt for DeedsGames after their name change to definitely_not_sage
inckarnage_yt21 08/15/2020 Appears to be an account created for boosting of inckarnage_yt (later changed to CoachDoomYT)
inckarnage_yt22 08/15/2020 Appears to be an account created for boosting of inckarnage_yt (later changed to CoachDoomYT)
koveyyd 10/07/2020 Banned for being marked as a VIP on Breezops's channel
Name was originally kelliedanielle, later changed to koveyyd
AppleGawd 10/07/2020 Banned for being marked as a VIP on Breezops's channel
Steezeratopz 10/07/2020 Banned for being a moderator on Breezops's channel
Awselot 01/09/2021 Banned for being a contributor to Breezops's channel through raids
Name was originally OcelottFN, later changed to Awselot
baby_skiz 01/10/2021 Banned for being a contributor to Breezops's channel
Name was originally littyskizzy, later changed to baby_skiz
lynalogic 01/15/2021 Banned for being a contributor to Breezops's channel
cozbe 01/15/2021 Banned for being a contributor to Breezops's channel through raids
gaby_cohen 03/25/2021 Banned for being a contributor to Breezops's channel
FTPLucky 09/02/2021 Banned for being a contributor to Breezops's channel
okzumi 09/05/2021 Banned for being a contributor to Breezops's channel
peterryann 09/06/2021 Banned for being a contributor to Breezops's channel
AngeI717 09/28/2021 Banned for being marked as a VIP on Breezops's channel
federalhoudini 10/10/2023 Banned for being marked as a VIP on Breezops's channel

List last updated 10/30/2023
Name changes updated 12/7/2021

The concept behind banning those that are merely contributing to and/or following his channel is that those who are supporting the channel of individuals that are attacking my channel (much less organizing attacks through their channel) are not welcome in my channel & expected to become a part of those attacks.  Bans on individuals based on following/contribution status may eventually be revoked, but until I see they are going to back off entirely (that means removing the follows they have on my channel & not showing their faces in it for an extended amount of time) consideration of unbanning accounts that were only linked by follow/contribution to his channel will not even come close to getting processed.

Aside from Twitch usernames, there has been a number of Epic Games, Steam, YouTube & Google+ accounts being blocked due to having associations with this group of delinquents, these include:

UPDATE:  On 5/2/2018, I noticed yet another name change it the original account that was used to grief on 2/19/2018, iBreezyy's Epic Games account now sits on the display name of ItsΒreezy.

UPDATE:  On 5/3/2018, I ended up finding out there was yet another name change to the previously mentioned ΕA WhySoSalty account, which apparently was just a character set change (this is something I would have missed if not for the fact that it changed position in my block list).  The name still appears the same, however you can't add it manually by typing it:

So why do this if it still appears the same?  The purpose of it is to make it so people can't attempt to add you manually through a friend invite for a block.  You can see that Σxoticrage did this same thing, but I was able to tell what character he used, so I was still able to get it properly listed in my block list on my spreadsheet.  The screenshot above has the surrounding usernames (after the username got repositioned after the name change) in my block list to show relation to other users who were blocked (xProGhostzYT being the only one that has only English characters in it, everything below that point are starting with non-English characters, perhaps the only reason I noticed there was a name change).  Currently I haven't been able to determine what characters were changed (or at least the combination of characters), however from what I can tell from my character map, he changed a number of characters in his display name to the Greek/Cyrillic character sets, which is why the name changed position in my block list.

Not that blocking really does a lot of good (at least it doesn't in PvE; all this does is blocks what they are saying in chat or from them sending you invites) when they don't stop people you have blocked from being in the same mission, but it does at least help in stopping the harassment to some degree (not when it comes to griefing if they get in the same mission, however).  Because of what happened here, I ended up checking on the name change for iBreezyy (cross-referenced with Storm Shield One) & found that iBreezyy had done the same thing with using a different character set (not realizing it until after what EA WhySoSalty had done, with the original Epic Games display name of Mike Is A Dad when I blocked him, the same individual that that was with them when they attacked my Twitch channel under the username of whysosalty on 3/19/2018 & scammed me out of a number of weapons & a stack of malachite claiming he wasn't with the lowlifes he entered the channel with).

On the other hand, this form of breaking manual adding/blocking is a double-edged sword, as it also makes it near impossible for anybody to add them that they might actually want on their friends list (at least not by Epic Games display name, however they have provided other ways to add friends that would be more reliable than trying to add them by display name).  Sure there are ways around it, but I think they're going to find that a number of systems do not support non-English characters & even sending a message to somebody with the correct character set per character may end up proving too difficult to continue using it (they'll have to start giving out alternative networks that EG has provided for adding friends over, something that a lot of people would prefer not to associate with their EG account or at least not share around if they did), in any case I'm expecting another name change as soon as they get the chance to do so (likely multiple name changes after they see they have been called out by Epic Games display name; I know they are already aware of this page, the name change I detailed above happened the very next day after the previous update was published).

My suggestion to those who are unable to block these individuals is that you watch for their names, particularly if you are in matches with them.  Based on the evidence found through their Steam accounts (VAC bans), I would suggest if you recognize the name to be one of these individuals that killed you, you watch the killcam afterwards.  They are known CS:GO hackers, being banned MANY times in the past, only to come back on other accounts later.  If you noticed something odd from the killcam after you get killed by these individuals, I'd advise you report them for hacking (as this is likely the case when you look at all the Steam accounts they have with VAC bans).  Hacking on Fortnite is no joking matter, Epic Games has already gone after individuals with lawsuits for hacking in the past (the most notable one being a 14-year old boy & his mother on 2/13/2018), make sure he pays for his abuse in the game, even if you can't technically type his name (you should still be able to copy & paste from his chat if you catch him chatting in the game), make sure to note that they likely have non-English characters in their name & the way you typed it in the Feedback > Player function may not be accurate (provide a screenshot of the display name or video if possible; I've been providing screenshot proof in my reports by linking them off of my Google Drive through unlisted shares, meaning anybody who has a link).  For the purpose of making the public aware of this group of hackers (proven according to their Steam accounts, very likely in Fortnite as well, I have noticed what appeared to be snapping to the enemy when he fired on several occasions when I was watching a few of iBreezyy's archived streams), I am going to include screenshots of every single individual I have blocked from their group so far (based on his own streams & the attacks on my Twitch channel, as well as griefing in the game):

PSN association of ayeitsrudy69
Original Twitch account of JustAMexican, later changed to JustAMexicann with a fake account put in it's place
Has been spotted in my Twitch channel a number of times since the organized attacks started

PSN association of Logster45 again re-added on 3/9/2019
XBOX association of
AbashedSubset51 removed on 3/1/2019
XBOX association of
ThyMightyBreeze added on 3/9/2019
Primary account for Twitch user
Breezops; display name of Aluuurt in the original situation on 2/19/2018

XBOX association of DeedsGames

Secondary account for Twitch user Breezops
PvP-only account

PSN association of EnragedTurtle960 noted to have been re-added on 4/6/2020
XBOX association of Wheels9607213
Twitch account of Wheels, expected to be the primary of Twitch account Xxwheelz01xx used in the 3/19/2018 Twitch attack

Looks to be a secondary account to the account with the display name of Mike Is A Dad (since changed) used during the 3/19/2018 Twitch attack
VOIP during iBreezyy's streams would indicate that this account has probably been banned
(but not deleted) for aimbotting
PvP-only account

PSN association of milesp1
Appears to be the primary account for Twitch user
nightmareeCS (since changed twice, now sitting at nightmareecs)

Looks like a secondary account for Twitch user milesp1; display name of NightmareeCS in the original situation on 2/19/2018

Account used during the attack on Twitch on 3/19/2018 (with display name of Mike Is A Dad) using Twitch username whysosaltyxxx.
The black portion shows how the name looks in my Epic Games block list
Note that Fortnite no longer shows the correct system icon on associated accounts, NLFlixxy is a PSN account

Display name screenshots & profile links last updated 1/14/2022
Additional account associations added 1/1/2021
Fortnite profile links added 1/2/2019

I was pretty certain I had blocked the Epic Games account for Twitch user JustAMexicanyt also, however I'm not finding it in my block list, so it's likely he had me blocked before I got him blocked (a part of the organized attacks on iBreezyy's channel).  The other thing to note is I've been receiving friend invites even when I'm not online, which gives good indication of others that are likely doing manual blocks on his slander alone; I may start keeping track of those for the purpose of adding reference to this article if I find those are blocks, just to show further slander on iBreezyy's part.

