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Update 8/23/2016

On Feb. 15, 2015, I wrote a review on the game Sanctuary RPG: Black Edition on GOG, which was more of a review on the dishonest business practices of the developer, Black Shell Games.  The review was quickly defaced by the GOG staff after a complaint from the developer regarding the bluntness of the review; I have been boycotting the company every since & decided it was time to move that review to this site in the form of a public boycott against the company.  There will be a number of others going up of dishonest companies using similar tactics, however this was the first one I wanted to target & make sure the information got up pronto before I worried about any others pulling similar stunts.

Update 7/22/2016

A few more reviews have been added, 2 about cell phone emulators (Andyroid & Bluestacks) & one on the Steam gaming platform.  All these reviews can be found under Reviews > Websites.

Also added another missing navigation bar I missed previously at the top of one of the review index pages, that should be working as intended now.

Update 7/17/2016

Product reviews are now live.  This is a separate section from Video Game reviews, so those reviews will still have a dedicated page to game reviews.  Adding this page is going to require updates to a number of other review pages due to the added navigation tree, so the addition of these reviews will be done in two site updates to add the additional tree to pages in a two-tier+ hierarchy.

Update 6/27/2016

Due to the sheer amount of trolls infesting the Steam forums & one of the threads I attempted to make during the 2016 Summer Sale getting nothing but trolls infesting it, I decided it was time to publish a Steam Community Trolls blacklist.  This will be built as time goes on & currently I only have a small amount of the attacks I have gotten since I opened my Steam account, so currently what is on this list is limited...

Update 6/6/2016

I've spent over a week going over 4 months of raw access backlogs, banning a combination of over 200 IPs addresses (including individual & ranges; default ranges cover 256 or 65536 single IP addresses, normally it's not the lower number) for bots & hackers attacking the site & listing those IPs on the associated blacklists on this site.  Because of the numerous ranges of IP bans I've added to the site, there's a good chance a number of people got banned that didn't deserve it, this is why there's an appeal system available.  The appeal system works as follows:

I've also completed a few more reviews on the site, those are now published.  Further plans for the site is to add game strategies, databases, cheat codes, move lists (fighting games mainly) & so on, however I haven't found the time to even start this yet...