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Update 10/3/2017

Today I start putting in the changes to this site that I originally wanted my site to be, that will be adding game information.  I'm going to start with some older game enhancers, later I'll continue with cheat codes, tips, bestiaries, walkthroughs, etc.  The new section can be found using the Games button at the top of most pages, it will be built on as I have time to work on those pages.

Update 9/6/2017

All reviews of adult-oriented content has been moved off of the main site to a sub-section of  There will be no link to this section on the main site itself, but it can still be found in search engines (starting with Google, eventually on others).  Considering I am working towards creating various game walkthroughs, stat sheets, cheat code databases & so on for various games, I want the main part of the site to be family-friendly (at least as much as it can be with the toxic nature of situations that caused a number of these reviews to be written & published), so removing the adult-content reviews from the main site was a means to protect younger individuals from viewing that content.  Eventually I may add links to mods or patches that will allow uncensored content or nude textures to the adult sub-section of the site, however I have a number of other things I need to get out of the way before listing those will become a priority.  One other thing to state is that my host won't allow adult-content to be hosted on their servers (my site), so any adult-oriented mods/patches will need to be hosted off of a third-party site.

Update 7/6/2017

New review added for Destiny.  This is also what lead up to the boycott currently running against Bungie.

I have a few more game reviews I'm intending on getting published, just need to find the time to write them...

Update 6/24/2017

I have put a restriction in place that is going to break all downloads of archive (ZIP & RAR) files on this site unless accessed from pages on the site itself.  This was done to break hotlinking of those files from sites that were discrediting this site for hosting mirrors for those files.  What this means is that all external site hotlinks will no longer work, typing the URL directly into your browser will no longer work, going directly to the download from a browser favorite/bookmark will no longer work & linking to the download through an anonymizer service will no longer work; there is the possibility that if you are using a service or plugin that discards referrals, this would also effect your ability to download them.  To download an archive file, go to the download page itself.  All previously whitelisted direct-download hotlinks have been removed.

NOTE:  Avoid trying to download archive files through an HTTPS connection for the time being, I haven't managed to get this to work under the new restriction yet...

Fixed the Battlefield v1.50 patch download again...  My host keeps deleting the file from the server, so for the time being it's being linked off of another site; I may attempt providing a mirror for the patch again in the future by breaking the patch up into smaller parts if the external mirrors for the patch are no longer available...

Update 5/3/2017

As of 5/2/2017, I have started expanding the amount of search engines that I'm submitting pages on my site to, this comes in response to the fact that Google apparently is unwilling to index certain pages on my site.  I originally attempted Yahoo, but when the URL crawl submittal page was timing out, I decided to move on to Bing.  While I didn't like Bing in the beginning, it seems I have thus far had no problems with getting my site indexed in their search engine (verifying that some of the pages that Google won't index, Bing has without problems), so I've added the site verification meta tags to my site to make things easier in getting my site indexed by them, as well as I have adjusted the referral whitelist so visitors from Bing search results won't have a problem with 403 referral errors making them think they've been banned (at least with certain referral-restricted content, archives such as RARs & ZIPs are still restricted from hotlinking unless I have manually added those sites as an acceptable referral source for those file types).  I am now putting down Bing as a secondary search engine for personal use, possibly even making it my primary in the near future if I find the results on Bing are more accurate (and less censored) than Google.

5/6/2017 EDIT:  Scratch that...  Looks like after I made this statement, Bing is also censoring the same pages that Google is.  I will be closing my Bing webmaster account at this point, deleting Bing favorites/bookmarks in my browser & later be pulling the verification meta tags from the site, as well as revoking Bing from the hotlink whitelist.  Thank you VERY much Bing for wasting several hours of my life adding the webmaster verification code to every page on my site, only to find you're going to do the same thing Google is (the reason why I opened an account with Bing in the first place).

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