I will continue updating these screenshots as necessary with new name changes (along with the list in my spreadsheet, however external screenshots off of my Google Drive are supplied when exact character mappings can not be determined, URLs to those screenshots in the comments for that cell).

Note that Storm Shield One has been having a lot of issues with heavy load lately, expected to be DDoS attacks from scammers that were getting called out for scamming (PvE version, scammers being primarily PvP players with the Battle Pass that are waiting for opportunities to get V-Bucks to take back to the PvP store, scamming people under the false-representation of it being a trade to pass time until they get those opportunities).  It is possible you may have a VERY hard time cross-referencing any information your are trying to verify, it took me around 2 hours just to verify whether there were non-English characters in the names above.

The unfortunate thing here is that Epic Games allows for non-standard characters to be used in display names, meaning the only way you're going to be able to do anything about it will be if you see them in chat & are able to block them there or to copy & paste their username from chat; avoidance tactics used by griefers such as this is why you can't rely on manual blocking, you'll have to rely on visual recognition of the name.  This is apparently another detail I will need to add to my review used by griefers to deny preventative measures against griefers, which is already about 75% negative due to griefing details in that review alone (something I wasn't intending on adding to the review, but it became a priority due to the ongoing harassment from iBreezyy & gang for 2.5 months already...if you consider the fact that the original situation happened on 2/19/2018 & there are a number of their accounts still following my channel, showing they haven't given up yet).

On 5/10/2018, we had yet another repeat of slander & mockery on iBreezyy's channel, it's asinine that Twitch is still allowing it to happen, so obviously I have to keep logging the issue as evidence for when he gets prosecuted for his actions.  I ended up taking another portion from his channel to add to the already existing evidence of his slander, however currently I'm seeing nothing regarding organized attacks (I think he's at least playing it smart not to allow this to get him another ban to his channel), although his (and his friends) smug attitude is not allowing the matter to die either.  This video is taken from the same stream aired on his channel on 5/10/2018, however two parts that have any relevance to this issue have been taken from it, then pieced back to back in the same video:

149 MB download, should stream in most browsers, right-click & save if you want a local copy (video only) or to view multiple times without having to re-download:

I'm going to go over a few of these statements individually:

At this point I decided it was time to take the matter further & do what I had been intending on doing for a while, I updated my banner on my Facebook profile to something regarding cyber bullying.  Originally I had only intended on uploading something I found online with no edited material, only a description as to why it was being used as a banner & pointing to this character review for this lowlife, however I took it a step further after seeing his stream on 5/10/2018 & decided to personalize it:

The details are still on the description of the image & visible on my wall, it's expected I'll get further retaliation out of it, which will only result in further evidence against him & further updates to this page.  I also tagged both Epic Games & Twitch so they would be aware of the situation (should they notice they were tagged in it)  He needs to realize the further he pushes it, the more information I'm going to end up pulling on him & making public in this review, I could probably already pull his ISP & location of residence from my visitor logs, going as far as to file a complaint against his ISP (which usually doesn't do any good, but I can write a review against his ISP if they don't want to cooperate in at least taking the complaint, this has already been done with one ISP that an excessively aggressive & abusive racist was hiding behind, who also attacked my Twitch channel over 18 different troll accounts, approximately a 3rd of them getting banned immediately after I reported them, especially when I pointed out I was getting the IC3.gov involved & was providing Twitch with extensive evidence that was being supplied to the Internet Crimes Division of the FBI).

Another small update, on 5/15/2018, I ended up noticed that iBreezyy had changed his Epic Games username back to Twitch iBreezyy (all English characters).  Of course this is always going to be visible in the first video displaying his griefing under the display name of Aluuurt, however YouTube apparently doesn't have the ability to display non-English characters in their descriptions, so the description will be moved to an external file on Google Drive when necessary.

I will also point out that the same day of this name change, I noticed another users in Global chat of Save the World (PvE) that I expected was probably him based on the name, but gave them the benefit of the doubt & answered their question about gadgets, this happening just before I saw somebody respond to the account of Deedzyy.  The fact that Deedzyy was in the same global channel as that new expected account for iBreezyy gave good indication that it probably was him, I should have listened to my gut & not wasted my time responding to him.  I'm expecting a high probability that there will be a similar situation with multiple accounts on the Epic Games platform so they can hack in PvP, similar to the various accounts they already have on Steam with VAC bans.

On 5/19/2018, I noticed that iBreezyy had changed his videos to only be available to subscribers:

The expectation as to why he's done this is he believes this is going to allow him to freely slander my character without my being able to collect further evidence of him breaking the law, so at this point it's just going to be assumed that he's doing this during his streams (while him & his delinquent friends are still following my channel) & any publicly visible contributors to his channel will be banned from mine after every stream he runs.  That's not to say I couldn't still record that evidence while the stream is running (I expect the channel itself isn't subscriber-only, but that would only make the matter more amusing).  The irony in this is the lack of being able to view those videos by the public (or non-subscriber followers) is what's going to shoot him in the foot, he's more likely to lose followers than gain subscribers to watch them (much like how I lost a lot of new viewers & recent followers when I was using follow-only mode to mitigate the attacks from him & his pack of delinquent friends that are stalking my channel).  I don't expect I would ever use this function even if I did bother to attempt to gain the ability to receive donations and/or subscriptions, I know how damaging it can be to a channel; not that a lot of people do watch Past Broadcasts (I do have a few friends that watch mine), but he don't do much with Highlights (he'd be more likely to transfer those to his YouTube channel anyways), that's not to say I don't expect I'll start seeing a drop in his followers (non-subscribers) in the near future if they weren't online at the time to see the actual stream.  The option is he could just get himself & his delinquent friends to stop stalking my channel, out of my follower list & never show up in my channel again if they really want me to stop searching for more incriminating evidence against him, something that has been rationalized trying to say they are helping my channel, where past evidence would show there is no intentions in helping my channel in any form of the word & I'd have to be a damn fool to be putting money into his if he's constantly committing crimes against mine (and myself), so until I no longer see them in my channel, I'm expecting to be getting a much larger ban list every time he goes live.

Another situation of where they are admitting to using hacks, iBreezyy is actually praising Deedzyy on his "aimbot", which is one thing I've stated in the past & I believe the reason why iBreezyy set his Past Broadcasts to subscriber-only.  I was actually streaming at the time he started his, the game was going slow enough (without anybody joining the missions I was in & I wasn't going to get the V-Bucks I needed to get the Llama before the Fortnite refresh because of it), when I got a notification that his stream went live, I decided to end my stream & start recording his seeing as he's trying to hide the fact that he's using hacks from Epic Games & Twitch (Twitch would ban him from their service if they knew this).  While this doesn't prove that iBreezyy himself is hacking (outside of what you see in his streams, literal jumping to the enemy when he fires), it does prove that Deedzyy (Twitch user DeedsGames) is & that iBreezyy knows that he is, so it's almost certain that they are doing the same thing they were doing in CS:GO & the entire group is hacking.

There is another point in the game where they are talking about aim assist causing you to miss, which would mean interfering with aimbots, this is something else that will be stated in this video.  All these statements were taken from his 5/20/2048 stream (4 clips taken from 3 matches) & regardless of whether they are subscriber-only or not, they can still be used against him when reported.

I made a report on his channel while his stream was still running about use of hacks in online games, Twitch will be able to see his streams even if they are subscriber-only, Epic Games will have to rely on the videos that I provide them with, which were taken from his streams.

Amusingly enough, he was trying to clip a video from his last stream only to find that he couldn't due to the subscriber-only restriction, the ironic thing here is I did catch it on video due to recording his stream for evidence (lower-quality, but on video regardless), like hell if I'm going to make things easier for him when he's giving my channel hell & him & his buddies are openly (at least in his live streams, seeing as they are hiding it in the Past Broadcasts with subscriber-only restrictions) admitting to hacking in the game, not like that clip means much when people know he's hacking, it's called fake skill (hacks) & the fact he hasn't been banned yet is the reason he is so cocky about it.

