PSN user EPICMINECRAFT25 decided to respond to my contact about pointing out his spamming to Bandai/Namco shortly after he was contacted about.  When I first saw the 3-letter response, it didn't make sense to me, but eventually I figured it out:  "Kill YourSelf"

When I went to check the mail on my secondary account around 1:30 AM on 10/19/2016, I noticed there was another message in there, again from this little troll.  His response was easier to understand this time, but I noticed the time the message was sent would have been after this page was created, so the comment was in retaliation to publishing his childish attitude online.  This comment doesn't make it any better & it became obvious if I didn't block him on my secondary account (he wasn't blocked the first time he responded), he was going to continue acting like a little shithead with crap in his pants.  So now he's been blocked & I think I'm going to take this matter a little further; I wouldn't be surprised if he gets a temp ban (or at least a warning) on his PSN account due to his brief, childish tantrums.

UPDATE: After the situation on 19th, I decided to take the matter a bit further & report both messages he sent to PSN.  Seems it got his attention, because he's now followed me to my Twitch channel & is continuing the harassment there over whispers.  On 10/26/2016, he started spamming not only me, but a friend that I made in Dragon Ball XenoVerse:

The names on the accounts makes it obvious the purpose of their creation, the second one apparently created after he was told he was banned from the channel (via voice over the XCOM 2 stream running at the time), received after the stream ended to deal with the matter, which meant reporting, blocking & muting both accounts on Twitch.

The next day, I got a photo of the harassment that was getting sent to my friend over PSN:

This was sent from PSN account I-LOVE-TOCOBELL-, which looks like a private account, which I expect was created for the point of trolling people after he either got a warning or ban of his other account after I reported his previous messages to PSN.

Later that night, I got another attack on my Twitch channel from this deviate, this one including a death threat:

Again the name on the account shows the reason for it's creation...  Like before, I reported, blocked & muted him, however this time I made it a point to state in the report to Twitch that if I received one more death threat from, I was going to get the FBI & Police involved so they could subpoena Twitch for his local address & have him arrested.  That report to Twitch stated the following:

This is the 3rd account this deviant has sent harassment to me through whispers (the previous two being wondersuc & personsitespamm), this time he threw a death threat in with it. If I get one more of these, I'm going to be filing a complaint with the Internet Crimes division of the FBI & contacting the police on the death threats & internet stalking, at which point you will likely be getting subpoenaed for his person information so they can arrest him.

Honestly, I don't really think Twitch will do anything about it until they get a subpoena demanding his personal information, so I decided I also needed to contact him on this.  I whispered him back with the following response:

Make one more death threat towards me & I will get the law involved, where Twitch can be subpoenaed for your local address & you will be arrested for internet stalking & threats of murder. You've been warned!

I was prodding my friend on who he contacted, whether it was on PSN or Twitch & what was the username.  On 10/28/2016, I got my answer & there is no doubt in my mind at this point that this retaliation is coming from PSN user EPICMINECRAFT25, despite his opening another account to continue this overblown tantrum (which has now turned into a crime he can be spend time in prison on, although I expect he's not old enough for prison, so probably juvenile detention).

My final step before I decided it was time for an update to his details page was to contact PSN about the activity that has led up to this matter.  Given I needed to provide proof of the attacks to the representative, I decided it would be better to use the online chat rather than over the phone:

Ronald: Hello, My name is Ronald how may I assist you today?

Me: Hi. I am having a problem with a particularly abuse user named EPICMINECRAFT25 over PSN & it's bled over to my Twitch account also. He's attacking one of my friends I made in Dragon Ball XenoVerse on the PS3 over both networks also. Yesterday he sent me a death threat over Twitch & I'm ready to get the law involved to have him arrested for internet stalking & threats of murder. I reported harassment on that PSN account perhaps a week ago, I have further proof of the attacks via screenshots (one provided by a friend) if needed.

Ronald: I am truly sorry to read that you are having hard times with another user but I will gladly help you now.

Ronald: Just before to proceed in order to keep your account updated may I have your phone number please?

Me: [censored]

Ronald: Thank you. One moment while I access your account.

Ronald: In this scenario [censored] we will kindly ask you to visit the link below in order to report this user so we will take care about that user in order to help you better [censored].

Me: The report was sent through a secondary account BTW, display name [censored], email address [censored].

Ronald: https://support.us.playstation.com/articles/en_US/KC_Article/Report-Inappropriate-or-Abusive-Users/?

Ronald: Thank you for that information [censored].

