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Update 3/17/2017

Due to NUMEROUS attacks on my reviews on Steam, I am making a rush effort to move all reviews from Steam to here to get them away from Steam's easily-abused review system.  All reviews will be done on this site from now on, I won't bother putting them on Steam anymore & I expect Steam will continue to lose further users writing legitimate reviews, to the point that Steam's review system is just going to become a distasteful nightmarish memory when all that's left are one-liner troll-trash reviews that don't have anything to do with the games themselves.

Reviews added thus far to

NOTE:  This list will be updated throughout the day

I'm also disabling a number of the mirrors (notes added to each download page with details as to why they've been disabled) for MOD/patch downloads due to running boycotts.  If the situations get resolved in the future, they may be re-enabled at a later date.  For some boycotts, the damaged caused is permanent & can't be resolved, so those will be permanently removed (along with their download pages being removed).

Update 3/13/2017

New review added for Pokemon GO.

Update 3/9/2017

New review added on Steam review attacks, expected to be caused by 2K in retaliation to the current boycott against them.  Seems they'd sooner deal with the hassle of attacking former-customers & getting further information published about their misconduct as a professional company rather than fixing the issue with Evolve & getting it over with...  Were they to fix the problem with Evolve, I would end the boycott & remove the boycott page against them (including each individual review against their games with boycott information), but the 2 reviews that are currently up (1 site review & 1 company review), those are there to stay (with more to come later if it continues), but they can still be updated with information stating the issue ended up getting resolved...if it ever comes to that, but their lack of initiative to fix the issue, retaliation to the situation & poor rate of satisfaction on BBB complaints would only indicate that that probably won't ever happen...

Update 3/8/2017

Update 3/2/2017

Due to the change in raw access logs by my host from IP addresses to hostnames, raw access logs will no longer be getting updated or published publicly; what is there already will stay there, but there won't be any new additions to them when related to the site.  Raw access logs will still be possible on DDoS attacks (via modem logs) & account theft attempts (via email notification), however.

Over a period of 2 months, I have added well over 300 new entries to the Hacker ban list, a good number of them being in the ranges, so you could potentially be looking at millions of IPs getting banned.  Hacking attempts have gotten particularly bad on this site over the past 2 months, but that in no way means I'm going to give up on blocking them from this site; this unfortunately means that a good number of people that may not deserve being banned are getting banned regardless, this is where the appeal system needs to be used.  A fairly large edition to the Hacking IP blacklist is the hostname ban list; as with all IPs listed on that list, all hostnames have also been banned from this site.

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