On 6/11/2018, an organized name change was made by iBreezyy, DeedsGames & (formerly) Epic Games user Mikey Boy. (Twitch account currently unknown, however I'm certain I must have seen him in his channel before):

This organized name change was an attempt to cause confusion & foil tracking of name changes to be able to determine which names belonged to which individuals.  While this may have succeeded in the case of Twitch user DeedsGames (previously with Epic Games display name Deedzyy) & Epic Games user Mikey Boy., it did not however work with Twitch user iBreezyy (previous Epic Games display name Twitch iBreezyy) due to associated PSN username (Logster45).

As has been the case previously, all videos with mention of iBreezyy has once again had his display name updated to show the display name he is now using on Epic Games so people can still manually block him.  Additional notes have made anywhere where mention of Epic Games users Deedzyy & Mikey Boy. have been made to point out the organized name change to cause confusion & throw off name change tracking, pointing out that either display name (illeaturweener & illkissurweener) could belong to either one of them.  Furthermore the Blocked tab on my Fortnite progress spreadsheet has been updated to include multiple Epic Games accounts for the possibility of ownership by multiple users, both (formerly) Deedzyy & Mikey Boy. are being associated with both display names at this point, with additional notes on each cell giving further compiled data between anybody who has attempted an organized name change to throw off name change tracking.

I'm also going to note the name changes themselves, showing the maturity (or perhaps I should say immaturity) level of all 3 individuals.  iBreezyy was age 15 when this whole ordeal started (despite his channel now saying he's 18, changed after using a clause in the Twitch ToS stating that he's not being monitored by his parents while on Twitch if this is how he's acting, as it's highly unlikely any mature parent would allow their children to act this way in front of them, this resulting in a 24-hour suspension on his Twitch account), even for a mid-ranged teenager, these new display names are the type of crap you'd expect from defiant children who hasn't even reached age 8 yet (which brings up the point whether his real age is even in his teens yet)...  Regardless of these individuals' real age, it's obvious their maturity level hasn't even reached their teenage years yet, showing that age shouldn't always be the point that counts in a ToS, people (if you can actually call these lowlifes "human beings") still need to be held accountable for their immaturity, actions & harassment, I have to wonder when Twitch is finally going to step up to the plate & do what is necessary to put toxic lowlife scum (not to mention online video game hackers, which is a DEFINITE violation of Twitch ToS) in their place such as iBreezyy & his friends...  I'm suspecting once Twitch gets subpoenaed for the personal information of each of these individuals (leading to arrests if they don't knock it off & this constant trash continues to escalate), that will result in instant bans of their Twitch accounts, such as was the case when I filed a report against PSN user EPICMINECRAFT25, where every report after supplying Twitch with a Police District case number, officers name & the district itself started resulting in instant bans on any account I filled a report against (that later changed after reporting an account for nudity in their banner & them getting instantly banned over it; while it may have been hidden due to height limitations, it could still be viewed through simply browser functions to see the full image that I explained to Twitch in the report, the user was later unbanned after having the banner forcibly-removed).

During a Stream on iBreezyy's channel on 6/17/2018, I noticed that he had created a new Epic Games account, which was promptly added to my block list, along with one other user using the same immature naming structure as the others in the screenshot above, this one with an associated PSN account (originally pulled when I verified the name on StormShield.one, later showed up in the block list on the Epic Games platform after I restarted it).  During this stream, he started with CS:GO (the game he & his friends are already known to have received VAC bans over various different accounts), it appeared he may have been using not only an aimbot, but possibly also an auto-shot hack; I ended up reporting him on his Steam profile during his stream, as well as again on his Twitch profile.  Another thing to point out in the report to Steam was that the privacy options set on his Twitch channel (providing a link to it in the report) to hide his hacking activity through subscriber-only access to his videos, Steam may be issuing a subpoena against Twitch for that information (despite whether he deletes the video or not, Twitch servers still hold onto them for a while in case they are needed, although how long I can't actually say).

When I turned the Epic Games launcher back on again on 6/19/2018 (doing a stream myself early on 6/18/2018, but not noticing the removal of the PSN association before I started my stream), I found that iBreezyy had unassociated his PSN account from his Epic Games account, probably realizing his name changes could still easily be tracked by anybody who already had him on their block list & that organized name changes like the one above wouldn't be able to throw people off on that tracking after he read that detail on this page that his oversight foiled the attempt.  Of course this makes it so he can no longer play with PSN users by removing the associaton, not that this really matters to me, he's cutting himself out of a larger playerbase by doing so.  On the other hand if they attempt another organized name change, it won't be possible to track it unless I turn on the Epic Games launcher at a time that only he has changed his name & the others haven't yet (or vice versa), but that's not to say I'm not just going to pair them all in the same group as was done on the last attempt (whether that's better or worse on their part, who can say; I would suspect people going through the details on my spreadsheet wanting to block at least one individual from the group, instead blocking all of them to make sure they get the one they wanted to block would be worse on their part).

As of yet, he hasn't associated his PSN account to his new Epic Games account yet & I don't really expect him to either (he's trying to dodge a bullet that his actions caused a firearm to be aimed his way & I don't intend on stopping these updates until I see him & his lowlife friends disappear from my follower list; of course I'm still logging IRC logs, from what I've seen there's still a good chance he's directing others to report my channel under slanderous accusations, some of those accounts appear to be new ones that may have been created just for that purpose).  His excuse during his stream on 6/17/2018 was that he didn't like the name change, the title on his 6/15/2018 stream putting blame on his friends for the name change (suspected to only be making that claim after he read the last update on this page pointing out the detail he couldn't deter tracking if there was an associated account, which gives good indication why he removed the association after he created the new account).  The other thing to point out is that the screenshot above is actually missing a name; one name was removed from the screenshot that didn't have relevance to the attack squad iBreezyy has organized, but it gives an idea of just how close together their names are in a list of (currently) 105 blocked individuals (there are still a few that haven't had their names changed, but this group is 5 in a 6 name range).

I'm also going to point out that I apparently got hit by a DDoS attack on 6/15/2018 (bleeding over into the 16th), which continued after I went to bed (after I ended the stream due to inability to stay connected to Twitch & latency was causing lag issues in the game itself as well), expected to be caused by somebody iBreezyy knew (I don't think iBreezyy would have the technical experience to do this, but it wouldn't surprise me if he did giving his hacking history).  The issue was subtle in the beginning, but later became massive & the Twitch stream was ended prematurely (the connection to Twitch never did resolve itself, however the worst part was the lag in the game itself).  Seeing as I not only stream to Twitch, I also record locally, so I started processing that video before I went to bed to be uploaded to YouTube.  Once the processing was done, I started uploading the 5.33 GB video, needless to say it took hours to complete uploading, but luckily processing of that video finished fairly quickly due to already being in a format that YouTube seems to use as a standard (AVI format, using the XVID codec, standard MP4 audio codec from OBS 64-bit v0.659b), this video shows the problems with latency from that attack:

EDIT:  Only hours after this update went live (6/19/2018), I got hit by another DDoS attack & determined that these attacks were going to be pretty regular, embedding individual videos wouldn't be space effective on this page, so I decided it was time to start adding them to a playlist & link that playlist over to be embedded instead.  Each individual video will have a screenshot showing the time, dropped frames, upload rate at end of stream & times disconnected from Twitch servers, both via screenshot (OBS screenshots lack the amount of times disconnected, this is a detail I have to keep track of myself, but can be verified by the ding sound during the streams where OBS notifies me of the disconnect & countdown before it attempts auto-reconnecting) & additional details in the description.