Me: I'm afraid this doesn't cover the problem, as it's bled over to other networks, currently a problem on Twitch as he's already been blocked on PSN on both of my accounts.

Me: I already used this when I filed the report against both messages on my secondary account.

Me: The worst of these attacks have been this latest one on Twitch, which shows the death threat: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B1gKoI4fGCIWMm1nYjNuZHA1TWc

Me: I sent him one message about the spamming in Dragon Ball XenoVerse, which just led to him being blocked. I asked my friend about what he said to him, he said he asked him to stop spamming.

Me: This is the photo that he provided me with yesterday: http://coutureisdying.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/03/Photo-Mar-11-11-41-26-PM-1024x1024.jpg

Me: The previous attacks on Twitch were https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B1gKoI4fGCIWdWNhOWhicWhnd2M & https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B1gKoI4fGCIWaFFJY0tMNU1ZQzA

Ronald: We totally understand your concern and problem with this user [censored] since you already reported we will kindly ask you to wait so we will take care about this by solving this problem at the moment you can report him again with the link stated above that I have sent to you so we will help you to report him again to speed up the procedure.

Ronald: Is there anything else I can assist you with today?

Me: How do I report him through this link, all it states is how to do it through the PS3? I've already reported both of the previous messages he sent to my secondary account.

Me: I assume I can't report the same messages a second time, that would be pointless without further information.

Ronald: Allow me a moment please while I check more information in order to help you [censored].

Ronald: Thank you for your time [censored].

Ronald: Are you getting harassed by this user over your PS4?

Me: I don't have a PS4, only a PS3 & the PlayStation apps.

Me: Of course I have 2 PS2s & an original PlayStation, but those can't connect to PSN, so they're irrelevant.

Ronald: In this case [censored] you will be able to report this user with the link below over your PS3 since this is the only way that we have at the moment to receive the reports from another users that are making this harassment.


I can assure you that we will take care of this in order to help you [censored]. Thank you for understanding.

Me: Well I've already done that, so if I receive another death threat from him, I'm going to get the FBI involved & they will likely be contacting you for his local address to arrest him. I was hoping this could be resolved without having to get law enforcement involved, but it seems reporting methods on PSN are limited, so I'll take the steps needed to get it taken care of when the time comes to do so. I suppose we are done for today, I will escalate it to the Police & FBI when it gets to that point...

Ronald: We totally understand your problem [censored] at the moment you can report him again and we can assure you that we will take care with all the possible measure in order to get it solved as soon as possible.

Ronald: Is there anything else I can assist you with today?

Me: Just one. You're saying to report him again? Does this mean send another report on the same messages & they will reference this ticket on the additional reports?

Ronald: Yes [censored] you can try that just in case is not letting you we have this case already saved for you so you will not need to worry any more since you already reported him twice.

Me: Alright. I'll try reporting him again with a more severe reason for report & hopefully this chat will be referenced in those reports. Legal threats are very serious, even if the individual doesn't intend on following through on them, so hopefully we can put this guy in his place & end the harassment he's throwing at anybody who doesn't agree with his griefing.

Me: I mean death threats

Ronald: That is right [censored] you are correct please try to report him again and we will check your report again in order to help you and solve this issue as soon as possible.

Ronald: It has been a pleasure to help you today, besides this request is there anything else that I can do for you right now?

Me: I believe we're done for now. This conversation should be sent to my email when done, correct?

Ronald: Unfortunately no [censored] however I can give you the case number about this chat for future references: Case Number

Me: Okay, thanks for the case number. I'll just copy & paste the chat for my records.

Ronald: Sure thing you can do that too [censored]. Have a Great Day. Thanks for chatting with us, bye.

Ronald: You are more than welcome any time.

The agent has ended the chat.

Of course the attempted contact to PSN didn't look like it was going to do much good, it appeared I would have to subpoena them for his information if they were actually going to do anything about it.  I attempted to re-report those message as stated, however PSN wouldn't allow it, so I decided I needed to get the law involved if I wanted to go any further with it.

UPDATE:  Not even a day after attempting to report the death threats from this little faggot to PSN staff, he started assaulting me through Twitch whispers during a stream again, again through another Twitch account & AGAIN with another death threat:

In response to this, I responded to him before the match started & made it a point that he was just digging himself a deeper grave with every assault he continued to throw & that I warned him if I got another death threat I would be getting the law involved, where it was time to do just that:

Congrats, you're just giving me further material for my site. And you just made another death threat, so now I'm going to get the FBI involved. Enjoy your time in prison.