You'll also notice I embedded details in the stream itself as a result of dropped frames from the DDoS attack, the DDoS attack only escalated to the point of latency you will see late in the video, where it was no longer a matter of dropped frames but a full disconnect from Twitch.  Doing a ping test, I was able to determine that it was a legitimate DDoS & not something on Twitches side, there were various timeouts in the test; I decided to just go to bed & contact my ISP when I woke up if it was still continuing the next day, perhaps they could trace the attack to the individual causing it & file charges for disruption of service.  Aside from the details in the description of this video (not to mention embedded in the video itself), details were also added to the description of the Past Broadcast on Twitch, both have a screenshot showing dropped frame results (after the 3rd disconnect, seeing as that detail gets reset in OBS after reconnects):

iBreezyy apparently felt he was going to pull some fast ones again in his 6/19/2018 stream, so seeing as I knew I was going to get hit with another DDoS attack anyways, I decided to spend some time getting some further dirt on him from his stream for another update (despite whether he's got his videos set to subscriber-only or not, this doesn't stop me from recording his stream while it's live for further evidence against his character).  This recording came out with 4 short videos, to which I'm going to point out details not only from the videos itself, but also explanations as to why he's done what he did (or didn't do) during the stream.  Originally I considered embedding these as their own videos, however decided it would be more space effective to do it through a playlist:

Videos with age-restrictions can no longer being embedded on other sites after a change in API with YouTube
This video was marked as adult-content due to language used in the title, I'm not intending on changing that.
This video will need to be viewed on YouTube

On 7/2/2018, I got hit with another DDoS attack, at this point there was no way it could be hardware related (after replacing the modem, router & LAN cables), it had to be somebody purposely committing malicious actions & given it only happened when I attempted to do a stream, the most likely culprit was iBreezyy.  This screenshot shows OBS statistics after the first disconnect, but Twitch actually shows 4 different clips from this session (the first one being when I first attempted to stream, got hit HEAVY by the DDoS attack right off the bat, then rebooted my modem before attempting again), the last 3 are during the first mission after the reboot:

I ended the stream & made a call to my local police department, found that the dispatch was having a very hard understanding me (due to the fact that seeing as my phone is VOIP from my modem, the DDoS attack also effects my phone).  She called back after a little while trying to get further information, attempting to hear me on her end was still a problem because I was cutting out (although I could hear her fine on my end), apparently she thought I was on a cell phone with very poor reception, I eventually got it through what type of phone service I had after repeating it several times.  She stated again that she was going to have an officer contact me back, I told her to wait about 10 minutes before attempting again, I was going to reboot my modem (it takes about 10 minutes before my modem finishes rebooting).  The 3rd contact was from an actual officer, it took a while to get him to understand what was happening, he did state it was a serious matter that needs to be taken care of, but even if I gave the name, region of living & profile of the individual that I expected was causing it, it would have to be verified through my ISP by tracing the source of the attacks.  I requested a case number, his name, badge number & district of police so I could forward that information to Twitch, this part was fairly simple.  The details of the report to Twitch was as follows:

I have been dealing with DDoS attacks for 2 or 3 weeks now (always when attempting to do a stream on Twitch), suspected to be Twitch user iBreezyy behind them. On 6/22/2018, I contacted my ISP while I still had a stream going that was being effected by one of these DDoS attacks, they sent a technician that same morning (calling around 1 AM in the morning when I decided I wouldn't be able to continue streaming due to the DDoS attacks), showed them the results of 6 different clips on Twitch from that night (of the same mission, literal picture shows), they replaced the modem without further question.

Even after that, I continued to have problems, shelled out $85 for a new router & replaced the LAN cables. I thought I had gotten the problem resolved, however I got hit by another DDoS attack tonight that pushed me to make a report with my local police (something I've been intending on doing for at least a week now, this was the straw that broke the camel's back). Even during the attempted report with [censored] dispatch, they had a hard time understanding me due to my phone being a VOIP phone going through my modem (the dispatch thinking I was on a cell phone, somewhat getting it through on the second call). I rebooted the modem after that I got the 3rd call from [censored] Officer [censored] (badge number [censored]). The report is currently being classified as suspicious, filed under case number [censored] with the [censored]. I supplied the officer with all the information I had regarding how long it's been happening, what has been done in an attempt to resolve it, what information I had on iBreezyy & what initially started it (the griefing situation in Fortnite on 2/19/2018, with continued harassment from that date that has lead to the article being written about it located at http://www.wondergamer.net/Twitch/abuse/ibreezyy.htm ). You may be issued with a subpoena for his personal information at this point, this has turned into an internet crimes investigation & I will be attempting to get my ISP to trace the source of the attacks for further evidence, using the case opened with the police tonight to higher the urgency that we get to the bottom of who is causing it & put a stop to it (even if it means prison time).

It's not the first time I have had to file a police report against users for harassment on Twitch, the last situation was with PSN user EPICMINECRAFT25, where I ended up filing a report against him for death threats via whisper during my streams; he disappeared & activity on his PSN account ceased a week or two after the report was filled.

SIDE NOTE:  Yes, I gave Twitch a link to this article & there's the possibility they may have something to say about it against me, however it shows how long the matter has been going on for & shows proof of what's been going on (including clips from his channel which were collected as evidence for what I just had to do tonight when I filled the police report).  When you get right down to it, the organized harassment from this individual has pushed me to the point that I don't think I would care much if Twitch did decide to ban my account (I at one point had an account created on Daily Motion to move to, closing the account because they were slow to answer an inquiry I had about the service as a new user), that's not to say I wouldn't add another review of their service when it happened (already intending on adding another regarding the broken PS3 app they don't intend on fixing). 

The hard part was trying to get this information from my ISP, spending over an hour & a half (2 disconnects, apparently they don't really care to deal with situations where the police get involved, I was ready to just contact back the police & let them subpoena my ISP for that information).  The 3rd representative stated that I needed to speak to the Security Department, but this isn't a 24-hour department, so I would have to wait until 8 AM to attempt to call them; I will attempt to make a direct call to this department in the morning, then just contact back the police if I'm not getting anywhere, let them subpoena them for it & give them a source for an arrest.

Also note that the report was not filed from iBreezyy's channel this time, but rather through Twitch's email support page.  I started using this form of contact for another matter (which has also been brought to the attention of PlayStation.com) that it looks like they aren't going to do anything about, that matter definitely not as severe as online criminal activity, but it's likely going to get published in a new review sooner or later anyways...

The other thing I will mention was that I had noticed iBreezyy was streaming at the time I attempted to start my stream.  For the past few days I have ignored this & went about my business; it appears that perhaps I should have spent the time to dig into his streams a bit more (recording them in case he stuck his foot in his mouth or gave more evidence of hacking again), I expect the DDoS attack hit as hard as it did because I disregarded the fact that he was streaming & they took that as a an opportunity to attack again (the only reason why I believe him & his hacker buddies are still following my channel being for email notifications of when my stream goes live, which is why I determined it's not over until they have removed themselves from my follower list, something I would have done myself if Twitch gave the option to block people from following your channel by banning them, one of those suggestions on my suggestion list that will likely never see the light of day).  I had also been putting off updating this page with the new Epic Games display names, decided this attack was as good a time as any to finally get it done (again); this attack happened the very next day after I updated the name on the original griefing video (even if it wasn't updated here), which in it's own means was still probably a week or more behind on getting done, showing that I'm trying to move on from this constant hassle, but attacks like this that make my normal activities near impossible to do don't really allow me to move on from the mundane ritual of having to deal with internet pests that would have been better of being aborted...

After I added the detail about the police report in this channel, I noticed a few changes regarding iBreezyy's streams on 7/7/2018.  The first thing I noticed was his webcam has been removed from his stream, however I later found an additional anomaly, he had apparently wiped all his videos from his channel:

click for full sized image

As an additional note, it also appears he had disabled his streams from archiving, although I've noticed his clips appear to still be subscriber-only (of course the subscriber-only status doesn't effect his live streams).  The most likely reason for this is he's trying to hide the evidence against him so it can't be used when a subpoena gets issued.  It's been stated before, but any media sharing service is going to hold onto that information for some time regardless of whether the owner is deleting them or simply bypassing public publication, despite whether he thinks he's destroying that evidence by disabling archiving of broadcasts, those services are still going to hold onto that information for at least a little while to verify whether an offense was committed if a report is filed, all this does is makes it a little harder to report & a little harder for those services to locate those logs to verify the complaint; having your own copies of what you are claiming in the case that the user is trying to destroy any evidence against them can be helpful in proving your point, however this can sometimes be considered questionable by the service & sometimes backfire on you, however I'm pretty certain they won't penalize my account when I have extensive logs regarding the abuse that has been directed at my channel over an extensive period of time due to organization of those attacks through his.

On 7/10/2018, iBreezyy had done what I expected would be the case when I noticed he started following Ring_of_Favor's channel a few months ago, he went to his channel & started attempting to build alliances in his crusade against my channel.  I wouldn't have known this if not for the fact that I noticed a visit to my channel in my IRC logs of an individual I had banned from my channel only 4 days prior because he showed in RoF's contributor list on Streamlabs (something I started doing because the situation had lasted so long with iBreezyy & the fact that I he was going to drag RoF back into the fray sooner or later, I started including RoF's contributors under the same standard):

He wasn't directly attempting to get RoF's channel to attack mine, but I believe there was a passive-aggressive attempt to have that done, as well as to gain followers & income from RoF's channel (which actually did succeed to some degree, the individual that came to my channel during this stream gifted him a subscription to RoF's channel; this can be seen in the video, although while iBreezyy got a free subscription out of it, I don't really think a subscription to RoF's channel would have been a big deal, this would have been a curse in my case & I'm glad I never put any money into his channel with the false-ban he placed on me under the assumption of backseat gaming).

Should stream in most browsers, right-click & save if you want a local copy or to view multiple times without having to re-download; 475 MB download

This is the chat that was conducted on RoF's channel during the recorded video above, you will need to watch the video to find out what his responses were:

It's not the least be surprising that iBreezyy is still playing the victim, stating that he's done nothing (the videos of his griefing in Fortnite & the attacks over chat on my channel would say otherwise, including the videos of him stalking my channels in an effort to organize attacks of false-reports against them) & trying to gain pity from a channel that got an article written about the owner for doing something they shouldn't have.  In any case, this was a discussion that lasted for over 15 minutes & the fact that I expected this was going to happen when I noticed follow on RoF's channel is why I started tracking RoF's channel for when it went live, as what was expected to happen was proven in this video (as well as the screenshots of the chat) & only added as additional evidence in his slander & organized attacks against my channels.

Now when you get right down to it, if he really thinks he's the victim, why doesn't he just call the police?  There's a few reasons, but one I won't mention here because I don't want to give him ideas (just keep in mind that the one I'm not going to mention could land him in prison for 20 years), I'll only go over the legitimate points to this case:

Long story short, if he files a police report, it's going to tie in with my police report & this will give me an address to file charges against him on all accounts (being the slander, suspected DDoS attacks, organized attacks/harassment & gives me a means to sue for damages; it's expected the reason why I have a hard time getting into teams in Fortnite is his doing, that's why it's a detail in the review of Fortnite on this site) in addition to damages caused by the slander.  He's aware he's no innocent (despite all his efforts to appear as one) & the evidence I have collected is going to prove that; being a juvenile isn't going to get him off the hook, he will be held accountable for his actions if it goes to court.

I'm fully aware he may want my continued collection of evidence against him to stop (not to mention the publication of that evidence), however he has fully refused to remove his follows, as have his delinquent friends.  Before I even consider that he's making effort to stop, him & his friends need to remove their follows on my channel & never show their faces in it again.  Until that happens, I'm going to continue tracking for live status on both his & RoF's channel & continue banning every contributor to those channels from my own.  I still have the details of the police report regarding the DDoS attacks against my modem, I won't hesitate to call & update that information should the opportunity present itself.  My modem is currently in bridge mode (not specifically for this reason, but it does provide a few additional options), aside from this force-changing my WAN IP address every so often, it also gives me the ability to trace the source of the attacks while they are happening through the administration interface of my router (seeing as modems for my ISP apparently are incapable of keeping those logs anymore), this is the one detail I currently don't have from proving that iBreezyy is behind those attacks.  I have been attempting to get these details from my ISP...but not succeeding; I've considered calling the police & telling them the only way it appears we are going to get those logs is to subpoena my ISP for them, otherwise the only way I'm going to be able to get them is to check the incoming connections through my router while an attack is happening...

Only hours after the last update, iBreezyy & most of his friends had removed their follows from my channel, the only exception being DeedsGames.  I knew if even one of them was still following, the issue wasn't over with yet, I was going to continue following both of the aforementioned channels to continue collecting evidence for an arrest, as well as placing further bans on contributors to both of those channels.

On 7/13/2018, I received a reply from Twitch in regards to the email I sent them stating that I had filed a police report against iBreezyy for being the primary suspect in the DDoS attacks that were cutting off my internet access, as well as the information regarding that police report so they could follow up on whether a report had actually been filed:

Hey [censored], thanks for reaching out!

We’re sorry for the delay, and understand that it’s frustrating for you to have been waiting so long for a response.

If, by chance, your issue has been resolved since you initially contacted us — that’s great news!
However, we also understand that this is unlikely, so if you do still require assistance, please reply back to this email and a representative will contact you as soon as possible.

I replied in detail that while the DDoS attacks may have subsided & I had mostly gotten the stalking situation resolved (at least it appeared this way when iBreezyy managed to get most of his friends removed from my Follower list, although I knew one remaining was one too many), one had remained & named DeedsGames by name:

I believe I may have gotten the DDoS attacks resolved, not through an arrest or through my ISP, but it happened at the beginning of my 7/4/2018 stream (even after it was made public I had filed a police report with iBreezyy being the primary suspect) with can be found at https://www.twitch.tv/videos/281031653 (set to expire in a few days, that video has details about it in the description), it started to die off after I had mentioned in that stream that I had put my modem into bridge mode & should be able to trace the attacks through my router administrator interface to be able to confirm the origin of the attacks (currently the one detail I'm missing to actually have an arrest done).  While the original reason for putting my modem into bridge mode was not to trace the attacks (it was more because my web development software was having issues getting through the new modem/router; the servers my site is published on deny access to the servers when I attempt to push an update due to the software giving the servers a LAN IP address rather than a WAN IP), I had made numerous calls to my ISP over a number of hours to try & get this information, I would always get disconnected, transferred or told I needed to call a different department & didn't get anywhere trying to get that information from my ISP, I was ready to contact the police & tell them they would have to subpoena my ISP for that information, decided I would attempt to trace the attacks myself rather than trying to get that information from my ISP (even when I called them yesterday about slower download speeds than I should have gotten, it was no surprise they didn't call me back after rebooting my modem, but at least the speeds got back to where they should have been).  It shows that the attacks were being done to interrupt my ability to stream on Twitch, as well as my ability to game online; most of the time they wouldn't start until after I had started streaming & the fact that they died off now that I have the ability to trace the attacks, that shows they were actually watching the stream when I said it & decided to back off.

I have finally managed to get iBreezyy & most of his friends to stop following my channel as well, through yet another update to the article regarding this matter on my personal site (one of his friends still remain on my follower list).  He knows I know that he was using Twitch follower notifications to let him know when I started streaming & finally got it through his head to remove the follows (however I don't consider it over until DeedsGames has removed his follow as well), as this is how I've been determining this has been a continuing matter for almost 6 months already.

At this point it's mostly resolved, but I still don't think I'm out of the woods just yet...  I will give you another update regarding this matter if I update the information on the police report, this will likely mean I have an IP address to report to them & I'll be tracing it to see if it is coming from Canada as I expect it is (unless iBreezyy is lying about his region of residence also, he's already lying about his age on his channel after he got a temp ban when I reported his channel for underage use on Twitch without supervision when you consider how he was acting during his stream according to the Twitch ToS; a parent would likely have not allowed him to act that way if they were in fact supervising him while he was streaming or griefing in the original incident on 2/19/2018.  I think the ToS for this has recently changed, I've noticed the report function now states a minimum of age 13 when I was familiarizing myself with the new report function).

I do believe iBreezyy & his friends are committing slander in Fortnite to ruin my ability to continue the game by preventing my ability to get into missions via matchmaking by getting others to block me through that slander, this is something I won't be able to reverse & is likely to result in a lawsuit for damages once I can confirm my suspicions of that being fact; due to the fact he is not of age to be sued directly, that means his parents will be accountable for financial damage as a result of his actions.  This does not mean he can't be held accountable for the DDoS attacks however; according to an article I found online written in 2017, a 16-year old was sentenced to 2 years for DDoSing a number of game companies, the maximum sentence for DDoS attacks is 10 years in prison.