There is a purpose for report functions & this little moron is proving why it's there (unfortunately Bandai/Namco apparently doesn't get this as there is no report or mute function in Dragon Ball XenoVerse).  Of course I made another report & this time I told Twitch I would be filing a complaint not only with the police but also the FBI & they should expect to be subpoenaed for his personal information:

This is the forth account this little bugger has harassed me through, the previous 3 being wondersuc, personsitespamm & phuckwonder.  This is also the second death threat I have gotten from this individual.  As I stated on the report on the last account (phuckwonder), I would be contacting the Internet Crimes division of the FBI & the police if I received another death threat & that's just what I'm going to do.  Expect a subpoena for what information you have on him to track him down for an arrest, however I expect the subpoena to PSN will probably be more lucrative, as he's required to have personal information on that service to use it.

Of course as stated, it won't be supplying the FBI & police with just the information from Twitch, I'll also be giving them the two usernames I'm aware of (one courtesy of my friend made in DBX that he is also attacking) on PSN, which will probably be more lucrative than the Twitch information, as he hasn't verified his email address meaning he can't say anything publicly in my channel chat due to my restricting it.  At this point whispers are restricted on my Twitch account & only those that I follow will be able to whisper me; if he wants to continue harassing me, he's going to have to do it publicly & a neat little deal with archived Twitch broadcasts is that it logs chat along with the video, so I can use that as further proof, which is only going to make it much more believable with an active video of it happening.

As far as the contacts this little bitch keeps complaining about, I haven't contacted him over PSN since the initial contact with a screenshot of his spamming & stating Bandai/Namco was notified about it (although I think Bandai/Namco could care less, but the information still gets publicized).  The first harassing message over PSN I ignored, but when I got the second message, I decided it was time to block him; I decided later I should also report his account through those messages sent to PSN.  I expect the reason why he has pushed the matter this far is because he's received a warning of violation of PSN ToS; I don't expect it's a ban (yet) as he was still able to receive the message from my friend to EPICMINECRAFT25, but he created another account to harass him through rather than using his other account (like he did with me).  I'm expecting I will get more harassment to my secondary account on PSN through new accounts now that I've blocked his ability to continue harassment through whispers on Twitch (there is another means to do it on Twitch, but for now I'm leaving that open, firstly because that method leave a much larger footprint for Twitch to penalize; I won't get into further details on the second reason).  What he needs to realize is if he continues these attacks (especially when PSN gets subpoenaed for his personal information), PSN can not only ban his accounts, but also his hardware ID, further transactions through credit cards on his current account, by address & name, so it don't matter how many accounts he makes, PSN can track his activity over every single account he makes.

Then there's the attacks on Twitch that have shown just how irrational this pathetic excuse for a human being is.  The more he continues it, the more he's going to get banned & eventually Twitch will get the law involved on their own terms.  Even if he is using a proxy to do the attacks through, he can still be traced through the hardware ID of his network devices (MAC address).  I fully expect Twitch will ban his IP address with this many attacks coming through; whether they have the ability to track his MAC address or not, I would expect they would start banning him using that when they start getting contacted by the Police with a subpoena for an individuals personal information, which they can NOT defy, otherwise they are likely to receive penalty for withholding evidence.

EPICMINECRAFT25 would have been smart to let it be when I stopped contacting him on PSN, but he's shown the most pathetic rage-tantrum I have every seen in my life & I only expect that is because those that have happened in the past with other users either haven't attempted to publicize them or were censored by whatever site they posted it on simply because it wasn't appropriate for that site; this is why I have a personal site, because I have fallen victim to censoring before & this way the information can NOT be censored (at least not on the site; there are other ways to censor it on other sites, but I won't get into the details on that).

UPDATE:  I spent the last few hours after the last attack contacting a couple law enforcement agencies regarding the harassment, internet stalking & threats of murder/physical harm.  First the local Unified Police Department, where unfortunately the Officer I spoke to didn't really understand the majority of what I was telling him about the situation, but he did agree to give me a case number, his last name & the district he was working for so I could escalate the matter to the Internet Crimes Division of the FBI.

The final step of this matter was filing an online complaint about EPICMINECRAFT25 regarding the matter to the FBI.  Not only where the details given to them with screenshot proof of the attacks, they were also given 2 different PSN usernames to go after, as well as 4 different Twitch usernames.  Furthermore I pointed out that I wasn't the only victim in these attacks; the friend that provided me with the photo above was also named (both PSN & Twitch usernames), in case they needed to contact him about the abuse he received.  It is expected that others may have also fallen victim to these attacks & those who are following my Twitch channel, I would prefer they let me know either in the stream chat or by Twitch message so that I can add that to the report & further the case against this human filth.