More asshatery from iBreezyy & his freinds (I'm going to use that term lightly in this case, you'll see why later) on 7/15/2018, I'm going to go over a few details in this update to point out a few things that back up the previous allegations with further evidence.  As of yet, I haven't really provided proof of how I believe he's hacking in his streams (only stating that his crosshairs aren't lining up with what he's shooting at when he fires, it could be that aimbots in Fortnite function differently than they do in other games, which from my experience when I catch people doing it while spectating them, it's a full out lock on the enemy), I'm going to change that now.  First comes the video (short clips from his stream where he's killed an individual, followed the mocking he did later, then the asinine report his friend did on him to Twitch), then comes closeup screenshots to show how far off his crosshairs were when he took the shot that killed a player, this could be the nail in the coffin that not only gets him banned from Twitch, but also Epic Games:

Placeholder for videos of aimbotting & detailed time-frame dissection of each shot taken

To make matters more ironic, DeedsGames was noticed to be in my stream on 7/15/2018 at 11:56 PM Mountain Time according to my IRC logs, most likely filing another false report (showing just idiotic some of their reports can be when you look at the video in the last update where he supposedly filed a report against iBreezyy; I don't really get the purpose in this, but I know abuse of the report function can have your account penalized, so all of them who have been doing it will eventually lose access to their accounts, I'm half-tempted to take bets on which account gets hit first)...  What's ironic about this is he was mentioned by name in that response to Twitch only 2 days ago, which I don't think Twitch has actually seen yet, but when they see the report is in the system (provided they haven't actually blocked his reports from going through their report system already), all that is going to do is back up my claim, they are only giving further evidence to the matter through their own actions.  At this point, the smart thing for them would be to back of & don't give further reason for Twitch to actually have to take action against their accounts, but every day is a new day where they stick their foot in their mouths, their fingers up their asses & verbal vomit piles up; what is going to end this matter will be the same as what happened to PSN user EPICMINECRAFT25, while I don't know what actually happened there, I expect iBreezyy will either be getting a visit from the police or be getting arrested for his actions.  Eventually, I fully expect that a lawsuit will become a part of this action, where I will be seeking reimbursement for monetary damages caused by his actions (I do know that in some cases the parents are not held responsible, they make the minor work it off in community service, at least this is sometimes the case in some crimes, I ran into a similar situation when we forgot to notch the tag on my elk permit probably over 2 decades ago)...

It was on 7/16/2018, I determined it was time to start pointing out the affiliates/partners of these individuals that allow them to gain subscriptions/donations directly through Twitch, which I can't believe any professional company/organization would support individuals if they know they are acting like this, so perhaps it's time to start naming those organizations to show what kind of streamers they are support, as sooner or later they will find this page & perhaps reconsider whether they should be supporting them (this shouldn't take too long if they are monitoring referral traffic to their site)...  Based on iBreezyy's channel & recent stream, it looks like his affiliate is likely OPSEAT, so I'll make certain NOT to be purchasing from them in the future, I've also added a few rules into uBlock Origin to make sure I don't accidentally go to any pages that will benefit him by going to them (this includes Amazon & his subscription page on Twitch), same thing I started doing after the situation with Mezigoto; of course this means I had to turn uBlock Origin back on when using Amazon, originally I had it turned off...

On 8/1/2018, I ended up filing a report against DeedsGames in an attempt to block his ability to receive notification emails of when I go live (seeing as this is currently the only way to access the block function on Twitch, pointing that out specifically in the report to Twitch & the majority of the report stating he's currently the only person still remaining from the organized attacks done through iBreezyy's channel, additionally giving the Turbo email support ticket number that disclosed the information about the police report against iBreezyy for being the primary suspect behind the DDoS attacks).

On 8/2/2018, I got another troll in my channel requesting help in Fortnite, originally attempting to avoid helping directly as I expected a possible troll based on the username & how he was talking in my chat, ending decision to block him was based on the same form of griefing that was used by iBreezyy (under the Epic Games name of Bellion) on 2/19/2018.  It's expected the troll may have been sent to my channel by iBreezyy or one of his delinquent friends (possibly even a new account created by iBreezyy himself), however seeing as it's unproven, these details will not be published in this article & instead published to a new user page when I get the time to write it.  Due to the likelihood that this situation happened as a result of iBreezyy's or one of his friends actions, I decided I needed to get this group of updates pushed, even if the videos of his aimbotting & point A to B time-lapse dissection of those videos showing how it is aimbotting (which was mentioned on the Epic Games forums in a thread regarding reporting individuals while the stream iBreezyy was running during his tournament practice for some NerdOut affiliate tournament was still running) is not ready yet; interestingly enough, their was another update to Fortnite directly after I stated that, changing the anti-hacking measures from BattlEye to EasyAntiCheat again (which interestingly enough, kept iBreezyy from doing another stream for around a week, I would expect because he had to wait for an update to his aimbot so it would be functional & undetectable).

On 10/1/2018, I found that iBreezyy does not live in Canada as his profile previously stated, he actually lives in Corvallis, Oregon in the United States.  Furthermore I pretty well know the address that he lives at at this point & can update the report I made to the police several months ago when the DDoS attacks was an continuing issue should I continue to have issues with him & his crew of delinquents (I might even have his phone number, however doing a reverse lookup on that number gave mixed results, so currently I'm not going to consider it as legit, but I might give it to the police as well if I need to update that report), even managed to pull up that location online:

There is still one of his friends that have not bothered to remove themselves from my channel, that would be DeedsGames & the reason why I am continuing to track this situation, as well as ban every single monetary contributor to the channels for iBreezyy & Ring_of_Favor (name has been changed twice since the bad judgment call on his part).

Outside of that, I also managed to pull around another 10 profiles that either belong to him or list information about him (including what High School he just graduated from & played football in, including his High School football score history), this has been put into a form for safe keeping should it be needed in the future.

On 10/3/2018, I shut down my game about 5 minutes before the servers were about to be shut down for maintenance & decided to check iBreezyy's stream, found that they were still doing exactly what I was expecting they were doing.  The first part to point out was that iBreezyy actually asked somebody on his VOIP "Is WonderGamer playing now", I would expect this individual being DeedsGames, seeing as he's still following the channel & is expected to be continuing to do so to notify the rest of this gang of internet delinquents to continue filing organized false reports against my channels.  It wasn't until the second part after this lowlife threw a couple of ignorant discriminatory terms that I decided to file another report against iBreezyy's channel (it may not have been iBreezyy himself that made these discriminatory statements & it's possible he may not have even heard them, but he already proved with the earlier statement that he is still stalking my channel, so the report was made against his channel as this was the one that I could verify it on).

This video has 2 parts to it, the first being the statement from iBreezyy regarding continued stalking of my channel, the second regarding individuals over iBreezyy's VOIP admitting to aimbotting, apparently being banned over it (at least some of them), followed by the discriminatory insults.

Should stream in most browsers, right-click & save if it won't play in your browser, you want a local copy or to view multiple times without having to re-download; 78.7 MB download

The report was as follows:

At approximately 1:13 AM Mountain Time on 10/3/2018, some individuals over iBreezyy's VOIP made several harassing comments directed at myself (even though I was logged out of Twitch at the time & shouldn't have showed in his viewer list, the comments were made regardless & are logged in his stream which were running at that time, I have created a backup for further evidence to be used in the upcoming lawsuit against iBreezyy for slander & organized harassment), some of those terms could be considered as discriminatory against same sex sexuality (now legal in the US & considered as hate speech); considering I am straight, I am going to claim slander/defamation & will be updating the police report (case #[censored], filed back when I was getting hit with frequent DDoS attacks, those attacks only stopping after I mentioned in one of my streams that I now had the ability to trace the source of those attacks through my router after putting my modem into bridge mode) with his address of residence as I was able to find his details online only a few days ago. You may also note that this harassment originally started with the statement about using "aimware" (apparently a couple of his friends have already been caught & banned for it), which appears is the same aimbot that iBreezyy & DeedsGames (Deedzyy in iBreezyy's Fortnite streams), as well as a few of his others friends use (if you slow down the videos on his channel, you'll notice that it literally takes less than 100 milliseconds to snap to his opponents & shoot; I have done this with my own video editing software, which I didn't realize it was snapping before I did this, it just looked like he was shooting & hitting with his crosshairs not on the target, originally leading me to believe aimbots acted differently in Fortnite until I proved to myself otherwise). I know iBreezyy & his friends are highly racist, I've caught them using descriminator terms such as "nigger" & "retard" a number of times in the past (both in his streams & in chat), I am not surprised they are going to throw around same sex discriminatory terms without a second thought either.

While I haven't updated that police report yet, I will be using that case number as a reference when I do have enough to file another report & I will definitely be giving the police his address to put this little fucker in his place.  In the mean time, I'm still getting information together for the lawsuit against him for the slander & it will be very easy to serve him when it comes time now that I know where he lives.

I would suspect somebody might think I am going to SWAT him, but let's get real here:

If the police show up at his door, I doubt it will be the severity that the SWAT need to be called in, but given a situation gets severe enough, I will be filing a report with the intention of an arrest.  While I doubt this will result in SWAT being included in the arrest, I'm not going to lie; depending on the severity of whatever causes a second report to be filed against iBreezyy, it is possible this could happen, however I would have the evidence to back it up, this goes without saying when you consider I easily have over 2 TBs of backups with evidence on griefers in games alone, severe situations like what happened with PSN user EPICMINECRAFT25 could go as far as getting SWAT involved (it could be why I haven't heard from him since & all activity on his PSN account has ceased since he disappeared after making the death threats, which lead to Twitch auto-banning any account I filed a report against, at least for a short period of time after I made them aware of the police report regarding that incident).

I fully expect that sooner or later this crime of manipulating SWAT will be used against me; I'm ready for it when that time comes, it shouldn't be any surprise that the blame will immediately be pinned on iBreezyy & his gang of delinquents, this will only make it easier to put a halt to it that he will not be able to to get himself out of (especially now that I know where he lives & I can give that to the police at any time, especially if they show up at my home out of the blue).  Of course this will mean another update to this article, going on 8 months of continuous attacks organized by iBreezyy.

I'm also going to point out that while I do know where he lives, I haven't published that information online as of yet (not that I need to, it's already online, I wouldn't have found it otherwise).  While I may have documents online in preparation for the lawsuit against him & his parents, finding the one that has his address on it is going to be particularly tough, it's not something that is going to show in search engines.

UPDATE:  Later in the day on the 3rd, I checked his channel again & found that iBreezyy's Twitch account had once again been banned; probably another temporary ban, but we'll see as this matter continues, I don't expect this will be the end of the attacks against my channel by any means, I'm expecting full out retaliation by his friends (the ones that have been joining him in these attacks).

Around 3:40 PM on 10/4/2018, I checked his channel again & had found that it has once again been unbanned, the other detail being that the video where those discriminatory statements had been made was deleted (however I still have a couple clips from it above, which proves what was stated in that video that got reported).  DeedsGames is still following my channel, so as expected, this ongoing online assault isn't over yet & I seriously doubt iBreezyy will have learned anything from getting a second ban from my reports alone, but one would hope it would make him tread lightly & not bring further negative attention towards himself (which happens pretty well every time he goes online, something he tried to hide by setting his videos to subscriber-only some time ago).  I can pretty well guarantee there will be further reports going both ways until ultimately his channel gets permabanned; the difference in his reports as opposed to mine is I'm making reports with verifiable information, where he's filing reports on unverifiable statements, so his (as well as his friends) reports never net any penalty against the accounts he is reporting.

Why Twitch is allowing him to continue streaming while using hacks is beyond me, perhaps because they aren't as capable as somebody with experience in spotting them & even after detailing how to spot them with video editing software (literally moving frame for frame with a recorded video to show snapping before shooting, which is how I found most snaps on his stream in Fortnite are around 30-60 milliseconds tops before shooting), they either choose not to follow up on the report or aren't willing to download some free video editing software to do it.  Additionally, I noticed his last Steam account that he didn't have a VAC ban on (at least that I know of, I expect there are others) also got another ban when he was streaming Counter Strike: Global Offensive on Twitch, where I reported it after he jumped over a player & it appears he was using not only an aimbot (the crosshairs never leaving his opponent's head), but likely also an autoshot hack (being the same firing rate every shot he took & immediately ceasefiring once they were dead).  Either Twitch is ignoring the hacking, doesn't want to do the legwork to verify those claims or is inexperienced in being able to determine this themselves (the last part being highly ironic when you consider the site was considered to be gaming only before Justin.TV shut down, now only Twitch.TV remains of Justin.TV).

I noticed that DeedsGames had removed the Follow he had on my channel during my stream after I finished the first portion of my stream on 10/04/2018 (when I stopped to get something to eat, noticing the lowered follower count when I got back early on the 5th).  Didn't bother to go through my list until almost noon, however found that they must've come back to this page to find that the ban iBreezyy received (which iBreezyy apparently didn't know the reason for it when he started his stream yesterday, making the comment to one of his moderators that some kid he killed must've gotten mad & reported him) was due to the report I made about the comments made over his VOIP (the only thing that iBreezyy himself was guilty of in that stream was asking if I was online, showing there was intention to continue stalking my channel & I still have to believe this is going to continue even after the last of his internet assault squad has cleared themselves form my follower list).  If it weren't for the discriminatory comments being made by his friends over his VOIP (which were false to begin with, which is why I threw slander/defamation into the report as well), I wouldn't have had a claim to report his channel, so essentially the temp ban he received was on his friends for stating it while his stream was running.

As would be expected, because iBreezyy realized the ban he received was because of my report against him, he has set his videos back to subscriber-only again to hide the activity on his channel (this doesn't stop his channel from being reported for content in live streams, he can't limit his streams to only subscribers).  Aside from that, the last of his bitch brigade finally got their asses off of my Follower list, so I might not have much of a reason to go back to his channel unless something is off in my own (such as users coming to my channel that is following him or one of his friends that are known to be acquainted with him, harassment in my own channel or odd behavior from Twitch that may be the cause of a report filed by iBreezyy & whoever he can get to be an accomplice in his attacks).

On that note, I actually did get disconnected when I attempted to continue my stream early morning on the 5th (after finishing eating) & I was getting ready to update the police report regarding the DDoS attacks filed back in mid-2018 with his living address, however first determined to see if it was going to happen again before making the call, watching the activity on my router to see if any incoming IPs started hitting my IP address around the time of another disconnect.  There wasn't another disconnect, but I would have been making a call to update that case number if there had been, it was determined that it might have just been a scheduled WAN IP change due to having my modem in bridge mode (which adopts the IP leasing rules from the router, otherwise my IP address wouldn't change at all).

Should it come to the point that I do contact the police again, I will be giving them some further information on what they should probably look for in the event they go knocking on his door.  I expect there is evidence of these attacks in his house, shouldn't be hard to find it & I expect it's only going to be a matter of time before we reach the point where the police will be knocking on his door (if only to serve him & his parents with a summons for slander).  It's going to be interesting to see Follower count drop now that he's changed his videos back to subscriber-only (although I may not even notice it if I'm not going back to his channel, that will only be happening if something is happening in my channel that would indicate he's probably behind it), but I'll continue doing what I need to do until the attacks actually stop (I'll consider it as stopped at this point due to the last of the group that iBreezyy organized to attack my channel finally disappearing from my Follower list, but I know in the back of my mind it's not really over, he's going to be seeking revenge for getting another ban on his account for continuing the same thing that I became aware of when they group-attacked my channel on 3/19/2018).

UPDATE:  Later in the day, I realized that iBreezyy had sent 2 users to my channel as I was going through IRC logs for my channel, those users include RobotGaufre & BalisongNinjaWasTaken (verified by finding that iBreezyy was in their Following lists.  This paired with the fact that iBreezyy had set his videos back to subscriber-only told me he was organizing attacks on his channel again, so I decided it was time to file another report against his channel again (only 2 days after the last report that hit him with another temporary ban).  That report included the following details:

I have no proof of this due to iBreezyy setting Past Broadcasts on his channel back to subscriber-only (expected to be done to hide his activity, as was the case before), but I believe you are going to find organization of attacks against my channel in his video located at https://www.twitch.tv/videos/318520312.

I noticed through my IRC logs that two users that were following him were in my channel between 1:09 & 1:49 AM (Twitch users RobotGaufre & BalisongNinjaWasTaken), just before I lost connection & had to reboot my modem to get back internet (a video can be found on my channel of the mission where I was disconnected, however I am going to process & upload the video from my PC to YouTube to show what happened when the disconnection happened without the restrictions of losing that information when I got disconnected from Twitch servers). I expect this most recent disconnect & sending users to my channel has lead to a couple more bogus reports against my channel, as well as what I suspect was a DDoS attack that disconnected me early this morning.

I already filed a police report against iBreezyy for suspected DDoS attacks back around the beginning of July (case #[censored]) & I suspect this was retaliation to him getting a second ban from reports I have filed due to an ongoing situation than started with Fortnite griefing back on 2/19/2018 (video can be found at https://youtu.be/mcFJSAZtGUI), then becoming aware of this ongoing vendetta after the attack on my channel on 3/19/2018 (video can be found at https://www.twitch.tv/videos/240727033), with another attempt to do the same thing just 5 days later that got foiled due to my enabling follower-only chat for a minimum of 24 hours (it stayed that way for roughly 2 months).