For the sake of not causing this criminal case to fail, details about it will be limited here, but will come out later on as it's expected if they do arrest him, I'm going to have to have to go to court to have him prosecuted (how I'm going to get there, I'm still not certain), at which point I'll know he's going to be serving time for it & it will be safe to disclose all details once it's all said & done.

UPDATE:  On 11/13/2016, I once again got more harassment from this lowlife scumbag, however seeing as he was unable to figure out how to continue harassing me over Twitch himself (due to blocking whispers over Twitch from those I don't follow in response to the continuing attacks), he enlisted the help of another user (Twitch user pinapleking) to do it for him.  Because pinapleking was banned directly after he stated what EPICMINECRAFT25 (Twitch account tankpimpsey935, 5th account I'm aware of used to attack both me & a friend with a similar Twitch username, which explains the purpose for it's creation) asked him to say via public chat, his comments were censored in this Highlight of the harassment, but it still shows when the spam happened & the responses to those comments.  The response to his at about 28:25 in the video shows he was warned that he shouldn't be trolling for him as he already has a police record against him for the previous attacks, but I didn't get it out fast enough before the harassment was already restated by pinapleking, so he ended up getting banned because of it.  He's response to that comment was "ok", so he acknowledged what was said.  While originally I was intending on reporting pinapleking also, I decided not to & just leave him banned from the channel.

As for the report against tankpimpsey935 (5th harassment account created by PSN user EPICMINECRAFT25), a very details message was sent to Twitch including details that he got another Twitch user involved to do his bidding, mention of reports to PSN, the local Police & the Internet Crimes Division of the FBI, as well as the case number, Officer's name & Police district that the police report against him was reported to; his 5th account was literally closed within 10 seconds of filing the report.  It was for this reason I chose not to report pinapleking as well, as I'm not certain if there is some sort of auto-ban mechanism in place due to the reports that I have filed on EPICMINECRAFT25's accounts in the past, so I didn't him to inadvertently get banned as a result of it, however I do feel he still needs a warning.

I am intending on contacting PSN again with details regarding the report to the police to further penalize this human scum for his childish retaliation.  Of course it's Sunday currently, so I probably won't be able to get a hold of them today, however I can always contact them again tomorrow with those details & having a case number in hand should definitely get something done.  Of course PSN has likely been subpoenaed for his personal information already, although it's obvious he still hasn't been arrested over it.  While I did include the information in the survey I did regarding my contact to PSN about his harassment & death threats, the survey is done through another company, so there's no telling whether the details got to PSN or not.

UPDATE:  Early in the morning on 11/15/2016, I decided to check if I had any messages on Twitch, as I'm waiting for my friend's Police case number (seeing as I gave him mine to give to his Police to show it's not a single person being assaulted by this moron) so I can give it to the local Police in my city.  Seems Twitch decided to unban this little bastard (Twitch username tankpimpsey935) & to make matters worse, the little fucker attempted to add me as a friend on Twitch from the same account that was previously banned.  At this point I'm going to have at least one recording of these videos with the chat interface visible in them, even if it means re-recording from an archived video on Twitch after a stream (which means he won't be banned until after that video has been prepared, at which point I'll have the proof in the video which can be uploaded to Twitch, then he can be banned afterwards; this will only leave the remainder of the stream open for further abuse, but the more he does it, the deeper a grave he's going to dig for himself).  One way or another, there will be video proof of his attacks from this point on & like the screenshots that have already been published to this page, they will also be included here.

UPDATE:  His PSN account was noticed to have been set to private late February of 2019, this was after a little over 2 years of no activity on his account (starting roughly 1.5 weeks after the police & FBI internet crimes complaints were filed), giving indication he was likely incarcerated for his threats & released around the time his profile was set to private.  Almost directly after it was noticed his PSN account was set to private, my channel was getting hit by multiple trolls in a single stream again (prompting the activation of follower-only mode to slow down the attacks, which effectively eliminated them for the remainder of that stream & the following stream), giving indication he might be behind them (however it's more expected that Twitch user iBreezyy is behind them, seeing as he's been at it for over a year already).  Due to the threats that were made in 2016, EPICMINECRAFT25 is being listed in a reverse hitlist as a potential suspect (referencing this page as evidence) of murder to be supplied to the police by those trusted with a URL to the list should my life ever be ended in foul play.

Last updated 3/11/2019

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