I will be calling the police to update that report (or file another one, using the case number on the previous one as a reference) & to give them information I have found online on where he lives (possibly his phone number also, although a cross-reference gave mixed results, so I don't know if that number is accurate or not) so they can speak with him in person on the crimes he is committing. At this point I don't think a lawsuit will be happening, I'm going to be pressing charges against him for disruption of service, slander & harassment (you may be subpoenaed for information regarding other users that have been a part of these attacks, at least 3 others individuals that I know of that he has spoken with personally over his VOIP with very belligerent comments towards my character regardless of whether they can see me in his channel or not, which normally they can't because I'm not logged in, his reason for setting videos to subscriber-only, thinking it protects him from being reported if I can't see what was said in his Past Broadcasts) for nearly 8 consecutive months (expected to be longer if he doesn't get put in his place, although I don't expect this will stop his "friends" who are in on it, this being the individuals I reported talking over his VOIP in his stream 2 days ago that resulted in his second temporary ban).

Things got pretty busy by the time I got home from a family outing.  I was going to get some rest & come do some streaming later, but the events that lead up to iBreezyy's busybody bitch patrol changed my original target to getting these updates written & published before I would attempt to get any sleep.  As for what happened:

Note that everything stated in the bullets above was while my stream wasn't even running

With the amount of fodder (meaning the Twitch users he's getting to do his dirty work for him) that iBreezyy has thrown at me in around 22 hours since he realized that the second ban on his account was my reporting violations in his own stream, it became obvious that I wouldn't be able to even attempt to move on with this matter, the decision to try & move on took a full 180° turn in a mere 8 hours & shows I am going to have to continue collecting data until ultimately all those included in these attacks are permabanned, in prison or getting hit with lawsuits.

The report above was originally not going to be published until after Twitch had some time to go over the details provided (giving Twitch time to verify what was stated in the report before blowing the horn on the evidence that was going to be used against iBreezyy, being his own videos (Twitch should still have a backup of these videos on their servers for a limited amount of time after they are deleted by the user anyways); even if I couldn't verify it, I knew there was a reason behind him putting them behind a paywall & there was a good chance he was hiding something in that last video that Twitch could use to ban him with), but I decided that they would have banned him by now if they were going to, I was instead going to get the report filed with the police & provide a new police report to Twitch in a new report against iBreezyy's account (eventually I expect I will be filing reports against every account that is known to be a part of this mayhem with the same case number, seeing as I will be reporting that data to the police as well to show the level of how far it's gone...as if the fact that this vendetta has continued for 7.5 months isn't enough to show the severity of the problem).

So far I have not published iBreezyy's full name (not that I need to, he's giving that out himself, that was the detail I needed to find the extent of the information I found online), street address or suspected phone number; that may change if this continues at the rate he is pushing the matter, along with additional details for anybody else choosing to be a pawn in iBreezyy's vendetta.  I am now holding onto a copy of itemized user visits to my channel through IRC logs for the police to show the severity of the problem, in additional to the censored uploaded report abuse IRC logs on Google Drive (uploaded when something was off or a verified attacker was in the channel) & the uncensored IRC logs locally (the latter 2 being done every single day since I decided these logs were going to be needed as evidence after the group attack on my channel on 3/19/2018).

It took a few days to get the targeted IRC evidence logs ready for the follow-up police report against iBreezyy, but they are ready now & although I haven't filed the police report as of yet, I will be the next time I see him or anybody affiliated with him in my channel again.  Those IRC evidence logs are public if you know where to look, in a separate folder which is going to be sent to the police next time I see anybody affiliated with iBreezyy in my IRC chat logs again & the report won't be on just iBreezyy, it's going to include everybody in those targeted logs as well, roughly 10 different people, which if the police choose to act on the report this time (they didn't last time, but this has been an ongoing situation for nearly 8 months already), it is highly likely Twitch will be receiving a subpoena for the personal information of anybody who has been involved in these attacks & what reports were filed against my channel by those individuals, including those that were just followers of his channel that checked out my channel because iBreezyy or one of the individuals on his VOIP may have said something (which I can tell happened pretty regularly from the few times I was watching, 7 out of 14 Past Broadcasts got wiped over a 2 week period of those streams going live after I filed the 3rd report to Twitch in a matter of 3 days regarding the 4 individuals that showed in my channel the next day after his ban was listed), even if they weren't directly sending those users to my channel to report it (not that I expect many of these mentions were anything but).

On 5/25/2019, it was noticed that iBreezyy changed his Twitch username to Breezops, which it appears his last Epic Games name was done in preparation for this change.  Expectation is that this change was done to deter the negative reputation he was getting from the publications of his toxic personality.  The other thing I've noticed is there's been a lack of streams on his channel as of late, half-expecting his Fortnite access may have finally been pulled for hacking & ironically, this came shortly after running into a statement of hackers in tournaments in Fortnite (which I made a comment on about iBreezyy in particular; while not giving out his name or channel, I'm pretty certain they could have told this fairly easily from the banner that's currently on my Facebook wall, the same one that has been published to this page).  Links have been updated on this page to the new channel, as well as the a few mentions of the new name (outside of this new update).

In January of 2020, it was noticed is that he has Past Broadcasts on his Twitch channel that go up to 2 months old.  Past Broadcasts typically last no more than 2 weeks before expiring, unless you've reached partner status.  It's ironic that Twitch has rewarded this anarchist for his harassment on their service by giving him partner status & the victims of his harassment are left in the dust, where all reports made get fully ignored (unless you get the law involved & they issue a subpoena against Twitch for an arrest of the individual) & they've already made it a point to ignore all his reports because there was no evidence to back up his claims when he & his buddies would file false reports; at this point I can legitimately state that Twitch is a service that does revictimize victims.  There was discussions about some other stalkers that had attacked my channel over 18 different accounts in another channel that I've been following for some time, she stated that she had been attacked in the same manner with death threats similar to the same situation I had with PSN user EPICMINECRAFT25, she stated over 70 different account & according to her, Twitch never did a damn thing on her reports either (at least I expect she knows after this discussion on her channel that death threats are a serious enough matter to get the police involved & this does yield some results after Twitch gets hit by a subpoena, seeing as EPICMINECRAFT25's PSN account went inactive for 3 years after I reported that to the police, the only activity after that point being they set their profile to private).

One of the reasons for these articles are to point out the problems when services that the abuse is done over choose to turn a blind eye to the harsh reality of what is going on over a service.  The fact that they rewarded an individual that has adamantly be seeking this retaliation crusade for almost 2 years shows that unless you have a strong resolve to aggressive harassment that will ultimately hit your channel sooner or later, Twitch may not be the platform that you want to be streaming on...  Additionally, I submitted a new emote to Twitch on 1/11/2020 & it wasn't accepted until over 2 weeks later, but only after making a post to my blog (24 to 48 hours afterwards) about what appeared that the emote was getting ignored, within hour after I started mentioning this anarchist's name in a channel that has been very supportive on my own when it comes to cheers (even if these were drawings where my channel ended up coming up on top, not directed cheers as a viewer), the emote finally got accepted, looking like they may have only accepted the new emote based on the statements of agitation that Twitch was ignoring the submission & to protect the anarchist that warranted a publication of harassment longer than any other publication on this site (not to mention those he recruited to aid in his vendetta).  It goes without saying why I don't particularly trust Twitch & the specific reason why I have not put a credit card on their system yet for cheers or subscriptions (along the same lines of why I won't put my payment information on any Google system, which was a result of allowed manipulation of the report function used by big name companies such as Bandai/Namco over the YouTube platform).  When services choose to ignore victims cries for help from aggressive directed attacks as what has happened from this individual for over a year (being more discreet about it sometime in the second year, but the blind invites over Epic Games recently would indicate that it's still happening), victims will seek to make online publications about it or decide to make a legal/criminal case out of it, which will usually result in a subpoena being issued to that service, at which point they can no longer ignore the issue, it's just a matter of time before the perpetrator pushes beyond the boundaries of just being a troll, to criminal misconduct.

Last updated 1/28/2020

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